Smoothie King Menu With Prices [May 2024 Updated]

Jump at Smoothie King for the deliciousness of smoothies that are blended to fuel a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. To know more about the angelic smoothies, all you’ve got your eyes and hands-on is the Smoothie King menu with prices for your chance to devour.

This Christmas makes it more appealing by knowing all the items from Smoothie King’s menu. The limited-time menu is available only on their app.

However, the price ranges vary depending on the type of smoothie. We’re here to help you avoid any type of loss of your taste as you’ll find much more details below.

I have provided a great description of Smoothie King to sip into delights of joy, smoothie bowls, and other healthy foodstuff.

So brace yourself and blend into Smoothie King for the ultimate pleasure of healthy and mouth-watering smoothies.

It is also advisable to check the Smoothie King’s hours of operation before making your visit so that you don’t face any problems.

Smoothie King Menu With Prices

Smoothie King Menu And Prices
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Featured Smoothies Menu

Gut Health Papaya Mango Ginger20 oz.$6.09
Gut Health Papaya Mango Ginger40 oz.$10.69
Greek Yogurt Pineapple Mango20 oz.$6.69
Greek Yogurt Pineapple Mango40 oz.$11.29
Greek Yogurt Strawberry Blueberry20 oz.$6.69
Greek Yogurt Strawberry Blueberry40 oz.$11.29
Immune Builder Mixed Berry20 oz.$6.69
Immune Builder Mixed Berry40 oz.$11.29
Immune Builder Orange20 oz.$6.69
Immune Builder Orange40 oz.$11.29

Feel Energized Menu

Pure Recharge Pineapple20 oz.$5.90
Pure Recharge Pineapple40 oz.$9.50
Pure Recharge Mango Strawberry20 oz.$6.29
Pure Recharge Mango Strawberry40 oz.$10.89
Pure Recharge Strawberry20 oz.$6.29
Pure Recharge Strawberry40 oz.$10.89
Espresso Coffee D-Lite Vanilla20 oz.$6.79
Espresso Coffee D-Lite Vanilla40 oz.$11.39
Cold Brew Coffee D-Lite Vanilla20 oz.$6.29
Cold Brew Coffee D-Lite Vanilla40 oz.$10.89
Espresso Coffee D-Lite Mocha20 oz.$6.79
Espresso Coffee D-Lite Mocha40 oz.$11.39
Cold Brew Coffee D-Lite Mocha20 oz.$6.29
Cold Brew Coffee D-Lite Mocha40 oz.$10.89
Espresso Coffee High Protein – Almond Mocha20 oz.$6.79
Espresso Coffee High Protein – Almond Mocha40 oz.$11.39
Cold Brew Coffee High Protein – Almond Mocha20 oz.$6.69
Cold Brew Coffee High Protein – Almond Mocha40 oz.$11.09
Espresso Coffee High Protein – Vanilla20 oz.$6.79
Espresso Coffee High Protein – Vanilla40 oz.$11.39
Cold Brew Coffee High Protein – Vanilla20 oz.$6.69
Cold Brew Coffee High Protein – Vanilla40 oz.$11.09
Gladiator Espresso20 oz.$6.79
Gladiator Espresso40 oz.$11.39
Gladiator Cold Brew Coffee20 oz.$6.79
Gladiator Cold Brew Coffee40 oz.$11.39
Keto Champ Espresso20 oz.$6.79
Keto Champ Espresso40 oz.$11.39
Keto Champ Cold Brew Coffee20 oz.$6.69
Keto Champ Cold Brew Coffee40 oz.$11.29
The Activator Recovery Espresso20 oz.$6.79
The Activator Recovery Espresso40 oz.$11.39
The Activator Recovery Cold Brew Coffee20 oz.$6.79
The Activator Recovery Cold Brew Coffee40 oz.$11.39
The Hulk Espresso20 oz.$6.79
The Hulk Espresso40 oz.$11.39
The Hulk Cold Brew Coffee20 oz.$6.89
The Hulk Cold Brew Coffee40 oz.$11.49
Vegan Mocha Espresso20 oz.$6.79
Vegan Mocha Espresso40 oz.$11.39
Vegan Mocha Cold Brew Coffee20 oz.$6.79
Vegan Mocha Cold Brew Coffee40 oz.$11.39
Celsius Sparkling Energy Drink12 oz.$2.69

