King of Donair Menu With Prices [June 2024 Updated]

King of Donair is a locally owned fast-food restaurant chain in Nova Scotia. They are known for their pizza, garlic fingers, and other donair offerings. They offer a number of items on their menu which includes donairs, pizzas, garlic fingers, hot blonde, subs, poutine, panzerottis, desserts, drinks, and many more items. In this article, i will tell you about the King of Donair menu with prices and much more.

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King of Donair Menu With Prices

King of Donair Menu And Prices
Image Credit:- King of Donair’s Facebook

Here is the King of Donair menu and price list which you can check and then order your food accordingly:

Popular Items Menu With Prices

Regular DonairCAD 7.49
Large DonairCAD 11.49
12″ Garlic FingersCAD 12.99
9″ Garlic FingersCAD 9.99
2l DrinksCAD 4.50
Supreme DonairCAD 13.49
Medium DonairCAD 9.49
Donair Egg RollsCAD 4.49
Donair PlateCAD 7.99
Original PoutineCAD 7.99

World Famous Donairs Menu With Prices

Regular DonairCAD 7.49
Medium DonairCAD 9.49
Large DonairCAD 11.49
Supreme DonairCAD 13.49
Donair SubCAD 9.99
Donair PanzerottiCAD 9.99
Donair PizzaCAD 9.99
Donair PlateCAD 11.99
Donair PoutineCAD 9.99
1 Lb of Donair MeatCAD 14.99
Donair SauceCAD 4.99

16″ Large Specialty Pizzas Menu With Prices

16″ Kod Donair PizzaCAD 21.99
16″ Works PizzaCAD 21.99
16″ Funky Chicken PizzaCAD 21.99
16″ Bacon Cheeseburger PizzaCAD 21.99
16″ Bbq Chicken PizzaCAD 21.99
16″ Meat Lovers PizzaCAD 21.99
16″ Vegetarian PizzaCAD 21.99
16″ Hawaiian PizzaCAD 21.99

16″ Large Pizzas Menu With Prices

16″ Cheese PizzaCAD 14.99
16″ Pizza with 1 ToppingCAD 17.49
16″ Pizza Up to 3 ToppingCAD 22.49

12″ Medium Specialty Pizzas Menu With Prices

12″ Kod Donair PizzaCAD 17.99
12″ Works PizzaCAD 17.99
12″ Funky Chicken PizzaCAD 17.99
12″ Bacon Cheeseburger PizzaCAD 17.99
12″ Bbq Chicken PizzaCAD 17.99
12″ Meat Lovers PizzaCAD 17.99
12″ Vegetarian PizzaCAD 17.99
12″ Hawaiian PizzaCAD 17.99

12″ Medium Pizzas Menu With Prices

12″ Cheese PizzaCAD 11.99
12″ Pizza with 1 ToppingCAD 13.99
12″ Pizza Up to 3 ToppingsCAD 17.99

9″ Small Specialty Pizzas Menu With Prices

9″ Kod Donair PizzaCAD 11.99
9″ Works PizzaCAD 11.99
9″ Funky Chicken PizzaCAD 11.99
9″ Bacon Cheeseburger PizzaCAD 11.99
9″ Bbq Chicken PizzaCAD 11.99
9″ Meat Lovers PizzaCAD 11.99
9″ Hawaiian PizzaCAD 11.99
9″ Vegetarian PizzaCAD 11.99
King of Donair Menu Prices
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9″ Small Pizzas Menu With Prices

9″ Cheese PizzaCAD 8.99
9″ Pizza with 1 ToppingsCAD 10.49
9″ Pizza Up to 3 ToppingsCAD 13.49

Garlic Fingers Menu With Prices

9″ Garlic FingersCAD 9.99
12″ Garlic FingersCAD 12.99
16″ Garlic FingersCAD 16.99

Hot Blonde Menu With Prices

Regular Hot Blonde DonairCAD 7.98
Medium Hot BlondeCAD 9.98
Large Hot BlondeCAD 12.98
Supreme Hot BlondeCAD 14.98

Apps and More Menu With Prices

Appetizer ComboCAD 11.49
Mozzarella SticksCAD 6.49
Donair Egg RollsCAD 4.49
Garlic PoppersCAD 8.99
WingsCAD 10.99
Onion RingsCAD 5.99
FriesCAD 3.99
Garlic BreadCAD 3.99
Garlic Bread with CheeseCAD 4.99

Subs Menu With Prices

12″ Donair SubCAD 10.99
12″ Bbq Chicken SubCAD 10.99
12″ Pizza SubCAD 10.99

Panzerottis Menu With Prices

Donair PanzerottiCAD 10.99
Bbq Chicken PanzerottiCAD 10.99
Pizza PanzerottiCAD 10.99

Poutine Menu With Prices

Original PoutineCAD 7.99
Chicken PoutineCAD 9.99
Donair PoutineCAD 9.99

Desserts Menu With Prices

Cinnamon FingersCAD 8.99
Cinnamon PoppersCAD 8.99

Drinks Menu With Prices

2I DrinksCAD 4.50
500ml DrinksCAD 2.50

Disclaimer: gathers actual pricing information from various sources such as official websites, business websites, and much more. The prices given on this webpage may be derived from one or more of those sources. Naturally, the prices given on this website may not be current at the time you visit this website, and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand. To know the current pricing, contact the individual business location of interest to you.

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About King of Donair

King of Donair has a specialization in serving world-famous Donair to its customers. In their restaurants, they have delivery services also along with takeaway services so that you can taste the best food at your home.

King of Donair was first set up by a Greek Peter Gamoulakos in the year 1973. He opened the first restaurant location on Quinpool Rd. in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1973. At present, the King of Donair is owned by Norman Nahas.

King of Donair has nine restaurant locations in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The headquarters of the King of Donair is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

King of Donair is a wonderful place that is always loved by its customers because of the tastiest food, great services, nice staff, and comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of the restaurants.

If you are a true foodie and want to experience the best food then King of Donair is the perfect place for you to visit and taste the amazing donairs and garlic fingers. Above was the latest King of Donair menu with prices. Take a look at some other important stuff below.

King of Donair Contact Information

Below is the King of Donair contact information in case you want to contact the restaurant or visit there.

King of Donair Corporate Office Address6420 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1A8, Canada
King of Donair Corporate Office Phone Number+1 902-421-0000
King of Donair Contact FormFill Here

King of Donair Social Profiles

You can follow King of Donair restaurant on the social media platforms given below where they upload every update.

FacebookVisit Now
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Important Links

Below is a list of some important links to King of Donair restaurants like their locations, nutritional information, careers, and much more.

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King of Donair Franchising Information

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In case if you are thinking of opening a franchise of King of Donair then you have to wait because they are not providing franchises to individuals right now.

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FAQs Related To King of Donair

Who owns King of Donair?

King of Donair is owned by Norman Nahas.

What is the King of Donair known for?

King of Donair is known because of its Donair and garlic fingers.

How many King of Donair locations are there?

King of Donair has 9 restaurant locations.

Where is the King of Donair headquarters located?

King of Donair headquarters is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Does King of Donair offer franchises?

No, they don’t offer franchises to individuals.

Final Words

So this was all about the King of Donair menu with prices and we have also mentioned many other things related to this restaurant like their contact details, social profiles, important links, and much more.

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If you have visited there before or you are going to visit after knowing the King of Donair menu with prices, then don’t forget to give your reviews in the comment section below. Happy Eating…!!!

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