Bagel Nash Menu With Prices in UK [April 2024 Updated]

Bagel Nash brings in simple yet tasty foods to ensure a joyful and healthy mood! This restaurant has some great eating options such as Salads, cakes, bagels, pastries, and many others. You can also add free pastries on every order for more than $35, but before that, you need to check out the Bagel Nash menu with prices given below.

Bagel Nash’s menu processing for going the extra mile to satisfy the loyal fans with great taste of food items. You can even try out the oven-cooked fresh and hot falafels and chicken shawarma.

I suggest you make sure that you get in touch with the restaurant to know accurate menus and hours of operation to avoid any unnecessary price variations.

Below you’ll also find some of the details about Bagel Nash in the UK location. To make it even easier you must visit the restaurant for some excellent bakery stuff!

Bagel Nash Menu With Prices

Bagel Nash Menu And Prices everymenuprices
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Breakfast Bagels Menu

Bagel with a Choice of Spreads (v)£2.35
Smoked Salmon & Egg£6.15
Big Breakfast£6.15
Bacon Bagel£4.95
Bacon & Egg£5.55
Sausage Bagel£4.95
Sausage & Egg£5.55
Hash Browns£1.99

BYO Bagel Menu

BYO Bagel£2.19

Seafood Bagels Menu

Salmon and avocado bagel£5.75
The Classic£5.65
Tuna Melt Bagel£5.75
Tuna Mayo Bagel£5.15

Veggie & Vegan Bagels Menu

Vegan Bagel£5.25
Halloumi melt£5.65
Falafel & Houmous£5.55

Deli Bagels Menu

Salt Beef Melt£5.95
Ham & Cheese£5.15
Chicken Club£6.15
Chicken and avo£5.55
Chicken Cesar£5.55

Crisp & Popcorn Menu

Propercorn Sea Salt£1.45
Propercorn Sweet And Salty£1.45
Tyrrells Sea Salt£1.45
Tyrrells Crisps Sweet Chilli£1.45
Tyrrells Mature Cheddar And Chive£1.45
Tyrrells Veg Crisps£1.45

Snacks Menu

Caramel Donut£1.95
Chocolate Donut£1.95
Triple Chocolate Muffin£2.35
Blueberry Muffin£2.35
Choco Chunck Cookie£1.69
Oat Raisin And Sicilian Lemon Cookie£1.69
Chocolate Brownie£2.45
Millionaire Shortbread£2.45
Belgian Chocolate Cake£3.25

Cold Drinks Menu

Harrogate Still Water£1.95
Harrogate Sparkling Water£1.95
Glaceu Smart Sparkling Water£2.25
Glaceu Smart Water Still£2.25
Innocent Apple Juice£3.15
Innocent Orange Juice£3.15
Sprite Can£1.89
Coke Can£1.89
Coke Zero Can£1.89
Diet Coke Can£1.89
Dr Pepper Can£1.89
San Pellegrino Lemon£1.99
San Pellegrino Rossa£1.99

A Little History of Bagel Nash

Bagel Nash Menu With Prices everymenuprices
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Bagel Nash is known for its great food service which was founded in 1997, by Uri and Karen Mirzah in Leeds. It began selling the best bagels of all time.

Later on, it produced around 20 million hand-crafted bagels to be the first to sell such huge quantities in the UK and other parts of the country.

As a popular Canadian-owned restaurant, it has currently three locations that serve delicious bagels and cakes.

Initially, it had no plans to sell cakes for special occasions but soon started off selling birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, wedding cakes, and other specialty cakes.

Besides Bagel Nash, it also has a special French Patisserie store called Le Delice Fine Cakes. And here you’ll find every type of cake that is mentioned above.

Let me treat you to exceptional bagels below!

Must Try Items at Bagel Nash

Must Try Items at Bagel Nash

At Bagel Nash, you’ll be introduced to extra special treats and delicious foods. You can’t unturn the opportunity once you get hold of the basic bagels.

And everything they provide includes some very well-known ingredients. If you want to visit the restaurant, you must check out Bagel Nash menu prices.

1. Breakfast Deluxe Sandwich

At Bagel Nash, breakfast is too tempting! Try out this Deluxe Sandwich recipe that has chef’s specialties. It has a filling of fried eggs, turkey bacon, swiss cheese, loaded veggies, and poppy seed onion buns. Once you have this there’s no chance of denying it later!

2. Shawarmas

Hand up for these delightful shawarmas and hummus. A Mediterranean-style cooked chicken shawarma is all you need. When you visit this amazing place, don’t forget to try it or else you’ll miss out on the best.

3. Falafel

The freshly made falafel from special ingredients will make you jump in excitement. Try out this delicious recipe as it’s one of the most ordered dishes at Bagel Nash. Served hot and delicious!

4. Roasted Bagels

You have got to try this mouth-watering and delightful recipe. The roasted beef, everything is about bagel, crunchy lettuce, red onions, pickles, and signature special sauce. Find a seat at Bagel Nash and smash the bagels.

5. Frothy Hot Chocolate

For cold winter mornings, Frothy Hot Chocolate is a go-to drink. Cooler morning requires more of a warm and hot chocolate. Bagel Nash invited you to join its special treat that will make you feel over the moon!

Bagel Nash’s Secret Menu

The restaurant deals with different types of bagels, sandwiches, pastries, and salads with limited options. Thus, considering the limited choice, it hasn’t declared a secret menu yet.

You can also come across the hidden menus soon. Be hopeful always! And don’t forget to indulge yourself with the delightful bagels at Bagel Nash.

How to Order Online From Bagel Nash?

How to Order Online From Bagel Nash?
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Have you ever wondered about a home delivery facility? Well, Bagel Nash is serving right at your doorstep. And everything you’ll get under the budget without any hassle. Try out your favorite bagels, pastries, sandwiches, and salads from Bagel Nash.

You can also visit Bagel Nash’s official website or find your favorite foods listed from partnered delivery companies like Deliveroo.

FAQs Related to Bagel Nash’s Menu

Are the pastries available gluten-free at Bagel Nash?

All the cakes, pastries, and bagels available are sugar-free and gluten-free.

Does Bagel Nash offer other food items?

At Bagel Nash you will find different types of food items such as salads, coffees, teas, cakes, sandwiches, and many more.

What are the best bagels offered at Bagel Nash?

Some of the best bagels offered are-, Rye Bagels, marble bagels, Jalapeno Bagels, pumpernickel bagels, and multigrain bagels.

Can you order sandwiches and salads at Bagel Nash?

Yes, sandwiches and salads of various kinds are offered at Bagel Nash.

Which is the most famous Salad offered at Bagel Nash?

One of the most famous salads offered at Bagel Nash is Nova Lo.

Is breakfast available at Bagel Nash?

Yes, at Bagel Nash you’ll get a variety of options for breakfast.

Are Bagel Nash menu prices affordable?

Yes, Bagel Nash menu prices are affordable.

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