Get Fit Menu

The Activator Recovery Blueberry Strawberry20 oz.$6.79
The Activator Recovery Blueberry Strawberry40 oz.$11.39
The Activator Recovery Blueberry Tart Cherry20 oz.$6.79
The Activator Recovery Blueberry Tart Cherry40 oz.$11.39
The Activator Recovery Chocolate20 oz.$6.79
The Activator Recovery Chocolate40 oz.$11.39
The Activator Recovery Coffee20 oz.$6.79
The Activator Recovery Coffee40 oz.$11.39
The Activator Recovery Pineapple20 oz.$6.79
The Activator Recovery Pineapple40 oz.$11.39
The Activator Recovery Pineapple Spinach20 oz.$6.79
The Activator Recovery Pineapple Spinach40 oz.$11.39
The Activator Recovery Strawberry Banana20 oz.$6.79
The Activator Recovery Strawberry Banana40 oz.$11.39
Gladiator Chocolate20 oz.$6.89
Gladiator Chocolate40 oz.$11.49
Gladiator Strawberry20 oz.$6.89
Gladiator Strawberry40 oz.$11.49
Gladiator Vanilla20 oz.$6.89
Gladiator Vanilla40 oz.$11.49
High Intensity – Chocolate Cinnamon20 oz.$6.79
High Intensity – Chocolate Cinnamon40 oz.$11.39
High Intensity – Veggie Mango20 oz.$6.79
High Intensity – Veggie Mango40 oz.$11.39
The Hulk Chocolate20 oz.$6.89
The Hulk Chocolate40 oz.$11.49
The Hulk Strawberry20 oz.$6.89
The Hulk Strawberry40 oz.$11.49
The Hulk Vanilla20 oz.$6.89
The Hulk Vanilla40 oz.$11.49
Original High Protein Banana20 oz.$6.89
Original High Protein Banana40 oz.$11.49
Original High Protein Chocolate20 oz.$6.89
Original High Protein Chocolate40 oz.$11.49
Original High Protein Lemon20 oz.$6.89
Original High Protein Lemon40 oz.$11.49
Original High Protein Pineapple20 oz.$6.89
Original High Protein Pineapple40 oz.$11.49
Power Punch Plus20 oz.$6.79
Power Punch Plus40 oz.$11.39
Peanut Power Plus20 oz.$6.69
Peanut Power Plus40 oz.$11.29
Peanut Power Plus Chocolate20 oz.$6.69
Peanut Power Plus Chocolate40 oz.$11.29
Peanut Power Plus Strawberry20 oz.$6.69
Peanut Power Plus Strawberry40 oz.$11.29
Stretch & Flex Pineapple Kale20 oz.$6.59
Stretch & Flex Pineapple Kale40 oz.$11.19
Stretch & Flex Tart Cherry20 oz.$6.59
Stretch & Flex Tart Cherry40 oz.$11.19

Manage Weight Menu

Keto Champ Berry20 oz.$6.69
Keto Champ Berry40 oz.$11.29
Keto Champ Chocolate20 oz.$6.69
Keto Champ Chocolate40 oz.$11.29
Lean Chocolate20 oz.$6.69
Lean Chocolate40 oz.$11.29
Lean Pineapple Mango20 oz.$6.69
Lean Pineapple Mango40 oz.$11.29
Lean Strawberry20 oz.$6.69
Lean Strawberry40 oz.$11.29
Lean Vanilla20 oz.$6.69
Lean Vanilla40 oz.$11.29
MangoFest20 oz.$6.69
MangoFest40 oz.$11.29
Metabolism Boost Banana Passionfruit20 oz.$6.59
Metabolism Boost Banana Passionfruit40 oz.$11.19
Metabolism Boost Mango Ginger20 oz.$6.59
Metabolism Boost Mango Ginger40 oz.$11.19
Metabolism Boost Strawberry Pineapple20 oz.$6.69
Metabolism Boost Strawberry Pineapple40 oz.$11.19
The Shredder Chocolate20 oz.$6.69
The Shredder Chocolate40 oz.$11.29
The Shredder Strawberry20 oz.$6.69
The Shredder Strawberry40 oz.$11.29
The Shredder Vanilla20 oz.$6.69
The Shredder Vanilla40 oz.$11.29
Slim-N-Trim Blueberry20 oz.$6.69
Slim-N-Trim Blueberry40 oz.$11.29
Slim-N-Trim Chocolate20 oz.$6.69
Slim-N-Trim Chocolate40 oz.$11.29
Slim-N-Trim Strawberry20 oz.$6.69
Slim-N-Trim Strawberry40 oz.$11.29
Slim-N-Trim Vanilla20 oz.$6.69
Slim-N-Trim Vanilla40 oz.$11.29
Slim-N-Trim Veggie20 oz.$6.69
Slim-N-Trim Veggie40 oz.$11.29

