Bareburger Menu With Prices (US) – 2024

Whether you crave burgers, bowls, or shareables, this article includes must-try options when exploring the Bareburger menu with prices. Bareburger is known for its wholesome, sustainable menu featuring ethically sourced ingredients.

To choose your perfect item at affordable rates, it’s important to understand Bareburger’s extensive menu with prices. Dive in to discover your new favorite meal or refuel post-workout while supporting a brand with a conscience.

Bareburger Menu With Prices

Dilly Chick Sandwich
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Vegan Burgers Menu

Beyond Burger$13.63

Top Menu Items Menu

Be My Burger$11.54
American Burger$12.20
The Standard Burger$11.94
The Original$13.99

Bowls & Salads Menu

Caesar Salad$14.54
Kobb Salad$17.54
Brussel Bowl$16.95
Southwestern Salad$19.95
Moroccan Bowl$19.59
Cali Bowl$17.54
Small Kobb Salad$11.54
Small Caesar Salad$9.54
Small Cali Bowl$11.54

Burgers Menu

Supreme Burger$15.45
Farmstead Burger$10.98
El Matador Burger$13.90
Buckaroo Burger$14.93
Guadalupe Burger$11.01
So Cal Burger$12.81
Socal Burger$12.99
The Duke$15.99
Flamin’ Bacon Burger$13.94
Golden State$13.99
Paul Bunyan Burger$15.92
The Duchess$14.99
Wake Up Call$13.99
Big Bopper$14.99
The Rambler$10.99

Burgers & Sandwiches Menu

Blazin’ Bacon$15.00
Classic Chix$12.95
The National$16.48
Dilly Chick$13.00
My Sunshine$12.22
Impossible Standards$14.95
Sweet Bison Blues$18.22
Loaded BLT$11.99
Impossible Shrooming$15.95
Cilantro Black Bean$12.22
So Co$14.48
Southern Chix$12.95

Shares Menu

French Fries$6.63
Popcorn Chicken w/ Buttermilk Ranch$14.14
Cauliflower Bites$10.98
Chicken Fingers$11.98
Pickle Chips$10.33
Sweet Fries$8.93
Honey Brussels$12.15
Onion Rings$9.92
Macho Fries$11.98
Share French Fries$7.88
Share Sweet Fries$10.20
Rings and Fries$9.96
Goin Back to Cauli$13.15
Share Truffle Fries$9.90
Super Duper Loaded Fries$16.95
Share Bacon Cheese Fries$11.95
Share Fries/Sweet Fries$10.15

Single Burgers Menu

Single Be My Burger$9.75
Single Standard$10.35
Single The National$12.35
Single Sweet Bison Blues$12.95
Single So Co$10.35
Single Elkasaurus$12.35

Vegan Shares Menu

French Fries Vegan$6.99
Crispy Brussels Sprouts$9.98
Sweet Fries Vegan$8.99
Scott’s Waffles$11.98

Bareburger Menu

Blazin Bison Burger$15.10

Greens Menu

Entree Guapo Chop$9.22
Entree Classic Caesar$13.00
Guapo Chop Salad$6.94
The Hudson Salad$6.99
Entree Hudson$9.41
Side Classic Caesar$8.00
Bare Caesar Salad$5.99
Cali Fresh$9.07
Cali Fresh Salad$6.99
Entree Bare Caesar$9.91
Side Guapo Chop$6.99
El Catrin$8.01
Side Bare Caesar$5.99

Sides Menu

Side French Fries$4.82
Side Sweet Fries$6.23
Side Rings and Fries$5.95
Side Fries/Sweet fries$6.63
Side Onion Rings$6.42
Waffle Fries$5.27
Side Salad$5.30
Side Dill Pickles$3.97
Dill Pickles$3.86
Side Rings and Sweet Fries$6.99
Sweet Pickles$3.97
Side Baby Green Salad$4.99
Side Sweet Pickles$3.97
Baby Green Salad$4.89
Side Sweet and Regular Fries$5.99
Chips & Guac$3.99

Picked For You Menu

Impossible Burger$14.65

Sandwiches Menu

Buttermilk Buffalo Sandwich$12.67
Triple Decker BLT$13.99
California BLT Sandwich$13.68
Penn Station$11.02
Santa Fe$11.96
Spicy Ranch$14.18
Impossible Melt$13.99
Mission Viejo$11.99
The Berk$11.99

Don’t Forget The Kids Menu

Panda w/ Buttermilk Ranch$9.95

Drinks Menu

20 oz. Soda$3.50

Sweets Menu

Carrot Cake$7.95
Choco Lovin Cake$7.95

Shakes Menu

Be My Milkshake$9.70
Salted Caramel Milkshake$11.95
Banana Foster Milkshake$9.48
Mint Cookies N’ Cream Milkshake$9.99
Mix Your Flavors Milkshake$7.94

Cubby Meals Menu

Kid’s Grizzly Cubby Meal$8.99
Kid’s Koala Cubby Meal$8.99
Kid’s Panda Cubby Meal$8.99
Kid’s Teddy Cubby Meal$10.99
Kid’s Kodiak Cubby Meal$8.99
Kid’s Polar Cubby Meal$8.99

