Primo Hoagies Menu With Prices [March 2023 Updated]

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Primo Hoagies is a casual dining restaurant on the East Coast of the United States. This is one of the renowned and privately held restaurants in the United States. In this article, we will tell you about Primo Hoagies Menu With Prices and much more.

Primo Hoagies is famous for its sandwiches in the whole world and the most popular sandwich of Primo Hoagies are the ” the Italian with prosciutto and provolone cheese, Hot Capicola and natural casing Genoa salami “.

Primo hoagies are available in many sizes from whole, 18 inches, primo, 9 inches, and small, about six. Primo Hoagies is going to bring gourmet deli sandwiches to the entire East Coast.

The first Primo Hoagie started their business in an Italian Section of South Philadelphia as a traditional corner deli. The classic primo Italian hoagie has around 730 Calories. Some of the Primo Hoagies Sandwiches are Bada Bing, Italian Diablo, Soprano, and so on.

The Primo Hoagies was founded by Richard and Colleen Neigre on Ritner Street in 1992 in South Philadelphia, US. Primo Hoagies restaurant was firstly franchised and located in Westville, New Jersey.

At that time, Eric Borner is the Chief Operation Officer and he has served in many positions over the last 19 years. In the year 2016, Primo Hoagies brought its special Italian Hoagies to the 2016 Philadelphia Cheesesteak and Food Festival. The franchise of Primo Hoagies is known for its Philadelphia-styled Hoagies.

In 2017, Primo is also opened in a store in Citizens Bank Park. Now the CEO of Primo Hoagies is Nicholas Papanier Junior. If you want to experience the taste of the best sandwiches then Primo Hoagies is the place for you.

In the past year, Primo Hoagies have been grown up from 20-25 percent. The main aim of primo Hoagies is to open 10 – 30 new franchises per year. If you spend $1 on Primo Hoagies, you earn 1 point.

Primo Hoagies has over 95 locations in seven states: Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia. Primo Hoagies franchise concept always offers low cost for their industry.

If you want to open Primo Hoagies then you must require a minimum franchise fee for a single unit is $15,000. They also offer 3 unit development agreement for $40,000.

After paying the franchise fee you have the right to use the Primo Hoagies brand name and business model. Check out the Primo Hoagies Menu With Prices and all the other things.

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Primo Hoagies Menu With Prices

Primo Hoagies Menu And Prices
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Here is the Primo Hoagies menu and price list which you can check and then order your food accordingly:

Our Specialties

(All Primo® Size Hoagies Are Available in a Low Carb or Whole Wheat Wrap or o Hoagie In A Bowl (No Bread). All Small Size Hoagies Are Available On Our Signature Wheat Roll)

Mild ItalianSmall$5.99
Mild ItalianPrimo®$8.99
Mild ItalianWhole$19.99
Sharp ItalianSmall$5.99
Sharp ItalianPrimo®$8.99
Sharp ItalianWhole$19.99
Mild Sharp ItalianSmall$5.99
Mild Sharp ItalianPrimo®$8.99
Mild Sharp ItalianWhole$19.99
Old ItalianSmall$6.49
Old ItalianPrimo®$9.49
Old ItalianWhole$21.99
Turkey Breast & CheeseSmall$5.99
Turkey Breast & CheesePrimo®$8.99
Turkey Breast & CheeseWhole$19.99
Big “T”Small$5.99
Big “T”Primo®$8.99
Big “T”Whole$19.99
Roast Beef & CheeseSmall$6.99
Roast Beef & CheesePrimo®$9.99
Roast Beef & CheeseWhole$22.99
Ham & CheeseSmall$5.49
Ham & CheesePrimo®$7.99
Ham & CheeseWhole$18.99
Bologna & CheeseSmall$4.99
Bologna & CheesePrimo®$7.49
Bologna & CheeseWhole$18.99
Corned Beef & SwissSmall$7.49
Corned Beef & SwissPrimo®$9.49
Corned Beef & SwissWhole$22.99
Turkey SchwartzieSmall$7.49
Turkey SchwartziePrimo®$9.49
Turkey SchwartzieWhole$22.99
Roast Beef SchwartzieSmall$7.49
Roast Beef SchwartziePrimo®$9.99
Roast Beef SchwartzieWhole$22.99
“R” SpecialSmall$7.49
“R” SpecialPrimo®$9.99
“R” SpecialWhole$24.99
Sopressata & SharpSmall$6.49
Sopressata & SharpPrimo®$9.99
Sopressata & SharpWhole$20.99
Pal JoeySmall$6.99
Pal JoeyPrimo®$9.49
Pal JoeyWhole$21.99
New YorkerSmall$6.99
New YorkerPrimo®$9.99
New YorkerWhole$21.99
Tavern & SwissSmall$5.99
Tavern & SwissPrimo®$8.99
Tavern & SwissWhole$19.99

