Mr. Whippy Menu With Prices (US) – 2024

As the sunny months arrive, there’s nothing more refreshing than biting into a cold, creamy scoop. For generations of Brits, memories of summer are tied to the charming jingle of an iconic ice cream van.

Pulling up the Mr. Whippy menu with prices reveals beloved treats that have stood the test of time – at prices sure to please all pockets.

Mr. Whippy Menu With Prices

Mr. Whippy Menu everymenuprices
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Vaschetta Gelato Menu

Vaschetta 1kg$ 19.00
Vaschetta 1/2 kg$ 9.50

Semifreddi Menu

Barattolino Hippo Fresh$ 5.00
Barattolino Cookies$ 5.00
Barattolino Croccante Amarena$ 5.00
Barattolino Golosello$ 5.00
Barattolino Cheese Frutti Di Bosco$ 5.00
Barattolino Croccante AI Pistacchio$ 5.00
Barattolino Cereali$ 5.00
Barattolino Bueno$ 5.00
Barattolino Merendero$ 5.00
Barattolino Cheesecake AI Pistacchio$ 5.00

Barrette Gelato Menu

Barretta Pistacchiosa$ 5.00
Barretta Snickers$ 5.00
Barretta Praline$ 5.00
Barretta Bounty$ 5.00
Barretta Bueno$ 5.00
Barretta Hippopotamo$ 5.00

Cupcakes Menu

Cupcake Pingui$ 4.00
Cupcake Oreo$ 4.00
Cupcake Bueno$ 4.00
Cupcake Kinder Cioccolato$ 4.00

Torte Monoporzione Menu

Babà Al Rum$ 3.00
Merendero Cake$ 5.00
Mono Cheesecake Pistacchio$ 3.00
Baba AL Limoncello$ 3.00
Cheesecake AI Kinder Bueno$ 5.00
Mono Delizia Di Sorrento$ 5.00
Settesensi Cake$ 3.00
Mono Tropical$ 5.00

Creme Spalmabili Menu

Mister Spalmabile Oro Nero$ 6.00
Mister Spalmabile Bueno$ 6.00
Mister Spalmabile Praline$ 6.00
Mister Spalmabile Hippo$ 6.00
Mister Spalmabile Pistacchio$ 6.00
Mister Spalmabile Nocciolotta$ 6.00

Crepes Menu

Nutella$ 4.00
Pistacchio$ 5.00
Cioccolato$ 4.00
Crepes Bianca E Nera$ 4.00

Pancakes Menu

Pancakes Happy Hippo$ 6.00
Pancakes Kinder Cioccolato$ 6.00
Pancakes Cioccolato Bianco$ 6.00
Pancakes Bueno$ 6.00
Pancakes Nutella$ 6.00
Pancakes Pistacchio$ 6.00
Pancakes Galake Pistacchio$ 6.00
Pancakes Kinder Cereali$ 6.00

Bevande Menu

Acqua Frizzante$ 1.00
Coca Cola$ 2.00
Estathè Alla Pesca$ 2.00

A Little History of Mr. Whippy

Mr. Whippy’s story begins in the UK in the 1960s. Inspired by an idea from Cadbury, the brothers first started vending 99 Flakes from a converted Commer van in Cheshire. Gracing streets with their freezie grins, popularity grew steadily.

Sadly, the founder passed in 1999, but his sons took the reins. Preserving tradition while modernizing with Mercedes vans and hygienic measures, the third generation now carries the torch. Their award-winning fleet delivers smiles country-wide.

Must-Try Items at Mr. Whippy

Must-Try Items at Mr. Whippy everymenuprices

The Mr. Whippy menu would only be complete with an evergreen Soft Serve. Here are some must-try items from the Mr. Whippy menu:

1. Cupcakes Kinder Cioccolato

Indulge your inner child with these cupcakes loaded with creamy Kinder chocolate. They top Each moist chocolate cupcake with rich Kinder chocolate ganache and mini Kinder chocolate eggs for the perfect sweet treat. At $4, this childhood throwback is a steal.

2. Barattolino Croccante Amarena

Crunch into this semifredo treat with its oat cookie crumble base and tart cherry swirl. It’s the ideal balance of textures and flavors for only $5.

3. Vaschetta (1kg)

For the ultimate ice cream experience, you can’t go wrong with the 1kg tub. With so many flavors, grab a group of friends and sample to your heart’s content. At $19, this sharable vaschetta is a sweet deal.

4. Pancakes Bueno

Indulge in the heavenly combination of fluffy pancakes, melted Bueno chocolate, and hazelnut pieces. Every bite of this stack provides a taste sensation you will remember.

5. Mister Spalmabile Pistacchio

Chefs swirl this velvety pistachio spread with crunchy pistachios throughout. Slather it on crepe pancakes, or eat it with a spoonful. At $6 a jar, we dare you not to finish it in one sitting.

6. Barretta Snickers

You’re not you when you’re hungry, so grab a Snickers ice cream bar for $5. Layers of chocolate, caramel, and peanut nougat make this a satisfying choice.

7. Semifreddo Cookies

Who can resist cookies and cream? This semifredo is loaded with crunchy cookie crumbles, sure to provide the ultimate textural experience.

Mr. Whippy’s Secret Menu

While the regular menu satisfies all, inquisitive patrons may inquire about seasonal selections.

  • The Kinder Overload: Can’t get enough of that Kinder chocolate flavor? The chefs stack the secret Kinder Overload pancakes with two melted Kinder chocolate bars and then drizzle with even more silky Kinder chocolate sauce—the ultimate chocolate experience.
  • The Pistachio Dream: Love Pistachio? This creamy pistachio gelato is swirled with chopped pistachios and homemade pistachio sauce, then topped with fluffy pistachio mousse and crumbled pistachio croquant.
  • The Rocky Road: A scoop of chocolate gelato loaded with marshmallows and crunchy walnuts, drizzled with fudge sauce. This rocky road delight is sure to satisfy your chocolate craving.

Look out for mouthwatering summer berries dressed on Mr. Whippy’s famous biscuits, freshly made each morning during English warmth.

Come autumn, spice up late nights with an indulgent salted caramel hot toddy, spiked at request. Such one-off finds keep even loyal fans coming back for more.

How to Order Online From Mr. Whippy?

Mr. Whippy Order Online everymenuprices
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If you prefer your cow’s comfort, the Mr. Whippy website lets you pre-order easily. Browse classic or creation categories, build your dream box, and check out swiftly via debit, credit, or PayPal.

For collection, select your neighborhood and preferred timeframe. The delivery team will expertly package your goodies on dry ice to survive the journey home.

Reviews praise the operator’s friendly, flawless service – a sweet way to satisfy all cravings in one click.

Another option for those short on time is third-party delivery through partners like Deliveroo. Your order will be carefully packaged on dry ice to stay frozen during transit and delivered straight to your doorstep.

FAQs Related to Mr. Whippy Menu

Are Mr. Whippy’s prices reasonable compared to other vendors?

Value is a priority. While quality remains consistent, Mr. Whippy menu prices treat pocketbooks and palates well, undercutting nearby competitors.

What are some accepted payment methods?

You can place orders online or directly from vans. They welcome all the options, such as Cash, cards, and Android/Apple Pay.

How often does the menu change?

Beloved classics stay, while limited-time seasonal surprises keep the selection fresh. Core items maintain their popularity for a good reason!

Can I customize my orders?

Absolutely. Notes can request toppings be swapped or sundaes reimagined. Creativity is encouraged.

Where can I find the menu online?

Total Mr. Whippy menu prices are available on their official site for easy reference.

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