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Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant is a renowned fast-casual dining restaurant in Chicago, United States. Pepe’s offers nachos, quesadillas, ensaladas, favoritos, botanas, taco dinner, burrito dinner, fajitas, asador, combinaciones, kid’s menu, sides and many Other items. In this article, I will tell you about Pepe’s menu prices and much more.

Pepe’s is very famous for serving high-quality and Authentic Mexican food in Chicago. They have dining and carry out service also. Pepe’s also gives gift cards to its customers but they are valid only for a restaurant in Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

In nachos, they have a Nacho platter and stuffed nachos. They have a lot of variety in fajita like Grilled steak fajita, Shrimp & chicken fajita, Carnitas fajita-style, Shrimp & steak fajita, Grilled chicken fajita, Veggies fajita, and many more.

They have a wide variety of burritos also as Regular beef burritos, Suizo beef burritos, Frito beef burritos, Regular chicken burritos, Frito pork burritos,s and many more.

Pepe’s have a wide variety inside orders like Refried beans & chips, Spanish rice & chips, Half beans & half rice, Guacamole & tortilla chips, and much more. Pepe’s also deals in beverages like small coffee, large coffee, root beer & orange, and so many other items.

Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant was founded by Mario Dovalina and Edwin Ptak in 1967 in Chicago, United States. From the very beginning, Pepe’s is making and serving Mexican-style food items to their customers.

Pepe’s Mexican restaurant had always tried to serve authentic and high-quality Mexican food and they never shared their recipe with anyone. Even after the closure of the restaurant, Pepe’s recipe is still a secret recipe inside its family.

At present, Robert Ptak is the Chief Executive Officer of Pepe’s and the parent organization is Pepe’s Inc. Now, the headquarters of Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant is in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant has over 40 restaurant locations in Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area like Chicago Northside, Chicago Westside, Chicago Southside, Chicago Northwest suburbs, Chicago Northern suburbs, Chicago Western suburbs, Chicago Southern suburbs.

I think if you are a true lover of Mexican food then Pepe’s is the perfect place for you to visit and experience the delicious taste of food. Check out Pepe’s Menu Prices and all the other things.

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Pepe’s Menu Prices

Pepes Piri Piri Menu
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Here is Pepe’s menu and price list which you can check and then order your food accordingly:

Pepe’s Grilled Collection

Pepe’s Chicken£6.03
 Feta Salad with Chicken£6.49
 Chicken XL£5.19
 Chinese Laksa Noodles£6.50
Gourmet Burger£6.11
 The Wrap£5.19
 Chicken Tasca£5.70
 Chicken Burrito£5.55
 Prime Pitta£5.15
 BBQ Sizzler£5.45
 Tender Strips£5.39
 Pepe’s Wings£5.21
 Classic Quarter Chicken£5.06
 Pepe’s Chicken Box£7.49

Picked For You

 Chicken and Rice£6.82
 Chicken and Rice Meal£8.69
 5 Tender Strips Meal£6.98
 Pepe’s Wings Meal£7.19
 The Wrap Meal£7.15
 Paneer Wrap Meal£5.89
 Chicken XL Meal£7.13

Pepe’s Sides Collection

3 Tender Strips£3.61
 3 Pepe’s Wings£3.78
Mozzarella Sticks£2.37
Crispy Onion Rings£2.20
Corn on the Cob£2.41
Pepe’s Wedges£2.87
Spicy Rice£3.19
Pepe’s Side Salad£2.97

Pepe’s Sides Collections

3 Pieces Tender Strips£3.39
Large Fries£1.99
Regular Fries£1.46

Meal Deals

Pepe’s Gourmet Double Meal£9.98


Chick ‘n’ Rice£6.39
Pepe’s Gourmet Double£7.39
Pepe’s Gourmet Single£5.91
Pepe’s Original Half Chicken£6.79
Pepe’s Original Whole Chicken£11.72
5 Tender Strips£5.11
5 Pepe’s Wings£4.82