The “Diablos”

(Spicy, Yet Cool – Made With Our Original Blend of Spices)

Turkey DiabloSmall$5.99
Turkey DiabloPrimo®$8.99
Turkey DiabloWhole$19.99
Tuna DiabloSmall$5.99
Tuna DiabloPrimo®$8.99
Tuna DiabloWhole$21.99
Big “T” DiabloSmall$5.99
Big “T” DiabloPrimo®$8.99
Big “T” DiabloWhole$19.99
Chicken DiabloSmall$6.59
Chicken DiabloPrimo®$8.99
Chicken DiabloWhole$21.99
Pork DiabloSmall$6.49
Pork DiabloPrimo®$9.49
Pork DiabloWhole$19.99
Italian DiabloSmall$6.49
Italian DiabloPrimo®$8.99
Italian DiabloWhole$20.99
Veggie DiabloSmall$5.49
Veggie DiabloPrimo®$8.49
Veggie DiabloWhole$18.99
Ham & Cheese DiabloSmall$5.99
Ham & Cheese DiabloPrimo®$8.99
Ham & Cheese DiabloWhole$19.99
Beef DiabloSmall$7.49
Beef DiabloPrimo®$10.99
Beef DiabloWhole$24.99

Cutlet Combos

(Chicken Paired with Primo Delicacies. Substitute Grilled Chicken for any Cutlet Combo below.)

Buffalo CutletSmall$6.99
Buffalo CutletPrimo®$9.49
Buffalo CutletWhole$21.99
Bada BingSmall$6.99
Bada BingPrimo®$9.49
Bada BingWhole$21.99
Bada BoomSmall$6.99
Bada BoomPrimo®$9.49
Bada BoomWhole$21.99
Whacked ChickenSmall$6.99
Whacked ChickenPrimo®$9.99
Whacked ChickenWhole$23.99
Chicken ColleteSmall$6.99
Chicken ColletePrimo®$9.49
Chicken ColleteWhole$21.99
Chicken SuprimoSmall$6.99
Chicken SuprimoPrimo®$9.99
Chicken SuprimoWhole$21.99
Chicken ParmigianaSmall$6.99
Chicken ParmigianaPrimo®$9.49
Chicken ParmigianaWhole$21.99
Primo Hoagies Menu With Prices
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Healthy Choice (Lower in Fat or Sodium Content)

Tuna DelightSmall$6.49
Tuna DelightPrimo®$8.99
Tuna DelightWhole$21.99
Healthy CheeseSmall$4.99
Healthy CheesePrimo®$7.49
Healthy CheeseWhole$18.99
Slim “T”Small$5.99
Slim “T”Primo®$8.99
Slim “T”Whole$19.99
Healthy Ham & CheeseSmall$5.99
Healthy Ham & CheesePrimo®$8.99
Healthy Ham & CheeseWhole$19.99
White TunaSmall$5.49
White TunaPrimo®$7.99
White TunaWhole$18.99

Meatless Delights

(A Delicious Treat Without the Meat)

Nonna’s VeggiesSmall$5.49
Nonna’s VeggiesPrimo®$8.49
Nonna’s VeggiesWhole$18.99
Knuckle SandwichSmall$4.99
Knuckle SandwichPrimo®$7.99
Knuckle SandwichWhole$19.99
Italian TunaSmall$6.49
Italian TunaPrimo®$8.99
Italian TunaWhole$21.99
Cheese DeluxeSmall$4.99
Cheese DeluxePrimo®$7.49
Cheese DeluxeWhole$18.99

