60 Foods That Start With K | Detailed List of Foods With K

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Our food choices are different from each other. It is entirely dependent on what we like to have more and for that reason, I have prepared a list of foods that start with K for you. The list features a long lineup of food items for you in different segments.

K foods can prove to be helpful for you as the list includes items that are available in different parts of the world. The list does not feature items that are found in only one country and this means you will be able to taste different food items featuring the taste that has been loved by the local people where the food is derived from.

The list features items that are prepared traditionally and others are a blending of small things. You can mix them in different dishes and they will add a new and unique taste to the food item. A few of them can also be consumed daily but there are others that you cannot as they can be harmful.

So the list of K foods features food items based on your preferences and so it is recommended for everyone to give it a try. Let’s check.

List of 60 Foods That Start With K

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Savory Foods That Start With K

Savory Foods That Start With K

1. Kimchi

It is a traditional Korean dish, which is consisting of fermented vegetables. To create this traditional dish we need cabbage as the main ingredient. Kimchi is usually seasoned with garlic, ginger, chili powder, scallions, and radish.

2. Kung Pao Chicken

Originating in Sichuan province, Kung pao chicken is a Chinese dish. Kung pao chicken has a kick of heat and consists of chicken, vegetables, peanuts, and chili peppers.

3. Kebabs

Also known as Kebob, Kebab is a type of meat dish that can be prepared in different ways. The traditional method to prepare the Kebab is to stick cubes of meat and vegetables on a skewer and grill them.

4. Kedgeree

Heavily adapted by British during the colonial times, Kedgeree is an Indian dish. To create this dish, we need flaked fish, parsley, rice, hard-boiled eggs, curry powder, and occasionally sultanas.

5. Knish

Knish is a traditional dish made of a filling covered with deep-fried or baked dough. Usually, Knishes are filled with cheese, potatoes, and buckwheat goats.

6. Ketchup

Ketchup is one of the most popular things that start with K. It is made of tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, and different spices such as allspice, onions, coriander, mustard, and garlic.

7. Koshihikhari Rice

Koshihikhari Rice is particular rice that is more often used to make sushi. It is mainly grown in Japan and Australia.

8. Kosher Pickles

Kosher pickles cannot be called a pickle. Jewish religious standards are not used for preparation but instead, garlic and brine are used for it. Kosher is the term used because this kind of pickle is common in Jewish delis.

9. Kidneys

A few may not accept the idea of eating kidneys but they are very delicious. They are common in steak and kidney pie but lamb kidneys and pig kidneys are the most common ones among those that are consumed.

10. Kangaroos

Kangaroo meat is super healthy for being very low in fat and very high in protein. They are not raised for meat so it is not accessible easily.

11. Kippers

A kipper is a herring that is separated in the middle and is gutted, salted, pickled, and smoked over wood chips. They are commonly consumed in the UK, Ireland, and USA for breakfast and afternoon tea.

12. King Crabs

King Crabs are a large variety of crabs. They are harvested for their meat, especially their legs. To cook the King Crabs we have to steam crab legs first then dip them in butter and then add a squeeze of lemon.

Desserts That Begin With The Letter K

Desserts That Begin With The Letter K

13. Kettle Corn

It is a type of sweet popcorn that is made using corn kernels, salt, refined sugar, and oil. Kettle corn was traditionally made in the kettle, hence the name is derived.

14. Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie is an American classic pie that is made using key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk. The key lime pie is often topped with whipped cream or meringue.

Breakfast Food Starts With K

Breakfast Food Starts With K

15. Kulcha

Originating in Pakistan, Kulcha is a staple breakfast in Pakistan. Kulcha is a flatbread with a fluffy texture. Kulcha is often served with chana curry or chole. This is one of my favorites on the list of breakfast and foods that start with K.

16. Khamam

Khamam is one of the most popular breakfasts in India, especially in Gujrat. It has a sweet and tangy flavor seasoning with a sprinkle of mustard seed and coriander leaves with green chili.

