Cows Ice Cream Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Have you ever wondered where to find an ice cream parlor with irresistibly unique flavors at affordable prices? Look no further than Cows Ice Cream and its unmovable delightful menu offerings.

As one of Canada’s most beloved ice cream chains renowned for creaminess and quirk, Cows Ice Cream continues enticing old and new customers with its ever-evolving menu.

Continue reading further to explore the Cows Ice Cream menu with prices and uncover what makes it a staple for any sweet-tooth adventures.

Cows Ice Cream Menu With Prices

Cows Ice Cream Menu everymenuprices
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Birthday Cake
Black Angus Forest
Brownie Explosion
Bubble Gum
Chunky Chocolate Mint
Caramel Moocchiato
Chip Chip Hooray
Cookie Dough
Cookie Moonster
Chocolate Mud
Cowconut Cream Pie
Cownadian Maple
Fluff ‘n Udder
Dairy’s Chocolate Orange
Gooey Mooey
Maple Walnut
Oreo Cookie
Mango Sorbet
Moo York Cheesecake
Messie Bessie
Pei Apple Crisp
Moo Crunch
Pei Blueberry
Pei Strawberry
Nanaimoo Bar
Peach Melba
Peanut Butter Cup Cup
Pralines & Cream
Royal Cownadian Mint
Sea Salted Toffee
Strawberry Sorbet
Very Dairy Chocolate Cherry
White Chocolate Raspdairy
Wowie Cowie

A Little History of Cows Ice Cream

Cows Ice Cream Inside everymenuprices
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Cows Ice Cream got their start in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island in 1983. Founder Scott Linkletter was inspired to open an ice cream shop after visiting Mamie’s Asian Noodle Shop and perceiving a lack of noodle places in the area.

Starting small with experimenting in his mother-in-law’s kitchen, Linkletter grew Cows Ice Cream to over a dozen locations across Canada.

Today, patrons can visit their Charlottetown flagship store and witness the handmade magic behind their famous flavors.

With persistence and an old-fashioned ice cream recipe using high-quality ingredients like 16% butterfat, Cows Ice Cream rose to fame.

But what truly makes their menu stand out? Unique flavor combinations like “Wowie Cowie” and humorously punny names keep customers mooing for more scoops.

Must-Try Items at Cows Ice Cream

Must-Try Items at Cows Ice Cream everymenuprices

With over 30 constantly rotating flavors on the Cows Ice Cream menu, where does one start? Here are some must-try items for customers worth a taste:

1. Wowie Cowie

This creamy vanilla ice cream is swirled with sweet English toffee and crunchy chocolate flakes for a palette-pleasing treat. The added Moo Crunch brings a textured crunch to each bite.

2. Messie Bessie

A chocolate ice cream lover’s dream with creamy chocolate ice cream churned with Oreo cookies, English toffee, and Moo Crunch for multiple layers of chocolatey decadence in every spoonful.

3. Moo Crunch

Chocoholics rejoice! This chocolate ice cream is packed with peanut butter cups and Moo Crunch to deliver the ultimate chocolate overload experience.

4. Gooey Mooey

Our burnt sugar ice cream evokes crème brûlée flavors swirled with English toffee, crunchy caramel cups, and chocolate flakes for a sophisticated sweet treat.

5. Moo York Cheesecake

Tangy cheesecake ice cream meets crunchy Oreo cookies and velvety chocolate swirls to recreate a classic NY-style cheesecake in ice cream form.

6. Fluff n’ Udder

Chocolate ice cream loaded with marshmallow swirls and peanut butter cups for a fluffy, nutty, chocolaty flavor frenzy.

7. Very Dairy Chocolate Cherry

Sweet cherry ice cream dotted with chocolate flakes and swirled with chocolate marble delivers a nostalgic chocolate-covered cherry experience.

8. Black Angus Forest

Decadent chocolate ice cream packed with juicy cherries and fluffy marshmallow sauce evokes the flavors of a s’mores-cherry milkshake.

With so many delectable choices, you may have to visit Cows Ice Cream multiple times to sample them all! But with their reasonable prices, your wallet will be okay with another scoop.

Cows Ice Cream’s Secret Menu

While adventurous patrons are familiar with the Cows Ice Cream menu, did you know secret menu items are waiting to be discovered? Here are some highlights:

  • Samoa Cookie: Inspired by Girl Scout cookies combining mocha, caramel, and coconut for bliss in a bowl.
  • Orange Dreamsicle: Vanilla ice cream blended into a citrusy creamy milkshake reminiscent of childhood summers.
  • Birthday Beach Party Shake: Icing on the Cake and Beach Day ice creams mixed for festive fun all year long.
  • Thin Mint: Mojito lovers can get their fix with this mint chip and chocolate combo.

These hidden gems take the Cows Ice Cream experience to another level. What secret creation will you unlock on your next visit?

How to Order Online From Cows Ice Cream?

Cows Ice Cream Order Online everymenuprices
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Planning a movie night but don’t want to leave the comfort of your couch? With Cows Ice Cream’s convenient online ordering system, you can satisfy your sweet tooth while staying cozy.

Browse their delicious menu options including all their delectable flavors, toppings, and combination options. View the latest Cows Ice Cream menu with prices to select the perfect treats for your night in.

Once you’ve picked out your favorites from the tantalizing Cows Ice Cream menu, proceed to checkout. Easily choose your preferred nearby Cows Ice Cream location for pickup or delivery.

Need it ASAP? Select express delivery for a nominal fee. Within minutes, you’ll be digging into creamy scoops of your chosen ice cream flavors without ever leaving home.

For those lazier evenings, utilize online ordering through popular delivery apps. Partners like DoorDash allow you to order directly from your nearest Cows Ice Cream using the app. Sit back and let the drivers bring the goodness of Cows Ice Cream menu straight to your door!

FAQs Related to the Cows Ice Cream Menu

Is the Cows Ice Cream menu with prices affordable for all budgets?

While the Cows Ice Cream menu showcases many indulgent options, you’ll be surprised by how reasonably priced everything is for the high-quality ingredients and portions.

Which Cows Ice Cream locations have the most menu options?

The flagship Cows Ice Cream location in Charlottetown, PEI is a must-visit for true ice cream lovers.

How often does the tantalizing Cows Ice Cream menu update?

Cows Ice Cream prides themselves on keeping things fresh and customers on their hooves. They seasonally introduce approximately 6-8 limited-time menu items every month.

Does Cows Ice Cream cater to special diets with their delicious menu?

Choosing Cows means everyone can partake. Their wide range of soft serve, sorbets, and dairy-free options ensure healthy dietary restrictions never get in the way of enjoying sweet summer bliss from their extensive menu.

Which unique Cows Ice Cream menu item should I try first?

Impossible to pick just one! But customers rave about discovering fan favorites like Wowie Cowie with toffee and chocolate chips. Or for adventurous palettes, seasonal innovations like Moo York Cheesecake or Black Angus Forest bring out the foodie in all of us.

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