Buffet Island Menu With Prices (UK) – 2024

With nearly 100 delectable dishes spread across a vibrant buffet, Buffet Island offers patrons the unique opportunity to travel the world through their taste buds while enjoying an unlimited feast at an affordable price point.

Boasting locations throughout Birmingham and Erdington, this Chinese dining stalwart has perfected the art of the all-you-can-eat experience, with its diverse and continually replenished menu sure to please every palate.

Let’s explore the Buffet Island menu with prices to discover culinary gems worth savoring.

Buffet Island Menu With Prices

Buffet Island Menu everymenuprices
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Lunch – Monday – Thursday


Lunch – Friday – Saturday


Lunch – Sunday


Evening Dinner – Monday – Thursday


Evening Dinner – Friday – Saturday


Evening Dinner – Sunday


A Little History of Buffet Island

Buffet Island Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Buffet Island’s Facebook

Founded in 2003 by husband-and-wife team Sue and Simon Huang, Buffet Island transformed an old pub into a one-of-a-kind dining destination.

Seeing an opportunity to bring an all-inclusive buffet concept to the UK market, the duo worked tirelessly to establish their first outpost in Erdington.

Featuring nearly 100 freshly prepared dishes, from continental favorites to international fare, patrons immediately embraced the innovative dining experience.

Word quickly spread of Buffet Island’s abundant menu and affordable prices, leading the Huangs to open two more locations to meet growing demand.

Today, Buffet Island remains a beloved community hub where guests can indulge their cravings or discover new global flavors alongside comforting classics.

Must Try Items at Buffet Island

Must Try Items at Buffet Island everymenuprices

With such an expansive selection, where can you begin sampling Buffet Island’s eclectic menu? Here are some standout dishes not to miss:

1. Sweet and Sour Chicken

Tender and lightly coated chicken pieces are tossed in a perfectly balanced sweet and tangy sauce. With its familiar yet exquisite flavor profile, this dish brings back memories of family dinners.

2. Crispy Shredded Duck Pancakes

Thin, pliable wheat pancakes prove the perfect handheld vessel to scoop up savory shreds of succulent roasted duck and a sweet-salty hoisin sauce, its flavors intensifying with each additional wrapping.

3. Barbecue Spare Ribs

Fall-off-the-bone pork ribs generously glazed in a sticky, caramelized barbecue sauce with just the proper kiss of heat, begging to be devoured with fingers while listening to the sizzle of sauce descending back into the plate.

4. Sushi Platters

Buffet Island’s expert sushi chefs showcase their artistry through a rotating display of fresh nigiri, maki rolls, and more. Patrons are tempted to sample the latest seasonal catches and creative combinations, experiencing the culinary delights firsthand.

5. Carvery Roast

A self-serve spread of herb-roasted pork, honey-baked ham, or seasoned beef awaits at the carving station, appealing to diners yearning for comfortingly familiar English pub fare.

6. Pizza Station

Build your masterpiece with a bounty of bubbly cheeses, savory meats, and fresh veggies from the brick oven. Its hot slices are the perfect handheld sharing platter.

Buffet Island’s Secret Menu

Seasoned Buffet Island patrons have uncovered a few “secrets” known only to loyalists.

Ask servers about a specialty item or two you may not have noticed – sometimes limited-time offerings or test dishes not initially part of the main lineup. Past finds include:

  • Chicken tikka masala noodles: hearty pan-fried noodles tossed in a richly spiced, creamy tomato-based sauce studded with tender chicken and fresh cilantro, a fusion feast sure to satisfy any Indian or British food craving.
  • Kimchi fried rice: this Korean-inspired dish packs tangy, fermented cabbage along with tender egg, carrot, and savory rice into every spoonful, its pungent soul-warming spices a welcome burst amidst the buffet’s global lineup.
  • Loaded potato skins: hollowed-out potato halves overflow with melted cheeses, crispy bacon bits, and fresh chives, indulgent handheld pockets ideal for sharing with tablemates between international adventures along the buffet line.

And for those with a severe sweet tooth, watch for seasonal soft-serve or crepe specials hiding out of plain sight. Discover these unique dishes and more by exploring beyond Buffet Island’s plethora of classic cuisine.

How to Order Online From Buffet Island?

Online ordering and delivery options are not available at Buffet Island. However, you can book your table at Buffet Island for seamless dining.

FAQs Related to the Buffet Island Menu

Is the Buffet Island menu diverse enough for different diets/tastes?

With nearly 100 items, including vegetarian, halal, and international options, there is the fare for followers of any diet or those craving global flavors.

Buffet Island menu prices – are they affordable?

Absolutely! Enjoy unlimited dishes from £8.50-£12.95/person, a value unmatched by other all-you-can-eat restaurants.

Can you take dishes from the buffet to go?

Buffet Island only permits dining in for buffet items. However, you can purchase select foods and drinks to enjoy later.

How late is the buffet available?

On weekends, dining hours are extended. However, Buffet Island’s extensive menu is generally available daily from 11 am to 10 pm. Please note that menu options may be reduced during late evenings.

Do they accept reservations?

Reservations are only required for large groups of 8 or more guests and are subject to availability, especially on weekends. Otherwise, they gladly welcome walk-ins.

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