Anchor Bar Hours of Operation [2024 Updated]

Based in Buffalo, New York, Anchor Bar is a popular bar and restaurant. Currently, the restaurant owns around 15 outlets that are located in different spots. This article will help you to find out the latest Anchor Bar hours of operation so that you can plan your dinner as per their timings.

Anchor Bar’s menu features various sections and each of them offers mouthwatering eatables that come under Italian and American cuisine.

Their menu items are easily accessible by anyone as the price is very reasonable. To know more about Anchor Bar’s menu with prices, you can check our dedicated article.

Anchor Bar Hours | Regular Operating Hours

The name Anchor Bar could be hinting towards the fact that there is a long list of alcohol and beverage options for everyone. But you are completely wrong.

Like most of the restaurants, they have a normal menu where you would get salads, bites, and a lot of other things. If you want to get the real fun of this place, it is important to visit the place as per the Anchor Bar hours of operation.

The restaurant opens at a common time every day, which is 11 a.m. However, the closing time is different on Fridays and Saturdays, which is 11 p.m. The closing time is 10 p.m. for the rest of the days.

The restaurant remains open for the whole week. However, the timings are a little different for some days. You can call the restaurant directly to inquire about the hours based on your preferred location.

Monday11 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday11 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday11 AM to 9 PM
Thursday11 AM to 9 PM
Friday11 AM to 10 PM
Saturday11 AM to 10 PM

Anchor Bar Holiday Hours

Anchor Bar has got a long list in their menu from where you can order anything. Their food is delicious and there are special hours where you will get access to the most special things of the place.

However, you have to check the normal operating hours of the place if you don’t want to miss anything.

Now like most of the places, you will decide to have a second option thinking that the restaurant might remain closed on the occasion of any festival.

But you don’t have to worry because they remain open for the entire year and you can easily make your plans without worrying much. However, timings may vary on holidays.

Popular Dishes of Anchor Bar

Routine food items are usually available on their menu. For now, we have listed some of the best items from the long list that has been divided into categories:

Anchor Bar Menu Prices
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1. Anchor Bar Bites

As the name states, it is one of the most popular and signature items on the menu. It features a boneless wing along with some juicy chicken breast pieces that are golden brown. They are served with the sauce of your choice.

2. Pretzel Logs

This one is also a kind of snack that you would not like to miss so easily. They are soft pretzel logs and taste the best if you have them with cheese dipping sauce.

3. Cobb Salad

This is a kind of mixed salad that has avocado, bleu cheese crumbles, tomatoes, and croutons along with a lot of grilled chicken and bacon. If you want to try a unique salad, this is the first choice to go for.

4. Citrus Berry Spinach Salad

This particular salad is a blend of green vegetables along with fruits, dried cranberries, blackberries walnuts, and goat cheese. They taste the best if served with the housemade berry balsamic.

5. Wedge Salad

The main ingredient here is a crisp wedge of iceberg lettuce which is covered with bleu cheese. Vegetables like tomatoes and red onion are also added for extra flavor.

Tips for Planning Your Visit

Anchor Bar is a restaurant which you would like to visit again and again. They have a lineup of facilities inside like TV, bike parking, and a lot of other things. But you cannot take your pets inside.

The place is sometimes full of people. Like most situations, it will be hard for you to find a place to sit. Moreover, it is recommended to get your place a few hours before because the restaurant does not offer any reservations for you.


Anchor Bar serves for the entire week without a break but the timings are a little different for Fridays and Saturdays.

This article might be helpful for you if you are planning to visit the place since we have collected all the latest details regarding Anchor Bar hours of operation.

You can also save the official website of Anchor Bar to get easier access and remain updated with the things that are happening every day inside the restaurant. You can also install the application of Anchor Bar from your Play Store or Apple Store.

FAQs Related to Anchor Bar Hours

What time does Anchor Bar open?

The restaurant opens at 11 a.m. for the whole week except Sunday.

What time does Anchor Bar close?

The closing timing is different for Fridays and Saturdays. They close at 9 p.m. on Monday to Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, they close at 10 p.m.

Where are the headquarters of Anchor Bar located?

The headquarters of the restaurant is located at 1047 Main St, Buffalo, New York, 14209, United States.

How many outlets are currently operating by Anchor Bar?

As of now, the restaurant owns around 15 outlets.

Does Anchor Bar take reservations?

No, they don’t offer any reservation system right now.

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