Dairy Queen Menu With Prices [September 2023 Updated]

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The Dairy Queen menu is specially designed for people who love to have ice creams. Currently, Dairy Queen is operating multiple branches all over the United States and Canada. If you are looking for the latest Dairy Queen menu with prices then you have come to the right place.

They are expanding their menu to cover more of the American market. They offer a variety of ice creams with different flavors. Dairy Queen menu features various sections including Blizzard Treats, Classic Treats, Sundaes, DQ Bakes, Shakes and Malts, MooLatte, Arctic Rush, Soft Drinks, Orange Julius, DQ Combos, Snacks Melts, Chicken Strips, Salads and Sides, $5 Buck Lunch, Kids’ Meals, etc.

Dairy Queen menu features some major attractions that can attract customers easily to the restaurant. They are famous for their creamy, tangy soft-shelled ice cream and numerous other desserts such as frozen yogurt, milkshakes, lattes, and banana splits.

Mostly Dairy Queen is known for frozen desserts however there is some Dairy Queen location available that offers non-frozen desserts such as pies, chocolate cakes, fruit truffles, etc. Dairy Queen ice cream prices are very low compared to the other restaurant chains. The other food items are also accessible at a very reasonable price range.

The article will provide you with all the factual details regarding the restaurant chain starting from Dairy Queen menu prices to the public response towards Dairy Queen locations. Apart from these, the article will also deliver some other important details like the social profile of Dairy Queen, important links, contact details, hours of Dairy Queen, and much more. So keep reading the article to learn more about Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen Menu With Prices

Dairy Queen Menu With Prices everymenuprices.com
Image Credit:- ubereats.com

Blizzard Treats Menu Prices

Blizzard TreatMini$2.89
Blizzard TreatSmall$3.69
Blizzard TreatMedium$4.09
Blizzard TreatLarge$4.69
Blizzard TreatCone$3.89
Add Extra Stuff$0.69
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Classic Treats Menu Prices

Peanut Buster Parfait$4.39
Banana Split$4.39
Dipped ConeSmall$2.39
Dipped ConeMedium$2.79
Dipped ConeLarge$3.19
Waffle Cone (Plain)$3.89
Waffle Cone (Chocolate Coated)$3.89

Sundaes Menu Prices


DQ Bakes Menu Prices

Fudge Stuffed Cookie$4.19
Apple Tart$4.39
Triple Chocolate Brownie$4.39
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Shakes & Malts Menu Prices


MooLatte Menu Prices


Arctic Rush Menu Prices

Arctic RushSmall$1.69
Arctic RushMedium$1.99
Arctic RushLarge$2.29
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Soft Drinks Menu Prices

Soft DrinkSmall$1.79
Soft DrinkMedium$1.99
Soft DrinkLarge$2.19

Orange Julius Menu Prices

Premium Fruit SmoothieSmall$2.99
Premium Fruit SmoothieMedium$3.49
Premium Fruit SmoothieLarge$3.99
Julius OriginalSmall$3.19
Julius OriginalMedium$3.39
Julius OriginalLarge$3.89
Add a Boost (Protein)$0.99
Add a Boost (Fresh Banana)$0.99

DQ Combos Menu Prices

1/4 lb. Bacon Cheese GrillBurger$3.99
1/4 lb. Bacon Cheese GrillBurger – Combo$6.29
1/2 lb. FlameThrower GrillBurger$5.39
1/2 lb. FlameThrower GrillBurger – Combo$7.59
1/4 lb. Mushroom Swiss GrillBurger$3.99
1/4 lb. Mushroom Swiss GrillBurger – Combo$6.19
1/2 lb. Cheese GrillBurger$4.79
1/2 lb. Cheese GrillBurger – Combo$6.99
1/4 lb. Cheese GrillBurger$3.59
1/4 lb. Cheese GrillBurger – Combo$5.79
Original Cheeseburger$2.19
Original Cheeseburger – Combo$4.39
Original Double Cheeseburger$3.19
Original Double Cheeseburger – Combo$5.39
Chili Cheese Dog$2.49
Chili Cheese Dog – Combo$4.69
Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy)$3.89
Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy) – Combo$6.19
Chicken Bacon Ranch$4.89
Chicken Bacon Ranch – Combo$6.99
Chicken Mozzarella$4.89
Chicken Mozzarella – Combo$6.99
Turkey BLT$4.89
Turkey BLT – Combo$6.99
Alaskan Pacific Cod Sandwich (Limited Time)$3.19
Alaskan Pacific Cod Sandwich – Combo (Limited Time)$5.39
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Snack Melts Menu Prices

Buffalo Chicken$1.89
Chicken Bacon BBQ$1.89
Chicken Quesadilla$1.89

Chicken Strips Menu Prices

Chicken Strip Basket4 Pc.$5.49
Chicken Strip Basket with Drink4 Pc.$6.49
Chicken Strip Basket6 Pc.$6.89
Chicken Strip Basket with Drink6 Pc.$7.89
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$5 Buck Lunch Menu Prices

Deluxe Cheeseburger Lunch$5.00
Chicken Strip Lunch3 Pc.$5.00
Crispy Chicken Wraps Lunch$5.00
KC BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Lunch$5.00

Salads and Sides Menu Prices

Chicken BLT Salad (Crispy or Grilled)$6.19
Chicken Garden Greens Salad (Crispy or Grilled)$6.19
Side Salad$2.19
Chicken Wrap$1.89
Onion RingsRegular$2.49
Onion RingsLarge$2.69
Breaded Mushrooms$2.49
Cheese CurdsRegular$3.29
Cheese CurdsLarge$5.99
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Kids’ Meal Menu Prices

Pick Your Meal, Side, Drink & Treat$4.29

History of Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Menu And Prices everymenuprices.com
Image Credit:- reporterherald.com

Dairy Queen is currently popular in every place around the world and currently, more than 7,000 restaurants are active in different countries including the United States and Canada. Overall, it can be said that it is a huge franchise, and considering that it is open in different countries, it has been able to attract a large number of customers.