Primo Hots

Old Fashioned Style Italian SausageSmall$6.49
Old Fashioned Style Italian SausagePrimo®$8.99
Old Fashioned Style Italian SausageWhole$20.99
Old Fashioned MeatballSmall$6.49
Old Fashioned MeatballPrimo®$8.99
Old Fashioned MeatballWhole$20.99
Old World Style MeatballSmall$6.49
Old World Style MeatballPrimo®$8.99
Old World Style MeatballWhole$20.99
Eggplant ParmigianaSmall$5.49
Eggplant ParmigianaPrimo®$8.49
Eggplant ParmigianaWhole$18.99

Sandwich Toppings

Stuffed Pepper ShootersSmall$1.09
Stuffed Pepper ShootersPrimo®$1.99
Stuffed Pepper ShootersWhole$4.99
Italian Long Hot PeppersSmall$0.69
Italian Long Hot PeppersPrimo®$1.29
Italian Long Hot PeppersWhole$2.49
Roasted Red PeppersSmall$0.49
Roasted Red PeppersPrimo®$0.79
Roasted Red PeppersWhole$1.59
Broccoli RabeSmall$0.39
Broccoli RabePrimo®$0.79
Broccoli RabeWhole$1.59
Schwartzie DressingSmall$0.49
Schwartzie DressingPrimo®$0.79
Schwartzie DressingWhole$1.59

Catering Hoagies Trays

Mini Tray (Feeds 5-6)$39.99
Assorted Tray (Feeds 8–10)$59.99
Deluxe Tray (Feeds 12-14)$79.99
Super Deluxe Tray (Feeds 18-20)$95.99
Super-Duper Tray (Feeds 22-25)$115.99
Vegetarian Tray (Feeds 8-10)$59.99
Specialty Tray (Feeds 8–10)$69.99
Healthy Tray (Feeds 8-10)$59.99
Diablo Tray (Feeds 8-10)$69.99
Old Italy Tray (Feeds 12-14)$84.99

Catering Sampler Platters

Italian SamplerSmall$39.99
Italian SamplerLarge$69.99
Pepperoni & Cheese SamplerSmall$25.99
Pepperoni & Cheese SamplerLarge$49.99
Cheese SamplerSmall$25.99
Cheese SamplerLarge$49.99

Catering Primo® Cookies

Cookie Platter12 Pc.$11.99
Cookie Platter18 Pc.$16.99

Disclaimer: gathers actual pricing information from various sources such as official websites, business websites, and much more. The prices given on this webpage may be derived from one or more of those sources. Naturally, the prices given on this website may not be current at the time you visit this website, and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand. To know the current pricing, contact the individual business location of interest to you.

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Primo Hoagies Contact Information

Below is the Primo Hoagies contact information in case if you want to contact the restaurant or visit there.

Primo Hoagies Corporate Office Address610 Ryan Ave #4, Westville, NJ 08093, United States
Primo Hoagies Corporate Phone Number+1 856-742-1999

Primo Hoagies Social Profiles

You can follow Primo Hoagies restaurant on the social media platforms given below where they upload every update.

FacebookVisit Now
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Important Links

Below is the list of some important links of Primo Hoagies restaurant like their locations, nutritional information, careers, and much more.

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Primo Hoagies Franchising Information

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There are more than 95 locations of Prima Hoagies in seven states including Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia.

Now if you also want to open a Primo Hoagies restaurant and are looking for the Primo Hoagies franchise cost, then here is the list given below:

Franchise Fee$35,000
Net Worth Required$350,000
Cash Investment$100,000
Total Investment$195,000 – $350,000
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FAQs Related To Primo Hoagies

Who owns Primo Hoagies?

Primo Hoagies was founded by Richard and Colleen Neigre on Ritner Street in 1992 in South Philadelphia, US.

Final Words

So this was all about the Primo Hoagies menu with prices and we have also mentioned many other things related to this restaurant like their contact details, social profiles, important links, and much more.

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If you have visited there before or you are going to visit after knowing the Primo Hoagies menu with prices, then don’t forget to give your reviews in the comment section below. Happy Eating…!!!

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