Be Well Menu

Apple Kiwi Kale20 oz.$6.79
Apple Kiwi Kale40 oz.$11.39
Blueberry Heaven20 oz.$6.69
Blueberry Heaven40 oz.$11.29
Carrot Kale Dream20 oz.$6.69
Carrot Kale Dream40 oz.$11.29
Daily Warrior20 oz.$6.69
Daily Warrior40 oz.$11.29
Gut Health Papaya Mango Ginger20 oz.$6.09
Gut Health Papaya Mango Ginger40 oz.$10.69
Greek Yogurt Pineapple Mango20 oz.$6.69
Greek Yogurt Pineapple Mango40 oz.$11.29
Greek Yogurt Strawberry Blueberry20 oz.$6.69
Greek Yogurt Strawberry Blueberry40 oz.$11.29
Immune Builder Mixed Berry20 oz.$6.69
Immune Builder Mixed Berry40 oz.$11.29
Immune Builder Orange20 oz.$6.69
Immune Builder Orange40 oz.$11.29
Immune Builder Veggie Superfood20 oz.$6.69
Immune Builder Veggie Superfood40 oz.$11.29
Lemon Ginger Spinach20 oz.$6.79
Lemon Ginger Spinach40 oz.$11.39
Vegan Dark Chocolate Banana20 oz.$6.79
Vegan Dark Chocolate Banana40 oz.$11.39
Vegan Mango Kale20 oz.$6.79
Vegan Mango Kale40 oz.$11.39
Vegan Mixed Berry20 oz.$6.69
Vegan Mixed Berry40 oz.$11.29
Vegan Nutty Super Grain20 oz.$6.79
Vegan Nutty Super Grain40 oz.$11.39
Vegan Pineapple Spinach20 oz.$6.69
Vegan Pineapple Spinach40 oz.$11.29

Enjoy A Treat Menu

Angel Food20 oz.$5.89
Angel Food40 oz.$10.49
Angel Food Slim20 oz.$6.69
Angel Food Slim40 oz.$11.29
Apple Pie20 oz.$5.78
Apple Pie40 oz.$9.57
Banana Berry Treat20 oz.$6.09
Banana Berry Treat40 oz.$10.69
Banana Boat20 oz.$6.09
Banana Boat40 oz.$10.69
Berry Punch20 oz.$6.90
Berry Punch40 oz.$9.30
Caribbean Way20 oz.$5.99
Caribbean Way40 oz.$10.59
Green Tea Tango20 oz.$5.69
Green Tea Tango40 oz.$9.09
Island Impact20 oz.$6.19
Island Impact40 oz.$10.69
Lemon Twist Banana20 oz.$5.99
Lemon Twist Banana40 oz.$10.59
Lemon Twist Strawberry20 oz.$5.99
Lemon Twist Strawberry40 oz.$10.59
Muscle Punch20 oz.$2.90
Muscle Punch40 oz.$9.30
Orange X-treme20 oz.$6.09
Orange X-treme40 oz.$10.69
Passion Passport20 oz.$5.70
Passion Passport40 oz.$9.10
Pineapple Surf20 oz.$6.09
Pineapple Surf40 oz.$10.69
Snickerdoodle20 oz.$5.78
Snickerdoodle40 oz.$9.57
Strawberry-Kiwi Breeze20 oz.$5.99
Strawberry-Kiwi Breeze40 oz.$10.69
Strawberry X-Treme20 oz.$6.09
Strawberry X-Treme40 oz.$10.69
Tart Cherry X-treme20 oz.$6.09
Tart Cherry X-treme40 oz.$10.69
Yogurt D-Lite20 oz.$5.69
Yogurt D-Lite40 oz.$9.09
Bottled Water16.09 oz.$1.19
Bottled Water1 L$2.19

Kids Menu

Apple Kiwi Bunga12 oz.$4.59
Berry Interesting12 oz.$4.59
Choc-A-Laka12 oz.$4.59
CW, Jr.12 oz.$4.59
Lil’ Angel12 oz.$4.59
Strawberry Bluegurt Blitz12 oz.$4.59

