60 Foods That Start With I | Detailed List of Foods With I

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We all live in a modern world where technology has made our work easier. But it has also made everyone work for a few hours more and after that, we are assured to get hungry. So, here we have the list of foods that start with I.

Hard work makes our body go through a lot of stress and effort and that severely affects the body physically from inside and outside. So this list has everything that will help you to heal your body from the pain that might emerge from long hours of hard work. Apart from that, there are others through which you can make food items that can help to keep your bones strong.

If you are searching for sweetness, some fruits will make you eat and crave more. There are desserts that you would like to have after consuming something heavy and spicy. The list of fruits and vegetables is helpful for you to make juices based on the recipes that you can access in online and offline modes and that can help in keeping you fit and healthy.

So, better don’t wait anymore. Go ahead and check the long list of foods that starts with I. The segments where the items have been classified would make your choices easier.

List of 60 Foods That Start With I

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Fruits and Vegetables That Start With I

Fruits and Vegetables That Start With I

1. Iboga

The plant is edible but it is always advised to keep your distance from the yellow elongated drupes. There are reports in Africa that the plant can lead to hallucinations and near-death experiences.

2. Ice Apple

Native to South Asia, Ice apples are a fun little fruit. The inside of the Ice apple is clear and looks a bit like ice. Ice apples taste sweet when ripe and are a great source of vitamins A and C.

3. Icaco Fruit

Icaco fruit is also known as Cocoplum. It is a small fruit with purple skin. Icaco fruit has been also used for medicinal purposes.

4. Icacina

Native to several African countries, Icacina is a round fruit. Icacina has a similar appearance to kiwi but there is no hair and the inner pulp is pink.

5. Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is one of the most popular leafy green vegetables, especially in the US. The scientific name of this famous vegetable is Lactuca Sativa.

6. Ice Cream Bean Fruit

This can be considered as both fruit and vegetable as it is a bean. However, Ice cream bean fruit has a sweet taste like vanilla ice cream.

7. Ichigo

It is a Japanese word for strawberries. Ichigo is a sweet and red fruit as you may know and in Japan, Ichigo mocha is a well-known dessert.

8. Ice Plant

Ice plant is an edible succulent. The taste of the Ice plant is bitter so it is perfect for making a tart jam. In South Africa, the plant is also used for medicinal properties.

9. Idaho Potatoes

These kinds of potatoes can be easily found in Idaho USA. Potatoes can be easily found in that spot because they have the perfect conditions for their cultivation. Different varieties like russet potatoes and Yukon gold can be found.

10. Ilama Fruit

Native to Central America, the Ilama fruit is funny-looking. The perfect way to serve Ilama fruit is with cream and sugar with a squirt of lime juice to bring out the tart flavor.

11. Illawarra Plum

The fruit is found in Australia and is the best for condiments. The brown pine tree where the fruit is available alongside the wood is frequently used in joinery.

12. Imbe Fruit

Imbe fruit has a similar appearance to plums with smooth and thin skin. These fruits are bright orange and are used mainly to make drinks in Florida.

13. Incaberry

Also known as the Peruvian groundcherry, Incaberry belongs to the nightshade family. Incaberry is often used to make chutneys, jams, and pie filling.

14. Indian Almond Fruit

The fruit is available in Pacific regions including Seychelles. The outer shell is green-colored and becomes ripe when the color changes to dark red. It can be consumed raw or cooked but it is hard to take out the almond.

15. Indian Corn

Also known as flint corn, Indian corn is a type of corn. Indian corn has low water content so is hard to freeze conditions. The scientific name of Indian corn is Zea mays var. indurate.

16. Indian Cucumber

It is a type of cucumber and its roots are said to taste and smell like a cucumber. Indian cucumber belongs to the lily family and was a popular food source for the Native Americans.

17. Indian Fig Fruit

Indian fig fruit is found in the Indian banyan tree and it is orange-colored and round shaped. It is also known as a strangler tree because it can suffocate any tree that grows around.

