Mostaza Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Mostaza is a privately held Argentina fast food restaurant chain in Argentina and many more locations. They are known for their delicious hamburgers. They offer a wide variety of items on their menu which includes breakfast, arepas, sandwiches, croissant, cachapas, lunch specials, homemade soup, sides, Empanadas, beverages, and many more items. In this article, I will tell you about Mostaza menu with Prices and much more.

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Mostaza Menu With Prices

Mostaza Menu And Prices
Image Credit:- Mostaza’s Instagram

Here is the Mostaza menu and price list which you can check and then order your food accordingly:

Breakfast Menu Prices

Ham Croquettes$0.80
Cheese Stick$0.90
Toasted Bread with Butter$1.75
Big Cheese Stick$1.80
Colombian Pork Fried Cheese$2.00
Eggs, Fried Cheese & Arepa Combo$5.66
Ham Wrapped in Dough$2.75
Plantain with Cheese$2.50
Cheese Croquettes$0.80
Stuffed Potato with Beef & Pork$1.90
Big Guava Stick$1.80
Colombian Pork Sausage Cheese$2.00
Eggs, Sausage & Arepa Combo$5.66
Eggs, Bacon, Arepa Combo$5.66
Cheese Wrapped in Dough$2.75
Chicken Wings with French Fries$4.00

Arepas Menu Prices

Eggs Arepa$4.50
Chicken Arepa$5.00
Ham & Cheese Arepa$5.50
Yellow Cheese Arepa$5.00
Shredded Beef Arepa$5.50
Black Beans with Cheese Arepa$5.50
Mozzarella Cheese Arepa$5.00
Ham Arepa$4.50
Pork Arepa$5.50
Soft White Cheese Arepa$5.50
Chicken Salad Arepa$5.50
Mixed Arepa$6.00

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Sandwiches Menu Prices

Ham Sandwich$4.50
Ham and Cheese Sandwich$5.00
Pork Sausage Sandwich$5.75
Grilled Breast Sandwich$6.95
Steak Sandwich$6.95
Pork Sandwich$6.50
Cheese Sandwich$4.50
Ham, American Cheese & Egg Sandwich$5.50
Cuban Sandwich$6.75
Breaded Chicken Breast Sandwich$6.95
Croquettes Sandwich$6.00
Fish Sandwich$6.95

Croissant Menu Prices

Ham & Cheese Croissant$3.25
Cheese Croissant$3.00
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissant$3.70
Ham, Cheese & Egg Croissant$3.75
Chorizo, Egg & Cheese Croissant$3.75

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Cachapas Menu Prices

Corn Pancake with Cheese$6.50
Corn Pancake with Ham & Cheese$8.50
Mixed Corn Pancake with Cheese & Meat$7.50
Mixed Corn Pancake with Cheese & Chicken$8.50

Lunch Special Menu Prices

Smoked Pork Chops Special Lunch$5.99
Thin Spaghetti with Meatballs Special Lunch$5.99
Pabellon Food Special Lunch$8.25
Breaded Chicken Breast Special Lunch$7.95
Tilapia Filet Fried Special Lunch$7.95
Grilled Steak Special Lunch$8.25
Empanized Chicken Milanesa with Ham & Swiss Cheese Special Lunch$10.75
Empanized Steak with Ham & Swiss Cheese Special Lunch$10.75
Chicken Stew Special Lunch$5.99
Meatballs Special Lunch$6.95
Grill Chicken Breast Special Lunch$7.95
Tilapia Filet Grilled Special Lunch$7.95
Breaded Steak Special Lunch$8.25
Empanized Chicken Milanesa with Ham & Mozarella Cheese Special Lunch$10.75
Empanized Steak with Ham & Mozarella Cheese Special Lunch$10.75

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Homemade Soups Menu Prices

Chicken Soup$2.95
Broccoli with Cheese$2.95
Black Beans$2.95
Cream With Cheese$2.95
Mostaza Menu Prices
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Sides Menu Prices

