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Finding the perfect fast-casual eatery to satisfy all cravings can seem challenging. However, with its vast array of affordable, homemade menu items, Pal’s Sudden Service has delighted customers’ taste buds for over 60 years. Continue reading further to learn more about Pal’s menu with prices.

From hearty breakfast biscuits in the morning to hot dog delights in the evening, Pal’s menu leaves no stomach unsatisfied.

So whether you’re searching for a quick bite between shifts or wishing to dine with the whole family, the delectable Pal’s menu with prices has got you covered. Let’s explore what this Southern institution has in store!

Pal’s Menu With Prices

Pal’s Menu Everymenuprices
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Picked For You Menu

Hot Dog$ 1.99
Gravy Biscuit$ 1.99
Toasted Cheese Sandwich$ 1.99
Chili Bun$ 1.99
Big Pal Burger With Cheese$ 3.79

Burgers Menu

Big Pal Burger$ 3.49
Bacon Big Pal Burger$ 4.68
Double Big Pal Burger$ 4.79
Junior Burger$ 1.94
Double Junior Burger$ 2.89
Chili Burger$ 4.19
Small Chili burger$ 2.69
Big Pal Burger With Cheese$ 3.79
Bacon Big Pal Burger With Cheese$ 4.98
Double Big Pal Burger With Cheese$ 5.09

Hot dogs Menu

Hot Dog$ 1.99
Chili Bun$ 1.99

Sandwiches Menu

Bacon Toasted Cheese Sandwich$ 3.18
Chipped Ham Sandwich$ 3.79
Toasted Cheese Sandwich$ 1.99
Big Chicken Sandwich$ 4.09
Chipped Ham With Cheese Sandwich$ 4.09

Breakfast Menu

Sausage Biscuit$ 1.29
Gravy Biscuit$ 1.99
Bacon Biscuit$ 2.08
Country Ham Biscuit$ 2.19
Butter Biscuit$ 0.89
Cheddar Round$ 1.69

Frenchie Fries Menu

Frenchie Fry$ 1.59

Beverages Menu

Sweet Tea$ 0.99
Unsweet Tea$ 0.99

Breakfast Dinner Menu

Orange Juice$ 1.79

A Little History of Pal’s

Pal’s Sudden Service, a beloved fast-food chain in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, is known for its lightning-fast drive-thrus, delicious burgers, and unique personality.

Founded in 1956, Pal’s has grown into a regional icon, with 31 locations boasting bright blue buildings and giant food replicas on their roofs.

Their dedication to quality is legendary, earning them the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2001.

Beyond delicious food, Pal’s stands out for its exceptional employee training and surprisingly low turnover. So, next time you’re craving a hot, juicy burger and a taste of Southern charm, stop by Pals for an experience you will remember.

Must-Try Items At Pal’s

Must-Try Items At Pal's

With such a wide selection, deciding what to indulge in can feel overwhelming. Here are some top picks from the Pal’s menu that customers return for time and time again:

1. Bacon Biscuit

Indulge in a hearty breakfast with this savory biscuit filled with thick bacon slices that are crispy on the outside but remain juicy.

Each generous bite combines the flavors of smoky bacon with a soft and fluffy biscuit that makes for the perfect start to your day.

2. Big Pal

Satisfy your burger craving with this classic patty piled high. A third pound of fresh beef is perfectly grilled and loaded into a toasted bun with the customary burger toppings.

You can customize it by adding melted cheese or extra bacon slices for an over-the-top burger experience that will satisfy you fully.

3. Double Junior Burger

When one burger isn’t enough, make it a double with this sandwich.

Two smaller but no less flavorful patties, cheese, veggies, and secret sauce are all sandwiched in a bun so you can savor every hearty and satisfying bite. Best of all, you won’t have to share this double delight.

4. Chipped Ham

Thinly sliced ham takes center stage in this wholesome sandwich.

Lean yet flavorful ham is offset by the crunch of lettuce and pickles alongside a spreading of mayo for richness. Each bite delivers the perfect balance of tastes and textures to energize you all day.

5. Big Chicken

This generous chicken sandwich packs plenty of protein punch.

Tender and juicy chicken is topped with melted cheese, mayo, lettuce, and tomato for a taste of Southern comfort in your hands. Spicy mustard kicks it to keep even the pickiest eaters returning for another serving.

6. Hot Dog

A neighborhood favorite since day one, this classic wiener delivers simple pleasures.

Tuck into a grilled hot dog dressed in customary mustard, onion, and chili for straightforward goodness in a bun. It’s the ideal snack any time hunger strikes.

7. Frenchie Fries

No meal is complete without a crispy side; these fries are the best. Shoestring potatoes are fried to a golden-brown hue and flavourfully seasoned so each fry tastes like a special treat.

Through dishes priced reasonably for all budgets, Pal’s menu continues attracting patrons to taste tradition. Be sure to sample these top sellers during your next visit!

Pal’s Secret Menu

While Pal’s extensive printed menu leaves little to be desired, eagle-eyed patrons have also discovered a few secret menu items. With some creativity in the kitchen, they can fulfill these specialty requests:

  • Loaded Griller Hot Dog: A hot dog topped with mac and cheese, slaw, tomatoes, and onion rings pushes the flavor profile to maximum indulgence.
  • Brisket Griller: Slow-cooked brisket piled high on a bun with barbecue sauce satisfies meat lovers.
  • Breakfast Bagel Sandwich: An everything bagel piled with eggs, cheese, and a protein like bacon creates an East Coast breakfast treat.

Ask your friendly Pal’s server about the availability of these lesser-known dishes next time hunger strikes!

How to Order Online From Pal’s?

Pal’s Order Online everymenuprices
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While nothing quite beats enjoying Pal’s casual atmosphere and in-person hospitality, ordering online offers even greater convenience.

Log onto their official website or open the Pal’s mobile app. Browse their extensive menu with prices, add items to your digital cart, and select the most seamless pickup or delivery option for your order.

Major delivery partners like Postmates, and Uber Eats also offer Pal’s choices for those wanting hot meals brought right to the door.

From breakfast to late-night cravings, Pal’s online ordering makes satisfying that suddens urge easier.

FAQs Related to Pal’s Menu

Is Pal’s menu prices affordable?

Absolutely, with items ranging from $2 breakfast biscuits to $8 family meals, there are Pal’s menu options for all budgets.

Are there kid’s meals available?

Yes, the $5 children’s plate comes with smaller portions of favorites like mac & cheese or chicken tenders.

Can you dine in, pick up, or deliver from Pal’s?

Patrons enjoy Pal’s menu via dine-in, take-out, curbside pickup, delivery, and online ordering for maximum convenience.

What times is Pal’s open?

Hours vary by location, but most serve breakfast from 6-10:30 am and are available daily from 6 am-10 pm.

Does Pal’s offer catering?

Large orders and catering options are available from their off-premise menu, perfect for any gathering.

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