Pancake Parlour Menu Prices [November 2023 Updated]

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Join the ultimate sweet and savory journey at Pancake Parlour to relish the delicious treats of crepes, pancakes, mouth-watering ice creams, and hot cakes. So, today I am here to provide you with the Pancake Parlour menu prices so that you can taste their amazing foods under budget.

It’ll be an absolute delight if you check out Pancake Parlour’s menu as you will be able to find the best sweet and savory food items that will match your taste and budget.

Moreover, we are always up for providing the right affordable quality food under your budget. Your satisfaction is our responsibility. Hurry and grab the sweet deals!

However, below I have also shared certain details of food items that you can choose from.

It is from the Alaska, US outlet, and thus, you won’t face any issues when choosing to opt for either dine-in, takeaway, or home delivery services from their menu prices. Alright, let’s have a look at the Pancake Parlour menu prices below.

Pancake Parlour Menu Prices

Pancake Parlour Menu With Prices
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Popular Items Menu

Swiss Mountain Malt$ 13.50
Sweet For 2$ 34.00
Short Stack$ 17.90
Regular Stack$ 21.90
Fresh Strawberry Pancakes$ 25.00
Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Mini)$ 19.90
Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Original)$ 22.90
Deluxe Fries$ 22.90
Savoury For 2$ 39.00
Jamaican Banana Pancakes (Mini)$ 19.90
Jamaican Banana Pancakes (Original)$ 23.90
Tiramisu Pancakes$ 25.00

Picnic Parlour Menu

Sweet Picnic Pack$ 65.00
Kids Picnic Pack$ 49.00
Sweet ‘N’ Savoury Picnic Pack$ 65.00
Savoury Picnic Pack$ 65.00

Parlour Packs Menu

Sweet For 2$ 39.00
Savoury For 2$ 39.00
Sweet For 4$ 59.00
Savoury For 4$ 64.00
Date Night$ 85.00

Breakfast Menu

Cheese Kransky & Eggs$ 25.90
Design Your Own Breakfast$ 17.90
Traditional Bacon & Eggs$ 24.90
Big Country Breakfast$ 33.90
Country Breakfast$ 26.90
Farmer’s Breakfast$ 24.90

Pancake Stacks Menu

Short Stack$ 18.20
Regular Stack$ 22.50

Sweet Pancake Menu

Fresh Strawberry Pancakes$ 25.90
Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Mini)$ 19.90
Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Original)$ 24.50
Jamaican Banana Pancakes (Mini)$ 19.90
Jamaican Banana Pancakes (Original)$ 23.90
Tiramisu Pancakes$ 25.00
Alice’s Wonderland Surprise Pancakes$ 20.90
The ‘IT’ Pancakes (Mini Pancakes)$ 18.90
The ‘IT’ Pancakes (Original-Sized Pancakes)$ 22.90
Bavarian Apple Pancakes (Mini Pancakes)$ 19.90
Bavarian Apple Pancakes (Original-Sized Pancakes)$ 23.90
Salted Caramel Crunch Pancakes (Mini Pancakes)$ 18.90
Salted Caramel Crunch Pancakes (Original-Sized Pancakes)$ 22.90
Original Lemon And Sugar Pancakes$ 19.90
Vegan Chocnana Crunch Plantcakes$ 12.90

Savory Menu

Deluxe fries$ 23.90
Cheese & Potato Pancake$ 29.90
Spinach & Feta Crepes$ 29.90
Mexican Beef Crepes$ 30.90
Chicken Parmigiana$ 35.90
Mexican Chicken Crepes$ 29.90
Chicken Strips And Cottage Fries$ 30.90
Cottage Fries$ 17.50
Pancakes Lasagne$ 30.90
Breast Of Chicken Schnitzel$ 33.00
Mexican Combo Crepes$ 30.90

Kids Menu

Strawberry Duchess$ 13.50
Alice’s Wonderland Surprise$ 13.50
The Bishop’s Bacon & Egg$ 13.50
The Cheshire Cat’s Chicken Strips$ 13.50
Kids Fries$ 7.00
The Dormouse’s Cheese Pleaser$ 10.90
Caterpillar’s Plantcake$ 13.50

Ice Cream Parlour Menu

Takeaway Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream Tub$ 18.00
Takeaway Vanilla Ice Cream Tub$ 18.00
Takeaway Chocolate Ice Cream Tub$ 18.00

Drinks Menu

Swiss Mountain Malt$ 13.90
Traditional House-Made Lemonade$ 11.00
House-Made Lemon Iced Tea$ 11.00
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice 250mL$ 8.90
Pineapple Juice 250mL$ 7.90
Beechworth Apple Juice 250mL$ 7.80
Sparkling Mineral Water 300mL$ 5.90

A Little History of Pancake Parlour

Pancake Parlour Menu With Pictures everymenuprices
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Pancake Parlour is one of the special family-owned restaurants that is running successfully near Victoria, Australia. Currently, it is headquartered in Melbourne with operations in 13 different locations.

