Georgio’s Menu And Prices (US) – 2024

Georgio’s is a popular American restaurant established in San Jose, California, United States. The restaurant specializes in offering gourmet pizza and other eateries. Also, Georgio’s menu and prices are fairly priced and suitable for all.

Georgio’s menu includes pizza, pasta, burger, sandwiches, soup, drinks, sides, and desserts. It is a family-owned restaurant that offers mouth-watering eateries all under a reasonable Georgio’s menu price. Georgio’s fresh oven pizza menu attracts a lot of customers to the restaurant daily.

Georgio’s pizza and pasta are widely famous amongst regulars. This article is all about the real Georgio’s menu and prices. So without wasting much time, let’s take a look at the menu prices first.

Georgio’s Menu And Prices

Georgios Menu And Prices
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Salads Menu Prices

Garden Salad$5.50
Caesar Salad$6.50
Greek Salad$7.00
Antipasto Salad$7.50
Chef Salad$9.00
Caesar w/Grilled Chicken$10.00
Grilled Chicken Salad$9.00
Buffalo Chicken Salad$9.75
Grilled Shirmp Salad$10.00
Teriyaki Steak Salad$10.50
Turkey Salad$7.50
Tuna Salad Mix$7.50
Chicken Salad Mix$7.50
Seafood Salad Mix$8.00
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Soup Menu Prices

Italian Wedding$3.95
Chicken Vegetable$3.95
Beef Barley$3.95
Tomato Florentine$3.45
Cream of Mushroom$3.95
Fire Roasted Vegetable$3.45
Clam Chowder$4.95
Cream of Broccoli$3.75

Pasta Menu Prices

Marinara Sauce$6.25
Alfredo Sauce$8.25
Broccoli & Garlic$8.50
Veal Cutlet$9.00
Meatballs & Sausage$9.00
Chicken Cutlet$9.00
Grilled Chicken Breast$9.00
Chicken, Broccoli & Alfredo$12.00
Grilled Shrimp$12.00
Grilled Shrimp & Alfredo$14.00
Cheese Manicotti$7.50
Cheese Ravioli$7.50
Stuffed Shells$7.50
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Pizza – Gourmet Style Menu Prices

Bruschetta$8.50 – $18.00
Chicken Alfredo$10.50 – $21.00
Chicken Parm$10.50 – $21.00
White$8.50 – $18.00
Hawaiian$7.50 – $15.50
Greek$10.50 – $21.50
Italian$10.50 – $21.50
Southern$10.50 – $21.50
Mexican$10.50 – $21.50
Vegetarian$10.50 – $21.50
House Special$10.50 – $21.50

Create Your Own Pizza Menu Prices

Plain with Cheese$5.50 – $12.00
1 Topping$6.50 – $15.25
2 Toppings$7.50 – $18.50
3 Toppings$8.50 – $21.75
4 or More Toppings$10.50 – $26.00
Vegetarian Heaven$7.80
Zesty Linguica$8.60
Grilled Chicken Delight$8.60
Steak Bomb$8.90
Marinated Grilled Chicken$8.90
Chicken Cutlet$8.90
House Special$8.60
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Calzone – Create your Own Menu Prices

Plain with Cheese$5.50
1 Topping$6.25
2 Topping$7.50
3 Topping$8.75

Seafood Menu Prices

Baked Haddock$10.95
Fish & Chips$10.95
Baked Scallops$13.95
Fried Scallops$13.95
Baked Shrimp$12.95
Fried Shrimp$12.95
Seafood Combo Platter$17.95
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Meat Platters Menu Prices

Cheeseburger Platter$8.95
Gyro Sandwich$5.45
Gyro Platter$8.95
Marinated Steak Tips$12.45
Teriyaki Steak Tips$12.45
BBQ Steak Tips$12.45
Roasted Pork Strips 
BBQ Boneless Ribs 
Grilled Hamburger 

