Rax Roast Beef Menu Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Rax Roast Beef is a popular American fast-food restaurant chain that is established in Ironton, Ohio. This restaurant is known for serving some mouth-watering roast beef sandwiches at a highly reasonable price. The Rax Roast Beef menu with prices is also affordable for everyone who would visit the restaurant.

The Rax Roast Beef menu is inclusive of roast beef sandwiches, kid’s meals, salad bars, shakes, baked potatoes, fries, soft drinks, wraps, and much more. Everything here is deliciously crafted to impart ultimate food satisfaction to each of the guests.

Along with an amazing Rax fast food menu, the ambiance of Rax is filled with comfort and charm. This article highlights the real Rax Roast Beef menu and prices so that when you look for the ‘Rax restaurant near me’, you have a prior idea about their menu prices.

Rax Roast Beef Menu Prices

Rax Roast Beef Menu With Prices everymenuprices.com
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Beef N Cheddar$4.49
Regular Rax$3.89
King Rax Roast Beef$5.49
Cheese Sticks$3.79
3Pc Chicken Tenders$4.69
B.B.C(Beef Bacon & Cheese Sauce)$5.69
Potato Skins$3.79
Mushroom Melt$5.09
Deluxe Roast Beef$4.89
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Roast Beef Sandwiches Menu Prices

Regular Rax$3.89
King Rax Roast Beef$5.49
Beef N Cheddar$4.49
Mushroom Melt$5.09
Beef Barbecue$3.69
Deluxe Roast Beef$4.89
Big Rax$6.89
Philly Melt$5.09

Ham Sandwichs Menu Prices

Regular Ham$3.89
Deluxe Ham$4.89

Turkey Sandwiches Menu Prices

Deluxe Turkey$4.89
Turkey Bacon Club$6.29
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Chicken Sandwiches & Tenders Menu Prices

3 Pc Chicken Tenders$4.69
Chicken Sandwich$5.19
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$5.89

Potatoes & Fries Menu Prices

Cheese & Broccoli Potato$3.99
Twisty Fries$2.19
Regular Fries$2.19
BBQ beef & Cheese Potato$4.79
Potato Skins$3.79
Cheese Sticks$3.79
Onion Rings$3.79
Butter Potato$2.99
Cheese & Bacon Potato$3.99
Sour Cream Potato$2.99
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Kids’ Menu Prices

Junior Rax Combo$5.29
Junior Rax$2.19+
Kids’ 3Pc Chicken Fritters Combo$5.29

Milkshakes Menu Prices

Chocolate Milkshake$2.99
Strawberry Milkshake$2.99
Vanilla Milkshake$2.99
Chocolate Chip Milkshake$2.99
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Drinks Menu Prices

Fountain Soda$1.99+
Iced Tea$1.99+
Bottled Water$1.29
Fresh Brewed Coffee$1.99+

History of Rax Roast Beef

Rax Roast Beef Menu And Prices everymenuprices.com
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Rax take pride in serving a variety of fast food to the natives of the US. In whatever neighborhood rax has been so far, everyone it takes no time to become the ideal gathering place for the locals. The Rax menu price is also highly affordable so that be it a student or a daily commuter, everyone can devour a Rax Roast Beef sandwich.

The first store of Rax Roast Beef came up in 1967 in Springfield, Ohio. The founder Jack Roschman started the restaurant under the name JAX Roast Beef. In the years that followed, the name of the restaurant has changed multiple times under the leadership of various owners, however, the current name Rax Roast Beef was finally set in 1982 when it had already been in 200+ locations.

Ever since bac came into the fast-food industry, it has created a niche for itself as it served the most gourmet roast beef and other fast-food eatables. Rax Roast Beef has been in multiple locations through the years however the Rax Roast Beef number of locations has reduced to 8 in 2023. Currently, Rax Roast Beef serves in three US states which are Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio with its headquarters at Ironton, Ohio.