18. Indian Gooseberry

Native to India and the Middle East, Indian gooseberry is a beautiful bright green color fruit. Indian gooseberries have several health benefits including helping to lower cholesterol.

19. Indian Hog Plum

Scientifically known as Spondias mombin, Indian hog plum is usually eaten fresh, or we can make jelly, sherbet, or juice from them. The other parts of the hog plum plant have uses in traditional medicine.

20. Indian Jujube Fruit

Indian jujube fruit is also known as the Indian plum. They are green in color and are a great source of vitamin C. We can eat them raw or make pickles, or juice from the jujube fruits.

21. Indian Mango

Indian mango is a type of mango variety. We can consume them raw or make juices, smoothies, and purees from Indian mangoes. The scientific name of the Indian mango is Mangifera indica.

22. Indian Peas

Indian peas are a member of the legume family and are blue flowering plants. It is common in Asia and East Africa and sold as a pulse in Italy. It can be used to make flour.

23. Indian Prune

Indian prune is a pinky-red fruit with a quirky star-shaped stone in the middle. Native to Southeast Asia and Polynesia, the Indian prune is scientifically known as Flacourtia Rukam.

24. Indian Sherbet Berry

Indian sherbet berry is a well-known fruit for making refreshing drinks in India. They are said to help with digestive problems.

25. Indian Strawberry

Also known as the mock or false strawberry, Indian strawberries are used for ornamental and medical purposes. They are edible but the taste is not similar to the real strawberries.

26. Indian Wild Pear

The fruit is classified as a pome and its appearance is similar to a russet people. The taste is sweet and tangy and is common in Southern Asia. The color is initially green but changes to dark brown featuring yellow spots.

27. Indonesian Lime

Also known as the Kaffir lime, Indonesian lime has a bobbly brain-like outer skin. Mostly used in Southeast Asian cuisine, Indonesian lime is scientifically known as Citrus hystrix.

28. Irish Moss

Grown along the Atlantic coastline, Irish moss has some interesting uses. These include a thickener to ilk products like calico printing, ice cream, and paper marbling.

29. Italian Parsley

Italian parsley is also known as flat-leaf parsley. It is widely used in cooking and it can either be eaten fresh or dried.

30. Italian Red Onion

Italian red onion is a sweet red onion variety from Tropea in Italy. This variety is more aromatic than other varieties. Italian red onions are juicier and good for making chutneys.

31. Italian Sweet Peppers

Italian sweet peppers are also known as friggitello and pepperoncini in America. This variety is yellow and works well in salads and sandwiches.

32. Italian Plum

Italian plum is sweet and has a blue-black cloudy skin. We can make jams from Italian plum, and also use them in desserts and cakes.

33. Ita Palm Fruit

Palm fruit has a unique shell but there is an edible pulp and a seed inside. The tree is found in the swampy parts of South America and is rich in vitamins A and C. It is useful for making jams, jellies, and alcoholic beverages.

34. Ivy Gourd

When the Ivy gourd is ripe it is a bright red color, which makes it different from the standard pumpkins. It is a popular food in India and young veg are used to make pickles.

35. Iyokan

It is a hybrid citrus fruit and has a similar appearance to a mandarin orange. Iyokan has been also used as a limited edition KitKat flavor.

Dishes That Begin With The Letter I

Dishes That Begin With The Letter I

36. Idli

It is an oval-shaped rice flour cake that is a popular breakfast item in South India and Sri Lanka. Idli is made from fermented black bean lentils and rice.

37. Idiyappam

Idiyappam is a South Asian rice noodle dish that is served as a breakfast dish. In Malaysia, it is served with brown sugar and coconut.

38. Instant Oatmeal

If you do have not much time to prepare a perfect meal, then Instant oatmeal is the perfect option for you. You can have Instant oatmeal in your workplace as well.

39. Indian Curry

Indian curry is a staple dish in Indian cuisine. There are so many delicious curries available such as classic korma, tikka masala, and more.

