Lyfe Kitchen Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Wanna create good food memories? Then, Lyfe Kitchen has it all. You’ll be surprised to know that the Lyfe Kitchen menu with prices given below increases your craving for food every day. Thus, stop in for delicious and nourishing food items.

Squad up and Touchdown at Lyfe Kitchen to devour the best and scrumptious series of food items. All the unbeatable breakfast and all-day starters are ready for you, so don’t wonder and enjoy the Lyfe Kitchen menu prices at their best.

Moreover, for your convenience, I have provided some of the details related to its selection of breakfast. We do believe in your ultimate food satisfaction.

Lyfe Kitchen Menu With Prices

Lyfe Kitchen Menu And Prices
Image Credit:- Lyfe Kitchen’s Instagram

Home LYFE Smoothie Kits Menu

Avocado Berry Kit$ 6.95
Pineapple Jalapeño Kit$ 6.95
Blueberry Oat Kit$ 6.95
Kale Banana Ginger Kit$ 6.95
Silver Bullet Kit$ 6.95
Matcha Almond Kit$ 6.95

Smoothies Menu

Avocado Berry Smoothie$ 10.50
Pineapple Jalapeño Smoothie$ 10.95
Blueberry Oat Smoothie$ 9.95
Kale Banana Ginger Smoothie$ 9.95
Silver Bullet Smoothie$ 9.95
Matcha Almond Smoothie$ 9.95

Breakfast & Brunch Men

Avocado Toast$ 9.95
Full Stack$ 10.95
Brunch Tacos$ 11.95
Coconut Banana Chia Seed Bowl$ 7.95
Classic Breakfast$ 10.95
Mighty Breakfast Burrito$ 11.95
Vegan Burrito$ 11.95
KETO Scramble$ 10.95
Grand Sandwich$ 11.95

Morning Sides Menu

Roasted Breakfast Potatoes$ 4.95
Blueberry Buckwheat Muffin$ 3.95
Chicken Sausage Patties$ 3.95
Cinnamon Muffin$ 3.95
Vegan Croissant$ 3.95
Double Chocolate Strawberry Muffin$ 3.95
Carrot Walnut Muffin$ 3.95

Small Bites Menu

Crispy Brussels & Cotija$ 6.95
Buffalo Chicken Strips$ 9.50
Classic Tots$ 4.95
Superfood Guac & Baked Chips$ 7.95
Baked Sweet Potato Fries$ 4.95
Garlic Parmesan Sweet Potato Fries$ 5.95

Soups Menu

SoupsSmall – 8ozLarge – 16oz
Chicken Noodle Soup$ 4.95$ 7.95
Chicken Tortilla Soup$ 4.95$ 7.95

Flatbreads Menu

BBQ Chicken$ 12.95
Margherita$ 11.95

Greens Menu

Thai Crunch Chicken Salad$ 13.95
Summer Berry$ 10.95
O.G Kale Caesar$ 10.95
Mediterranean Chop$ 10.95
Buffalo Chicken Salad$ 13.95
Superfood Salad$ 11.95
Roasted Beet Salad$ 10.95
Grilled Veggie Salad$ 11.95
Quinoa Crunch Bowl$ 10.90

Mega Bowls Menu

Crispy Chicken & Brussels$ 15.95
Mediterranean Salmon Brussels$ 15.95
Chicken & Black Bean Burrito Bowl$ 14.95
Thai Tofu Bowl$ 14.95
Lemon Garlic Shrimp Bowl$ 16.95
Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl$ 14.95
Promodoro Penne$ 12.95

Tacos Menu

Mahi Mahi Tacos$ 13.95
Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos$ 12.95

Sandwiches Menu

Turkey & Havarti Sandwich$ 13.95
Classic Hamburger$ 12.95
Gluten-Free Classic Hamburger$ 14.45
Beyond Burger$ 13.25
Gluten-Free Beyond Burger$ 14.75
Grilled Chicken & Avocado Sandwich$ 13.95
Gluten-Free Grilled Chicken & Avocado Sandwich$ 14.45
Gooey Grilled Cheese$ 11.95

Dessert Menu

Celebration Cookie$ 2.95
Maggie Cookie$ 2.95
Apple Cinnamon Muffin$ 3.95
Blueberry Buckwheat Muffin$ 3.95
Ginger Snickerdoodle$ 2.25
Carrot-Zucchini Walnut Muffin$ 3.95

Coffee Shop Menu

Coffee ShopSmall – 12ozLarge – 16oz
Traditional Bullet Coffee$ 6.00$ 8.00
Vegan Bullet Coffee$ 6.00$ 8.00
Lavender Vanilla Latté$ 4.50$ 5.95
Cinnamon Oat Latté$ 4.75$ 6.25
Cappuccino$ 4.00$ 5.50
Latté$ 4.00$ 5.50
Americano$ 3.00$ 4.00
La Colombe Coffee$ 2.75$ 3.25
Iced La Colombe Coffee$ 3.00$ 3.50

Warming Beverages Menu

Hot Ginger Tonic$ 2.75
Earl Grey Bullet Tea 12oz$ 6.00
Earl Grey Bullet Tea 16oz$ 8.00
Mighty Leaf Hot Tea 12oz$ 2.75
Mighty Leaf Hot Tea 16oz$ 3.25

