Chicken Licken Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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It’s a chicken-chicken day! Let’s take a moment to cherish the finger-licking crispy chicken that Chicken Licken has been providing. To know what’s in their store, check out the Chicken Licken menu with prices to get a wholesome idea about the items it has to offer.

The food items seem to be simple but will let you unwind and crave more. The solicitous taste of the hot wings, crispy fried chicken, and special chicken burgers with their absolute signature sauces invite a huge crowd.

You can find more information on Chicken Licken as I have mentioned certain information on its Western Cape location in South Africa. Thus, it wouldn’t be an issue for you to dive in and find out what’s interesting going on at Chicken Licken!

Chicken Licken Menu With Prices

Chicken Licken Menu And Prices
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Picked For You Menu

Feed My Craving 10R 98.00
Hotwings Party 16R 164.00
Hotwings 12R 104.00
Soul Mates Classic PartyR 179.00
Rock My Soul 3R 74.00

New Soulbites Menu

New: Soulbites 6R 47.00
New: Soulbites MunchR 78.00
New: Soulbites 9R 56.00

Super Slyders Specials Menu

Chili Cheese Super Slider 3R 68.00
Super Slider Mix 4R 85.00

Super Slyders Menu

4 Super Slyders OriginalR 86.00
4 Super Slyders CheeseR 99.00
4 Super Slyders ChiliR 86.00

Just Hotwings Menu

Hotwings 12R 104.00
Hotwings 24R 208.00
Hotwings 36R 286.00

Soulicious Specials Menu

Hotwings 6 DeluxeR 83.00
Hotwings Party 16R 164.00
Feed My Craving 10R 98.00
Rock My Soul 3R 74.00
Soul Mates Classic PartyR 179.00
SoulMan Load UpR 99.00
Family Full House 8R 215.00
Hotwings 6 MaxR 86.00
Rock My Soul 6R 130.00
Family Full House 6R 178.00

Soulsister Specials Menu

SoulSister 2 DeluxeR 78.00
SoulSister Party 4R 104.00
SoulSister Party 5R 138.00
SoulSister 2R 56.00
SoulSister 2 MaxR 82.00

Chicken Meals Menu

Lunch Meal MaxR 95.00
Hotwings Meal 8 MaxR 112.00

Just Chicken Licken Menu

Just 1R 25.00
Chicken Inn 9R 195.00
Family Barrel 21R 384.00
Just 2R 49.00
Just 3R 74.00
Just 4R 99.00
Just 5R 124.00
Family Bucket 15R 291.00

Original Square Slyders Menu

Slyder 4 ChilliR 62.00
Slyder 4 OriginalR 62.00
Slyder 4 CheeseR 73.00

Slider Specials Menu

Slider Mix 4R 64.00
Chilli Cheese Slider 3R 53.00

Chick’N Burger Top Deluxe Menu

Big John Top DeluxeR 88.00
Love Me Hot Cheese Top DeluxeR 94.00
Double Chick’n Boerie Burger To DeluxeR 65.00
Love Me Tender Top DeluxeR 88.00
Love Me Tender Cheese Top DeluxeR 94.00
Love Me Hot Top DeluxeR 88.00

Salad Licken Menu

Achaar (Large)R 33.00
SoulSlaw (Large)R 26.00
Tomato Salsa (Large)R 26.00

Chicky Licky Menu

Chicky Licky MunchR 78.00
New: Soulbites MunchR 78.00

Extra Licken Menu

Soul FriesR 29.00
Licken LoafsR 17.00
SoulFire BottleR 31.00
New: 2 x Soulfire SachetsR 8.00
New: 2 x Soulfirenaise SachetsR 8.00

California Coolers Menu

Coke No SugarR 21.00
CansR 21.00
Liqui FruitR 23.00
BonaquaR 21.00
BottlesR 23.00
Coke (330ml)R 21.00

A Little History of Chicken Licken

Chicken Licken Menu Prices
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A popular restaurant like Chicken Licken was founded by the son of a Greek immigrant, George Sombonos, in South Africa during the 1980s.

