Maki-San Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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Have you tried sushi? Well, Maki-San has been going around attracting tremendous attention from the people. As it has to offer some of the best Japanese Cuisines of all time. Some of the unbiased recipes here stand out more than many other modern restaurants.

Look into the Maki-San menu with prices given below to get an idea of the newly launched Japanese dishes.

Some of you may not come across this type of cuisine, we are at your rescue so that you don’t have to wonder about Maki-San’s menu deals.

For your convenience, we have provided a list of details regarding its ingredients and recipes. Don’t miss out on the chance to treat yourself to some fantastic Japanese cuisine.

Maki-San Menu With Prices

Maki-San Menu everymenuprices
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Popular Menu

Mega San SushiS$ 13.00
Mega Combo A (Sushi)S$ 15.90
Little San SushiS$ 10.90
Mega San SaladS$ 13.00

Campaigns Menu

Breakfast Set Crispy Chicken PattyS$ 10.90
Mega Combo a (Sushi)S$ 15.90
Mega Combo A (Salad)S$ 15.90

Bundle Meals Menu

Double Joy – House Maki & Salad ComboS$ 32.90
Triple Treats – House Maki MealS$ 51.60
Triple Treats – House Maki &N Salad MealS$ 51.60

MakiParti Platters Menu

House Maki & Tempura Snack PlatterS$ 60.50
All House Maki PlatterS$ 63.60
All House Maki Platter ( For 8 – 10 pax)S$ 126.00

DIY Sushi Menu

Little San SushiS$ 10.90
Mega San SushiS$ 13.00

DIY Salads Menu

Little San SaladS$ 10.90
Mega San SaladS$ 13.00

House Sushi Menu

Lucky EnokiS$ 5.90
Child’s PlayS$ 10.90
California DreamingS$ 11.90
Salmon SaysS$ 13.00
Seas The DayS$ 13.00
Veggie DelightS$ 15.00

House Salad Menu

Chick FlickS$ 13.00
Ebi-Body’s FavS$ 13.00
Eelin HappyS$ 13.00
Gone FishingS$ 13.00
What a CatchS$ 13.00
Veggie MagicS$ 16.00

Maki-San Snacks Menu

Tempura Kani SticksS$ 4.60
Meat-Free Crispy NuggetsS$ 6.90
Crispy Chicken PattyS$ 6.90
Tempura OtahS$ 9.00
Tempura Soft Shell CrabS$ 9.00

Hot drinks and Soup Menu

Hot TeaS$ 1.80

Drinks Menu

Bottled WaterS$ 2.20
Iced Lemon TeaS$ 2.20
Jasmine Green TeaS$ 2.20
Ayataka No sugar Green TeaS$ 2.20
Jusu Jusu Yuzu LemonadeS$ 3.00
Jusu Jusu Kyoho GrapeS$ 3.00

A Little History of Maki-San

Maki-San Inside everymenuprices
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This incredible eatery was founded in 2012 by Omar Marks in Singapore. However, being an Indian he has little knowledge of Japanese culture and food.

Soon, this cuisine made him curious to open a chain of sushi restaurants in Singapore.

Earlier the owner worked as a copywriter and eventually realized that he had reached a point in his life where he wanted to do something big.

And that made him establish a restaurant business. Within 4 to 6 years of Maki-San, it became one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Asia and received a turnover of $1 million a month.

As of now, Maki-San is operating many outlets such as I12 Katong, Cathay, Cineleosure Orchard, Bedok Mall, NUS Science Drive, and Compass One. Moreover, the owner is also planning to open a new outlet at Pasir Ris.

How about a Japanese twist now? Let’s dive into the mouth-watering dishes of Maki-San.

Must Try Items at Maki-San

Must Try Items at Maki-San

One of the best places to try out Japanese cuisine, Maki-San is ready to serve you savory sushi and other delicious dishes.

Thus, indulge in the ultimate comfort of the food experience with Maki-San’s food. And get ready to slay with the outstanding food crushes.

Based on your affordability, Maki-San menu prices include amazing food items that will let you enjoy and unwind.

1. Tempura Shell Crab With Karaage Donburi

You’ll get a dish as long as the name suggests. Under the budget of S$13 this dish is stuffed with Japanese boiled white rice, special karaage chicken, tempura shell crab, spring onion, nori, and shredded green chilies. A whole meal like this is all you require.

2. Mega San Sushi

Maki-San’s menu is popular for its offerings of mouth-watering sushi. This Mega San Sushi is delicious as it has a filling of five essential elements, one wrap, one boiled rice, one sprinkle, and signature sauce.

3. Mega DIY Nori Tori Karaage Meal Salad

One of the most popular and ordered bowls of salad at Maki-San. It comes with a mega bowl of salad stuffed with fresh spinach, vegetables, tomatoes, and lettuce. And five pieces of medium-sized crispy chicken. It is also paired with one canned drink.

4. Tempura Enoki Mushroom

Who doesn’t love mushrooms? Mushrooms are a must while trying Japanese dishes. This Tempura Enoki Mushroom is one of the best-selling snacks that is juicy and crispy at the same time. And you’ll fall in love with it!

5. Teriyaki Chicken Donburi

A chicken dish you can’t miss out on! Stuffed with boiled Japanese rice, veggies, two soft-boiled eggs, shredded green chilies, spring onions, signature teriyaki sauce, and nori strips.

Maki-San’s Secret Menu

Maki-San hasn’t revealed any secret menu. This is the type of menu that its loyal fans are waiting for. As it only has a bundle of Japanese food dishes, Maki-San has been serving up to the expectations of the customers.

And because people are welcome to browse Maki-San menu prices, unfortunately, the secret menu is not on its list.

How to Order Online From Maki-San?

Maki-San Order Online
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Maki-San has taken the time to evaluate the possibilities of delivering exclusive food items to the doorstep. People are continuously seeking an online home delivery facility as the up-to-date menus have reached them.

It’s a challenge for any restaurant to reach its fans at their doorstep and Maki-San couldn’t step back from this opportunity.

Thus, to order online check out their official website or download their mobile app available both for Android and iOS. Also, you can order online from which is an online food ordering company.

FAQs Related to the Maki-San Menu

Are there combos available at Maki-San?

Yes, there are varieties of combos of sushis and donburi available at Maki-San.

Is Maki-San restaurant in Singapore halal?

Yes, Maki-San in Singapore is 100% halal.

Can you order drinks at Maki-San?

Drinks such as green tea, lemon tea, bottled water, and grape juice are available.

Which is the most ordered Sushi combo?

The mega combo of sushi that comes under SGD 15.90 is the most ordered food item at Maki-San.

Is mooncake offered at Maki-San?

The special supreme jade mooncake is offered at Maki-San only during autumn.

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