Chico’s Tacos Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

What is the first thing you’d wish for this Christmas? I guess you’ll always choose Chico’s Tacos. Everything they provide will simply touch your heart and let you unwind and relax. Also, join for the weekend vibe by grabbing Chico’s Tacos menu with prices given below. You can’t miss out on the best!

An unplanned trip to Chico’s Tacos wouldn’t be a flop! They have something incredible and delicious food offerings that will make your day throughout. Chico’s Tacos invites every one of you to relish the heaven of Tacos.

However, before indulging in the place, always make sure to get handy with an appropriate menu as it may appear a little different than the one you’ll find at the outlet. Also, you can check all the necessary details on Chico’s Tacos below.

Chico’s Tacos Menu With Prices

Chico's Tacos Menu And Prices everymenuprices
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Tacos Menu


Burritos Menu

Beef Stew Burrito$2.28
Bean Burrito$1.78

Burgers Menu

Regular Hamburger$1.67
Regular Cheeseburger$2.90
Jumbo Hamburger$2.90
Jumbo Cheeseburger$3.15
Fish Fillet$2.52

Sandwich Menu

Grill Cheese Sandwich$1.87
Cheese Sandwich$1.21

Hot Dog Menu

King Size Hot Dog$2.69

French Fries Menu

French Fries$1.88

Extra Patty Menu

Exstra Patty$0.96+

Extra Topping Menu

Extra Topping$0.60+
Sliced Cheese$0.50+

Sauce Menu

Taco Sauce$0.57
Jalapeno Sauce$0.81
Separate Sauce$0.11

Beverages Menu

Soda Drink
Dasani Water$1.24

A Little History of Chico’s Tacos

Chico's Tacos Inside everymenuprices
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Chico’s Tacos is a popular restaurant chain based in El Paso, Texas, founded by Joe Mora, a boxing promoter, on 4 July 1953.

It started gaining momentum when it launched a low-priced menu among the locals. Thus, it has been considered a legend for producing special tomato soup.

As a local institution and a great place to eat, Chico’s Tacos has been featured in the famous Food Network Show. However, after the death of the owner, it was expanded into five locations by his surviving children.

Eventually included a lot of other items on its menu such as hot dogs, grilled sandwiches, hamburgers, and many more.

Currently, it is headquartered at 4230 Alameda Ave in El Paso, Texas, United States. With more than 5 different restaurants in operation all across Texas.

If you’re finding this history quite boring then I can take you on a ride to its best food items below!

Must Try Items at Chico’s Tacos

Must Try Items at Chico’s Tacos

The great Mexican foods with an extra saucy twist are all you need. Chico’s Tacos menu prices given above include some of the best low-priced food items that can be afforded by anyone.

Below, I’ve mentioned the top five best food items that you can buy to relish the best!

1. Taquitos Rancheros

The Taquitos Rancheros is a popular choice among the crowds. You can try this excellent dish which has shredded beef or chicken, topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, green onions, and sour cream. This special requires your arrival!

2. Chico’s Nachos

Get ready to savor this absolute crispy treat! Chico’s Nachos comes with crispy tortilla chips with beans, tomatoes, melted cream cheese, guacamole, green onions, sour cream, and also signature ranchera sauce. You can also add your favorite meat to the meal!

3. Chicken Carbon Burritos

Save up your every penny to invest in this tangy, creamy burrito! Chicken Carbon Burritos will give you an electrifying flavor of delicious marinated chicken, wrapped in a fresh tortilla with cheese, rice, and signature salsa fresca. Get ready to make a go!

4. Carnitas Taco

When in Chico’s Taco, can I afford to miss out on tacos? For you, Carnitas Tacos will simply have the best impact. It has a unique filling of tender, deep-fried smoked pork, cream cheese, guacamole, and corn tortilla with a pico de gallo.

5. Carne Asada Plate

Do you know Chico’s Tacos has incredible and authentic Mexican combos? Well, try out this Carne Asada Plate combo which includes rice and refried beans, charbroiled asada, pico de gallo, and guacamole served with either corn or flour tortillas.

Chico’s Tacos Secret Menu

Chico's Tacos Menu everymenuprices
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To all the hungry patrons, try getting indulge in Chico’s Tacos’ best secret menus and recipes. Usually, they don’t openly serve their customers but you are required to make a choice at the outlet and ask them for the secret menu.

You’ll get the best soggy, spicy, and perfect taste of the food items. Don’t miss out on this exclusive selection of delicious food!

FAQs Related to the Chico’s Tacos Menu

Do Chico’s Tacos offer discounts on their menu?

If you’re ordering for the first time from their official website then always their promo code for some extra discount or cash back.

Is Chico’s Tacos affordable?

Chico’s Tacos is best suited for people who are looking for low-priced, healthy, and delicious food items. You can try out their affordable vegan and non-vegan combos.

Are Quesadillas offered at Chico’s Tacos?

Yes, there are a variety of options on Quesadillas at Chico’s Tacos.

Which is the most popular Mexican dish offered at Chico’s Tacos?

One of the most popular dishes that is ordered online or at the outlet is the bowl of Taquitos Rancheros.

Can you order salads at Chico’s Tacos?

Yes, there are great options for healthy salads available at Chico’s Tacos.

Are Chico’s Tacos menu prices affordable?

Yes, Chico’s Tacos menu prices are affordable.

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