Doughbrik’s Pizza Menu With Prices [June 2024 Updated]

If you’re curious about their wide-ranging menu, this article covers all the key details of Doughbrik’s Pizza menu with prices. As the name hints, Doughbrik’s is all about enjoying handcrafted pizzas made with love-filled dough.

Founded in 1992 in Chicago, Doughbrik’s has carved out its niche in the fast-casual scene by serving Detroit, deep-dish, and New York-style pies alongside other classic American fare.

With over 50 locations stretching across the Midwest, Doughbrik’s has perfected the art of pizza-making. I’ll break down their most popular and recommended items plus prices, from their signature pizzas and plates of pasta to shareable snacks and drinks.

I’ll also give you some background on the company’s history, secret menu options, and online ordering process. Okay, enough chatter – let me tell you what Doughbrik’s has to offer, both taste-wise and cost-wise!

Doughbrik’s Pizza Menu With Prices

Doughbrik’s Pizza Menu everymenuprices
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Doughy Menu

Doughy Cheese Whole$28.00
Doughy Pepperoni Whole$32.00
Doughy Hawaiian Whole$32.00
Doughy Veggie Pesto Whole$36.00
Doughy Supreme Whole$38.00
Doughy Meat Lovers Whole$38.00
Doughy Spicy Vodka Whole$29.00

Tavern Menu

Tavern Cheese$19.00
Tavern Pepperoni$24.00
Tavern Chicagoan$26.00
Tavern Veggie$26.00

Ice Cream Menu

Blue Moon$3.00$4.00

Slushy Menu

Blue Rasoberry$2.75

Soda Menu

Diet Coke$2.75
Coke Zero$2.75
Dr Pepper$2.75
Pink Lemonade$2.75

Hoodie Menu

Blk Sm$59.99
Blk Med$59.99
Blk Lg$59.99
Blk Xlg$59.99
Red Sm$59.99
Red Med$59.99
Red Lg$59.99
Red Xlg$59.99

Hat Menu


Shirt Menu

Blk Sm$32.99
Blk Med$32.99
Blk Lg$32.99
Blk Xlg$32.99
Red Sm$32.99
Red Med$32.99
Red Lg$32.99
Red Xlg$32.99

Blanket Hoodies Menu

One Size Fits All$64.99

Sides Menu

Hot Honey$0.50
Vodka Sauce$0.50

A Little History of Doughbrik’s Pizza

Doughbrik’s Pizza Inside everymenuprices
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In 1992, James Doughtry founded Doughbrik’s Pizza in Chicago to bring Detroit-style, thick-crust pies to the Midwest.

Starting from a small pizzeria downtown, James’ recipes and techniques focused on using fresh, quality ingredients slowly gained popularity among locals.

Within five years, the demand was such that Doughbrik’s expanded to five locations across Illinois.

The brand took off in the 2000s by introducing its unique take on deep-dish pizza to other Midwestern states like Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Fast forward to today – Doughbrik’s now operates over 50 spots, employing over 1,500 team members. While still privately owned, Doughbrik’s has found huge success by sticking to classic recipes and prioritizing quality over quantity.

James’ original vision of sharing his pizza love has surely stood the test of time. What started as a small shop is now a beloved regional chain with decades of loyal customers. Good for a dream that began in a downtown Chicago pizzeria.

Must Try Items at Doughbrik’s Pizza

Must Try Items at Doughbrik’s Pizza

Let me tell you about five dishes among the Doughbrik’s Pizza menu customers always flock to Doughbrik’s for:

1. Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza

A thick, fluffy crust is piled with creamy, super-melted mozzarella to the edges. Sliced pepperoni cups up nicely and crisps to perfection in the oven. The final product is an ultra cheesy, crispy perimeter pie – amazing.

2. New York-Style Thin Crust Veggie Pizza

A light, crisp dough is spread with zesty tomato sauce and topped with seasonal veggies, from mushroom slices to sweet peppers and fresh spinach. The thin crust manages to hold just enough toppings without getting soggy.

3. Cajun Chicken Pasta

Penne is tossed in a rich yet tangy cream sauce seasoned with Cajun spices. Tender grilled chicken and shredded mozzarella add protein and meltyness. Red and green peppers contribute crunch and flavor to each hearty, flavor-packed bite.

4. Meat Lover’s Calzone

The dough is stuffed with diced pepperoni, thinly sliced ham, Italian sausage, and mozzarella. It’s folded, crimped, and baked until the outside is crisp and the inside is oozing goodness. A calzone packs all the pizza flavors in each delicious bite.

5. House Salads

Crisp romaine spears are topped with juicy tomato wedges, cucumber slices, and shaved Parm. A light lemon-Dijon dressing ties it all together with a hint of tang.

Doughbrik’s Pizza’s Secret Menu

Unlike most chains, Doughbrik’s doesn’t advertise secret menu options. However, dedicated fans have uncovered two specialty pies only available by request:

  • BBQ Chicken Pizza: Tender chicken is slathered in a smoky-sweet BBQ sauce and paired with sliced onions atop a pizza spread with marinara rather than cream.
  • Philly Cheese Steak Pizza: Thin-sliced steak with onions and green peppers is layered over melted provolone. The whole shebang bakes atop a garlic-infused white pizza crust.

You’ll need to check with your local Doughbriks to see if they’ll fulfill these secret menu cravings. Apart from minor test kitchen ideas, the classic menu remains their specialty.

How to Order Online From Doughbrik’s Pizza?

Doughbrik’s Pizza Order Online
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For an easy experience, Doughbrik lets you order on their website for pickup or delivery. Browse Doughbrik’s Pizza menu with prices online and add items to your cart.

During checkout, select your location and preferred pickup time. You can also track your order status in real-time – sweet!

They don’t provide online ordering options from DoorDash and UberEats, either. Right now, you can only order online from their official website. Contactless options are available as well. So, no excuses – you can indulge in their hearty meals right at your door!

FAQs Related to the Doughbrik’s Pizza Menu

What are the most popular items at Doughbrik’s Pizza?

Detroit-style pies and calzones are crowd favorites according to the Doughbrik’s Pizza menu and prices.

Does Doughbrik’s Pizza have vegetarian/vegan options?

They have plant-based crusts and several veggie pizzas sans meat/cheese.

Can I customize pizzas at Doughbrik’s Pizza? 

You can add or remove toppings however you like, from standard to build-your-own.

How late is the delivery from Doughbrik’s Pizza?

Times may vary, but many stores deliver till midnight or later on weekends.

Are prices inclusive of fees at Doughbrik’s Pizza?

Doughbrik’s Pizza menu prices don’t include taxes or delivery charges added at checkout.

Are Doughbrik’s Pizza menu prices affordable?

Yes, Doughbrik’s Pizza menu prices are affordable.

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