Cerveceria 100 Montaditos Menu Prices (US) – 2024

Cerveceria 100 Montaditos is a renowned Spanish restaurant chain in Spain. They are famous for their montaditos. They offer a number of items on their menu which includes premium montaditos, original montaditos, platters, appetizers, salads, desserts, cold drinks, wines, beer, and many more items. In this article, I will tell you about Cerveceria 100 Montaditos menu with prices and much more.

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Cerveceria 100 Montaditos Menu With Prices

Cerveceria 100 Montaditos Menu And Prices everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Cerveceria 100 Montaditos’ Instagram

Here is the Cerveceria 100 Montaditos menu and price list which you can check and then order your food accordingly:

Appetizers Menu Prices

AliOli Potatoes$4.50
Cheese Puffs with Strawberry Jam$4.50
Fries with two sauces$3.50
Pincho de Tortilla Española$5.50
Truffle Fries with Manchego CheeseTruffle Oil$5.99
Olives from Spain$5.00
Bravas Potatoes$4.50
Cheese Fries with Serrano Bites Bites$4.50

Salads Menu Prices

Avocado Steak$9.99
Avocado Chicken$8.99

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Original Montaditos Menu Prices

Original Montaditos100M Classic BreadChapataWhole Grain
Serrano Ham, Tomato and Extra Virgin Olive Oil$2.00$2.25$2.15
Chorizo, Tomato and Extra Virgin Olive Oil$2.00$2.25$2.15
Chistorra, Crispy Onion and Mayo$2.00$2.25$2.15
Tortilla Española and Alioli$2.00$2.25$2.15
Garlic Pork, Lettuce and Tomato$2.00$2.25$2.15
Bbq Pulled Pork and Cheddar Cheese$2.00$2.25$2.15
Grilled Chicken, Crispy Onion and Alioli$2.00$2.25$2.15
Philly Steak and Cheddar Cheese$2.00$2.25$2.15
Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto$2.00$2.25$2.15
Guava and Cream Cheese$2.00$2.25$2.15

