60 Foods That Start With H | Detailed List of Foods With H

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Food is important for our survival. Not just survival, it also plays an important role in keeping us healthy. So, foods that start with H can be helpful for all of you.

There is a long list below where all the food items have been classified into different categories. They feature the tastiest items and others which might not be delicious but they can be helpful for your health. Some small items can be added for more taste to the food items that you prepare.

We are living in a world where we remain busy with our work for the entire day. At the end of the day, we need some relaxation. In that matter, a perfect food item can work to make you feel better. We all have our own choices and the list mentioned below can help you to decide what suits the best for your body.

Overall, foods that start with H have everything you need to make your breakfast, lunch, and dinner special. Most of us like to follow a diet so that our health is not badly affected and for that matter, H foods can be the best choice. So, let’s check the entire list and see what the list has in store for everyone.

List of 60 Foods That Start With H

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Fruits and Vegetables Starting With H

Fruits and Vegetables Starting With H

1. Hardy Kiwi Fruit

Hardy Kiwi is a type of fruit that contains vitamins E, C, and K. It offers immunity, fights illness, and also aids digestion to a large extent.

2. Hackberry

Native to North America, Hackberries are small candy-like fruit. They have crispy skin with edible seeds and taste extremely sweet. They are very healthy and instant energy givers.

3. Honeydew Fruit

Honeydew is a type of fruit that suddenly resembles a watermelon. It is often used to make juices. Honeydew fruits are quite watery when consumed. This is one of my favorites in the list of fruits, vegetables, and foods that start with H.

4. Honeysuckle Fruit

Honeysuckle fruits have a similar appearance to grapes. They taste extremely sweet when ripe. Honeysuckle fruits are a great source of vitamin C, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, sodium, fiber, and more.

5. Horned Melon Fruits

Horned Melon Fruits are shiny and they contain flesh seeds with high water content. It has a similar taste to bananas and is often used to make jellies and jams.

6. Hawthorn Berries

Hawthorn Berry is a small sugary fruit that often use to make jams, jellies, cheese, syrup, or sides. They taste sweet and slightly juicy.

7. Huckleberry Fruits

The color of huckleberry fruits determines how they would taste. They grow in bunches and the red colors are the most popular among all. They can be used in juice and tea.

8. Hickory Fruit

Hickory Fruit is a hard-shelled fruit and has a nutty and earthy taste. They are rich in mineral and organic compounds, which increase energy levels and help reduce body weight.

9. Hog Plums

The hog plums are available in different colors and they have the look of avocados. The taste could be a blending of sweet and sour and can be consumed raw or as a juice.

10. Honeycrisp Apples

The Honeycrisp apple is a particular kind of apple that is available in different varieties. Honeycrisp apples have a sweet taste with a firm texture. We can use this apple in salads and also consume them as sandwich stuffing.

11. Horse Gram

Horse grams are the best items to be used in soups. They should be dipped in water at first and then boiled to be crushed in soups. The soft vegetables and their softness make them better for being used in salads.

12. Horseradish

Horseradish is a type of root vegetable used as a spice in a range of dishes. We can use each part of Horseradish. We can serve Horseradish alongside meat or fish.

13. Hamburg Parsley

Hamburg parsley is carrot-shaped and they have a tasty touch of turnip. We can cook Hamburg Parsley with beef or chicken and serve it as soup, sauce, or pudding.

14. Habanero

Originating from the Amazon region, Habanero is a type of chili. They are available in different colors such as brown, pink, white, etc.

15. Heart of Palm

Heart of Palm is a vegetable with a thick and smooth texture. They taste like artichokes and are slightly nutty and earthy in flavor. We can make a range of different dishes with Heart of Palm.

16. Heirloom Tomatoes

The name of the tomato hints towards the generation it belongs at the heritage it has maintained in all these years. The seeds can be found in the vegetable. They are available in various colors and tastes.

17. Hazelnut

Hazelnut is one of the most popular seeds across the world. They are very similar to chocolates and taste sweet and nutty. We can add flavor to our cakes and pies with Hazelnuts.

