Gloria Jean’s Coffees Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Have you ever wondered where you can find an amazing cup of coffee accompanied by delicious food and drinks? Well, look no further than Gloria Jean’s Coffees! Below, you will find out the Gloria Jean’s Coffees menu prices.

From decadent pastries to hearty meals, their menu has something to satisfy every craving. So why not explore the Gloria Jean’s Coffees menu with prices and discover your new favorite culinary finds?

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Menu With Prices

Gloria Jean's Coffees Menu everymenuprices
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Fresh Brewed Menu

Brewed Coffee$1.99
Red Eye$2.59
Hot Teas$1.99
Cafe Au Lait$2.59

Hot Classics Menu

Cafe Latte$3.39
Chai Tea Latte$3.39
Hot Chocolate$3.09

Specialty Hot Lattes Menu

Tuxedo Mocha$3.99
Caramel Latte$3.99
Creme Brulee Latte$3.99
Caramel Turtle Latte$3.99
Cafe Mocha$3.99
White Chocolate Mocha$3.99
Matcha Creme Brulee$3.99
Madagascar Vanilla Latte$3.99

Iced Classics Menu

Iced Coffee$2.99
Cold Brew$2.99
Iced Americano$2.99
Iced Teas$2.99
Iced Tea Lemonade$3.09
Iced Latte$3.89
Iced Chai Latte$3.99

Iced latte Specialty Menu

Iced Cappuccino$4.99
Iced Creme Brulle$4.99
Iced Matcha (Unsweetened)$4.99
Iced Crazy Coconut Chai$4.99
Iced Caramel Coconut Macadamia$4.99
Iced Mocha$4.99
White Chocolate Mocha$4.99

Fruit Chillers Or Smoothies Menu

Strawberry Banana$4.99
Raspberry Coco Flow$4.99
Hawaiian Punch$4.99

Espresso Chiller Bar (Blended Ice) Menu

Creme Brulee$4.99
Mocha Java Voltage (Extreme- Coffee)$4.99
Mint Chocolate Bomb$4.99
Chocolate Caramel Turtle$4.99
Caramel Coconut Macadamia$4.99

Cookie Chiller Bar (Blended Ice) Menu

Cookies’ N Creme$4.99
Cookie Crumble (No-Coffee)$4.99
White Chocolate Caramel Cookie$4.99

Specialty Chiller Bar (Blended Ice) Menu

Red Velvet Cookie$4.99
Pistachio Creme$4.99
Madagascar Vanilla Caramel$4.99
Matcha Creme Brulle$4.99
Chocolate Caramel Avalanche (No-Coffee)$4.99

Extras Menu

Extra Shot$1.00
Alternative Milk$1.00

Loaf Menu


Muffins Menu

Chocolate Chip$3.00
Banana Nut$3.00
Blueberry Crumb$3.00
Cranberry Orange$3.00

A Little History of Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Gloria Jean's Coffees Inside everymenuprices
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Gloria Jean’s Coffees first opened its doors in downtown Chicago, Illinois back in 1979. Founded by Gloria Jean Kvetko, the brand aimed to craft high-quality coffeehouse favorites and a welcoming atmosphere.

Over the following decades, Gloria Jean’s Coffees expanded to over 600 locations across more than 40 countries! Their growth is a testament to the hard work of sourcing exceptional beans and roasting them to perfection.

To this day, Gloria Jean’s Coffees remains committed to consistently serving top-notch coffee and outstanding customer service. So whether you’re near their origins in Chicago or on the other side of the globe, you’re sure to encounter Gloria Jean’s Coffees signature warmth.

Must-Try Items at Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Must-Try Items at Gloria Jean’s Coffees everymenuprices

Now, let’s have a look into some of the most appetizing selections on the Gloria Jean’s Coffees menu – you won’t want to miss out!

1. White Chocolate Caramel Cookie

This decadent Gloria Jean’s Coffees chiller blending the chain’s signature cappuccino base, white chocolate powder, and GJ’s luscious caramel syrup topped with Oreo cookies is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Priced affordably, it’s easy to see why this is one of their most popular selections.