Pepe’s Grilled Collections

 Prime Pita£5.40
Pepe’s Classic£5.04

Pepe’s Grilled Collection Meal

Pepe’s Chicken Meal£8.01
 Chinese Laksa Noodles Meal£8.54
 Feta Salad with Chicken Meal£8.29
 Chicken Burrito Meal£7.53
Gourmet Burger Meal£7.84
Chicken Salad Meal£7.84
 Chicken Tasca Meal£7.63
 BBQ Sizzler Meal£7.51
 Prime Pitta Meal£7.11
 Tender Strips Meal£7.29
 Quesadilla Meal£7.29

Fried Collection

1/4 Pounder£3.39
Chicken Steak Burger£2.78
5 Chicken Nuggets£2.96
Chicken Fillet Burger£4.34
Fish Burger£2.87
Giant Fillet Burger£4.72
 Chicken Nuggets£3.02
 1 Piece of Chicken£2.69

Fried Collection Meal Deals

Fish Burger Meal£4.99
Chicken Steak Burger Meal£4.43
5 Chicken Nuggets Meal£4.37
Pepe's Menu Prices
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Veggie Table

 Paneer Rice£6.06
 Veggie Burger Meal£4.99
 Paneer Wrap£4.80
 Veggie Burger£2.90
 Veggie Wrap£4.49
 Paneer Rice Meal£8.14

Kids Meal

Kids Chicken Nuggets£4.49
 Kids Steak Burger£4.49


Mega Platter£30.41
 Family Platter£20.62
 Wings Platter£13.80
 Combo Platter£13.36
 Pepe’s Platter£43.39
 Duo Platter£17.89

Lamb Selection

Lamb 1/4 Pounder£3.44
Lamb 1/4 Pounder Meal£5.69
Lamb Burger£2.53
Lamb Burger Meal£4.57


Pitta Bread£0.81
Piri Piri Baked Beans£1.40
Piri Piri Pita Bread£1.29
Piri Piri Pitta Bread£1.11
Baked Beans£1.16
Pita Bread£0.92
Cheese Slice£0.34
Pepe’s Chilli Sauce£0.34
Pepe’s Chilli Sauce£0.28
Pepe’s Garlic Sauce£0.34
Pepe’s Garlic Sauce£0.28
Pepe’s Extra Hot Sauce£0.41
Pepe’s Extra Hot Sauce£0.30


 1.5 Litre Bottle£2.50
 Pepsi 1.5 Litres£2.26
 Tropicana Smooth Orange Juice 250ml£1.88
 Diet Pepsi 330ml£1.32
 Tango Orange£1.78
Pepsi 330ml£1.58
 Pepsi Max 330ml£1.23
 7UP Regular 330ml£1.65

Desserts Collection

Carrot Cake£3.13
Chocolate Fudge Cake£3.18
Strawberry & Milk Chocolate Cheesecake£2.87
Strawberry and Milk Chocolate Cheesecake£3.17
 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream£3.00

Desserts Collections

Caramel Chew Chew Ice Cream£3.16
Cookie Dough Ice Cream£3.16


Diet Pepsi£1.43
Pepsi Max£1.43
Fruit Shoot£1.13
Tropicana Orange Juice£1.92

Limited Edition

 Hot & Spicy QUESADILLA£4.96

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Pepe’s Contact Information

Below is Pepe’s contact information in case if you want to contact the restaurant or visit there.

Pepe’s Mexican Head OfficePepe’s Piri Piri Unit 3, Olds Close, Watford, Herts, WD18 9RU
Pepe’s Mexican Phone Number+44 1923 711 854
Pepe’s Email Address[email protected]
Pepe’s Mexican Contact PageVisit Here

Pepe’s Social Profiles

You can follow Pepe’s restaurant on the social media platforms given below where they upload every update.

FacebookVisit Now

Important Links

Below is the list of some important links to Pepe’s restaurant like their locations, nutritional information, careers, and much more.

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Pepe’s Franchising Information

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Franchise FeesEUR 13,000
Minimum InvestmentEUR 13,000
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Final Words

So this was all about Pepe’s menu with prices and we have also mentioned many other things related to this restaurant like their contact details, social profiles, important links, and much more.

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If you have visited there before or you are going to visit after knowing Pepe’s menu prices, then don’t forget to give your reviews in the comment section below. Happy Eating…!!!

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