40. Isi Ewu

This is something that possibly someone would not like to try it. Isi ewu is a soup made from goat head and sometimes spicy cow feet are also used for the same.

41. Irish Stew

Irish stew is a hearty meal made of mutton onion and potatoes. Although recipes vary, they contain carrots, celery, turnips, Swedes, leeks, parsnip, and cabbage.

42. Italian Sauces

Italian sauces are pork product which is mainly seasoned with fennel and sold in rings. It is only called Italian sauce in North America.

Snacks That Start With I

Snacks That Start With I

43. Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the most popular foods that start with I. It is a frozen dessert that comes with loads of flavor. There is a long list available for ice cream with a range of different flavors.

44. Iced Gems

Iced gems are little pieces of hard icing sitting on top of a mini biscuit. If you are looking for a delicious sweet treat you can go for Iced gems.

45. Ice Cream Cakes

Ice cream cake is a delicious layered ice cream dessert that often has a sponge base. They are very popular in America as a birthday treat.

46. Ice Pops

Ice pops are ice shapes that have a holding stick in the middle. They have different colors and flavors. Ice pops usually have sweet or fruity flavoring.

47. Icelandic Rye Bread

Icelandic rye bread is also known as rúgbrauð. It is a popular Icelandic bakery item. Icelandic rye bread is used to make toast or sandwiches and is usually served with butter.

48. Imarti

Originating in India, Imarti is a sweet dish. Once cooked, they are coated in sugar syrup before being served. If you want to make it at your home, try out this recipe by food.ndtv.com

49. Icing

It is a sweet fondant that has been used to decorate a cake for decades. Icing can be runny, or a solid sugar paste and it can be colored to whichever color you need.

50. Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are also known as Instant ramen. It is a common food item among people as it can be ready in less than 5 minutes. And we need only boil water to prepare Instant noodles.

51. Irish Soda Bread

Traditionally made in Ireland, Irish soda bread uses sodium bicarbonate instead of yeast to help it rise. To create this Irish soda bread we need flour, baking soda, salt, and buttermilk as the key ingredients.

52. Italian Ice

It is a sweet dessert treat and very similar to sorbet. Italian ice is semi-frozen and is flavored with natural and artificial coloring.

53. Italian Kisses

Italian kisses are a favorite confectionary made in Italy. They are commonly called Baci. Italian kisses are hazelnut surrounded by ganache and covered in chocolate.

Drinks That Begin With I

Drinks That Begin With I

54. Iced Coffee

Iced coffee can lead to perfect caffeine for the hot summer. It is made with espresso which is spread on top of the ice and cold milk is added. Other flavor syrups including vanilla or caramel can be added for a better taste.

55. Ice Cream Soda

Ice cream soda is a non-alcoholic beverage. It is usually made with fizzy pop, and then a scoop of ice cream is dropped on top.

56. Instant Coffee

This drink is created with dehydrated coffee granules. It is then rehydrated with boiling water and cold milk along with sugar can be added for a better taste.

57. Iced Tea

Iced tea is a traditional drink that goes back decades. To make Ice tea, we need to pour the tea over ice without milk. Iced tea is a nice cool drink to take on a summer day.

58. Irish Coffee

The alcoholic drink is made from whiskey, hot coffee, and sugar and is topped with cream. It is also known as Irish coffee which originated in Vienna and Germany.

59. Irish Cream

This is a smooth alcoholic drink with a creamy texture. Irish coffee can come in different flavors like original, orange, coffee, and chocolate.

60. Irish Whiskey

Traditionally made in Ireland, whiskey is a famous alcoholic beverage. Irish whiskey is an amber-colored liqueur and whiskey means Water of Life in Gaelic.


The above-mentioned list of foods that start with I features items that will keep you healthy. But there are a few others that might hurt your body. So better ensure that you consume them based on how much they can help you or you can consult an expert before consumption.

Also, do let me know which one is your favorite from the above-given list of foods that start with I. I would love to hear from you.

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