White Rice$2.00
Black Beans$2.00
Fried Green Plantains$2.00
Fried Potatoes$2.50
Yellow Rice$2.00
Black Lentils$2.00
Fried Plantains$2.00
Extra Sauce$0.50

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Empanadas Menu Prices

Ham Empanada$3.75
Chicken Empanada$3.75
Shredded Beef Empanada$3.75
Ham and Cheese Empanada$4.50
Mixed Empanada$6.50
Argentina Meat Empanada$2.50
Cheese Empanada$3.75
Ground Beef Empanada$3.75
Fish Empanada$2.00
Operated Empanada$4.50
Colombian Empanada$1.80

Special Party Combos Menu Prices

Stuffed Potato with Beef & Pork Combo$15.00
Ham Croquettes Combo$20.00
Empanadas Combo$30.00
Meatballs Combo$20.00
Small Corn Pancake Combo$20.00
Cheese Stick Combo$35.00

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Beverages Menu Prices

Sprite and Auga$1.00
Pony Malta & Potar$1.75
Frescolita & Prostobon$1.50

Coffees and Cafe Menu Prices

Cuban Colada$1.75

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Smoothies Menu Prices


Mixed Smoothies Menu Prices

Cane Juice & Lemon Smoothie$2.00
Passion Fruit & Mango$3.75
Coconut & Pineapple$3.75
Pineapple & Mango$3.75

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About Mostaza

Mostaza has attractive interiors in its restaurants and is specialized in serving sandwiches, hamburgers, and desserts. They also offer special party combos, coffee, and smoothies on their restaurant’s menu. They have the facility of both delivery as well as takeaway services in their restaurants so that you can order online and taste the delicious food at your home.

Mostaza opened the first restaurant location in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the year 1998. By the year 2011, they had 50 restaurant locations. At the present time, Christian Galdeano Alvarado is the Chief Executive Officer of the Mostaza.

Mostaza has over 110 restaurant locations in Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. The headquarters of the Mostaza is situated in Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina.

If you are thinking of going to Mostaza then they will definitely win the heart of your family and yours as well with the good food, great services, friendly staff, and relaxing & humble atmosphere of the restaurants.

If you are a food explorer and want to explore the amazing food then Mostaza is the perfect place for you to visit and experience the delicious hamburgers, sandwiches, and desserts. Above was the latest Mostaza menu with prices. Take a look at some other important stuff below.

Mostaza Contact Information

Below is the Mostaza contact information in case you want to contact the restaurant or visit there.

Mostaza Address4489 NW 93RD DORAL COURT, DORAL, FL, 33178
Mostaza Phone Number261607694
Mostaza Contact FormFill Here

Mostaza Social Profiles

You can follow Mostaza restaurant on the social media platforms given below where they upload every update.

FacebookVisit Now
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Important Links

Below is a list of some important links to Mostaza restaurants like their locations, nutritional information, careers, and much more.

Mostaza CareersCheck Here
Mostaza FranchiseCheck Here

Mostaza Franchising Information

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If you are thinking of opening a franchise of Mostaza then you must require an investment of $250,000 to use the brand name and business model.

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FAQs Related To Mostaza

Where is Mostaza from?

Mostaza is from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When did Mostaza originate?

Mostaza originated in the year 1998.

What is Mostaza known for?

Mostaza is known for its delicious hamburgers.

Does Mostaza offer franchises?

Yes, Mostaza offer franchise, and the investment required is $250,000.

Who is the CEO of the Mostaza?

Christian Galdeano Alvarado is the CEO of the Mostaza.

Final Words

So this was all about the Mostaza menu with prices and we have also mentioned many other things related to this restaurant like their contact details, social profiles, important links, and much more.

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If you have visited there before or you are going to visit after knowing the Mostaza menu with prices, then don’t forget to give your reviews in the comment section below. Happy Eating…!!!

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