2. Chocolate Caramel Turtle

Imagine melted chocolate and caramel joined by toasted pecans in a cool and creamy espresso chiller. No wonder this unique tasting creation has developed quite a following at Gloria Jean’s Coffees stores nationwide.

3. Ultimate Cookie

Featuring the coffeehouse’s espresso blend combined with milk, caramel syrup, vanilla powder, and of course everyone’s favorite cookies, this chiller lives up to its name with over-the-top flavor in every sip.

4. Madagascar Vanilla Caramel

Transport yourself to an exotic vanilla plantation with this crave-worthy beverage made from premium beans in Gloria Jean’s signature style. Topped with homemade whipped cream and caramel sauce, it’s pure indulgence.

5. Mint Chocolate Bomb

Only the brave dare try this secret menu dessert chiller packed with potent mint and dark chocolate wrapped in a rich mocha base. It’s the perfect pick-me-up or way to cool off on a hot day.

6. Voltage

For coffee fans seeking an intense jolt, this mysterious chiller brewed solely from espresso beans and boosted by a shocking espresso shot delivers potent caffeine hidden from view on Gloria Jean’s off-menu board.

So what are you waiting for – satisfy your craving with a trip to Gloria Jean’s Coffees today!

Gloria Jean’s Coffees’ Secret Menu

Even the most devoted Gloria Jean’s Coffees fans may not know about these hidden gems. Their secret menu includes inventive takes on classic comfort foods.

  • Wildberry Chiller: Escape to a woodland berry patch with this refreshing smoothie blending Island Oasis Wildberry with crushed ice for natural sweetness. Gloria Jean’s secret weapon on a hot summer day.
  • Cookie Crumble: Satisfy your sweet tooth and get your cream fix with this exclusively blended dessert featuring soft-serve ice cream, cookies, milk, and vanilla. Topped with whipped topping, it’s the ultimate indulgence found only by word-of-mouth.

Ask your friendly barista about treating yourself to these off-menu treasures next time you’re in the café. Who knows what other delightful discoveries await?

How to Order Online From Gloria Jean’s Coffees?

Gloria Jean's Coffees Order Online everymenuprices
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Get your daily fix of Gloria Jean’s Coffees without even leaving your couch! Whether you’re craving your usual order or wanting to try something new, ordering online from Gloria Jean’s Coffees near me makes it easier than ever.

Simply visit their website on your laptop or mobile device. Then, select the treats you want from their extensive menu showcasing prices. In the checkout process, input your address for relaxed delivery right to your doorstep.

Major delivery services including DoorDash and UberEats also allow you to get your Gloria Jean’s Coffees favorites in a snap.

Within minutes, you’ll be curled up with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a warm scone – it’s like you’re enjoying the cozy cafe ambiance from home. Don’t miss out on the convenience of online ordering from Gloria Jean’s Coffees today!

FAQs Related to Gloria Jean’s Coffees Menu

Which pastries can be found at Gloria Jean’s Coffees?

A variety of freshly baked pastries are available daily such as muffins, scones, cookies, and slice cakes with prices typically $3-5.

How do the beverage prices compare to other coffee chains?

Hot coffee and tea prices at Gloria Jean’s Coffees are generally very reasonable, ranging from $2.50-4.50 depending on size and customizations.

What food items are best for sharing with friends?

The Bakery tray which includes an assortment of muffins, scones, and cookies for only $12 makes for an excellent communal pick. The Monster Cookie and Caramel Pecan Bites are also great sharing sweets.

Are Gloria Jean’s Coffees Menu With Prices affordable?

Yes, Gloria Jean’s Coffees menu prices are affordable.

How late is Gloria Jean’s Coffees open in the evenings?

While hours can vary slightly by location, most Gloria Jean’s Coffees cafés are open until at least 6 or 7 pm on weekdays with weekends open till 5 or 6 pm – ensuring everyone has time to grab a beverage and a bite!

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