What started from authentic Rax Roast Beef sandwiches now is a hub of several fast food items like wraps, and fries, along with shakes and drinks. On the whole, the Rax Roast Beef menu price is worth every penny.

Review of Rax Roast Beef

Rax Roast Beef Menu With Pictures everymenuprices
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The Rax Roast Beef hours of operation vary from location to location, however, at most Rax Roast Beef locations, the restaurant starts at 10 am and closes at 10 pm. On the weekend the hours of Rax Roast Beef might differ. The Rax fast food menu hosts a variety of eatables starting from the iconic Rax Roast Beef sandwiches, wraps, potatoes, and fries, to milkshakes, and other drinks.

The Rax Roast Beef sandwiches include options like king Rax Roast Beef, beef n cheddar, beef barbecue, big rax, Philly melt, B.B.C, mushroom melt, and others. Besides the beef sandwiches, Rax Roast Beef also hosts some mouth-watering ham and Turkey sandwiches that are ideal for non-beef lovers.

Don’t forget to order from the Rax Roast Beef popular items like chicken tenders, potato skins, deluxe roast beef, and others. Amongst the range of Potatoes and Fries, options like onion rings, cheese steaks, cheese & bacon potato, twisty fries, and much more are there.

Complement your fast food eatables with a classic Rax milkshake that comes in multiple flavors along with some other drink options. At each Rax Roast Beef location, you get to enjoy their scrumptious menu in a warm and amazing ambiance. Over the years, the Rax Roast Beef menu and prices have evolved a lot as per the reviews of their customers.

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How to Order Online from Rax Roast Beef Menu in Few Steps?

Rax Roast Beef Order Online everymenuprices
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If you want to order online from Rax Roast Beef then you can do that with the help of Doordash. Below I will show you some steps on how you can easily order online from Rax Roast Beef step by step so that you can enjoy their yummy meals at your home.

You can also check the latest menu prices of Rax Roast Beef by following the same steps below as the prices may vary from location to location.

  1. First, head over to Doordash and choose your nearest location.
  2. After selecting your location, the menu prices of Rax Roast Beef will be displayed for that particular location (here you can just check the prices of Rax Roast Beef based on your preferred location).
  3. Now, select all the items that you want to order from Rax Roast Beef and add them one by one to your cart.
  4. In the next step, go to checkout and sign in to your account on Doordash if you have one or you can create a new one very easily.
  5. After successfully signing in, fill in some of your personal details and confirm your order.

Rax Roast Beef Contact Information & Important Links

Official Websiteraxroastbeef.com
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Social Media Handles

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Rax Roast Beef Contact Info

Rax Roast Beef Corporate Office Address1506 State Route 93 Ironton, Ohio 45638 United States
Rax Roast Beef Email Address[email protected]
Rax Roast Beef Contact Page/FormVisit Now


Rax Roast Beef has been here for over 50 years and has emerged as a loved destination in the United States to enjoy some authentic roast beef sandwiches and other fast food eateries.

Along with the most delicious food, the Rax Roast Beef menu prices are also a center of attraction at each Rax restaurant. If you want to enquire about the franchising details, all are available on their official website.

So what do you think about the above given Rax Roast Beef menu with prices? Do share your valuable views regarding the Rax Roast Beef menu prices in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Rax Roast Beef (FAQs)

Who owns Rax Roast Beef?

Currently, Rich Donohue owns the Rax Roast Beef.

Where is Rax Roast Beef from?

Rax Roast Beef is from Ohio, United States.

How many Rax Roast Beef locations are there?

At present Rax Roast Beef has a total of 8 locations out of which 6 are in Ohio and one each in Illinois and Kentucky.

What is the closest Rax Roast Beef location?

You can find the closest Rax Roast Beef location on the website.

How much are Rax Roast Beef prices?

A Rax Roast Beef sandwich price would range between $3.90- $5.70.

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