Snacks Menu

Banana Chips$2.99
Dark Chocolate Cashews$2.99
Greek Yogurt Pretzels$2.99
Greek Yogurt Trail Mix$2.99
Milk Chocolate Almonds$2.99
Natures Blend$2.99
Good Health Peanut Butter Pretzels$2.99
Good Health Veggie Chips$1.19
Ostrim Meat Sticks$2.99
Lenny & Larry Vegan Cookies$3.49
Quest Protein Bars$2.89

Dietary Supplements Menu

Gladiator Tub 2 LBChocolate$44.99
Gladiator Tub 2 LBStrawberry$44.99
Gladiator Tub 2 LBVanilla$44.99

A Little History of Smoothie King

Smoothie King Menu Prices
Image Credit:-

Smoothie King was founded in 1973 by Steve and Cindy Kuhnau in Louisiana, United States. It was established as a privately owned American company and headquartered in Coppell, Texas, United States.

The owners were very ambitious and wanted to bring some twist in smoothies and thus, founded the Smoothie King.

However, in 2012 Smoothie King was bought by Wan Kim, a South Korean from the Kuhnaus. For its success, Wan Kim has worked hard to make it grow and has many plans for the success of Smoothie King. And it even earned a revenue of $363,000 in 2012.

Currently, Smoothie King is leading the way with around 1400 different locations all across the world which makes it the largest brand that serves delicious smoothies.

How about adding a little more twist to your interest? Let’s dive right into the best items below.

Must Try Items at Smoothie King

Must Try Items at Smoothie King

I know you must be wondering why check the Smoothie King menu prices given above. Well, let’s make it clear, they have the best smoothies of all time and it has been recognized globally.

The brand is proud to provide accessibility to the best smoothies to the crowd. Let’s not waste any time and just dive into the top 5 items it has been producing:-

1. Coffee D-Lite Vanilla

When in Smoothie King, you can’t afford to miss out on this excellent cold-brewing coffee. It has an expression of coldness, nonfat milk, dairy whey blend, and Vanilla frozen yogurt with turbinado. It has a perfect caloric balance of 260.

2. Festive Cherry

Here Smoothie King brings the festive cherry flavour to let you enjoy the festive mood. This Christmas all you need is to grab a sip of deliciousness which has tart cherries, rich dates, almond butter, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

3. Bee Berry Sting Bowl

If you’re wondering about smoothie bowls then grab this tasty bee berry sting bowl. It comes with rich flavors of mango, fresh berries with a special pitaya base, and lastly honey drizzle on top.

4. The Activator Cold Brew Coffee

It’s the perfect one for your after-gym sessions. Get hold of this high-caloric drink that comes with a lot of stuffing of gladiator protein, coconut water, nonfat milk, protein blend, bananas, and cold brew espresso.

5. Snickerdoodle

It’s a newly launched winter drink. And this drink will let you embark on a journey of home-baked snickerdoodle. It has a hint of almond flavor with nutty flavors, and cinnamon dances with the protein content in it.

Smoothie King Secret Menu

If you’re looking for a secret menu at Smoothie King, then do follow their app to get the best secret recipes for smoothies.

However, to make it more enjoyable, it has come up with two extra flavors that you can only find while visiting its store near you. Make it happen and blend yourself into the perfect flavors of smoothies.

How to Order Online From Smoothie King?

Smoothie King Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:-

Now, as you have checked the Smoothie King menu prices given above and also must-try items, why not order some? You may be wondering, can you get smoothie drinks delivered at home like any other food dish? Well, Smoothie King has been providing free home delivery from any of its stores.

Get your favorite and delicious smoothies delivered right to your doorstep by visiting their official website or trying ordering from Grubhub, Seamless, Doordash, and Ubereats.

FAQs Related to the Smoothie King Menu

What is unique about Smoothie King’s menu?

Smoothie King creates its flavourful smoothies by combining specialized ingredients with special care and nutritional ambitions.

Is Smoothie King healthy?

Well, places like Smoothie King aren’t healthy as you may come across high-calorie drinks that may not fit with your health. However, you can always try out their best smoothies once in a while.

Does Smoothie King have frozen fruit in its smoothies?

Smoothie King uses fresh and healthy fruits and sometimes quick frozen fruits.

Are tree nuts used in smoothies at Smoothie King?

Yes, Smoothie King uses milk, nutty peanuts, soy, eggs, and tree nuts in its smoothie recipes.

Which are the recently launched festive drinks at Smoothie King?

The recently launched smoothies at Smoothie King are Festive Cherry and Snickerdoodle.

Are Smoothie King menu prices affordable?

Yes, Smoothie King menu prices are affordable.

Check More Menus Below:

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