Pepe’s Menu Prices UK [June 2024 Updated]

Pepe’s is an American fast casual restaurant established in Chicago, United States. The restaurant is known for serving a variety of eatables of Mexican cuisine to the natives and travelers from across the country. Also, Pepe’s menu prices are quite reasonable for every customer.

The Pepe’s Mexican restaurant menu is inclusive of mouth-watering delicacies like botanas, quesadillas, tacos, fajitas, appetizers, nachos, and much more. Under Pepe’s price list, the young guests can have an exclusive kid’s meal.

Apart from serving the most delicious food, Pepe’s prices are quite affordable for all be they a student or a job holder. This article showcases the real Pepe’s menu and prices along with its location, and other details that you need to know before visiting this Chicago landmark.

Pepe’s Menu Prices

Pepes Piri Piri Menu
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Pepe’s Grilled Collection Menu Prices

Pepe’s Chicken£6.03
 Feta Salad with Chicken£6.49
 Chicken XL£5.19
 Chinese Laksa Noodles£6.50
Gourmet Burger£6.11
 The Wrap£5.19
 Chicken Tasca£5.70
 Chicken Burrito£5.55
 Prime Pitta£5.15
 BBQ Sizzler£5.45
 Tender Strips£5.39
 Pepe’s Wings£5.21
 Classic Quarter Chicken£5.06
 Pepe’s Chicken Box£7.49
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Picked For You Menu Prices

 Chicken and Rice£6.82
 Chicken and Rice Meal£8.69
 5 Tender Strips Meal£6.98
 Pepe’s Wings Meal£7.19
 The Wrap Meal£7.15
 Paneer Wrap Meal£5.89
 Chicken XL Meal£7.13

Pepe’s Sides Collection Menu Prices

3 Tender Strips£3.61
 3 Pepe’s Wings£3.78
Mozzarella Sticks£2.37
Crispy Onion Rings£2.20
Corn on the Cob£2.41
Pepe’s Wedges£2.87
Spicy Rice£3.19
Pepe’s Side Salad£2.97
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Pepe’s Sides Collections Menu Prices

3 Pieces Tender Strips£3.39
Large Fries£1.99
Regular Fries£1.46

Meal Deals Menu Prices

Pepe’s Gourmet Double Meal£9.98

Mains Menu Prices

Chick ‘n’ Rice£6.39
Pepe’s Gourmet Double£7.39
Pepe’s Gourmet Single£5.91
Pepe’s Original Half Chicken£6.79
Pepe’s Original Whole Chicken£11.72
5 Tender Strips£5.11
5 Pepe’s Wings£4.82
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Pepe’s Grilled Collections Menu Prices

 Prime Pita£5.40
Pepe’s Classic£5.04

Pepe’s Grilled Collection Meal Menu Prices

Pepe’s Chicken Meal£8.01
 Chinese Laksa Noodles Meal£8.54
 Feta Salad with Chicken Meal£8.29
 Chicken Burrito Meal£7.53
Gourmet Burger Meal£7.84
Chicken Salad Meal£7.84
 Chicken Tasca Meal£7.63
 BBQ Sizzler Meal£7.51
 Prime Pitta Meal£7.11
 Tender Strips Meal£7.29
 Quesadilla Meal£7.29
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Fried Collection Menu Prices

1/4 Pounder£3.39
Chicken Steak Burger£2.78
5 Chicken Nuggets£2.96
Chicken Fillet Burger£4.34
Fish Burger£2.87
Giant Fillet Burger£4.72
 Chicken Nuggets£3.02
 1 Piece of Chicken£2.69

Fried Collection Meal Deals Menu Prices

Fish Burger Meal£4.99
Chicken Steak Burger Meal£4.43
5 Chicken Nuggets Meal£4.37
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Veggie Table Menu Prices

 Paneer Rice£6.06
 Veggie Burger Meal£4.99
 Paneer Wrap£4.80
 Veggie Burger£2.90
 Veggie Wrap£4.49
 Paneer Rice Meal£8.14

Kids Meal Menu Prices

Kids Chicken Nuggets£4.49
 Kids Steak Burger£4.49

Platters Menu Prices

Mega Platter£30.41
 Family Platter£20.62
 Wings Platter£13.80
 Combo Platter£13.36
 Pepe’s Platter£43.39
 Duo Platter£17.89
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Lamb Selection Menu Prices

Lamb 1/4 Pounder£3.44
Lamb 1/4 Pounder Meal£5.69
Lamb Burger£2.53
Lamb Burger Meal£4.57

Extras Menu Prices

Pitta Bread£0.81
Piri Piri Baked Beans£1.40
Piri Piri Pita Bread£1.29
Piri Piri Pitta Bread£1.11
Baked Beans£1.16
Pita Bread£0.92
Cheese Slice£0.34
Pepe’s Chilli Sauce£0.34
Pepe’s Chilli Sauce£0.28
Pepe’s Garlic Sauce£0.34
Pepe’s Garlic Sauce£0.28
Pepe’s Extra Hot Sauce£0.41
Pepe’s Extra Hot Sauce£0.30
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Drinks Menu Prices

 1.5 Litre Bottle£2.50
 Pepsi 1.5 Litres£2.26
 Tropicana Smooth Orange Juice 250ml£1.88
 Diet Pepsi 330ml£1.32
 Tango Orange£1.78
Pepsi 330ml£1.58
 Pepsi Max 330ml£1.23
 7UP Regular 330ml£1.65

