Maki-San Menu With Prices [September 2023 Updated]

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Based in Singapore, Maki-San is a well-known restaurant chain that is currently operating multiple outlets in different locations. Maki-San’s menu specializes in sushi. If you are looking for the latest Maki-San menu with prices, then you have come to the right place.

Maki-San is also famous for its iconic product packaging. The annual revenue of Maki-San is estimated to be around $12 million and around 200 employees are working with the franchise.

Maki-San menu offers a huge collection of delicious dishes that can easily pull someone towards the restaurant. If you want to order online from Maki-San then you can do that from as well.

The Maki-San menu features many different sections including Popular, Maki-San Snacks, Drinks, etc. Some bestselling food items on the Maki-San menu include Salmon Sushi Rolls, DIY Salad, Pepper Chix Stix, etc.

The article will provide you with all the factual details regarding the restaurant chain starting from the latest Maki-San menu with prices to some other important details including the history of the restaurant, the public responses towards the franchise, the specialty of Maki-San menu, the opening hours of Maki-San locations, and much more. So, keep reading the article to learn more about Maki-San.

Maki-San Menu With Prices

Maki-San Menu everymenuprices
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Popular Menu With Prices

Mega San SushiS$ 13.00
Mega Combo A (Sushi)S$ 15.90
Little San SushiS$ 10.90
Mega San SaladS$ 13.00
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Campaigns Menu With Prices

Breakfast Set Crispy Chicken PattyS$ 10.90
Mega Combo a (Sushi)S$ 15.90
Mega Combo A (Salad)S$ 15.90

Bundle Meals Menu With Prices

Double Joy – House Maki & Salad ComboS$ 32.90
Triple Treats – House Maki MealS$ 51.60
Triple Treats – House Maki &N Salad MealS$ 51.60

MakiParti Platters Menu With Prices

House Maki & Tempura Snack PlatterS$ 60.50
All House Maki PlatterS$ 63.60
All House Maki Platter ( For 8 – 10 pax)S$ 126.00
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DIY Sushi Menu With Prices

Little San SushiS$ 10.90
Mega San SushiS$ 13.00

DIY Salads Menu With Prices

Little San SaladS$ 10.90
Mega San SaladS$ 13.00

House Sushi Menu With Prices

Lucky EnokiS$ 5.90
Child’s PlayS$ 10.90
California DreamingS$ 11.90
Salmon SaysS$ 13.00
Seas The DayS$ 13.00
Veggie DelightS$ 15.00
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House Salad Menu With Prices

Chick FlickS$ 13.00
Ebi-Body’s FavS$ 13.00
Eelin HappyS$ 13.00
Gone FishingS$ 13.00
What a CatchS$ 13.00
Veggie MagicS$ 16.00

Maki-San Snacks Menu With Prices

Tempura Kani SticksS$ 4.60
Meat-Free Crispy NuggetsS$ 6.90
Crispy Chicken PattyS$ 6.90
Tempura OtahS$ 9.00
Tempura Soft Shell CrabS$ 9.00

Hot drinks and Soup Menu With Prices

Hot TeaS$ 1.80
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Drinks Menu With Prices

Bottled WaterS$ 2.20
Iced Lemon TeaS$ 2.20
Jasmine Green TeaS$ 2.20
Ayataka No sugar Green TeaS$ 2.20
Jusu Jusu Yuzu LemonadeS$ 3.00
Jusu Jusu Kyoho GrapeS$ 3.00

History of Maki-San

Maki-San Inside everymenuprices
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The main people who were involved in the establishment of Maki-San were Omar Marks and Raj Mulani. The former was a native of India and he was studying Chemistry as he was pursuing his education.

He then joined as the CEO of the restaurant from 2012 to 2018. Although Omar and Raj were equally a part of the restaurant while it was being formed, they left the company having different opinions and plans regarding the future of the same.

The first outlet of the company was launched at The Cathay. When they began their journey, the brand used a strategy to take the help of bloggers and social media networks for the marketing of the products.

Different websites also participated in the promotion of the company and this proved to be beneficial for them as they emerged as a successful brand, earning profits worth millions in only 15 months.

The company’s international expansion started in 2018 and its first outlet was opened in Osaka, Japan. However, the outlet has remained closed since 2020 but another outlet in Plaza Indonesia is still active, and that too since June 2020. This is the same time when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, leading to the loss of different businesses.

Review of Maki-San

Maki-San Prices everymenuprices
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Maki-San is mostly popular for its Make-Your-Own Sushi rolls. They provide a range of different fresh ingredients to prepare their own sushi. Maki-San menu items are also accessible at a pocket-friendly price range. So, customers don’t have to think twice before visiting the restaurant. Maki-San has gained recognition globally.

The customer service of Maki-San is very fast and friendly. They always try to provide their customers with high-quality food, which is freshly cooked. The friendly behavior of Maki-San’s staff makes the customers feel like they are having food at their homes.

The ambiance of Maki-San has been completely modern and different. The interiors have been designed in the best way and with the best designs that have successfully attracted a lot of people to the restaurant.

The restaurant is visited not just for the food items on the menu but also for the interiors where the designs have been proved to be a perfect background for pictures.

In case you are searching for a ready-to-eat snack or a romantic evening for your special one or with family members, this is a place that you should not miss at all.

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Maki-San Contact Information & Important Links

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Maki-San is a well-known restaurant chain with multiple outlets located in different locations. Maki-San started the journey a few years back, however, they have managed to gain a huge fan base among the public in a few decades.

Considering the positive responses Maki-San is receiving from the public, we can expect it to become more popular and successful in the upcoming years.

So what did you like the most from the above given Maki-San menu with prices? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Maki-San (FAQs)

Where is the headquarters of Maki-San located?

The headquarters of Maki-San is located at 2 Handy Rd #b1-17/18, Singapore, 229233.

How many Maki-San locations are currently available?

According to some online sources, Maki-San is currently active in 19 different locations.

What is the major attraction of the Maki-San menu?

Sushi is the major attraction of the Maki-San menu.

When Maki-San started the journey?

Maki-San started the journey in 2012.

Who is the mastermind behind Maki-San?

Omar Marks and Raj Mulani are the masterminds behind Maki-San.

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