Cottage Inn Pizza Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

As unique as it may sound, Cottage Inn Pizza is ready to serve special gourmet pizzas with a delicious homemade twist. You are all invited to come along to relish the heaven of Cottage Inn Pizza. For that always check beforehand the Cottage Inn Pizza menu with prices given below for some great pizza deals.

This is a pretty place popular for great pizza choices. So be full by eating your favorite meals. However, I recommend double-checking Cottage Inn Pizza’s menu as it may appear slightly different. Based on your budget you can have the best pizza!

The age-old restaurant’s description has been updated below so that you don’t feel confused about what to order if you’re a beginner to visit the place!

Cottage Inn Pizza Menu With Prices

Cottage Inn Pizza Menu And Prices everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Cottage Inn Pizza’s Facebook

Salads Menu

Tossed Salad$4.99+
Grilled Chicken Salad$5.99+
Antipasto Salad$5.99+
Greek Salad$5.99+
Cranberry Walnut Salad$5.99+
Caesar Salad$4.99+
Chicken Caesar Salad$5.99+

Build Your Own Pizza Menu

The Nino Pizza$4.99+
Build Your Own Pizza
10″ Small Round Pizza
Build Your Own Pizza
Party Tray Deep Dish Pizza
Build Your Own Pizza
16″ X-Large Round Pizza
Build Your Own Pizza
14″ Large Thin Crust Pizza
Build Your Own Pizza
12″ Medium Thin Crust Pizza
Build Your Own Pizza
14″ Large Round Pizza
Build Your Own Pizza
12″ Medium Deep Dish Pizza
Build Your Own Pizza
16″ X-Large Deep Dish Pizza
Build Your Own Pizza
12″ Medium Round Pizza
Build Your Own Pizza
14″ Large Deep Dish Pizza

Build Your Own Gluten-Free Pizza Menu

Gluten-Free Pizza$11.99+

Gourmet Pizzas Menu

Motor City Meatball Pizza$11.99+
Spicy Italian Pizza$11.99+
Buffalo Chicken Bleu Pizza$11.99+
Flavorful Vegetarian Pizza$11.99+
Greek Pizza$11.99+
Pulled Pork Pizza$11.99+
Aloha Chicken Pizza$11.99+
The Favorite Pizza$11.99+
Kickin’ Chicken Pizza$11.99+
Bacon Cheddar Burger Pizza$11.99+
Chicken Alfredo Pizza$11.99+
Pesto Primavera Pizza$11.99+
Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza$11.99+
The Cuban Pizza$11.99+
Roma Pesto Pizza$11.99+
Ranch Taco Pizza$11.99+
Philly Steak Supreme Pizza$11.99+
Spicy Mediterranean Pizza$11.99+
PriceBuster Pizza$11.99+
All Meat Pizza$11.99+
Traditional Vegetarian Pizza$11.99+
Deluxe Pizza$11.99+
BBQ Chicken Pizza$11.99+
Hawaiian Pizza$11.99+
Chicken Artichoke Pizza$11.99+
Chicken Mediterranean Pizza$11.99+
Spinach Alfredo Pizza$11.99+
BLT Pizza$11.99+
Spinach Supreme Pizza$11.99+
Chicken Parmesan Pizza$11.99+
Garden Veggie Pizza$11.99+

Italian Favorites Menu

Lasagna Dinner$12.99
Oven Fresh Calzone (Small)$7.99+
Oven Fresh Calzone (Large)$9.99+
2 servings.

Inn Wings Menu

Boneless Wings$7.99+
Breaded Wings$7.99+
Oven-Roasted Wings$7.99+

InnStix Menu

Everything InnStix$5.99+
Traditional InnStix$4.49+

DipInn Cups Menu

Garlic Butter DipInn Cup(3 oz.)
Homemade Ranch DipInn Cup$0.99
Homemade Garlic Cream Cheese DipInn Cup$1.99+
Pizza Sauce DipInn Cup$0.99

Garlic Cheesebreads Menu

Feta Bread$7.99+
Pepperoni Bread$7.99+
Bacon Cheddar Bread$7.99+
Classic Garlic Cheese Bread$6.99+

Gluten-Free Garlic Cheesebreads Menu

Gluten Free Pepperoni Bread$11.99
Gluten Free Bacon Cheddar Bread$11.99
Gluten Free Feta Bread$11.99
Gluten Free Classic Garlic Cheese Bread$10.99

Oven-Toasted Subs Menu

Chicken Pita Sandwich$8.99
Italian Sub
Cuban Sub
Turkey and Cheese Sub
Motor City Meatball Sub
Ham and Cheese Sub
Pizza Sub
Pulled Pork Sub
Specialties. Your choice of sweet baby rays BBQ sauce or Carolina tangy gold sauce.
Cottage Inn Club Sub
Philly Steak Sub
Veggie Sub$5.99+
Chicken Club Sub$5.99+
Chicken Parmesan Sub$5.99+
BBQ Chicken Sub$5.99+

