Nene Chicken Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Have you been craving authentic Korean fried chicken but don’t want to break the bank? Then look no further than Nene Chicken, where you can treat yourself to deliciously marinated pieces at affordable prices.

As the name “Nene” means “yes yes” in Korean, you’ll want to say yes to sampling their savory selection of chicken dishes and sides.

Keep reading to discover the Nene Chicken menu with prices, from crispy classics to secret specialties, and learn how to order them straight to your doorstep.

Nene Chicken Menu With Prices

Nene Chicken Menu everymenuprices
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Chicken – Classic Range Menu

Regular – 4 pcs$12.95 original / $14.95 flavoured
Regular – 8 pcs$21.95 original / $25.95 flavoured
Regular – 14 pcs$33.95 original / $38.95 flavoured

Wingettes & Drumettes Menu

6 pcs$7.95 original / $9.95 flavoured
10 pcs$12.95 original / $14.95 flavoured
18 pcs$20.95 original / $24.95 flavoured
40 pcs$43.95 original / $49.95 flavoured

Boneless Menu

Original boneless$29.95
Flavoured boneless$35.95

Nene Flavours Menu

Snowing Vegetable(included)
Snowing Chilli(included)
Snowing Cheese(included)
Freaking Hot(included)
Half & Half+ $2.50

K-dogs Menu

Snowing Chilli & Ranch$8.80
Tomato & Mustard$8.80

Sides Menu

Chips – regular$4.95
Chips – large$7.95
Coleslaw – regular$4.95
Coleslaw – large$6.95
Cheesy Sticks$5.95
Tornado Potato$6.80

Soft Drinks Menu

Coca Cola varieties – 390ml$3.90
Coca Cola varieties – 600ml$4.95
Coca Cola varieties – 1.5L$5.95
Mt Franklin water$3.90
Fruit Juice$4.95

Alcohol Menu

Cass Beer$6.95
Asahi Beer$7.80
Heineken Beer$7.80
Chamisul Soju (original / peach / grape)$18

Combos & Meals Menu

Small – regular chips & drink+ $5.95
Regular – regular side: coleslaw or salad or chips + drink (375ml – 600ml)+ $5.95
Mega – any 2 regular sides + drink (1.25L – 1.5L)+ $9.95
MTW Deal – every Mon, Tue, Wed: 2 thighs + 1 wing + small chips + small drink (390ml)$12.95
Wednesday Feast – every Wed: 6 pics classic range original + 12 pcs W&D original + large coleslaw + supersize chips$33.95
Snack Pack: 3 chicken strips + small chips + ranch sauce$7.95

A Little History of the Beloved Nene Chicken

Nene Chicken Outlet everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Nene Chicken’s Facebook

Nene Chicken was founded in South Korea in 1999. According to Wikipedia, the founder was inspired by the mouthwatering chicken he enjoyed at a local Asian noodle shop.

He assembled a team to experiment with recipes in his mother-in-law’s kitchen, aiming to bring more Korean fried chicken options to the market.

While the early days presented challenges, modifications to their products and services paid off. Today, Nene Chicken has over 400 locations worldwide serving millions of happy customers each year.

The UAE branch opened in Dubai in 2018, introducing Emiratis to the flavors of Korean cuisine. Their popularity continues growing as more people get a taste of their tasty menu. Now let us take a look at the specialties from the above-given Nene Chicken menu and prices.

Must-Try Items at Nene Chicken

Must-Try Items at Nene Chicken everymenuprices

Craving a classic? Then you must try out some items from the Nene Chicken menu. Here is the list of some classic items from the Nene Chicken menu prices that you can try.

1. Tteokbokki

This classic Korean street snack is one to take advantage of. Rice cakes in a sweet and spicy sauce infused with Kimchi, are comfort food at its finest.

2. Korean Fried Chicken

As the hero of Nene Chicken’s menu, this chicken is marinated to perfection with a crispy exterior that simply melts in your mouth.

3. Boneless Fried Chicken

Indulge in tender chicken on the bone with this affordable option. The meat stays juicy inside while developing a crispy, savory coating.

4. Bibimbap

Source of health and flavor in one tasty bowl. Nutritious rice and fresh veggies paired with your protein of choice is a nourishing meal.

5. Japchae

Long, clear glass noodles meet an array of stir-fried veggies in this satisfying Korean cold noodle dish.

6. Kimchi Fried Rice

Comfort rice topped with the savory pickled vegetable that is kimchi, this side dish punches up any meal.

7. Snowing Cheese Fries

Fluffy cheesy coating tops pillowy fries for a supremely indulgent treat worth every dirham.

8. Korean Slaw Salad

Crisp cabbage, carrot, and chicken come together in a light, refreshing bowl sure to please every palate. Nene Chicken’s menu offers quality global flavors at reasonable prices.

By experimenting with Nene’s carefully crafted global flavors, you may just discover a new favorite!

Nene Chicken’s Secret Menu

While the Nene Chicken menu proudly displays their most popular dishes, a few secret menu items are worth seeking out too.

  • Spicy Ddukbokki Chicken Rice Cakes: This Korean street food classic blends chewy rice cakes with spicy gochujang sauce and pieces of Nene’s signature chicken – comfort food at its finest.
  • Gangjeong Fried Chicken: Tossed in a signature sweet and savory sauce plus sesame seeds, its crispy coating gives way to unbelievably tender meat within.
  • Nene’s Creamy Seafood Udon: This noodle soup teams udon noodles with a medley of shrimp and squid in a rich, creamy broth that will leave your taste buds asking for more.

How to Order Online From Nene Chicken?

Nene Chicken Online Order everymenuprices
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These days, enjoying Nene Chicken’s menu need not require a dine-in visit thanks to online ordering options. You can access Nene Chicken’s website to browse their full food selection.

Then simply key in your delivery location and schedule your preferred drop-off time.

Click and add desired menu items like the Crispy Gochu Crunch wrap or Milky Chicken Tenders to your cart.

Review choices, and payment information, and place your order. Then relax as piping hot Nene Chicken is brought right to your doorstep.

Delivery partners include doordash, allowing you to skip the wait while still satisfying your Korean fried chicken cravings from the comfort of your home or office.

FAQs Related to the Nene Chicken Menu

How affordable are the Nene Chicken menu prices?

The Nene Chicken prices range from affordable to moderate depending on menu items and quantities selected.

Does the Nene Chicken menu offer kids’ meals?

Nene Chicken has a kids section on their menu with options like chicken tenders, popcorn chicken, and chicken sliders.

Can I find vegetarian/vegan options?

While Nene Chicken specializes in chicken, they do offer a few veggie delights like Korean Creamed Corn, Wasabi Mashed Potatoes, and Kimchi Rice.

Are sides and desserts available too?

Yes, besides chicken dishes, you’ll find Korean sides like Kimchi, Soy Rice, and Tteokbokki plus desserts like fried Oreos and seasonal cheesecake for purchase.

Which Nene Chicken location is nearest to me?

You can search for the nearest branch to your location on their website or check locations on third-party delivery apps when placing your order for an easy dining or delivery experience.

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