17. Kulich

Originating in Russia, Kulich is a staple breakfast food in Russia. Kulich is mainly Easter bread and largely prepares for festive and special occasions.

18. Kiribath

Kiribath is a staple breakfast food in Srilanka cuisine, which is made using rice and coconut milk. It has its way of making the first day of each month for celebrating the best start.

19. Kolach

Kolach is a famous recipe in central Europe, London, and the US. It is a mainly festive breakfast in these regions made from poppy seeds, povidla, and fruit jam.

20. Katogo

It is a famous and regular breakfast in Uganda. To prepare Katogo, we need matooke and sauce as the key ingredients.

Fruit and Vegetables Starting With K

Fruit and Vegetables Starting With K

21. Kabosu

Kabosu is a type of citrus fruit mostly used in Asian cuisine. It is closely related to Yozu. Kabosu tastes sour and has a unique fragrance.

22. Kakadu Plums

It is an Australian fruit that has a similar appearance to a pear but has a pit in the middle like a plum.

23. Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime has extremely wrinkled skin. Although, Kaffir lime is not frequently used for cooking the leaves work great as seasoning.

24. Karonda

Karonda is a small berry that is mostly used in Indian pickles and spices. There are many English names available for this particular berry such as Bengal Current, Carandas plum, and Christ’s thorn.

25. Kabocha Squash

It is a type of winter squash from Japan, which has dark green skin like a pumpkin. Kabocha squash has a sweet taste and the flavor is very unique.

26. Kai-Ian

Also known as Chinese broccoli, Kai-Ian has a similar appearance to tender-stem broccoli. The scientific name of Kai-Ian is Brassica oleracea var. Alboglabra.

27. Kaywa

Kaywa is a small long green fruit that is often used as a vegetable in Andean cooking. The scientific name of Kaywa is Cyclanthera Pedata.

28. Kale

Kale is one of the most popular green leafy vegetables, which contains loads of vitamins and minerals. It is scientifically known as Brassica Oleracea var Sabellica.

29. Keitt Mango

It is a variety of mango discovered in Florida by a lady called Mrs keitt. Keitt Mango has green skin and wonderfully sweet, juicy flesh.

30. Knobby Russet Apples

Knobby Russet Apples are one of the ugliest fruit around. It has a lumpy brown skin that makes them look kind of like a brain.

31. Kapok

This tree and fruit are called ceiba in Spanish locations but Kapok is the word used in English. The fruit splits and leads to pods that are covered in a fluffy fiber, which makes it look like cotton candy. This fiber is also an alternative to be used in mattresses, quilts, pillows, and stuffed animal toys. But it is highly flammable.

32. Kurrat

Native to Egypt, Kurrat is a kind of leek that has been cultivated in Egypt for 2500 years.

33. Kyona

Commonly grown and eaten in Japan, Kyona is a leafy vegetable that resembles a rocket in both appearance and piquant flavor. Kyona is scientifically known as Brassica rapa var. Niposinica.

34. Kuka

Kuka is the word for baobab in the Hausa language of Nigeria. Usually, Kuka is dried and ground into a powder.

35. Karkalla

Native to the coastal areas of Australia, Karkalla has a salty flavor. Karkalla can be consumed either fried or with meat.

36. Kangkong

It is a leafy green vegetable that is very similar to spinach or watercress, which is mostly used to make South Asian dishes. Kangkong has a similar taste to spinach but is a bit sweeter.

37. Kidney Bean

Kidney bean is a popular type of variety that looks like a human kidney. They are a rich source of protein, minerals, vitamins, fibers, antioxidants, etc.

38. Kelp

It is a type of large brown seaweed that is very high in nutrients and contains iodine, vitamin K, various B vitamins, zinc, iron, and some other powerful antioxidants.

39. Koroi

Koroi is also known as Kahikatea berry. It can be consumed raw or used to make jam and sauces.

