Lasa Restaurant Menu – Is it Closed?

Have you heard of Lasa Restaurant, the beloved Filipino-American eatery located in downtown LA? If not, you’re missing out on a truly memorable dining experience.

From its inviting neighborhood vibe to the inspiring story behind every delectable dish, Lasa Restaurant offered so much more than just incredible food when they were active. 

Are you curious to learn about their menu prices and history? Then read on to discover the Lasa Restaurant menu back then and the incredible journey of this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

Lasa Restaurant Menu

As the restaurant is closed right now, no Lasa Restaurant menu is available online.

A Little History of Lasa Restaurant

The story of Lasa Restaurant is one of grit, passion, and Filipino pride. In the summer of 2013, Chef Chad Valencia and his brother Chase started hosting casual backyard meals for friends and family.

Inspired by memories of large gatherings and delicious home cooking, they wanted to recreate that feeling of community over shared plates. 

The brothers began hosting pop-up restaurants at local cafes and breweries as the dinners grew more popular. Word of their Filipino California small plates spread far and wide.

In 2017, after several successful pop-ups, the Valencia brothers finally found a permanent home – Unit 120, a culinary incubator in Downtown LA’s Arts District.

There, under the guidance of Chef Alvin Cailan, Lasa Restaurant was able to serve dinner four nights a week. It was a huge milestone for the passionate duo. 

But soon, Unit 120 became too small for their growing fanbase. In late 2021, Lasa Restaurant closed its doors as the brothers looked towards their next chapter.

Wherever Chad and Chase go next, we are sure their food will continue inspiring others as it has inspired LA.

Can You Order Online From Lasa Restaurant?

Unfortunately, since Lasa Restaurant has closed, ordering online is no longer possible.

However, back when it was operational downtown, foodies loved ordering the Filipino-Californian fare straight to their doors via delivery platforms. 

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