Fergburger Menu With Prices [June 2024 Updated]

When visitors come to Queenstown, New Zealand, one of the must-visit restaurants on their list is Fergburger. This article will explore the mouthwatering Fergburger menu with prices, providing details on their signature dishes, secret menu items, and online ordering options.

Since 2001, Fergburger has attained legendary status for its delicious, innovative burgers and modest menu prices. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the delectable world of Fergburger menu and prices!

Fergburger Menu With Prices

The Ferg burger with cheddar cheese
Image Credit:- Vicky R. on yelp.com

Breakfast Menu

The Morning Glory$14.90
The Dawn Horn$16.90

Beef Menu

The Fergburger$15.90
The Fergburger With Cheese$16.90
The Fergburger With Double Beef & Cheese$19.90
Ferg Deluxe$18.90
Mr Big Stuff$22.90
Big Al$23.90
Southern Swine$17.90
The Bullseye$23.90
Tropical Swine$18.90

Vegetarian Menu

Holier Than Thou$17.50

Chicken Menu

Cockadoodle Oink$19.50
Cock Cajun$17.90
Sweet Julie$17.90
Bombay Chicken$17.90

Fish Menu

The Codfather$18.90

Lamb Menu

Little Lamby$17.90

Pork Menu

Chief Wiggum$18.90

Kids Menu

Beefy Tea$9.90
Spring Chicken$9.90

Sides And Sauces Menu

Fries w/sauce$6.90

Shakes & Drinks Menu

Vanilla Thickshake$9.90
Strawberry Thickshake$9.90
Chocolate Thickshake$9.90
Mint Chocolate Thickshake$9.90
Cookies & Cream Thickshake$9.90
Coca Cola$4.50
Diet Coke$4.50
Bottled Water$4.50
Orange Juice$6.50
Ginger Beer$5.50
Organic Guava And Apple$5.50
Organic Apple$5.50
Organic Mango And Apple$5.50
Organic Cranberry And Apple$5.50

A Little History of Fergburger

Fergburger Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Jonathan S. on yelp.com

Gregg Brown founded Fergburger in February 2001 and opened its doors from a small garage in downtown Queenstown.

With its obscure location, Fergburger relied on word-of-mouth to attract customers. Despite some early struggles, Fergburger’s unique burgers started gaining widespread popularity in the 2000s.

Today, Fergburger is located on Shotover Street in larger premises and routinely sees long lines of hungry patrons.

While the burger menu has expanded over the years, Fergburger still sticks to its roots of using fresh, local ingredients to create unforgettable patties and sandwiches.

They also added an adjoining bakery called Ferg Baker in 2011. With 22 years of delicious history behind it, Fergburger remains a Queenstown icon and a quintessential spot to enjoy the Fergburger menu.

Must Try Items at Fergburger

Must Try Items at Fergburger

Now let’s explore some of the top dishes you must try from the tempting Fergburger menu with prices given above:

1. The Fergburger

This burger started it all. A succulent 6oz beef patty is custom-seasoned with Fergburger’s signature blend of herbs and spices. Juicy and richly flavored, it’s paired with melted cheese, fresh tomato, and lettuce and drizzled with their signature tangy-sweet sauce.

2. Tropical Swine

Transport your tastebuds on an exotic trip with this burger’s filling tropical fusion. Twin smashed tender pork and chicken patties are studded with bacon, grilled banana, and a luscious pineapple sauce that balances sweet and savory.

3. Venison Burger

For those seeking culinary adventure, savor this patty crafted from nutrient-dense venison sustainably sourced from New Zealand farms. Deeply flavored and lean, it’s complemented by earthy beetroot and pickled red cabbage, with a rich red wine just tying the burger’s hearty ingredients together.

4. Falafel Burger

A delicious plant-based option for all appetites. Crispy and herby falafel cakes are paired with fresh tomato, zucchini slices brushed with olive oil, and a zesty tahini dressing to awaken the palate.

5. Poutine Burger

Indulge your cravings with this Canuck-inspired mashup. The burger overflows with creamy cheese curds and crispy fries atop a rich gravy— decadence in every indulgent bite.

From the burger that started it all to exotic global mashups, these showstoppers epitomize the artistry, all available at reasonable Fergburger prices.

Fergburger’s Secret Menu

Fergburger Prices everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Marcos D. on yelp.com

Fergburger has an elusive secret menu reputed to feature only three seasonal specials. While availability varies, it’s worth asking your server about more filling pasta plates like:

  • Three Cheese Tortelloni Rosa with caramelized onions lending a mellow sweetness and richness of flavor to the bright tomato sauce and rolled cheese-stuffed pasta.
  • Three Cheese Tortelloni Pesto, where a vibrant basil pesto lifts the tortelloni with three artisanal cheeses.
  • Roasted Garlic Cream Tortelloni balanced by a velvety roasted garlic cream sauce studded with sweet caramelized onion pieces.

Even though they play coy, these special sounds pretty irresistible. Don’t be shy – ask to see if your server can hook you up with one of Fergburger’s secretly delish meals!

How to Order Online From Fergburger?

Anyone wanting to get Fergburger’s famous food without going to the restaurant can order online. It’s really easy to do. First, go to the Fergburger website on your phone or computer. Then, choose what burgers, sides, and drinks you want.

You can choose whether to pick it up yourself or have it delivered. Delivery is only $5 if you’re in Queenstown, which is pretty cheap!

If the Fergburger website is too hard to use, no worries. You can also use food apps to order, like Uber Eats. Open the app, find Fergburger, and pick what you like eating. I think it’s really handy to be able to get Fergburger brought to your door.

FAQs Related to the Fergburger Menu

What burgers are favorites at Fergburger?

The original Fergburger and the tropical-sounding Tropical Swine burgers are the most popular.

Is the food good value at Fergburger? 

Heck yeah, considering how fresh the ingredients are and how tasty the burgers are, the prices start at $13.50, which is reasonable.

Do kids get their meals at Fergburger? 

You bet little ones can get the $9 Kids Combo with a burger, drink, and ice cream treat.

Does Fergburger have options for food allergies? 

Whether you’re gluten-free or vegan/vegetarian, alternatives like the meat-free Falafel Burger exist.

Can I customize what I want at Fergburger? 

Of course, Fergburger likes helping you design the perfect order however you want. They want you to have the burger experience you want.

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