Miss Maud Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

The beautiful-looking pies, cakes, and pastries will surely attract your attention towards Miss Maud. A savory treat should be a must for you and your presence is highly appreciated at Miss Maud. Without any delay, grab Miss Maud menu with prices given below to satisfy your sweet appetite.

It has been built to cater to the sweet needs of its loyal fans and Miss Maud’s menu has been organized in such a way that it meets every expectation of the customers.

However, the online menu may have slight variations in its prices compared to the menu you’ll find at the store.

But don’t worry, you can trust us as we have researched well and listed down the details of Miss Maud. So, hold your budget and check at Miss Maud for an exclusive sweet treat.

Miss Maud Menu With Prices

Miss Maud Menu And Prices everymenuprices.com
Image Credit:- Miss Maud’s Instagram

Featured Items Menu

Sausage Roll$7.95
Curried Egg Picnic Sandwich$8.95
Swedish Meatballs And Mash$23.95
Big Salad Sandwich$10.95

Breakfast Menu

Avocado, Goats Cheese and Poached Eggs on Ciabatta$24.00
Eggs Benedict$23.95
Spinach And Mushroom Omelette$23.65
Eggs Benedict with Salmon$26.30
Ham And Cheese Omelette$23.65
Eggs Florentine$22.95
Big Breakfast$25.95
Bacon & Eggs$21.95
Eggs on Toast$16.30
Fruit Toast$8.40

Lunch Menu

Beef Lasagna And Salad$22.85
Plant-Based Burger$16.95
Swedish Meatballs and Mash$23.95
Soup and Roll$19.95
Ham and Cheese Omelette$23.65
Spinach and Mushroom Omelette$22.85
Caesar Salad$20.10
Cajun Chicken Salad$22.85
Gourmet Salad$21.95
Club Sandwich$19.75
Smoked Salmon Bagel$19.65
Chicken and Avocado Bagel$19.60
BLT Turkish Bread$20.95
Chicken and Avocado Turkish Bread$20.70
Tuna Melt$19.60

Sandwiches, Baguettes, and Rolls Menu

Norseman Baguette$9.75
Chicken and Avocado Baguette$12.50
Continental Baguette$12.95
Curried Egg Picnic Sandwich$8.65
Chicken and Bacon Picnic Sandwich$12.95
Ham and Egg Picnic Sandwich$10.75
Mixed Picnic Sandwich$12.95
Norseman Sandwich$10.75
Creamy Egg Sandwich$9.95
Curried Egg Sandwich$9.95
Chicken Cheese and Avocado Toasted Sandwich$14.50
Ham and Cheese Toasted Sandwich$11.95
Bacon and Egg Toasted Sandwich$12.95

Warm Savoury Pies And Rolls Menu

Beef Pie$9.20
Chunky Steak Pie$9.95
Shepherds Pie$9.55
Steak and Mushroom Pie$9.55
Sausage Roll$7.95
Beef and Vegetable Pastie$8.85
Tomato Sauce Sachet$0.85

Individual Cake Slices Menu

Carrot Cake Slice$6.80
Dutch Apple Slice$6.05
Hazlenut Ruffle$7.95
Lemon Tart$5.20
Strawberry Flan$9.85
Princess Slice$8.65
Vanilla Slice$7.30
Chocolate Goodness Slice (Vegan)$5.20
Lola Raw Ball$7.60
Mr Nosey Novelty$5.10
Gingerbread Man$5.65
Chocolate Brownie$7.15
Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie$4.30

Whole Tortas And Cakes Menu

Chocolate Goodness (Vegan)$43.50
Chocolate Mudcake$43.50
Black Forrest$43.50
Princess Torta$43.50
Lemon Torta$43.50
French Chocolate$43.50
Happy Birthday Tortette$18.95
Happy Birthday Chocolate Greeting Plaque$7.95

Hot Beverages Menu

Chai LAtte$5.65
Flat White$5.35
Long Black$4.65
Short Macchiato$4.95
Long Macchiato$5.65
Hot Chocolate$5.35

Cold Beverages Menu

Iced Coffee$9.95
Iced Chocolate$9.50
Kids Milkshake$6.50
Chocolate Milk 600mL$5.55
Soft Drink$4.60
Red Bull$5.85
Mt Franklin Sparkling$4.45
Fuze Iced Tea$5.65

Packets of Biscuits Menu

Flying Dutchman Biscuit Packet$11.95
Shortbread Biscuit Packet$11.95

Retail Menu

1kg Miss Maud Coffee Beans$48.85
200g Miss Maud Coffee Beans$12.75
Miss Maud Travel Mug$16.95

A Little History of Miss Maud

Miss Maud Menu Prices everymenuprices.com
Image Credit:- tripadvisor.com

The owner Maud Edmiston founded Miss Maud in 1971, who was a Swedish immigrant. Earlier, the owner established a pastry and bakery house near City, Arcade, Perth.