Cheese, Soups, Dishes, Sauces, and Meat Starting With H

Cheese, Soups, Dishes, Sauces, and Meat Starting With H

18. Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies are cornmeal balls that are made with a cornmeal batter and served well with spicy dipping sauces. It perfectly goes with Mayonnaise.

19. Hibachi Noodles

Hibachi noodles are a famous dish, which consists of stir-fried vegetables, eggs, and meats combined with different spices.

20. Hoisin Sauce

It is a staple sauce in Chinese kitchens, which has a fusional taste that mixes sweetness and salt. We need soybeans, chili, fennel, and garlic as the key ingredients to make Hoisin Sauce.

21. Huevos

Huevos is a famous Mexican dish mainly consumed as a breakfast or dinner item. We can make huevos with eggs, tortillas, and chili peppers.

22. Hake

It is a famous fish variety mostly known as a smoked food. Hake has a very soft texture with a delicious taste. Hake is huge and sliced up before adding it to recipes.

23. Hero Sandwich

Hero Sandwich is one of the most delicious sandwiches among all the varieties. It is made with cold nuts and ham. They are extremely delicious and can be served in all three meal hours.

24. Honey

Honey is one of the most popular foods that start with H. It has a liquid texture and is extremely sweet.

25. Huteaspoonnot

Huteaspoonnot is an Israeli dish. We can serve Huteaspoonnot at the breakfast or lunch hour.

26. Halibut

Halibut is a kind of fish that can be served with rice or vegetables alongside other kinds of baked, grilled, and roasted items. The spicing and seasoning can be done based on requirements. It is very sweet and its appearance is very lean, which makes it crispier.

27. Haggis

Haggis is a famous pudding from Scotland that has a coarse texture and peppery fillings. It is often served with mashed potatoes or mashed turnips.

28. Hot Dog

They are the most famous street fruit, which is sided with fried items or even soft buns with appropriate seasonings that sit well with the flavor.

29. Hummus

It is a famous dip that contains tahini sauce crushed chickpeas, garlic, lime juice, sugar, and salt. We can serve Hummus with veggies or meat slices. To add more taste, pepper, onions, relish, and cheese can also be blended.

30. Hamburger

Originating in German, hamburgers are a famous fast food consumed globally. They are made with beef patties and buns. Different types of sauces are layered over the stuffing before serving.

31. Hot And Sour Soup

It is an extremely satisfying summer treat that goes with different ingredients like vegetables, and meats like chicken, pork, mushrooms, cabbage, and bamboo shoots. Hot And Sour Soup tastes exactly as it is named.

32. Ham

Ham is usually cured meat featuring the best spices and salts. It can be used in sandwiches and rice items. The meat is sometimes smoked or grilled and it is a perfect filling meal.

33. Hotcakes

They are nothing but pancakes topped with honey, maple syrup, or whipped cream. They are very common in western countries and are served during breakfast hours.

34. Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce is a type of sauce that consists of peppers, vinegar, and salt. It perfectly goes with all the dishes like rice eggs, pasta, pizza, etc.

35. Hakka Noodles

Hakka Noodles is a perfect combination of Indian and Chinese cultures. They are cooked with pieces of stir-fried veggies or even meat.

36. Herring

It is pickled that marinated for a long time. Herring can be served raw along with sashimi or sushi. Herring is quite chewy and soft.

37. Hibachi Chicken

It is one of the most delicious chicken dishes that is sided with veggies or fried rice. Hibachi Chicken is cooked differently by heating the layers in dark coals.

38. Homini

Homini is a food that is derived from maize. It becomes soft and tender when processed and can be found in the form of dried or canned food in stores.

39. Hash Browns

Hash brown refers to the molded forms of shredded potatoes roasted with various seasonings. They are blended with the best ingredients according to your choice. Spices can be added for and better taste.

