Taco Bill Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Have you ever wondered what tasty Mexican fare awaits at Australia’s oldest Mexican restaurant chain – Taco Bill? Curious foodies and value-seekers will find their fix in exploring the Taco Bill menu with prices given below.

As Australia’s longest-running Mexican chain, Taco Bill has been satisfying customers’ south-of-the-border cravings since 1967.

But will their menu live up to the hype at a price you’re willing to pay? There’s only one way to find out – let’s discover the Taco Bill menu prices together!

Taco Bill Menu With Prices

Taco Bill Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Taco Bill’s Facebook

Starters Menu

Nachos SupremosRegular Serve – $18.00
Large Serve – $22.00
Add Mexican Chicken (GF) – $4.00
Add Slow Cooked Beef (GF) – $4.00
Add Frijoles (V) – $4.00
Popcorn Prawns$12.00
Guacamole & Totopos$12.00
Stuffed Jalapenos$14.00
Char Grilled Corn$8.00
Chile Fries$16.00
DelgadaMexican Chicken, Cheese and Corn – $12.00
Slow Cooked Beef & Cheese – $12.00
Mushroom, Spinach & Cheese (VG) – $12.00

Tacos Menu

Classic TacosMexican Chicken – $6.00
Slow Cooked Beef – $6.00
Frijoles (V) – $6.00
Prawns and Scallops (contains gluten) – $7.00
Street Style TacosChicken with house guacamole, topped with pico de gallo – $6.00
Carne Colorado – Mexican Beef, guacamole, and topped with pico de gallo (GF) – $6.00
Vegan – House Black Beans, guacamole, and topped with pico de gallo (V, VG) – $6.00
Fish, battered with shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, and chipotle aioli – $6.00

Mains Menu

FajitasMarinated Chicken (GF) – $28.00
Marinated Beef (GF) – $28.00
Marinated Prawns – $30.00
Marinated Vegetables (V) – $25.00
Add: Sour cream, cheese, and salsa – $5.00
Fajita SaladMarinated Chicken (GF) – $22.00
Marinated Beef (GF) – $22.00
Marinated Prawns – $26.00
Quesadilla SupremaMexican Chicken – $26.00
Slow Cooked Beef – $26.00
Creamy Prawns and Scallops – $28.00
Frijoles con Queso (VG) – $24.00
Enchilada Nuevo Mexico$28.00
Enchilada GrandeMexican Chicken & Cheese (GF) – $26.00
Slow Cooked Beef & Cheese (GF) – $26.00
Spinach, Potato & Cheese (V) – $24.00
La CombinacionMexican Chicken (GF) – $26.00
Slow Cooked Beef (GF) – $26.00
Spinach & Potato and Frijoles (V) – $24.00
BurritosMexican Chicken, Cheese, and Pico de Gallo – $26.00
Cooked Beef, Cheese, and Pico de Gallo – $26.00
Creamy Prawns and Scallops – $28.00
Burrito Bowl$22.00
Mexican Chicken (GF) – $4.00
Slow Cooked Beef (GF) – $4.00
Frijoles (V) – $4.00

Sides Menu

Side Salad$8.00
EnchiladaChicken & Cheese (with green tomatillo sauce) – $9.00
Slow Cooked Beef & Cheese (with red chilli sauce) – $9.00
Spinach, Potato & Cheese (with both green tomatillo and red chilli sauce) – $9.00
Crunchy Fries$8.00
Corn Chips$3.00
Flour Or Corn Tortilla – 4 Pieces$3.00
Mexican Rice$5.00
Black Beans$5.00
House Salsa$3.00
Pico De Gallo$4.00
Jalapeño Chiles$2.00
House Made Guacamole$5.00
Sour Cream$3.00

Let Us Feed You! Menu

Nachos Supremos – Regular$40 PP
Stuffed Jalapenos$40 PP
Popcorn Prawns$40 PP
Fajitas – Beef, Chicken, or Veg
Mexi Pudding
$40 PP

