Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill Menu Prices [February 2024]

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Wanna get lively with Mexican food? Then try out Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill’s delicious foods that will leave you feeling fresh and healthy. Get set with Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill menu prices given below to choose the right dishes and get the most out of your life!

This multinational chain of restaurants has a popular selection of fresh dishes that have seasonal ingredients.

However, Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill’s menu might not be the same as the hard copy you see online. To get the right menu then do check out their recently published menu.

A casual restaurant like this one requires your time and attention and that’s why I have listed down the details of the restaurant’s Ohio, US location. And next time it won’t be a problem for you while opting for the best foods.

Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill Menu Prices

Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill’s Instagram

Appetizers Menu

Avacado Chimichangas$10.69
Asada Fries$11.69
Avocado Fries$11.39
Bean Dip$6.59
Carnitas Nachos Supreme$14.89
Cheese Dip$4.45
Cheese Fries$8.79
Fried Cauliflower$7.49
Fried Zucchini$5.25
Gelo’s Deep Fry Quesadillas$13.49
Jalapeno Poppers$9.19
Nachos Supreme$10.29
Platanos Fritos$7.49
Spinach Dip$8.25

Soups & Salads Menu

Avocado Soup$8.29
Avocado Soup$8.29
Grilled Marinated Chicken Salad$8.89
House Salad$5.15
Tortilla Soup$7.79

Fajitas Menu

Beef Fajita$17.49
Chicken Fajita$16.99
Marinated Chicken Fajita$17.49
Molcajete Cielo Mary Tierra$22.49
Shrimp Fajitas$22.39
Texas Fajitas$18.49

Vegeterian Menu

Fresh Spinach Mushroom & Mushroom Quesadilla$10.49
Vegeterian Fajitas$12.79
Black Bean Chimichanga$11.49
Fresh Avocado Burrito$11.49
Panela Cheese Taco Platter$13.69

Specialities Menu

Barbaccoa Burritos$13.29
Big Mama Chimichanga$11.99
Burritos Mexicanos$12.69
Cazula’s Bowls$13.49
Chimichanga Supremas$14.49
Quesabirria Tacos$14.49
Tacos Ahogados$11.29
Tres Marias$12.59

Tacos Menu

Pacifico Shrimp$4.55
Asada Taco$4.25
Baja Fish$4.55
Barbacoa Taco$4.25
Campechano Taco$4.25
Carnitas Taco$4.25
Diablo Fire Habanero (Spicy) Taco$4.25
Fried Chicken Tacos$4.25
Ground Beef Taco$4.25
Panela Cheese Taco$4.25
Papas Con Chorizo$4.25
Pastor Taco$4.25
Pollo Marinado$4.25
Shredded Chicken Taco$4.25
Veggie Tacos$4.25

Steak Menu

Carne Asada Skillet$18.99
Steak & Shrimp$20.99
T Bone Steak$20.99

Chicken Menu

Cancun Chicken$15.99
Chori Pollo$13.49
Enchiladas Suizas$13.49
Poblano Chicken$13.49
Pollo Chiptole$13.49
Pollo Hawaiiano$13.49
Pollo Marinado$13.49
Pollo Tres Quesos$13.49
Tex-Mex Chicken$13.79

Seafood Menu

Camarones A La Diabla$16.99
Camarones Rellenos$17.79
Shrimp Cocktail$17.69
Shrimp Enchiladas$17.49
Tilapia Vallarta$16.49

Desserts Menu

Petalos De Cebolla$3.25
Deep Fried Ice Cream Chimichanga$6.00

Beverages Menu

Soft Drink$2.95
Aguas Frescas$2.95
Flavored Lemonade$3.15

Children’s Menu

Cheese Quesadilla$6.79
Chicken Fingers$6.79
Mexican Pizza$6.79

A Little History of Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill

Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill Prices everymenuprices
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Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill known by the name Mad Mex is a multinational chain of Australian restaurants headquartered in New South Wales, Sydney, and Australia. The owner Clovis Young first launched its outlet near Darlinghurst in 2007.

However, in 2019, a 50% stake was acquired by the famous 4fingers Crispy chicken company and was expected to open a number of outlets in South Asia and Singapore as well. Soon, Mad Mex opened its stores in Malaysia and Singapore.

In 2021, the owner of Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill announced that once again they have fully acquired the restaurant and it’s 100% Australian-based now. And also bought the 50% stake from Singapore through a joint venture.

How about a little more twist of deliciousness? Let’s go down below to look into some of the best food that Mad Mex has in its store for you.

Must Try Items at Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill

Must Try Items at Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill

At Mad Mex you’ll be introduced to fresh fuel for your life as you’ll get another level of deliciousness and tasteness.

The Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill menu prices given above feature some of the best food items that no one can resist. It’s that time of the year and you must have to get ready to try out these fantastic items.

1. Grande Melt

Get ready to rejoice in the handheld power of a burrito! A full, fresh, healthy, and delicious meal is all you need. It comes with beans, well-cooked rice, veggies, any choice of your fillings, salsas and sour cream. The rolling burrito is toasted to a golden crispy brown layer.

2. Nachos

I know you are thinking of these crispy nachos. When trying Mexican foods, can we ever forget about Nachos?

Well, Mad Max’s menu has a twist in its nachos treat as it comes with a stack of corn chips, and shredded cheese, topped with pico de galo, mayonnaise, and beans. Also, you can add any veggies or meat of your choice as the toppings.

3. Quesadillas

These Quesadillas should be your top choice! A little cheesy twist is all you need. It is served with special veggies or meat rancheros, tofu, onion, and capsicum as the toppings.

Also, the melted perfection is a great start to try this dish out. So get ready to serve with cool cream sauce and also your favorite salsas.

4. Tacos

Why skip tacos? You can have them right away at Mad Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill. These are the tacos greatly wrapped in soft flour of tortillas and the fillings have the nicest texture and perfection. Don’t forget to try out these amazing and healthy tacos.

5. Naked Burrito

You may be wondering what’s this naked burrito. Well, these Naked burritos are well-cooked burritos that are served with tortillas, brown rice, beans, veggies, crispy lettuce, sour creams, onions, and grilled meats in a bowl.

Mad Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill Secret Menu

Currently, we have no information regarding Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill’s secret menu. As it is best known for its high-quality Mexican food items, its loyal fans are still in a deep ray of hope for the arrival of a secret menu.

However, we never know if the impossible can be possible soon by the restaurant. Till then enjoy the freshness of the food items.

How to Order Online From Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill?

Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill Order Online everymenuprices
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As you have checked the Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill menu prices given above, i am assuming you are hungry right now.

Why not order online some delicious food from Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill? You don’t have to step outside your home and you can have their food just by sitting in the comfort of your home.

Now, there are many services available for ordering food online. You can use Doordash if you want to order online from Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill or you can even go on their official website.

FAQs Related to the Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill’s Menu

What are the cuisines available at Mad Mex?

Only freshly made Mexican foods are offered at Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill.

What is a grande melt at Mad Mex?

Grande Melt is a perfect blend of burritos. It is one of the most popular food items at Mad Mex.

What type of rice does Mad Mex use?

As you already know Mad Mex is a great eatery place for its fresh food offerings and brown rice is used in every flavor.

What are the popular dishes at Mad Mex?

The most popular dishes like quesadillas, tacos, nachos, and burritos are offered at Mad Mex.

Which is the best-selling food item at Mad Mex?

The bowl of a naked burrito is the best-selling item at Mad Mex.

Are Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill menu prices affordable?

Yes, Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill menu prices are affordable.

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