Premium Montaditos Menu Prices

Premium Montaditos100M Classic BreadChapataWhole Grain
Serrano Ham, Fresh Mozzarela and Extra Virgin Olive Oil$2.50$2.75$2.65
Serrano Ham, Avocado and Extra Virgin Olive Oil$2.50$2.75$2.65
Serrano Ham and Manchego Cheese$2.50$2.75$2.65
Serrano Ham, Tortilla Española and Mayo$2.50$2.75$2.65
Serrano Ham, Cream Cheese, Tomato and Arugula$2.50$2.75$2.65
Chorizo and Manchego Cheese$2.50$2.75$2.65
Chorizo and Tortilla Española$2.50$2.75$2.65
Chistorra, Cheddar Cheese and Alioli$2.50$2.75$2.65
Chistorra, Lettuce and Tomato$2.50$2.75$2.65
Chistorra, Cream Cheese and Crispy Onion$2.50$2.75$2.65
Chistorra, Bacon and Mayo$2.50$2.75$2.65
Tortilla Española, Roasted Pepper and Alioli$2.50$2.75$2.65
Tortilla Española, Tomato and Mayo$2.50$2.75$2.65
Tortilla Española, Bacon, Crispy Onion and Brava Sauce$2.50$2.75$2.65
Garlic Pork, Roasted Pepper and Mayo$2.50$2.75$2.65
Garlic Pork, Cheddar Cheese and Alioli$2.50$2.75$2.65
Garlic Pork, Tomato, Lettuce and Mayo$2.50$2.75$2.65
Chorizo Criollo$2.50$2.75$2.65
Chorizo Criollo and Brava Sauce$2.50$2.75$2.65
Chorizo Criollo, Chipotle Alioli and Red Onion. Chapata Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Meatballs with Marinara Sauce and Crispy Onion$2.50$2.75$2.65
Meatballs with Marinara Sauce, Cream Cheese and Alioli$2.50$2.75$2.65
Meatballs with Marinara Sauce, Cheddar Sauce and Crispy Onion$2.50$2.75$2.65
Meatballs with Marinara Sauce, Red Onion and Arugula$2.50$2.75$2.65
BBQ Pulled Pork, Cream Cheese and Alioli$2.50$2.75$2.65
BBQ Pulled Pork, Tomato and Mayo$2.50$2.75$2.65
BBQ Pulled Pork, Cheddar Cheese and Crispy Onion$2.50$2.75$2.65
BBQ Pulled Pork, Cream Cheese, Bacon and Alioli$2.50$2.75$2.65
BBQ Pulled Pork, Bacon and Chipotle Alioli. Chapata Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
BBQ Pulled Pork, Cream Cheese and Avocado$2.50$2.75$2.65
Grilled Chicken, Cheddar Cheese and Mayo$2.50$2.75$2.65
Grilled Chicken, Avocado and Chipotle Alioli$2.50$2.75$2.65
Grilled Chicken, Cream Cheese and Brava Sauce$2.50$2.75$2.65
Grilled Chicken, Roasted Pepper, Tomato Ans Alioli$2.50$2.75$2.65
Grilled Chicken, Avocado, Arugula and Alioli. Cereal Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Turkey, Arugula and Chipotle Alioli$2.50$2.75$2.65
Turkey, Bacon and Mayo$2.50$2.75$2.65
Turkey, Cream Cheese and Avocado. Cereal Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Cubano, Turkey, Bacon, Manchego Cheese and Mustard$2.50$2.75$2.65
Burger, Cheddar Cheese and Ketchup. Chapata Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Hot Dog, Ketchup and Mustard$2.50$2.75$2.65
Hot Dog, Crispy Onion and BBQ$2.50$2.75$2.65
Philly Steak, Bacon and Mayo$2.50$2.75$2.65
Philly Steak and Manchego Cheese$2.50$2.75$2.65
Philly Steak, Tomato, Lettuce and Chipotle Alioli$2.50$2.75$2.65
Philly Steak, Cheddar Sauce and Crispy Onion$2.50$2.75$2.65
Philly Steak, Avocado and Mayo. Chapata Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Fried Egg, Bacon and Avocado. Chapata Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Fried Egg and BBQ Pulled Pork. Chapata Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Fried Egg and Serrano Ham. Chapata Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Fried Calamari and Alioli$2.50$2.75$2.65
Fried Calamari, Tomato and Mayo$2.50$2.75$2.65
Fried Calamari, Arugula and Honey Mustard$2.50$2.75$2.65
Tuna, Tomato and Mayo. Cereal Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Tuna, Fresh Mozarella and Tomato$2.50$2.75$2.65
Tuna, Tomato, Avocado and Pesto$2.50$2.75$2.65
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese$2.50$2.75$2.65
Smoked Salmon, Tomato and Mayo$2.50$2.75$2.65
Smoked Salmon, Lettuce and Mayo$2.50$2.75$2.65
Smoked Salmon, Arugula and Red Onion$2.50$2.75$2.65
Manchego Cheese, Tomato, Roasted Pepper and Mayo$2.50$2.75$2.65
Manchego Cheese, Turkey and Arugula. Cereal Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Manchego Cheese, Arugula, Tomato and Pesto$2.50$2.75$2.65
Fresh Mozarella, Arugula and Pesto. Cereal Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Fresh Mozarella, Turkey, Avocado and Honey Mustard. Cereal Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Goat Cheese, Tomato and Honey Mustard. Cereal Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Goat Cheese, Turkey and Arugula. Chapata Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Brie Cheese, Arugula, Crispy Onion and Honey Mustard$2.50$2.75$2.65
Brie Cheese, Avocado, Tomato and Pesto. Cereal Bread$2.50$2.75$2.65
Vegan, Avocado, Tomato, Arugula, Crispy Onion and Olive Oil$2.50$2.75$2.65

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Gourmet Montaditos Menu Prices

Serrano Ham , Fresh Mozarella, Tomato and Pesto$3.00
Serrano Ham, Fresh Mozarella, Avocado and Pesto$3.00
Chorizo, Manchego Cheese, Tomato, Roasted Pepper and Mayo$3.00
BLT: Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo$3.00
American Burger: Burger, Bacon, Cheddar, Tomato and Mayo$3.00
Spanish Burger: Burger, Manchego Cheese, Crispy Onion and Brava Sauce$3.00
Smoked Salmon, Goat Cheese, Tomato, Arugula and Honey Mustard$3.00
Garlic Shrimp and Mayo. Classic Bread$3.00
Garlic Shrimp, Avocado and Chipotle Alioli. Classic Bread$3.00
Garlic Shrimp, Arugula and Pesto$3.00

Mighty Montaditos Menu Prices

Serrano Ham, Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato, Arugula and Pesto$7.99
Cubano: Turkey, Garlic Pork, Manchego Cheese and Mustard$7.99
Grilled Chicken, Goat Cheese, Honey Mustard and Crispy Onion$7.99
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Tomato, Arugula and Pesto$8.99
Iberic Ham, Tomato and Olive Oil$11.99

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Cerveceria 100 Montaditos Menu Prices everymenuprices
Image Credit:- diariodesevilla.es

Sweet Montaditos Menu Prices

Nutella with Almonds$2.50
Nutella with Oreo$2.50
Hershey´s Cookies and Cream$2.50
Dulce De Leche and Almonds$2.50
Whipped Cream with Nutella and Almonds$2.50

Collections Menu Prices

Meatlover Collection$9.99
Veggie Collection$9.99
Mediterranean Collection$9.99
Spanish Collection$9.99

Platters Menu Prices

Chicken Wings$9.00
Chistorra with Fries$12.00
Gambas al Ajillo$12.00
Huevos Estrellados$6.99
Chicken Strips with Fries$9.00
Tortilla Española$9.00