Niños (Kids) Menu

Niño Meal Deal$12.00
Niño Mexi Rice & Chicken$8.00
Niño Taco With Rice Or Fries$8.00
Niño Nachos$7.00
Beef – $3.00
Chicken – $3.00
Bean – $3.00
Niño Mexi Nuggets$7.00
Niño Mexi Fish & Chips$8.00
Niño Fries$8.00
Niño Ice Cream$3.00

Desserts Menu

Mexican Chocolate Mousse$8.00
Death By Chocolate$8.00
Sticky Mexican Pudding$8.00
Flan De Queso$8.00
Ice Cream Nachos$7.00

Beer & Cider Menu

Victoria Bitter$8.00
Carlton Draught$8.00
Heineken 0.0$8.00
Apple Cider$8.00
Dos Equis Lager$10.00
Negra Modelo$10.00

Spirits Menu


Tequila Menu

Jose Cuervo Especial Silver$10.00
Patron Silver$13.00
Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado$10.00
Patron Reposado$15.00
1800 Añejo$15.00
Patron Añejo$18.00
Del Maguey Vida Mezcal$18.00
Ranch Water$10.00

Sparkling Menu

Bottega Prosecco Doc
200ml Bottle (Italy)
Bottega Petalo Moscato
200ml Bottle (Italy)

White Wine Menu

Svelte Sauvignon BlancGlass – $8.00
Bottle – $32.00
Caldora Pinot GrigioGlass – $10.00
Bottle – $40.00

Red Wine Menu

Svelte Cabernet MerlotGlass – $8.00
Bottle – $32.00
Haselgrove ShirazGlass – $10.00
Bottle – $40.00

Sangria Menu

SangriaGlass – $10.00
500ml – $15.00
1L Jug – $25.00

Margaritas Menu

Classic Lemon
Taco Bill Classic lemon margarita with salt rim
Glass – $14.00
Pancho Villa (Fishbowl) – $34.00
Fresh strawberry puree mixed with lemon
Glass – $14.00
Pancho Villa (Fishbowl) – $34.00
Mango puree mixed with lemon
Glass – $14.00
Pancho Villa (Fishbowl) – $34.00
Pineapple puree mixed with lemon
Glass – $14.00
Pancho Villa (Fishbowl) – $34.00
Fruit Tingle
Strawberry puree with Blue Curacao and Grenadine
Glass – $16.00
Pancho Villa (Fishbowl) – $44.00
Blue Lagoon
Lemon with Blue Curacao
Glass – $16.00
Pancho Villa (Fishbowl) – $44.00
Pineapple puree with Midori and Blue Curacao
Glass – $16.00
Pancho Villa (Fishbowl) – $44.00
Lemon with Midori
Glass – $16.00
Pancho Villa (Fishbowl) – $44.00
Caribbean Dream
Pineapple puree with Coconut Liqueur
Glass – $16.00
Pancho Villa (Fishbowl) – $44.00
Supercharged Strawberry
Strawberry puree with Strawberry Liqueur
Glass – $16.00
Pancho Villa (Fishbowl) – $44.00
Lemon with orange juice, triple sec and grenadine
Glass – $16.00
Pancho Villa (Fishbowl) – $44.00
Margarita Sampler
(110ml glasses x5) Classic Lemon, Strawberry, Mango, Midori & Blue Lagoon
Margarita ‘On The Rocks’
Taco Bill handcrafted Lemon Margarita, salt-rimmed and served shaken over ice

Non-Alcoholic Menu

Mexican Slushie
Classic Lemon, Strawberry, Mango or Pineapple
Glass – $5.00
Jug – $12.00
Soft Drinks
Coke, Diet Coke, Coke no sugar, Lemonade, Fanta, Raspberry
Glass – $4.00
Jug – $10.00
Natural Sparkling Mineral Water$5.00
Lemon, Lime & Bitters$6.00
Mexican PunchGlass – $3.00
Jug – $8.00
Orange JuiceGlass – $6.00
Jug – $14.00
Milk Shakes
Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla or Blue Heaven

Hot Drinks Menu

Liqueur Coffee… Mexican Style$5.00
CoffeeCappuccino – $4.00
Cafe latte – $4.00
Flat white – $4.00
Espresso – short or long black – $4.00
Hot Chocolate$4.00

A Little History of Taco Bill

Taco Bill Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Taco Bill’s Facebook

Taco Bill’s story begins in 1967 when founder Bill Chilcote – married to a Mexican woman – sought to introduce Mexican cuisine to Australia.