Cooling Beverages Menu

Recess Hemp Beverage$ 5.95
Oli Pop$ 3.95
Heywell$ 3.95
Pineapple Fresca$ 3.95
Cucumber Mint$ 3.95
Ginger Mint Chia$ 3.95
Strawberry Lemonade$ 3.95
Lavender Lemonade$ 3.95
Charcoal Lemonade$ 3.95
Classic Lemonade$ 3.95
Hibiscus Iced Tea$ 3.95
Green Iced Tea$ 3.95
Black Iced Tea$ 3.95
Diet Coke$ 2.25
Marin Kombucha$ 5.00
San Pellegrino$ 3.25
GIVN Bottled Water$ 2.25
Orange Juice$ 3.50
Organic Apple Juice$ 3.50

Home LYFE Smoothie Kits Menu

Avocado Berry Kit$ 6.95
Blue Berry Oat Kit$ 6.95
Kale Banana Ginger Kit$ 6.95
Silver Bullet Kit$ 6.95

Add Utensils Menu

Add Utensils$ 0.50

A Little History of Lyfe Kitchen

Lyfe Kitchen Menu Prices
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It was in the year 2011, that Mike Roberts, the former president of McDonald founded the Lyfe Kitchen. He along with Stephen Sidewell and Mike Donahue went on to expand their business idea and created a sample menu by 2010 in March.

The owners also launched the Lyfe Kitchen to sell numerous trans-fat-free frozen items through Amazon, Safeway, Publix, and Target.

However, due to the undisclosed investment by the Carlisle Corporation, the headquarters was shifted from a location in Chicago to Memphis.

Lyfe Kitchen started with the concept of maintaining efficiency in electricity, food waste, recycling, and air quality. Currently, Lyfe Kitchen operates in Palo Alto, Chicago, and Memphis, Illinois.

Why not dive into some of the scrumptious food items? Let’s leave the history and look into what Lyfe Kitchen has in store for you!

Must Try Items at Lyfe Kitchen

Must Try Items at Lyfe Kitchen

Start your day with the perfection of an incredible quality breakfast. The vibe you get here, I don’t think you’ll get that in any other places.

Thus, catch the wave of deliciousness with Lyfe Kitchen’s signature breakfast and all-starter menu.

Everything mentioned below is under your budget and you won’t be disappointed in choosing from the Lyfe Kitchen’s menu.

1. Grand Sandwich

Hungry for a sandwich? Then this Grand Sandwich will surely crave your instant hunger. It comes with crispy grilled bacon, gouda, 2 slices of eggs, a special arugula tossed in a vinaigrette of lemon, wheat ciabatta along mashed potatoes.

2. Avocado Toast

We already know how much avocado is good for health. The Avocado toast is specially hand-crafted with soft-boiled eggs, sea salt of pink Himalaya, red chili flakes, old old-world-fashioned bread by the Ideal Bakery. This toast is a must when you visit Lyfe Kitchen.

3. Classic Breakfast

Ready to savor the classic breakfast? One of the favorite breakfast meals among the crowd. You’ll get two sunny-side-up eggs, applewood smoked bacon, and different pieces of chicken sausages with gluten-free mashed potatoes.

4. Mighty Breakfast Burrito

To all the vegan-eating people, this mighty breakfast burrito will serve you well with boiled eggs, tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, chipotle aioli, wheat tortillas, and shredded cheddar cheese. It is also stuffed with local tofu to make it more appealing and delicious.

5. Silver Bullet Smoothie

A healthy smoothie can curb your hunger and it should be a priority. It is loaded with almond butter, organic nibs of cocoa, pieces of bananas, dates, organic seeds of hemp, and cold brew almond milk. You are going to get it for free of dairy, gluten, and tree nuts.

Lyfe Kitchen’s Secret Menu

Unfortunately, Lyfe Kitchen hasn’t come up with any secret menu. The customers are already exposed to its fine breakfast menu and starters.

However, considering the limited number of food offerings, Lyfe Kitchen still hasn’t announced a secret menu. Once I get any declaration from their part related to a secret menu, you’ll be the first one to get notified.

How to Order Online From Lyfe Kitchen?

Lyfe Kitchen Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:-

Lyfe Kitchen likes to wake up and bake. It has been serving people for a decade now.

With the upcoming technology and progressive growth in social media, people are now becoming more aware of online ordering or home delivery services.

However, Lyfe Kitchen is a one-stop destination where only takeaways and dine-in services are available.

Now, you can order online from Lyfe Kitchen with the help of Ubereats and Postmates. You can even order online from their official website.

FAQs Related to the Lyfe Kitchen Menu

Can you have dinner at Lyfe Kitchen?

No, there are no options for opting for dinner at Lyfe Kitchen as it only provides fresh breakfast early in the morning.

What are the different kinds of coffee you can order at Lyfe Kitchen?

You can order oat milk mocha, latte, hot coffee, cinnamon oat latte, vanilla matcha latte, and lavender vanilla latte.

Can you order smoothies at Lyfe Kitchen?

Yes, there are incredible and delicious options of smoothies available at Lyfe Kitchen.

Which is the most ordered breakfast at Lyfe Kitchen? 

The classic breakfast loaded with bacon and chicken sausages is the most ordered meal for breakfast.

Are there any food items for vegan people at Lyfe Kitchen?

Yes, there are different kinds of vegetarian food items available for vegan-eating people.

Are Lyfe Kitchen menu prices affordable?

Yes, Lyfe Kitchen menu prices are affordable.

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