40. Kanzi Apple

The Kanzi apple is very similar to a jazz apple. Kanzi apple is crispy, round, and sweet.

41. Kyoho Grapes

Kyoho Grapes are one of the most popular fruits in Japan. It has a slip-skin that comes off easily. Kyoho Grapes are purple-black and have a juicy texture.

42. Komatsuna

Komatsuna belongs to the same family as Kyona, which is a green leafy vegetable.

43. Kohlrabi

Turnip cabbage is called Kohlrabi in German and it is not a member of the turnip family. It belongs only to the cabbage family. The sweet-flavored item is round-shaped and can be consumed in raw and cooked form.

44. Kombu

Kombu is a kind of kelp and has been consumed by different civilizations in Iceland, China, and Japan. It can be purchased in dried or pickled form and dried kombu is used for a soup stock called dashi in Japan.

45. Kei Apples

Unlike the name, the Kei apple is not an apple as it closely resembles apricots. Kei apples are round shaped with yellow color and it has a soft and juicy texture.

46. Kepel Fruit

Kepel fruit is a sweet fruit and has the elements of other fruits. It is said that this fruit is only grown in central Java, Indonesia.

47. Korean Pear

Korean pear has a round shape and looks more like an apple. It is also known as Chinese pear, Taiwanese pear, and Japanese pear.

48. Keule Fruit

Gomortega keule can be found in Chile and the fruits resemble the shape of an egg. They are yellow colored and have a sweet flavor. The tree where you can find keule is now an endangered species because of over-harvesting and deforestation.

49. Key Limes

Native to Southeast Asia, Key lime is a type of lime that is also called acid lime. The scientific name of Key lime is Citrus X aurantiifolia.

50. Kiwi

Native to New Zealand, Kiwi is one of the most popular fruits start with K. Kiwi is a great source of Vitamin C and dietary fiber. This is one of my favorites on the list of fruits, vegetables and foods that start with K.

51. Kaki Persimmon

Kaki is one of the most widely cultivated types of persimmon. It is sweet and slightly tangy.

52. Korlan

Korlan has a similar appearance to small lychees and is closely related to this fruit. It is scientifically known as Nephelium hypoleucum.

53. Kutjera

Native to Australian dessert, Kutjera has a similar appearance to raisins and tastes strongly of tamarind and caramel. Kutjera is often used as a crust on the meat and mixed into sauces or salads.

54. Kwai Muk

Kwai Muk belongs to the same family as jackfruit but is smaller in size. It has yellow skin and sweet pink flesh. We can eat Kwai Muk raw, dried, or preserved in sugar.

55. Kumquat

The origination of the kumquat plant goes back to Chinese Imperial literature from the 12th century. They resemble the shape of tiny oranges but compared to oranges, they have edible skin.

56. Kenchur

Kenchur belongs to the ginger family, which is a type of galangal. Native to Southeast Asia, Kenchur has the most unique favors of the ginger family.

Beverages Start With K

Beverages Start With K

57. Kirsch

Kirsch refers to German brandy derived from fermented cherries. It is sweet but also colorless compared to other cherry liqueurs. It can be consumed neat but there is an important ingredient in the fondue.

58. Kvass

Originated in Eastern Europe, Kirsch is a drink made out of fermented rye bread or rye flour. Kvass has a light brown color and it tastes sweet-sour.

59. Kava

Kava is a drink from the Pacific Islands. It has a sedative, euphoriat, and anesthetic effect similar to an alcoholic drink.

60. Kahlua

It is a coffee liqueur from Veracruz, Mexico which is made out of rum, Arabica coffee, and sugar. Kahlua is used in many classic cocktails such as the white Russian, baby gunnies, and espresso martini.


Until now, you have read and followed the entire list of foods that start with K. It has everything starting from the main course to beverages. It has delicious food items alongside those that might be tasteless. So, you can give it a try and check it for yourself.

Also, do let me know which one is your favorite item from the above-given list of foods that start with K. I would love to know from you in the comment section below.

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