The restaurant’s stores are currently getting a big demand as net lease investments and their locations can be found in the biggest countries around the world. The leases they have signed until now have brought a sigh of relief for all those who have been tasked with responsibilities and offered an increase in rent during their initial term.

The restaurants’ operations are being handled like they would have been done in terms of a franchisee and it is not corporately owned.

The journey started a long time back in the 30s when John F. McCullough and his son Bradley started working on soft-serve ice cream. They launched an ice cream store in collaboration with Sherb Noble, a friend, and customer followed by the first Dairy Queen outlet in the 40s.

However, when the US was busy with the Second World War in the 40s, a few stores were active and the system proceeded at a rapid pace after the war. It began with 100 stores in 1947 and expanded to 2,600 in 1955. They are now a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

Review of Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Menu With Pictures everymenuprices
Image Credit:- dairyqueenfranchising.com

Dairy Queen is an international franchise currently owning multiple stores in various countries. They serve very delicious ice creams with a variety of flavors and apart from that they are also famous for some other nonfrozen desserts. Dairy Queen has been maintaining a good impression among the public for a long time and it has grown into a huge franchise already.

The customers have shared their personal experiences in Dairy Queen on several websites. There are many bad and positive reviews available for Dairy Queen. According to the positive reviews, customers have said that they have been offered the best food items for the best price and overall their money has not been wasted.

A handicapped woman said that she was served well by the employees of the restaurant and she had no complaints regarding the way she was treated.

However, there have been some negative responses towards the restaurant where a few complained that the ice cream melted as soon as it reached their table. Apart from that a few others said that the employees were rude towards them.

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How to Order Online from the Dairy Queen Menu?

Dairy Queen Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:- doordash.com

If you want to order online from Dairy Queen then you can do that with the help of Doordash, Grubhub, Ubereats, etc. Below I will show you some steps on how you can order online from Doordash by following the steps given below. Other than that, you can also check the latest menu prices of Dairy Queen by following the same steps below as the prices may change without any prior notice.

  1. First, head over to Doordash and choose your nearest location.
  2. After selecting your location, the menu prices of Dairy Queen for that particular location will be displayed (here you can check the menu prices of Dairy Queen based on your preferred location).
  3. Now, select and add all the food items that you want to order online from Dairy Queen one by one in your cart.
  4. In the next step, go to checkout and sign in to your account if you have one or you can create a new one very easily.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in some of your personal details and confirm your order.

Dairy Queen Contact Information & Important Links

Official Websitedairyqueen.com
Dairy Queen MenuCheck Here
Dairy Queen LocationsCheck Here
Dairy Queen CareersCheck Here
Dairy Queen Gift CardsCheck Here
Dairy Queen FranchiseCheck Here
Dairy Queen Nutritional InformationCheck Here
Dairy Queen Order OnlineOrder Here

Social Media Handles

FacebookVisit Now
TwitterVisit Now
InstagramVisit Now

Dairy Queen Contact Info

Dairy Queen Corporate Office Address8000 Tower, Suite 700 8331 Norman Center Drive Bloomington, MN 55437
Dairy Queen Corporate Office Phone Number(952) 830-0200
Dairy Queen Contact Page/FormVisit Here


Dairy Queen is a huge franchise with 700 outlets in different locations across 25 counties. Dairy Queen is still growing day by day and setting a high competition for the other restaurant chains. Considering the positive response Dairy Queen is receiving from customers we can expect it to become a bigger franchise in the upcoming days.

So what did you like the most from the above-given Dairy Queen menu with prices? Is it Choco Brownie Extreme Blizzard Treat, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, or something else? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Dairy Queen(FAQs)

How much is a large blizzard at Dairy Queen?

All 29 blizzards come at a price of $8.99 for the large version.

How much is a box of dilly bars at Dairy Queen?

A box of dilly bars at Dairy Queen is priced at $14.99.

What is the annual revenue of Dairy Queen?

The annual revenue of Daily Queen is $3.6 billion.

How much is a blizzard at Dairy Queen?

The price of a blizzard at Dairy Queen is between $5 to $8.

Are Dairy Queen prices affordable?

Yes, Dairy Queen prices are affordable.

At what time does Dairy Queen open?

Dairy Queen’s opening time is 10 a.m. every day. Please visit their official website to confirm the opening hours based on your locations.

At what time does Dairy Queen close?

Dairy Queen closes at 10 p.m. every day. Please visit their official website to confirm the closing hours based on your locations.

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  1. Are there ANY DQs that have corporate (O/L) prices? The DQ in Lakewood WA is where I visit regularly but ur website says a Med Blizzard is $4.09. This store charges 5.79 !! Where can I find a DQ near 98445 that WONT Increase the web price by $1.70 or more. This is ridiculous! Please let me know if there are any stores near me that won’t rob me. TU

    • Hey Patrice,

      I hope you are doing well. The prices of the menu are different in different restaurants. We have also mentioned this under menu prices.

  2. Your priced menu did not include all the food orders, chicken fingers fries onion rings toast price or a price for a single dilly bar or how many dilly bars in a box… DQ appears to be like TacoBell, locally owned and locally priced, never found a DQ with headquarters pricing. How does one tell if a DQ is DQ owned or a local franchise who controls their individual pricing..


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