Vegan Cubby Meals Menu


Vegan Sides Menu

Side French Fries Vegan$3.99
Side Sweet Fries Vegan$5.99
Side Sweet and Fries$5.99
Side Baby Green Salad Vegan$4.99

Milk Shakes Menu

BYO Shake$7.99
Banana Foster$9.99

Vegan Milkshakes Menu

BYO Shake Vegan$7.99
Mint Chocolate Cookies and Cream$9.99

Bare Sweets Menu

Chunkay Monkae$9.99
Kid’s Sundae$5.30
Vegan Carrot Cake$8.96
Flourless Chocolate Cake$8.99

Beverages Menu

Organic Lemonades$3.88
GIVN Bottled Water$2.97

A Little History of Bareburger

Bareburger Inside everymenuprices
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Founded in 2002 by siblings Andy and Julie Matt in Brooklyn, New York, Bareburger started as a closet-sized kitchen in a music venue.

Their fresh, artisanal burgers soon attracted a strong following. Despite opening their first 40-seat restaurant amid the 2008 recession, the Matts believed in their clean, sustainable vision.

Today, Bareburger operates over 50 locations across the Northeast and California. They source ingredients from trusted purveyors and farms, committing to transparency.

Whether vegan, gluten-free, or want comfort food, the diverse menu has something for all dietary preferences. Bareburger truly lives up to its motto – “Mindful Menu, Feel Good Food.”

Must-Try Items at Bareburger

Must-Try Items at Bareburger

A few standouts always catch my eye when browsing the diverse and drool-inducing Bareburger menu. From juicy burgers to globally-inspired bowls, these dishes will surely please even the pickiest of eaters.

And the best part is that they’re all incredibly affordable for the high-quality ingredients. Browsing the Bareburger menu with prices, these standouts are worth every penny:

1. Supreme Burger

For the ultimate indulgence, two grass-fed beef patties layered with melty cheese, garlic aioli, onion rings, and chopped fries.

2. The National Burger

This iconic burger stacks two grass-fed patties with melty cheddar, crispy bacon, and a burst of pickle flavor. A specialty sauce brings it all together in burger bliss.

3. Sweet Bison Blues

Treat your taste buds to hearty bison blended with smoky bacon, rich blue cheese, and a jammy onion compote. Bold yet balanced flavors you’ll want to savor.

4. Impossible Shrooming

Even meat-eaters will love this juicy plant-based patty topped with sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and a zing of jalapeño barbecue sauce.

5. Spicy Bacon Chix

Get your chicken fix Nashville-style with crispy bacon, melty Swiss, and a spicy, tangy pickle. Cool ranch dressing ties it together.

6. Moroccan Salad

A filling feast featuring grilled chicken, cauliflower rice, crispy chickpeas, and a harissa dressing worth returning for seconds.

7. Goin’ Back to Cauli

Light and crispy tempura cauliflower bites earn their keep with a clever jalapeño barbecue dipping sauce.

Bareburger’s Secret Menu

While Bareburger doesn’t advertise unofficial options, asking servers nicely may score unique twists on classics. Some reported secret Bareburger menu items include:

  • Pesto Cavatappi with Caramelized Onions and Garlic: Loaded ribbon pasta with juicy sautéed onions and minced garlic for extra flavor.
  • Three Cheese Tortelloni Rosa with additions: The classic cheese-filled pasta is taken to the next level with spinach, mushrooms, or artichokes.
  • Wagyu Steakburger: A decadent 100% Wagyu beef patty that melts in your mouth with intense flavor and buttery fat marbles throughout.

How to Order Online From Bareburger?

Bareburger Order Online everymenuprices
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Bareburger makes it so easy to satisfy your cravings from the comfort of your home. They partner with several popular delivery apps to bring their wholesome, tasty menu to your doorstep.

You can use their online ordering system on the Bareburger website or fire up apps like Uber Eats or Grubhub on your phone to start browsing.

Once you know you’re in the mood for Bareburger, head to first to pick your location. Then, you can start drooling over all the beautifully photographed dishes.

Once something catches your eye, tap “order now” and fill up your virtual cart. And then the delicious waiting game begins!

FAQs Related to the Bareburger Menu

Are Bareburger menu prices affordable?

The Bareburger menu prices are reasonable considering the high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Value-packed combos and sharing plates also allow you to taste more without overspending.

Which are the most popular items on the Bareburger menu?

According to reviews, customer favorites include the Supreme Burger, Pad Thai, Zucchini Pesto Bowl, and Korean Beef Noodles.

Does Bareburger have options for special diets?

Most definitely. Their menu accommodates vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly diners with tagged items and dietary charts specifying components.

Are Bareburger’s sides and salads filling?

Side portions are generous. Salads like the Grilled Chicken Caesar can also pass as a main depending on your appetite. They offer hearty, satisfying fare for any meal.

Can I customize my order on the Bareburger menu?

Yes, barebrurger’s website and app allow mixing and matching proteins, sauces, and add-ons to make your meal unique even before you take your first bite!

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