Pancake Parlour Menu Prices [June 2023 Updated]

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Founded in 1965, Pancake Parlour is a famous restaurant chain that specializes in pancakes, Ice cream, Crepes, Various savory dishes, and much more. If you are looking for the latest Pancake Parlour menu prices then you have come to the right place.

During the formation of Pancake Parlour, the restaurant was named The Pancake Kitchen. If you have not visited ‘The Pancake Parlour’ yet, then you should go and enjoy the delicious food items from the Pancake Parlour menu that are available in a very affordable price range.

The Pancake Parlour locations feature very well-trained service members which makes the restaurant chain a friendly place for customers. The restaurant chain has a very friendly environment for having your food just like the comfort of your home.

The Pancake Parlour menu features various food section which offers delicious mouth-watering eatable. The Pancake Parlour menu section includes segments like Beverages, All Day Menu, Drinks, etc. The menu also features a separate section as Bar & Cider, which offers various options including White Wine, Sparkling Wine, and Red Wine.

The article will provide you with all the details regarding the restaurant starting with the Pancake Parlour locations to the public response towards their outlets. You will also get Pancake Parlour’s social profile, important links, nutritional value, and much more.

Pancake Parlour Menu Prices

Pancake Parlour Menu With Prices
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Breakfast Menu Prices

Cheese Kransky & Eggs$24.9
Design Your Own Breakfast$16.9
Traditional Bacon & Eggs$23.9
Country Breakfast$26.9
Farmer’s Breakfast$23.9
Blueberry Pancake with Bacon & Eggs$21.9
Cheese Kransky & Eggs$24.9
Eggs Benedict$25.9
Big Country Breakfast$32.9
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Pancake Stacks Menu Prices

Short Stack$16.9
Regular Stack$20.9

Sweet Pancakes Menu Prices

Sweet Classics

Original Lemon and Sugar$18.9
Alice’s Wonderland Surprise$20.9
Strawberry Jam$18.9
Sweet Pancake Medley$22.9

Crowd Favorites

Chocolate Chip$22.9
Bavarian Apple$22.9
Jamaican Banana$22.9
Salted Caramel Crunch$22.9
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Fresh Strawberries$24
Chocolate Jubilee$24
Lemon Berry$24
Raspberry & Rhubarb$24

Protein Pancakes Menu Prices

Power Stack$17.5
Morning Muscle$22
Banana Crunch Powercakes$24
Berry Nut Powercakes$24

Kids Menu Prices


The Cheshire Cat’s Chicken TendersThe King’s Fish & Chips
The Bishop’s Bacon and EggThe Dormouse’s Cheese Pleaser
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Strawberry Duchess$2
Alice’s Wonderland Surprise
Caterpillars Plantcake
Banana-Berry Kick$2

Light Bites

Kid’s Fries$6
The Ball$6


Apple or Pineapple Juice$5.9
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice$6.5
Creamy Ice-cream Soda$9.8
Kids Iced Chocolate$5.9
Unicorn Shake (Strawberry)
Dragon Shake (Blue Heaven)
Rocky Mountain Malt$9.9
Kids Milk$4.5
Fizzy Drinks$4.9
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Savoury Menu Prices

Cottage Fries$7.9 (Side)
$16.5 (Full Serve)
Deluxe Fries$21.9
Chicken Strips & Cottage Fries$29.9
Cheese and Potato Pancake$28.9
Chicken Parmigiana$33.9
Spinach & Feta Crepes$28.9
Tabriz Crepes$27.9
Pancakes Lasagne$29.9
Mexican Chicken Crepes$29.9
Mexican Beef Crepes$29.9
Mexican Combo Crepes$29.9
Chicken Schnitzel$32
Caesar Salad$19.9
Cajun Chicken Salad$26.9

Ice Cream Menu Prices

The Hot Ball$15.9
Hot Fudge Sundae$18.5
Banana Split$19.5

Vegan Menu Prices


Lemon & Sugar Plantcakes$20.9
Chocnana Crunch Plantcakes$26
Fresh Strawberries Plantcakes$26
Bavarian Apple Plantcakes$24.9
Jamaican Banana Plantcakes$24.9
Blueberry Plantcakes$26
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Vegan Cottage Fries$7.9 (Side)
$16.5 (To Share)
Cheese & Potato Plantcake$30.9


Short Stack (2 Plantcakes)$18.9
Regular Stack (3 Plantcakes)$23.9
Extra Plantcake$5 Each
Lovely! Extras
Pure organic maple syrup$4.9 | $6.9
Extra non-dairy ice-cream$6.5
Extra Nuttlex$4.5
Crunchy chocolate peanut-butter$4.5


Swiss Mountain Malt$14.9
Berry Power Smoothie$12.5
Nice Cream Soda$10.8 (Regular)
$12.8 (Super)
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Drinks Menu Prices

Coffee for TalkingCaffe Latte – $5
Piccolo Latte – $4.5
Short Black, Long Black – $4.5
Flat White – $5
Chai Latte$5.5
Hot Marshmallow Chocolate$8.5
The Chocolate Royale$9.9
Lemon Lime & Bitters$7.8 (Regular)
$9.9 (Pint)
Iced Coffee, Iced Chocolate & Iced Mocha$9.8 (Regular)
$11.9 (Pint)
Swiss Mountain Malt$13.5 (Pint)
$9.9 (1/2 Pint)
Apple Cider$8.8 (Regular)
$10.8 (Pint)
Fizzy Drinks$9.8 (Pint)
$6.8 (1/2 Pint)
House-made Lemon Iced Tea$10.5 (Pint)
$8.5 (1/2 Pint)
Traditional House-made Lemonade$10.9 (Pint)
$8.9 (1/2 Pint)
Orange Juice$6.5 (Small)
$8.9 (Regular)
$12.9 (Pint)
Beechworth Apple Juice$5.9 (Small)
$7.8 (Regular)
$10.8 (Pint)
Pineapple Juice$5.9 (Small)
$7.8 (Regular)
$10.8 (Pint)
Creamy Ice Cream Soda$9.8 (Regular)
$11.8 (Super)
Vegan Protein Smoothie12.5
Sparkling Mineral Water$5.9 (300ml)
$9.5 (750ml)

