Greco Pizza Menu Prices in Canada [June 2024 Updated]

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Greco Pizza Menu With Prices

Greco Pizza Menu everymenuprices
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Specials Menu

Garlic Fingers and GrecoWorks Pizza ComboCAN$ 30.99
Garlic Fingers and Three-Topping Pizza ComboCAN$ 30.99
Two ¼ Pound Donairs with Two PopCAN$ 20.99
Family FeastCAN$ 48.99

Sides Menu

Tartar SauceCAN$ 1.2
Donair EggrollCAN$ 3.93
Regular Wings (8 pcs)CAN$ 14.51
Regular Wings (40 pcs)CAN$ 60.49
Boneless Wings (8 pcs)CAN$ 14.51
Boneless Wings (15 pcs)CAN$ 24.19
Boneless Wings (40 pcs)CAN$ 60.49
Large GravyCAN$ 2.41
Greco Cheese Garlic BreadCAN$ 4.49
Greco Cheese, Bacon, and Garlic BreadCAN$ 6.18
Donair DippersCAN$ 7.08
ColeslawCAN$ 1.2

Fish & Chips Menu

Fish BurgerCAN$ 6.04
1 Piece Fish & ChipsCAN$ 12.09
2 Piece Fish & ChipsCAN$ 18.14
3 Piece Fish & ChipsCAN$ 21.77

Slices Menu

Garlic Finger SliceCAN$ 4.68
Donair SliceCAN$ 4.68
Works SliceCAN$ 4.68
Meats SliceCAN$ 4.68
Hawaiian SliceCAN$ 4.68
Pepperoni SliceCAN$ 4.68
Veggie SliceCAN$ 4.39

Wings Menu

Regular Wings (8 pcs)CAN$ 14.51
Regular Wings (15 pcs)CAN$ 24.19
Boneless Wings (8 pcs)CAN$ 14.51
Boneless Wings (15 pcs)CAN$ 24.19
Boneless Wings (40 pcs)CAN$ 60.49

Fries & Poutines Menu

East Coast PoutineCAN$ 20.56
Large French FriesCAN$ 6.04
Small PoutineCAN$ 8.46
Large PoutineCAN$ 13.3
Small Donair PoutineCAN$ 12.09
Large Donair PoutineCAN$ 16.93

Garlic Fingers Menu

Medium Garlic FingersCAN$ 15.39
Large Garlic FingersCAN$ 21.99
Party Garlic FingersCAN$ 28.59
Small Garlic FingersCAN$ 10.44

Donair Burgers Menu

1/2 lb Donair Burger ConeCAN$ 9.55
Jr. Donair Burger ConeCAN$ 5.05
1/4 lb. Donair Burger ConeCAN$ 5.95

Donairs Menu

Donair Burger (1/2 lb)CAN$ 9.95
Donair (1/2 lb)CAN$ 11.24
Donair (3/4 lb)CAN$ 14.61
Donair (1/4 lb)CAN$ 7.86
Donair Burger (1/4 lb)CAN$ 5.95

Eggrolls & Dippers Menu

15 Donair DippersCAN$ 11.8
Donair EggrollCAN$ 3.93
Donair Eggroll Combo – 2 Eggrolls + PopCAN$ 8.99
8 Donair DippersCAN$ 7.08


Italian OVENSUB® (Half)CAN$ 8.43
Donair OVENSUB® (Full)CAN$ 13.04
Assorted OVENSUB® (Half)CAN$ 8.43
Veggie OVENSUB® (Half)CAN$ 8.43
Veggie OVENSUB® (Full)CAN$ 13.04
Pizza OVENSUB® (Half)CAN$ 8.43
Pizza OVENSUB® (Full)CAN$ 13.04
Italian OVENSUB® (Full)CAN$ 13.04
Hawaiian Heat Donair OVENSUB® (Full)CAN$ 12.1
Donair OVENSUB® (Half)CAN$ 8.43
Philly Steak OVENSUB® (Half)CAN$ 9.55
Philly Steak OVENSUB® (Full)CAN$ 14.16
BBQ Chicken OVENSUB® (Full)CAN$ 14.16

Calzones Menu

Mighty Meaty CalzoneCAN$ 9.21
Donair CalzoneCAN$ 9.21
Hawaiian CalzoneCAN$ 9.21
Pepperoni Duo CalzoneCAN$ 9.21
Grecoworks CalzoneCAN$ 9.21

Large Pizzas Menu

Large BBQ Chicken PizzaCAN$ 30.46
Large Superworks™ PizzaCAN$ 30.46
Large Canadian PizzaCAN$ 28.26
Large Mighty Meaty™ PizzaCAN$ 28.26
Large Donair PizzaCAN$ 28.26
Large Hawaiian Deluxe™ PizzaCAN$ 28.26
Large Veggie PizzaCAN$ 28.26
Large Build Your Own PizzaCAN$ 22.54
Large Hawaiian Heat Donair PizzaCAN$ 24.2
Large Grecoworks™ PizzaCAN$ 28.26
Large Hawaiian Heat Dry-Cured Pepperoni PizzaCAN$ 24.2