The first location launched on the Gold Coast served takeaway fare but soon expanded to Bondi and Armadale with sit-down restaurants.

Under new ownership since 2002, Taco Bill is now managed by Tom Kartel. Despite facing early setbacks, Taco Bill grew tremendously throughout the 2000s and now operates over 25 locations across multiple states.

So whether you’re a longtime fan or a first-time diner, let’s explore some legendary items on the Taco Bill menu and determine if it’s worth the price.

Must-Try Items at Taco Bill

Must-Try Items at Taco Bill everymenuprices

Now let’s taste Taco Bill’s most popular dishes. Here are some must-try food items from the Taco Bill menu:

1. Nachos Supremos

A favorite starter piled high with tortilla chips, three kinds of cheese, jalapeños, and your choice of protein. Be careful not to make a mess!

2. Burritos

These hearty wraps taco packed tortillas stuffed with proteins, beans, rice, cheese, and pico de gallo. Which filling will you choose?

3. Char-Grilled Corn

This food item satisfies cravings with chargrilled corn slathered in chipotle aioli, parmesan, and pico de gallo.

4. Tacos

Crispy or soft tacos make it easy to sample several toppings like chicken, beef, or prawns. How many will you end up devouring?

5. Fajitas

The number one item according to Taco Bill themselves. Sizzling meat, seafood, or veggies with peppers and onion comes with rice, salsa, sour cream, and warm tortillas.

Taco Bill Secret Menu

While Taco Bill mostly sticks to classic comfort foods, they’ve been known to offer a few “secret menu” standouts to please daring diners.

  • The Cheesarito – A cross between a burrito and quesadilla, this melt-in-your-mouth marvel is stuffed with melted cheese, scallions, and zesty taco sauce.
  • The Enchirito – A huge hunk filled with gooey cheese, hearty beans, and seasoned beef. smothered in tangy red sauce and diced white onion, it’s sure to fill you up.
  • Chili Cheese Burrito – Also lovingly called the “Chilito,” this secret signature is packed with chili and cheese for an extra cozy combo.

Keep in mind special requests may be at each location’s discretion. Describing your dish of choice can help the kitchen work its magic. With options this good, who needs rules anyway?

How to Order Online From Taco Bill?

Taco Bill Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:- tacobill.com.au

With Taco Bill’s convenient online ordering via their website or food delivery apps, you can enjoy their menu prices from the comfort of your couch.

Simply visit their official website, select your location, build your meal, and choose pickup or delivery. Payment is securely processed, and your order will be expertly prepared for a timely arrival.

You will find a warm, festive atmosphere at any of Taco Bill’s 25+ locations to eat surrounded by family or amigos new and old for dine-in.

Their ease and value make Taco Bill the perfect choice when seeking an affordable Mexican meal without compromising on flavor.

FAQs Related to the Taco Bill Menu

Are there kid-friendly options on the Taco Bill kids’ menu?

With classics like mini tacos, nachos, and chicken dishes starting at only $7, even picky eaters can find favorites on the niños menu.

What sides come with Taco Bill’s entrees?

Popular accompaniments like Mexican rice and refried beans are standard sides for most mains. You’ll also get warm corn or flour tortillas to make your tacos.

Is the guacamole fresh-made?

You bet – Taco Bill proudly prepares their signature guacamole daily using only ripe avocados and premium ingredients for maximum freshness and flavor.

How late is Taco Bill open?

Hours vary by location but most serve until at least 9 pm on weeknights with late-night cuisine available until 10 pm or later on Fridays and Saturdays.

Can I dine in, get takeaway or delivery?

All dining options are accommodated at Taco Bill – choose eat-in, takeaway, or delivery through major food apps. Some stores even offer drive-thru pick-up for on-the-go orders from their Taco Bill menu.

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