Bar Menu Prices

Sparkling Wine

Tempus Two Prosecco | 200ml$15.9
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White Wine

McGuigan Black Label Chardonnay | 187 ml$12.9
McGuigan Black Label Moscato (Sweet) | 187 ml$12.9
McGuigan Black Label Sauvignon Blanc | 187 ml$12.9

Red Wine

McGuigan Black Label Shiraz | 187 ml$12.9
McGuigan Black Label Merlot | 187 ml$12.9


Cascade Light$8.9
Victoria Bitter$8.9
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Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime | 330ml$10.9


Bourbon | 30ml$12
Gin | 30ml$12
Whiskey | 30ml$12
Vodka | 30ml$12
Tequila | 30ml$12
Rum | 30ml$12


Long Island Iced Tea$19.9
Jim Beam Maple Liqueur Mountain Malt$19.9

History of Pancake Parlour

Pancake Parlour Menu And Prices
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The first outlet of the restaurant was launched back in May 1965 and it was known as The Pancake Kitchen at the time. The name was later changed to The Original Pancake Kitchen. Roger Meadmore along with Allen Trachsel and Helen Tranchsel were the ones who were involved in the establishment of the restaurant.

They launched an outlet named The Pancake Parlour in Melbourne four years later and another one named Pancakes on the Rocks was launched in Sydney in August 1975.

11 outlets are currently active in Melbourne and a few of them remain open for the entire day from sunrise till dawn. Customers come in every day and enjoy everything from the Pancake Parlour menu.

The menu features fish, chicken, salads, and savory crepes along with other items for breakfast. They also have pancake mix and pancake syrup at various places in Australia.

As of the article writing, The Pancake Parlour is operating more than 11 outlets in different spots and the annual revenue of the restaurant is $118 million. Pancake Parlour prices are another feature that has been able to impress customers.

Review of Pancake Parlour

Pancake Parlour Menu With Pictures everymenuprices
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The Pancake Parlour is known for serving the best pancakes along with so many yummy options. Pancake Parlour has been warmly received by the audiences and has grown up quickly into a big franchise. The Pancake Parlour prices are also affordable to its customers.

Pancake Parlour is also a good option if someone is looking for a spacious restaurant. The customers have shared their personal experiences through some online websites.

According to public reviews, The Pancake Parlour’s customer service is very friendly and efficient. People also love the Pancake Parlour menu for having so many side options if they required a little extra. As per customers, they received hot chocolate which was done to perfection.

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How to Order Online from Pancake Parlour Menu in Few Steps?

Pancake Parlour Order Online everymenuprices
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If you want to order online from Pancake Parlour then you can do that with the help of Ubereats and Below I will show you some steps on how you can easily order online from Pancake Parlour without stepping outside.

You can also check the latest prices of Pancake Parlous based on your location by following the same steps below.

  1. First head over to and choose your location.
  2. After selecting your location, the menu prices of Pancake Parlous of that particular location will be displayed (here you can just check the menu prices of Pancake Parlour if you don’t want to order anything).
  3. You can add all the food items that you want to order from Pancake Parlour one by one in the cart.
  4. In the next step, go to checkout and sign in to your account if you have one or you can create a new one.
  5. Fill in some details and confirm your order.

Pancake Parlour Contact Information & Important Links

Pancake Parlour LocationsCheck Here
Pancake Parlour CareersCheck Here
Pancake Parlour Order OnlineOrder Here

Social Media Handles

FacebookVisit Now
InstagramVisit Now
YoutubeVisit Now

Pancake Parlour Contact Info

Pancake Parlour Corporate Office Address550 Doncaster Road,
Doncaster, 3108.
Pancake Parlour Corporate Office Phone Number9663 4511
Pancake Parlour Contact Page/FormVisit Now


The Pancake Parlour is a developing restaurant chain at this moment and is expected to become a big franchise in a few years. The restaurant serves normal and routine items that are usually served in any restaurant.

But despite that, the hygienic environment at the restaurant has managed to attract a large number of customers. So what did you like the most from the above given Pancake Parlour menu prices? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Pancake Parlour (FAQs)

Who owns The Pancake Parlour?

The Pancake Parlour is owned by a family as it is a family business.

Where is the main base of The Pancake Parlour?

The headquarters of The Pancake Parlour is currently operating in Melbourne, Australia.

Does Pancake Parlour serve alcohol?

Yes, they serve alcohol and you can choose from their lovely range of beer, wine, cider, and cocktails.

How many branches are currently operating by The Pancake Parlour?

The restaurant chain is currently operating 11 outlets in different locations.

Why The Pancake Parlour is so famous?

The Pancake Parlour is famous for serving delicious pancakes.

How much does Pancake Parlour pay per hour?

According to, Pancake Parlour pays a minimum salary of $25.63 for a waiter/waitress per hour. However, it may differ from location to location.

What is the minimum age required to work at Pancake Parlour?

If you want to work at Pancake Parlour, then the minimum age required to work there is 16 years old.

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