Medium Pizzas Menu

Medium BBQ Chicken PizzaCAN$ 24.08
Medium Superworks™ PizzaCAN$ 24.08
Medium Canadian PizzaCAN$ 22.54
Medium Mighty Meaty™ PizzaCAN$ 22.54
Medium Hawaiian Deluxe™ PizzaCAN$ 22.54
Medium Donair PizzaCAN$ 22.54
Medium Veggie PizzaCAN$ 22.54
Medium Build Your Own PizzaCAN$ 17.04
Medium Hawaiian Heat Donair PizzaCAN$ 15.7
Medium Grecoworks™ PizzaCAN$ 22.54
Medium Hawaiian Heat Dry-Cured Pepperoni PizzaCAN$ 15.7

Small Pizzas Menu

Small BBQ Chicken PizzaCAN$ 15.61
Small Superworks™ PizzaCAN$ 15.61
Small Canadian PizzaCAN$ 14.29
Small Mighty Meaty™ PizzaCAN$ 14.29
Small Hawaiian Deluxe™ PizzaCAN$ 14.29
Small Donair PizzaCAN$ 14.29
Small Veggie PizzaCAN$ 14.29
Small Build Your Own PizzaCAN$ 10.44
Small Hawaiian Heat Donair PizzaCAN$ 13.3
Small Grecoworks™ PizzaCAN$ 14.29
Small Hawaiian Heat Dry-Cured Pepperoni PizzaCAN$ 13.3

Party Pizzas Menu

Party BBQ Chicken PizzaCAN$ 36.02
Party Superworks™ PizzaCAN$ 36.02
Party Canadian PizzaCAN$ 35.19
Party Mighty Meaty™ PizzaCAN$ 35.19
Party Hawaiian Deluxe™ PizzaCAN$ 35.19
Party Donair PizzaCAN$ 35.19
Party Veggie PizzaCAN$ 35.19
Party Build Your Own PizzaCAN$ 28.59
Party Hawaiian Heat Donair PizzaCAN$ 32.65
Party Grecoworks™ PizzaCAN$ 35.19
Party Hawaiian Heat Dry-Cured Pepperoni PizzaCAN$ 32.65

Dips Menu

Creamy Garlic DipCAN$ 1.11
Marinara DipCAN$ 1.11
Donair SauceCAN$ 1.11
Wing SauceCAN$ 1.11
Southwest DipCAN$ 1.11
Pizza SauceCAN$ 1.11
Caesar DressingCAN$ 1.11

Desserts Menu

ChipsCAN$ 1.86
Gourmet Cookie (1 pc)CAN$ 1.24
Gourmet Cookie (2 pcs)CAN$ 2.19
Gourmet Cookie (4 pcs)CAN$ 4.38
Gourmet Cookie (12 pcs)CAN$ 12.36
CinnaSwirlsCAN$ 5.61
Chocolate Lava CakeCAN$ 4.78
Gourmet Cookie (6 pcs)CAN$ 6.29

GlutenGone® Menu

Chicken GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Half)CAN$ 10.68
12″ GlutenGone® Grecoworks PizzaCAN$ 26.11
12″ GlutenGone® Mighty Meaty PizzaCAN$ 26.11
12″ GlutenGone® Hawaiian PizzaCAN$ 26.11
12″ GlutenGone® Donair PizzaCAN$ 26.11
12″ GlutenGone® Pepperoni PizzaCAN$ 26.11
Pizza GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Full)CAN$ 15.29
Donair GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Full)CAN$ 15.29
Hawaiian GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Full)CAN$ 15.29
12″ GlutenGone® Garlic FingersCAN$ 18.96
Donair GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Half)CAN$ 9.55
Pizza GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Half)CAN$ 9.55
Veggie GlutenGone® OVENSUB® (Half)CAN$ 10.68

Beverages Menu

BUBLY (473 ml)CAN$ 2.74
Bottled Pop (591 ml)CAN$ 3.29
Bottled Pop (2 L)CAN$ 5.29
White Milk (250 ml)CAN$ 3.03
Chocolate Milk (250 ml)CAN$ 3.29
White Milk (500 ml)CAN$ 4.39
Chocolate Milk (500 ml)CAN$ 4.39
Canned Pop (335 ml)CAN$ 2.31

Disclaimer: The menu prices given below may change at any time and may not reflect recent changes. To know the exact menu prices of Greco Pizza, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the restaurant/cafe/bakery, or ice cream parlor directly.

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