Poultry Platters Menu Prices

3 Piece Chicken Dinner$8.95
Boneless Chicken Tenders$8.95
Chicken Wings$8.95
Boneless Buffalo Tenders$9.50
Buffalo Wings$9.50
Marinated Chicken Breast$10.95
Teriyaki Chicken Breast$11.95
BBQ Chicken Breast$11.95
Buffalo Chicken Breast$11.95
Roasted Chicken 
Roasted Turkey 
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Omelete Subs Menu Prices

Pepper, Egg & Cheese$5.20 – $6.70
Ham, Egg & Cheese$5.50 – $6.90
Limguica, Egg & Cheese$5.50 – $6.90
Sausage, Egg & Cheese$5.50 – $6.90
Vegetarian$6.00 – $7.90
Meat Lovers$6.50 – $8.30

Omelete Subs – Create your Own Menu Prices

Cheese Omelet$5.35 – $6.95

Grinders Menu Prices

Meatless$4.75 – $6.00
American Salami$5.60 – $7.00
Genoa Salami$5.60 – $7.00
Ham$5.60 – $7.00
Hamburger$5.60 – $7.00
Italian$5.60 – $7.00
B.L.T$5.85 – $7.50
Cheeseburger$5.85 – $7.50
Chicken Cutlet$6.00 – $8.00
Chicken Salad$5.60 – $7.00
Pastrami$5.85 – $7.50
Roast Beef$6.00 – $8.00
Tuna$5.60 – $7.00
Turkey$5.60 – $7.00
Seafood Salad$6.00 – $8.00
New England Special$6.50 – $8.50
Meatball$5.60 – $7.00
Sausage$5.60 – $7.00
Eggplant$5.70 – $7.20
Linguica$5.70 – $7.20
Meatball & Sausage$5.80 – $7.40
Veal Cutlet$6.00 – $8.00
Chicken Cutlet$6.00 – $8.00
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Shaved Steak Subs Menu Prices

Steak & Cheese$5.50 – $7.50
Steak & Mushrooms$6.00 – $7.90
Steak & Onion$6.00 – $7.90
Steak & Peppers$6.00 – $7.90
Steak & Bomb$6.30 – $8.20

Parmesan Style Subs Menu Prices

Chicken Cutlet$6.30 – $8.20
Eggplant$6.30 – $8.20
Linguica$6.00 – $8.00
Grilled Chicken Breast$6.30 – $8.20
Meatball$6.00 – $8.00
Sausage$6.00 – $8.00
Meatball & Sausage$6.30 – $8.20
Pepperoni$6.00 – $8.00
Veal Cutlet$6.30 – $8.20
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Grilled Chicken Menu Prices

Marinated Grilled Chicken$6.00 – $7.90
BBQ Chicken$6.00 – $7.90
Buffalo Chicken$6.00 – $7.90
Teriyaki Chicken$6.00 – $7.90
Stir Fry Chicken$6.00 – $7.90

Club Sandwiches Menu Prices

Ham Club$8.25
Chicken Salad Club$8.95
Roast Beef Club$8.95
Tuna Club$8.95
Turkey Club$8.95

Kids Value Menu Prices

Pasta with Meatball Sausage or Grilled Chicken$4.67
Turkey, Ham or Roast Beef Sandwich$4.67
Slice of Pizza$4.67
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$4.67
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Sides Menu Prices

French Fries$3.50
Onion Rings$3.50
Garlic Bread$2.95
Seasoned Curly Fries$3.75
Spinach Pie$3.75
Fried Zucchini$4.95
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$6.95
Gyro on Pita$5.45
Broccoli Cheees Balls$6.95
Chicken Wings$7.25
Chicken Tenders$7.25
Jalapeno Peppers$6.95
Buffalo Wings$7.75
Boneless Buffalo Tenders$7.75
Chicken Teriyaki$7.95
Steak Teriyaki$9.25

Ice Cream Menu Prices

Assorted Ice Cream$1.09 – $2.79
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Refreshments Menu Prices

20 oz. Soda Bottles N/A
2 Lit. Soda Bottles N/A
Aquafina Water N/A
Iced Tea N/A
Gatorade N/A
Ocean Spray Juices N/A
Sobe Life Water N/A
Tropicana Juices N/A

History of Georgio’s

Georgio's History everymenuprices
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Georgio’s is a renowned award-winning restaurant serving in some limited locations. Georgio’s restaurant menu is a delight for everyone starting from young to old. They have salads, subs, sandwiches, burgers, soups, pasta, pizza, calzone, seafood, and many other eatables on their menu.