40. Haddock

It is a fish prepared with sauces and toppings. To make the fish’s surface soft, we can dab melted butter and lemon juice on the dish.

41. Hunan Chicken

It is a twisted and fashioned meal that consists of soy sauce, onions, sugar, and spices. We can pair up Hunan Chicken with rice and it works as a separate dish as well.

42. Hollandaise Sauce

It is an exceptional and rich sauce. It also acts as a base for a range of different dishes.

43. Hiramasa Kingfish

Hiramasa Kingfish is a type of fish that is often eaten raw. There is some unique recipe available to cook this delicious fish. The fish is tossed over hot dark coals and cooked mildly before it is served with spices and sauces.

44. Hokkien Noodles

Hokkien Noodles are a variety of noodles that consist of vegetables, and meats like chicken, fish balls, or beef. To add some extra flavor, we can mix some curries or gravies with the cooked noodles.

45. Havarti

Havarti is a type of cheese that is very soft and can be combined with different dishes. It is mostly used as a topping for bread items.

46. Hibachi Steak

This particular dish contains beef or chicken that is grilled and cooked. Hibachi Steak is often served with vegetables, rice, or dips. You can also add spices to it according to your preference.

47. Haneeth

Haneeth is a kind of lamb that is roasted and only the flesh is removed and consumed. It is soft from the inside which makes it a better choice. It is marinated for some time and it tastes best if it is dipped in spices overnight.

48. Harissa

Harissa is a type of sauce that can serve with dishes like vegetables and meats. It is made from chilies and tempered with pepper flakes.

49. Halabos

Halabos can be used for making shrimp derived from the Philippines. They are meats prepared in salt and water. Shrimps or prawns are dripped and prepared in water for a long time and salt is added until the color turns to reddish brown.

50. Halloumi Cheese

It is a cheese made from sheep and lamb milk and it can be used as an alternative to cow cheese. Halloumi Cheese is ideally grilled and does not melt that easily when heated.

51. Hangtown Fry

Hangtown fry refers to an item that was created with all the ingredients that would have been mixed before being prepared and consumed. It is an omelet that features breaded oysters and bacon.

52. Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza is the most liked among all the varieties and can be a great meal for all age groups. It has a sweet fulvous and that’s what makes it more desirable.

Desserts That Begin With The Letter H

Desserts That Begin With The Letter H

53. Halo-Halo

It is a popular Filipino dessert, which has a creamy texture. Halo-Halo consists of ice, beans, and milk. Other sweeteners like fruit and ice creams are also added to the mix.

54. Halva

Halva is made from phyllo dough. To make the perfect dough we have to mix the flour with lots of sugar and melted butter.

55. Hot Milk Cake

To make Hot Milk Cake we need baking powder, sugar, and butter as the key ingredients. This is one of my favorites in the list of desserts and foods that start with H.

56. Hard Candy

Hard candies are tightly packed sugar solutions with the addition of caramel. A different kind of fruit essence is also included in the mixture and shapes it into a unique kind of thing.

57. Happy Cake

It is a type of cake that can make anyone happy in a few seconds. Happy Cake consists of lots of fruit essence to look more flavorful. Happy Cake has a fluffy texture.

58. Huckabuck

Also known as Monkey Bread, Huckabuck is the bread that resembles small, crusted dough balls. Huckabuck has a similar taste to an éclair.

Beverages Starting With H

Beverages Starting With H everymenuprices

59. Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is one of the most famous beverages that start with H. To create perfect hot chocolate we need a sharp mix of milk and cocoa powder and then brewed hot to be served.

60. Horchata

Horchata is a delicious cold beverage made from milk, rice, water, sugar, and spices. It is not too sweet and perfect to beat the harshness of summer. This is one of my favorites in the list of beverages and foods that start with H.


For now, it is confirmed that you have read the entire list of foods that start with H. The list has all the items that will never harm your body. Once you start following it, you won’t regret it, and go ahead and consume what is best for you.

Also, do let me know which one is your favorite item from the list of foods that start with H given above. I would like to hear from you.

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