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Tablas Menu Prices

Tabla Española$12.00
Tabla Mix$12.00
Tortilla Española Family Style$22.00
Jamón Serrano con Queso Manchego$12.00
Tabla Serrano Ham and Olives$12.00
Jamon Iberico and Olives$22.00

Desserts Menu Prices

Tarta de Santiago$5.99

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Menu Prices

Sparkling Water$3.50
Soft Drink (Bottle)$3.50
Bottled Water$2.50

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Catering Menu Prices

Catering Packages

Classic Experience$140.00
Premium Experience$170.00
Gourmet Experience$230.00

Montaditos Box


100M Tablas

Tabla Española$50.00
Tabla Mix$50.00
Serrano Ham + Manchego Cheese$50.00
Jamón Ibérico and Olives$90.00

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100M Platters

Croquetas 24$24.00
Tortilla Española$22.00
Chistorra with Fries$50.00

Fresh Salads

Fresh SaladsRegularLarge
Avocado Chicken$36.00$63.00
Avocado Steak$40.00$70.00


Tarta De Santiago$25.00

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About Cerveceria 100 Montaditos

Cerveceria 100 Montaditos also offer catering services and Montaditos box in their restaurants. They have a casual dress code and are specialized in serving sandwiches to their customers. They have the facility of both delivery as well as takeaway services in their restaurants so in case if you want to taste the best food at your home then just go and order online within seconds.

Cerveceria 100 Montaditos was established by entrepreneur Jose Maria Fernandez Captain in the year 2000. He opened the first restaurant location in Islantilla, Huelva in 2000. In the year 2010, they opened a restaurant in the United States. At present, Cerveceria 100 Montaditos is owned by Jose Maria Fernandez Captain.

As of now, Cerveceria 100 Montaditos has 90 restaurant locations in different countries of which 34 restaurants are in Italy, 13 stores are in Mexico, 20 stores are in Portugal, 5 stores are in the United States, 3 are in Guatemala, and many more. The headquarters of the Cerveceria 100 Montaditos is located in Madrid, Spain.

If you are thinking of going to Cerveceria 100 Montaditos then they will definitely win the heart of your family and yours as well with their fine-quality food, great services, nice staff, and amazing atmosphere.

If you are a food explorer and want to explore the amazing montaditos then Cerveceria 100 Montaditos is the perfect place for you to visit and experience the most delicious sandwiches you have ever eaten. Above was the latest Cerveceria 100 Montaditos menu with prices. Take a look at some other important stuff below.

Cerveceria 100 Montaditos Contact Information

Below is the Cerveceria 100 Montaditos contact information in case you want to contact the restaurant or visit there.

Cerveceria 100 Montaditos Corporate Office Address1450 Brickell AV, loft 9, Miami, Florida 33131 USA
Cerveceria 100 Montaditos Corporate Office Phone Number+1 305 979 5858
Cerveceria 100 Montaditos Contact FormFill Here

Cerveceria 100 Montaditos Social Profiles

You can follow Cerveceria 100 Montaditos restaurant on the social media platforms given below where they upload every update.

FacebookVisit Now
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Important Links

Below is a list of some important links to Cerveceria 100 Montaditos restaurants like their locations, nutritional information, careers, and much more.

Official Websiteus.100montaditos.com
Cerveceria 100 Montaditos MenuCheck Here
Cerveceria 100 Montaditos LocationsCheck Here
Cerveceria 100 Montaditos CateringCheck Here
Cerveceria 100 Montaditos FranchiseCheck Here
Cerveceria 100 Montaditos Online OrderOrder Here

Cerveceria 100 Montaditos Franchising Information

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If you are thinking of opening a franchise of Cerveceria 100 Montaditos then you have to wait because they are not providing franchises to anyone right now.

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FAQs Related To Cerveceria 100 Montaditos

Who owns Cerveceria 100 Montaditos?

Jose Maria Fernandez Captain owns Cerveceria 100 Montaditos.

How many locations does Cerveceria 100 Montaditos have?

They have 90 restaurant locations in different countries.

What makes Cerveceria 100 Montaditos so special?

Cerveceria 100 Montaditos is so special because of its amazing sandwiches.

Where did Cerveceria 100 Montaditos originate?

Cerveceria 100 Montaditos originated in Islantilla, Huelva.

Does Cerveceria 100 Montaditos offer franchise?

No, they don’t offer franchises to individuals.

Final Words

So this was all about the Cerveceria 100 Montaditos menu with prices and we have also mentioned many other things related to this restaurant like their contact details, social profiles, important links, and much more.

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If you have visited there before or you are going to visit after knowing the Cerveceria 100 Montaditos menu with prices, then don’t forget to give your reviews in the comment section below. Happy Eating…!!!

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