Editorial Policy | How Correct EveryMenuPrices is?

At everymenuprices.com (EMP), we publish a lot of menu prices of different eateries daily. Keeping it as accurate as possible is our number one priority.

The menu prices you see on EveryMenuPrices are collected from official websites, magazines, major publications, or sometimes via email directly from the eateries. We don’t use any AI tool like (ChatGPT) in any part of the writing process. We have a team of freelancers who keep collecting menu prices from the above-mentioned sources.

Sometimes it’s nearly impossible for us to provide the latest menu prices of each eatery listed on EveryMenuPrices.

Also, eateries can change their menu prices at any time and any day of the month. So it becomes difficult for us to keep an eye on every eatery.

Here comes the best part and that is….YOU. Yes, you can help us keep this site as updated as we can. If you notice any outdated menu and prices on EMP, please let us know via the Contact Us page and we’ll try to update the menu as soon as possible.

Keep exploring the menu prices of Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries, and Ice Cream Parlors.

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