It was created to resemble the pastry shop near her hometown in Stockholm. And, soon realized to open a bakery store.

Thus, Maud Edison founded the Miss Maud in 1973 to serve the locals in the town. Also, she opened a private hotel at her address.

The restaurant got incredible recognition and thus, built its first pastry house near Westfield shopping centre in 2003. However, it was closed as the owner didn’t like the interstate rivalry and the travel journey between the two stores.

It has been an interesting and popular place that serves sweet treats and even served notable guests like Prime Minister Paul Keating, Queen Silvia of Sweden, King Carl XVI, Queen Elizabeth, and many more.

What a wonderful journey for Miss Maud! Let’s expand our thoughts and cravings and dive into Miss Maud’s menu items below that you can try at Miss Maud.

Must Try Items at Miss Maud

Must Try Items at Miss Maud

I know you’ve already checked enough of Miss Maud menu prices given above to get an idea of what they offer.

Well, it’s becoming irresistible now, isn’t it? So let’s check out some of the delicious items and Miss Maud’s special curated recipes below.

And it’s our responsibility to share everything under your budget. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about the affordability at Miss Maud.

1. Santaland Cupcake Platter (Small)

These newly launched cute cupcakes are colorfully delicious. The chocolate cupcakes are made with gluten-free ingredients and topped with an icing swirl of vanilla. You’re surely gonna love it as it comes with various edible toppings.

2. Ribbon Gourmet Sandwiches

When at Miss Maud can you take a chance to miss out on this delicious treat of sandwich? Ribbon Gourmet Sandwiches are simply amazing as it has fillings of crustless cut, swiss and ham cheese, mustard, tomatoes, cranberry, smoked salmon, and cajun chicken.

3. Party Wraps Combo

These deliciously looking party wraps are a fantastic treat. These mouth-watering freshly looking wraps are a perfect combination of tuna, curried eggs, ham, seeded mustards, cheesy and creamy eggs, snow peas, and chicken with crunchy lettuces.

4. White Christmas Torta

The stylish white Christmas torta is an excellent choice for a fresh Christmas celebration. The scrumptious-looking texture gives an elegant vanilla flavor. This spongy cake with custard cream and raspberries as fillings makes the cake simply perfect. And the white chocolate curls are a cherry on top!

5. Va Voom Drip Cake

This type of drip cake is absolutely a hit at any party. The cake has a lovely vanilla flavor with mirror gel drip on the cake. Va Va Voom drip cake will surely gonna blow your mind with its white chocolate flavor.

Miss Maud’s Secret Menu

Miss Maud’s Secret Menu

Unfortunately, Miss Maud’s secret menu isn’t out. The original menu provides incredible food items that excel in every way.

However, it has a lot of catering and cakes that enable the customers to enjoy and relish. But don’t lose hope, it’s surely gonna come up with a secret menu that will blow your mind.

How to Order Online from Miss Maud?

Miss Maud is as popular as any bakery brand around the city. And ordering online from Miss Maud wouldn’t be an issue as it provides an easy method to order online.

You can order your favorite sweet cakes, tortas, and combos then follow the link to their website. Otherwise, you can opt to order food from Miss Maud with the help of Ubereats.

Hurry and don’t miss out on the exciting chance to get your favorite cakes in the comfort of your home.

FAQs Related to the Miss Maud’s Menu

What are the best cakes you can order?

The Va va voom drip cake, Queen Silvia, Red Velvet, Black Forest, Chocolate Goodness, Unicorn cake, Victoria Tort, Lemon torta, and many more.

Are there salads, and sushi available at Miss Maud?

There are fresh salads, sushi, and savories available at Miss Maud.

Which is the best pie at Miss Maud?

The party beef and sausage pie are the best available items at Miss Maud.

Can you order coffee and tea from Miss Maud?

Yes, you can order coffee and tea from Miss Maud but they are available in packages.

Which is the recently launched cake at Miss Maud?

For Christmas treats, the recently launched item is the Rudolphina cake.

Are Miss Maud menu prices affordable?

Yes, Miss Maud menu prices are affordable.

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