Earlier, he was already involved in his father’s business in Ridgeway where he learned the ways of handling a restaurant.

Thus, when he came across the restaurant trade during the 1970s, he thought of opening a chain of restaurants.

The secret of the fried chicken of Chicken Licken was brought by the owner George Sombonos while touring the United States.

He even got inspired by Wendy’s for its drive-thru restaurant facilities and wanted to bring in the same for Chicken Licken.

A huge chain of restaurants like Chicken Licken has been upgraded to a new level. As of now, it has been operating in 250 locations all across South Africa and even has 18 outlets spread around Botswana.

Did you get bored by history? Then brace yourself to check out some amazing mouth-watering dishes from Chicken Licken’s menu.

Must Try Items at Chicken Licken

Must Try Items at Chicken Licken

You must be craving some good chicken stuff. Chicken Licken has it all for you. To grab the best chicken items, below I have provided a list of the top best chicken items available at Chicken Licken.

1. Hot Wings

The delicious and mouth-watering hot wings are the best-selling chicken items at Chicken Licken. These hot wings are dipped in spicy seasoned herbs and paired with crinkle-cut french fries. A savory item like this no one can resist!

2. Lunch Meal Max

When you can have lunch combos at Chicken Licken, why surf other restaurants? The Lunch Meal Max is loaded with crinkle-cut french fries, one sandwich, two large chicken wings or breast pieces, and a bowl of fried rice. It also serves cold drinks at last.

3. Soulsister Party

This party combo should be on your bucket list! It comes with four large pieces of crispy fried chicken, two pieces of chicken breasts, and two pieces of wings. The super French fried is a great addition to it with a beverage twist.

4. Slyder Snack

The incredible Slyder Snack comes with two small-size chicken burgers with mayonnaise dip and french fries leaving every customer happy. As it has always been Chicken Licken’s top priority, it is handcrafted with the ultimate culinary appeal.

5. Big John Burger

A huge size burger with two crispy chicken patties, overloaded with crunchy lettuce, shredded cheese, juicy mayonnaise, and well-cut tomatoes. One of the best burgers to order.

Chicken Licken Secret Menu

It’s a hush-hush menu for you all! Chicken Licken is ready to serve hot and extremely crispy dishes from its secret menu.

And these are the dishes that can’t be revealed here, you need to find that yourself to get that delicious feeling right away.

Moreover, the secret menu may differ from the South African outlet to the Botswana outlet. So grab some of your friends and raise the bar high!

For the South Africa location, Chicken Licken’s secret menu has;

  • Cheesewich:- R 32.00
  • Chicwich:- R 40.00
  • S’Dumo:- R 45.00
  • Cheesewich (Top Deluxe):- R 58.00
  • Chicwich (Top Deluxe):- R 65.00

How to Order Online From Chicken Licken? 

Chicken Licken Order Online everymenuprices
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Chicken Licken has incredible quality food and services and to order online, just follow the link to their official website, or download their mobile app to get your favorite chicken hot wings at your doorstep.

Moreover, you can also opt for home delivery services from their other legitimate food delivery services like Doordash, Postmates, and Ubereats.

FAQs Related to the Chicken Licken Menu

Are KFC and Chicken Licken the same?

No, Chicken Licken has little grease on the crispiness of its chicken items while KFC is all about greasiness and high savory.

Can you order popcorn chicken at Chicken Licken?

Yes, it’s easy bucks menu has some incredible deals on Popcorn chickens. And even comes under $30.

Are there combos available at Chicken Licken?

Yes, delicious combos of chicken with a bowl of fried rice and a large size of crispy chicken breasts or wings are available at Chicken Licken.

Which is the most ordered item at Chicken Licken?

One of the most ordered and favorite meals among the crowd is the Rock of Soul straight combo.

When is the best time to savor the items from Chicken Licken’s menu?

You are welcome anytime to devour the foods that Chicken Licken has to offer.

Are Chicken Licken menu prices affordable?

Yes, Chicken Licken menu prices are affordable.

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