Desserts Collection Menu Prices

Carrot Cake£3.13
Chocolate Fudge Cake£3.18
Strawberry & Milk Chocolate Cheesecake£2.87
Strawberry and Milk Chocolate Cheesecake£3.17
 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream£3.00
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Desserts Collections Menu Prices

Caramel Chew Chew Ice Cream£3.16
Cookie Dough Ice Cream£3.16

Beverages Menu Prices

Diet Pepsi£1.43
Pepsi Max£1.43
Fruit Shoot£1.13
Tropicana Orange Juice£1.92

Limited Edition Menu Prices

 Hot & Spicy QUESADILLA£4.96

History of Pepe’s

Pepe's Menu Prices
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Pepe’s is one of the most loved Mexican restaurants serving in several locations in the city. Under Pepe’s menu, you get to enjoy the most delicious Mexican food that is crafted with authentic recipes and great taste. Pepe’s Mexican restaurant hosts an extensive menu that caters to everyone’s choices.

The first Pepe’s opened doors in 1967 in Chicago. The founders Mario Dovalina and Edwin Ptak started the restaurant to serve amazing Mexican cuisine to the natives. They ensured that every recipe behold authentic flavors and delectable taste.

At Pepe’s much care is taken with the food and each ingredient with farm fresh so that the food experience that customers have here is beyond par. Pepe’s ensures to focus on details in their Mexican style of food so that the Mexican enthusiast gets complete satisfaction.

With the quick success of the very first Pepe’s, the restaurant has widened its charm to other locations. Today Pepe’s is a Chicago original and is filled with a hustle all day for incessant guests coming in and out. Currently, Pepe’s is in 30 locations in Chicago itself and another one has emerged in Northwest Indiana.

Over the years, the Pepe menu & prices have evolved a lot to meet the growing demands of the customers. Pepe’s menu with prices is crafted keeping in mind that all types of customers can enjoy their delicious servings. Be it Pepe’s rice box price or Pepe tacos dinner, the restaurant has everything that is easily affordable.

Review of Pepe’s

Pepe's Menu With Pictures everymenuprices
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The Pepe’s hours of operation vary from location to location, however, at most Pepe’s locations the restaurant opens from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pepe’s menu is inclusive of a wide range of Mexican-style food like tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos asador, fajitas, and much more.

Pepe’s quesadilla menu includes a variety of options like steak, grilled chicken, chorizo, shrimp, quesadilla Cozumel, and a lot more to choose from. They host a wide variety of appetizers so that you can choose your favorite. Guacamole, botana grande, queso fundido, taquitos, etc are some popular appetizers available on Pepe’s Mexican restaurant menu.

If you want to have a complete meal, Pepe’s taco dinners are something that will delight you a lot. Similarly, Pepe’s has an exclusive menu for burritos dinners that has a selection of burritos meals filled with goodness and deliciousness.

Don’t forget to try on Pepe’s favorites which include tostadas, tamales, flautas, etc. When in a Mexican restaurant how can you miss their amazing fajitas? Pepe’s has steak, chicken, vegetables, and other variants of Fajitas and they have also received good reviews from their customers.

Besides some mouth-watering Mexican-style food, Pepe’s has a specific kid’s meal for the children along with other eatables and drinks to cater to everyone’s needs. Pepes menu prices are also value for money and the staff is quite friendly.

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How to Order Online From Pepe’s Menu?

Pepe's Order Online everymenuprices
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If you want to order online from Pepe’s Piri Piri then you can follow the steps given below. Other than ordering online, you can also check the latest menu prices of Pepe’s as the prices may change from location to location.

  1. First, go to and choose one option (Collection or Delivery).
  2. If you want to enjoy the food items of Pepe’s just by sitting in the comfort of your home, select delivery.
  3. Now, type the delivery address, fill in some details like zip code, state, etc., and confirm your address.
  4. Now all the menu items of Pepe’s will appear (here you can check the latest menu prices of Pepe’s based on your delivery address).
  5. Now, select and add all the food items that you want to order from Pepe’s to your basket.
  6. Now, you have to log in and make the payment. After the payment, your order will be confirmed.

Pepe’s Contact Information & Important Links

Pepe’s LocationsCheck Here
Pepe’s Nutritional InformationCheck Here
Pepe’s Gift CardsCheck Here
Pepe’s CareersCheck Here
Pepe’s FranchisingCheck Here
Pepe’s Order OnlineOrder Here

Social Media Handles

FacebookVisit Now
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Pepe’s Contact Info

Pepe’s Corporate Office AddressPepe's Piri Piri Unit 3, Olds Close, Watford, Herts, WD18 9RU
Pepe’s Corporate Phone Number+44 1923 711 854
Pepe’s Email Address[email protected]
Pepe’s Contact Page/FormVisit Here


Since its inception, Pepe’s Mexican restaurant has been widely popular in Chicago for its rich authentic flavors and mouth-watering recipes. The concept of Pepe’s is fresh and is individually owned. To learn more about Pepe’s franchise information, the details are available on their official website.

So what do you think about Pepe’s menu prices that have been given above? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Pepe’s (FAQs)

How many Pepe locations are there?

There are over 30 locations in Chicago and Northwestern Indiana.

Who are Pepe’s founders?

Mario Dovalina and Edwin Ptak are the original founders of Pepe’s.

How much is the Pepe rice box?

Pepe’s rice box prices vary from location to location.

Where did Pepe originate?

Pepe’s originated from Chicago.

How much are Pepe’s tacos prices?

The Pepe’s tacos dinner prices vary from $11 to $15.

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