Ming Moon Menu With Prices [May 2024 Updated]

Chinese cuisine is renowned worldwide for its delicious aromatic flavors and textures. Ming Moon is popular in many cities for authentic Chinese fare with contemporary twists. Are you curious to explore the Ming Moon menu with prices? Keep reading to discover their extensive menu and prices below.

Ming Moon Menu With Prices

Ming Moon Menu everymenuprices
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Lunch Monday – Sunday (12 pm – 5 pm)

Child (under 1.4m)£4.99

Dinner – Sunday – Thursday (5 pm – 11 pm)

Child (under 1.4m)£7.99

Dinner – Friday – Saturday (5 pm-11 pm)

Adult £15.99
Child (under 1.4m)£7.99

Takeaway Box Monday – Sunday (5 pm – 2 am)

Child (under 1.4m)£9.99

A Little History of Ming Moon

Ming Moon Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Ming Moon’s Facebook

Cecilia Chiang, a legendary chef who introduced Cal-Chinese cuisine to America, established Ming Moon in 1993 in San Francisco.

Since then, Ming Moon has expanded to multiple locations across California and Seattle, elevating Dim Sum dining with premium ingredients and meticulous preparations.

The name ‘Ming Moon’ derives from Chiang’s desire to reunite Ming Dynasty court cuisine with modern flavors under the moonlight.

Now, led by Chefs Devin Padilla and Brandon Jew, Ming Moon continues Chiang’s vision of creating East-meets-West culinary magic.

Must Try Items at Ming Moon

Must Try Items at Ming Moon

With so many delectable dishes populating the Ming Moon menu, zeroing in on a few must-tries can be challenging. However, these favorites are sure to please any palate:

1. Dungeness Crab Fried Rice

This luxurious appetizer features lovely and tender chunks of Dungeness crab meat mixed into fragrant fried rice cooked with dayboat seafood.

Shiitake mushrooms and tender eggs add savory umami flavors and textures to the indulgent rice, making it a highlight of the Ming Moon menu.

2. Peking Duck

A signature Cantonese classic, Ming Moon’s Peking Duck is skillfully roasted so the skin achieves an incredibly crisp texture while keeping the meat tender and moist.

Diners enjoy thin slices of roast duck, perfect for rolling up in soft steamed buns with julienne scallions and sweet hoisin sauce, creating a truly decadent bite. The caramelized duck skin is often savored at the end, either on its own or paired with scallion pancakes.

3. Claypot Chicken Rice

In this comforting one-pot meal, chicken and Asian mushrooms braise slowly in the aromatic broth of chicken fat rice cooked in a traditional clay pot.

The earthenware vessel allows the flavors to marry while keeping the chicken moist naturally and the rice creamy. It’s the epitome of mingling flavors in a cozy package.

4. Xiao Long Bao

Requiring expertise to craft, Ming Moon’s renowned soup dumplings are gently wrapped in the thinnest possible wrappers around a delicately seasoned pork and broth filling.

Bite into one, and the hot liquid injects flavor into your mouth. Many consider their Xiao Long Bao to be among the best in town.

5. Chocolate Soufflé

A decadent finale, Ming Moon’s chocolate soufflé arrives with a molten chocolate center surrounded by an airy chocolate batter shell.

The first bite sends the rich chocolate filling streaming out while the soufflé remains impossibly light. It’s nothing short of indulgent bliss.

With such delectable samples, it’s no wonder Ming Moon continues captivating foodies with their diverse Ming Moon menu selections.

Ming Moon’s Secret Menu

While Ming Moon is rightly proud of their elegant dishes, fans know to ask about “specials” for lesser-seen gems. Rumoured secret menu picks include:

  • Hand-Pulled Laksa Noodles: Thin rice noodles are gently pulled by hand, then nestled in a creamy coconut curry broth sprinkled with plump shrimp and tender chicken. With each slurp, ginger, lemongrass, and lime flavors enhance the broth’s warmth.
  • Prawn Toast Deviled eggs: Crunchy prawn salad peeks out of adorable toast cup containers, reminiscent of grandma’s tea party eats. Or try the Korean fried egg twist – a runny yolk encased in a light tempura batter coating. Either bite packs the perfect balance of flavors and textures into one cute package.
  • Wintermelon Soup: Snowy meatballs of winter melon float with plump shrimp and crisp ginger slivers, cooling and refreshing the palate. Sip slowly to prolong that relaxed feeling.

Availability varies, so inquire passionately with your server for potential surprises beyond the printed Ming Moon menu!

How to Order Online From Ming Moon?

Ming Moon Order Online everymenuprices
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For those seeking the complete Ming Moon experience at home, online ordering through delivery apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub offers many Ming Moon locations.

Select your neighborhood eatery, filter through their extensive Ming Moon menu with prices marked, and then checkout for contactless drop-off.

Ming Moon’s website can also place orders for pickup. However you have to access it, Ming Moon’s menu will satisfy any craving!

FAQs Related to the Ming Moon’s Menu

What are Ming Moon’s most popular dim sum items?

The irresistible xiao long bao and Peking duck buns reign supreme.

Is the entire Ming Moon menu priced, or do some items vary?

While most prices are fixed, premium seafood or specials may fluctuate slightly based on market costs.

Can I customize or make substitutions for Ming Moon dishes?

The restaurant typically sets ingredients for most regular menu items, but it usually accommodates alterations for dietary needs.

Does Ming Moon offer kids’ meals?

Yes, for young patrons, smaller portions of favorites like chicken fried rice or noodles are $9 each.

What payment methods do they accept?

Ming Moon takes most major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, cash, or contactless through delivery platforms.

Are Ming Moon Menu Prices affordable?

Yes, Ming Moon Menu Prices are affordable.

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