The first Georgios came up in 1947 in San Jose, California. The founder Frank and Tina A’ Ambrosio started the restaurant along with their ‘Paisans’ Mario and Enza Volpe as ‘Georgio’s Pizza House’ naming it after one of their old friend. The original Georgio’s location was in the Foxworthy shopping center in San Jose.

The business was solely operated by the family’s cousins Sash and Lou for eight continuous years before Frank and Tina’s four sons purchased the restaurant. The legacy of this family-owned business is still adorning the wall of the great Georgio’s restaurant in San Jose.

As a part of the expansion, Georgio went on to the town of Milpitas Town Center in 1992 and around 30 years later in 2022 to Morgan Hill. Georgio’s restaurant is very famous amongst regulars for the Italian delicacy they cater to. At present, the restaurant is still amongst the four brothers as they want to keep it in the family.

Georgio’s pizza menu prices are quite attractive as they have gourmet-style pizza on their menu. Be it Georgio’s menu specials or Georgio’s pizza and pasta, everything at Georgio’s is reasonably priced.

Review of Georgio’s

Georgio's Menu With Pictures everymenuprices
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Georgio’s hours of operation vary from location to location, however, at most of Georgio’s locations the restaurant opens at 11:30 am and closes at around 10 pm. However, on weekends and holidays, Georgio’s hours might vary. Georgio’s menu includes pasta, pizza, sides, subs, sandwiches, burgers, seafood, and much more.

Georgio’s gourmet-style pizza includes Vegetarian, Italian, Mexican, Southern, Greek, Chicken Parm, Chicken Alfredo, and much more. At Georgio’s, you can also make your pizza by choosing various toppings. The Georgio’s House special pizza is very popular amongst regulars.

In Georgio’s pizzeria menu, they have zesty linguica, grilled chicken delight, marinated grilled chicken, and much more. You can also enjoy Georgio’s seafood range that has options like fried shrimp, fried scallops, baked scallops, seafood combo platter, and many others.

Georgio’s meat platter includes options like teriyaki steak tips, BBQ Steak tips, BBQ  boneless ribs, gyro tips cheeseburger platter, and much more. Georgio’s also has a poultry platter where you can try one from their wide variants like roasted turkey, boneless buffalo tenders, buffalo wings, and the like.

Don’t forget to order from their grinders range that includes options like a cheeseburger, B.L.T, Pastrami, Roast Beef, Tuna, Hamburger, Genoa Salami Seafood salad, etc. Georgio’s omelet subs are quite popular amongst college students. Georgio’s parmesan-style sub is also a great meal for a lunch date.

Each Georgio’s location has a vibe of its own and you get to enjoy the most gourmet pizza. With a friendly staff and a great ambiance, Georgio’s has it all. Over the years, Georgio’s menu and prices have evolved a lot as per the reviews of its customers.

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Georgio’s Contact Information & Important Links

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Social Media Handles

InstagramNot Available

Georgio’s Contact Info

Georgio's Corporate Office AddressNot Available
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Since 1974, Georgio’s has been serving mouthwatering pizza and pasta to the natives and visitors. Their exquisite flavors and amazing customer service make them one of the most loved eateries in San Jose. The restaurant also hosts Georgio’s specials for VIPs. Georgio’s is also open to franchising.

So what did you like the most from the above given Georgio’s menu with prices? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Georgio’s (FAQs)

How much is a Georgio’s salad bowl?

A Georgio’s salad bowl is between $5 to $10.

Who is the owner of Georgio’s?

Currently, the four sons of Frank and Tina own Georgio’s restaurant.

Where did Georgio originate?

Georgio’s initially originated in San Jose, California.

What time does Georgio’s close?

Georgio’s closes at around 10 pm.

How many Georgios are there?

Currently, Georgio has three locations.

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