The owners were fascinated with the pancakes served in New York and felt pancakes served in America the way toasts are served in Australia.

Soon, they turned their dream of opening a Pancake Parlour into reality by opening the first restaurant named Pancake Kitchen near Adelaide.

It is still in operation even up to this day. The owners with their children finally decided to open a pancake-centric restaurant in Market Lane during the 1970s.

The restaurant was a hit and even it continued to spread all across 12 different locations near Melbourne.

The early Pancake restaurant had a large chess set to accommodate all the chess players and even organized several chess tournaments during the 1980s.

Thus, after 58 years of operating in Australia, the owners Allen Trachsel, Roger Meadmore and Helen Trachsel are ambitious to take Pancake Parlour to a global scale.

Must Try Items at Pancake Parlour

Must Try Items at Pancake Parlour

We have got the best savoury food items listed as you may be wondering which are the best items one should opt for. The Pancake Parlour menu offers certain items that I think will go as per your preference.

Now, as you have checked the Pancake Parlour menu prices above, check out some of the items below that stand exceptional in their taste.

1. Blueberry Pancake with Bacon and Eggs

Who doesn’t love blueberry flavor? The blueberry pancakes with extremely delicious blueberries on top leave the customers in drools.

A healthy breakfast to opt for, it is infused with juicy blueberries and paired with bacon and scrambled eggs.

2. Country Breakfast

When in Pancake Parlour, make your way to have the Country breakfast which is loaded with two large pancakes, fresh tomatoes, bacon, exotic garlic mushrooms, and scrambled eggs.

I guess you’re feeling hungry, so hurry and enjoy the meal.

3. The Bishop’s Bacon and Egg

Pancake Parlour can never forget about the great cravings of kids. And that the Bishop’s bacon and egg are specially designed to keep the moods of the kids in check.

Compiled with rashers of bacon, the buttermilk pancakes are served with maple syrup and fried eggs.

4. Salted Caramel Crunch

This one is an absolute crowd’s favorite. The salted caramel crunch comes with hand-made delicious caramel sauce, two buttermilk pancakes, and roasted almonds with vanilla ice cream on top.

5. Cheese and Potato Pancakes

An unavoidable combo that attracts a wide range of visitors. It is the most commonly ordered savory dish.

And served with fresh potato pancakes with a crust of melting cheese and even topped with whipped cream and maple syrup. It is also served with side salad. However, you can also opt for it without any sides.

Pancake Parlour’s Secret Menu

As of now, we don’t have any information regarding Pancake Parlour’s secret menu. Considering its breakfast and other savory dishes, the menu items are limited and we can’t expect any secret menu this soon.

However, customers who enjoy their regular menu can hardly even think of any secret menu. We will be the first one to let you know about Pancake Parlour’s secret menu whenever it is out in the public domain.

How to Order Online at Pancake Parlour?

Pancake Parlour Order Online everymenuprices
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For every pancake-eating person, there’s good news, now you can opt for home delivery services with a little extra charge. We were thinking as you already got to know their menu prices, then why not let you know to order online?

Now we don’t have to worry about going to far-off places to grab the best food as with the advanced delivery services, you can sit back and relax and enjoy your favorite food item at your doorsteps.

You can also place an order online through third-party partnered apps like Doordash, and Ubereats. You can even order online from their official website.

What’s taking you so long? Grab your phone and order online!

FAQs Related to Pancake Parlour’s Menu

Are Pancake Parlour menu prices affordable?

Yes, Pancake Parlour menu prices are affordable. However, it personally depends on your spending limits.

Which kid’s combo is best at Pancake Parlour?

One of the kid’s combos at Pancake Parlour is The bishop’s Bacon with Egg and Mini Pancakes Lasagne.

Can you order fries and other chicken items?

Yes, you can order fries as well as chicken items like chicken strips and nuggets.

Which is the crowd’s favorite dish at Pancake Parlour?

The salted caramel crunch is one of the favorite dishes among the people.

Which is the best breakfast combo at Pancake Parlour?

The house-made buttered big country breakfast is the best and most affordable combo at Pancake Parlour.

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