Gluten Free Oven-Toasted Subs Menu

Gluten Free Ham and Cheese Sub$10.99
Gluten Free Cottage Inn Club Sub$10.99
Gluten Free Chicken Club Sub$10.99
Gluten Free BBQ Chicken Sub$10.99
Gluten Free Philly Steak Sub$10.99
Gluten Free Turkey and Cheese Sub$10.99
Gluten Free Veggie Sub$10.99
Gluten Free Pizza Sub$10.99
Gluten Free Italian Sub$10.99
Gluten Free BLT Sub$10.99

InnDesserts Menu

Cinnamon Stix$5.99+
Apple Pie-zza$6.99

Beverages Menu

Soda(20 oz.)
Soda(2 Liter)

A Little History of Cottage Inn Pizza

Cottage Inn Pizza Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Cottage Inn Pizza’s Facebook

Cottage Inn Pizza was established in 1948, almost 75 years ago in Ann Arbor, Michigan. George Michos has been working as the owner of the restaurant for nearly 29 years.

Originally, it was a coffee place that eventually included pizzas. Cottage Inn Pizza was one of the first stores in Ann Arbor to serve pizza.

However, the restaurant went through three kinds of modifications early in 1975, 1980, and 1993. As a privately held company, this American pizza place used franchising business to grow nationally.

And it has been taking the restaurant to a newer height by taking prospective applications of franchises.

Currently, it is headquartered in the famous Ann Arbor, Michigan. With over 50 franchise stores located between Michigan and Ohio.

Don’t be late after reading this boring history as I have something delicious mentioned below for you!

Must Try Items at Cottage Inn Pizza

Must Try Items at Cottage Inn Pizza

What better way to brighten up your cold winter day? Well, all you need to do is get a seat at Cottage Inn Pizza and treat yourself to absolutely scrumptious slices of pizza. Cottage Inn Pizza menu prices have been offering discount deals on every order.

Based on your preference, I have mentioned the top five best food items that Cottage Inn Pizza has to offer:-

1. Hawaiian Pizza

This special hand-crafted pizza is beautifully decorated with pineapples as toppings. So go tropical this weekend with this delightful pizza and also get $4 off whenever you order from their special tab online. The stock is running low! Grab now!

2. Hot Honey Chicken Pizza

Fire up your day with this spicy Hot Honey Chicken Pizza. This gourmet pizza has a stuffing of huge chunks of chicken, and mozzarella cheese, with some sprinkle of honey. You can also pair this up with Mike’s hot honey dip sauce for some extra spicy flavor.

3. Smokehouse BBQ Pizza

Savor the smokey goodness by adding this to your trial list. This smokehouse BBQ Pizza is loaded with delicious hand-crafted dough, smoked bacon, and slices of chicken chunks with extra hot sauce. Save your weekend with this goodness of Cottage Inn Pizza!

4. Chicken Club Sub

Apart from delicious pizza offerings, get ready to treat yourself to the crowd’s favorite Chicken Club Sub. It has a filling that will make every bite worth it. Loaded with smoked bacon, chunks of chicken, provolone cheese, crunchy lettuce, and homemade ranch.

5. Apple Pie-zza

Saving the best for the last! Try this authentic hand-crafted Apple Pie-zza dessert. A cheesecake filling base with cinnamon apples topped with cinnamon sugar. It’ll be an absolute blast when it reaches your taste buds! Available in size 10”.

Cottage Inn Pizza’s Secret Menu

As of yet, there’s no declaration of a secret menu by Cottage Inn Pizza. Considering the only pizza, subs, wings, and cheese bread items, people are finding it hard to speculate whether it’s gonna launch a secret menu or not.

Till then enjoy the deliciousness and freshness of the ingredients offered at Cottage Inn Pizza.

How to Order Online From Cottage Inn Pizza?

Cottage Inn Pizza Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:-

Cottage Inn Pizza is known for crafting tasty pizzas of all time and even its delivery facility is quite commendable. You can be a part of Cottage Inn Pizza by simply visiting the store or by ordering online your favorite pizzas.

For that, you might possess a cell phone to follow the link to their official website or download their mobile application for some great deals.

Otherwise, there are few genuine home delivery services offered by Grubhub, Ubereats, and Doordash.

FAQs Related to the Cottage Inn Pizza Menu

Is the dough made in Cottage Inn Pizza dairy-free?

Yes, the hand-crafted doughs are dairy-free rather they are made with soy protein and vegan.

Are the ingredients available fresh or frozen at Cottage Inn Pizza?

Every ingredient they use is perfectly fresh and thus, it brings you the very best pizzas.

Are there desserts offered at Cottage Inn Pizza?

The desserts are well-crafted like pizzas and even created like you’re eating pizza. Thus, try out their most famous apple pie-pizza soon.

Can you build your pizza at Cottage Inn Pizza?

Yes, you can build a pizza of your choice by adding your preferred toppings, sauce, chicken or bacon, and many other ingredients.

Which is the most spicy pizza available?

The Hot Honey Chicken Pizza is the spiciest pizza available at Cottage Inn Pizza.

Are Cottage Inn Pizza menu prices affordable?

Yes, Cottage Inn Pizza menu prices are affordable.

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