TGI Fridays Hours of Operation [2024 Updated]

Owned by TGI Fridays Franchisor, LLC, TGI Fridays is an American restaurant chain that is known for serving American cuisine and casual dining. The company is a huge chain that operates more than 600 outlets in different countries. Since the restaurants’ locations are located in various countries, they might have different timings. If you want to know TGI Fridays hours then this article might be helpful for you.

TGI Fridays menu is known for serving delicious vegetarian dishes. However, The company’s menu can also satisfy non-vegetarian lovers as it offers so many amazing alternatives including pasta, chicken, etc. If you wish to know more about the TGI Fridays menu prices, then we have another article for the same.

TGI Fridays Hours | Regular Operating Hours

TGI Fridays commits to offering the best services without compromising quality. But to get an experience of the same, you have to be aware of the TGI Fridays hours. You must know that they do not remain open for 24 hours and they can be accessed only at specific hours. All the locations have different times of opening and closing but 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. is commonly followed.

The franchise is well-known for its ambiance. But it is the operating hours that help people to enjoy the thing that they like the most. They serve for the entire week and the best thing about the place is that they remain open at those times when people usually feel hungry.

Monday11 A.M. to 12 A.M.
Tuesday11 A.M. to 12 A.M.
Wednesday11 A.M. to 12 A.M.
Thursday11 A.M. to 12 A.M.
Friday11 A.M. to 12 A.M.
Saturday11 A.M. to 12 A.M.
Sunday11 A.M. to 12 A.M.

TGI Fridays Holiday Hours

Every restaurant usually remains open on the days of certain festivals. But there are others that decide to take rest for that particular day so that they don’t have to compromise with the quality of food the next day. So it is necessary to check those timings before leaving.

For now, the restaurant’s doors remain closed on Christmas Day. Apart from that, they operate at the regular hours for the rest of the days. However, for more updates, people can prefer to check with the officials at certain times. I have also provided the table below.

Jan 1New Year’s DayRegular Hours
Jan 16Martin Luther King DayRegular Hours
Feb 20Presidents’ DayRegular Hours
April 7Good FridayRegular Hours
April 9EasterRegular Hours
May 29Memorial DayRegular Hours
Jul 4Independence DayRegular Hours
Sep 4Labor DayRegular Hours
Oct 9Columbus DayRegular Hours
Nov 11Veterans DayRegular Hours
Nov 22Day Before ThanksgivingRegular Hours
Nov 23ThanksgivingRegular Hours
Nov 24Black FridayRegular Hours
Dec 24Christmas EveRegular Hours
Dec 25Christmas DayClosed
Dec 31New Year’s EveRegular Hours

Popular Dishes at the restaurant

TGI Friday’s menu is known for serving delicious dishes including sweet, spicy, and other alternatives. Here are a few popular dishes mentioned below:

TGI Fridays Menu And Price
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1. Cheeseburger

Cheeseburgers usually have a slice of melted cheese on top and it is included when the cooking is almost done. There are different varieties of cheeseburgers based on ingredients, structure, and composition.

2. Crispy Chicken Fingers

Chicken fingers feature chicken mear inside that are made with the pectoralis minor muscles of the animal. These kinds of strips are found on any side of the breastbone below the breast meat.

3. Wings Roulette

Wing Roulette can prove to be perfect for those who love a lot of spicy food. They feature 10 wings on a plate and they are made with different spices from Lemon and various other ingredients.

4. Crispy Whiskey Combo

Crispy Whiskey Combo refers to the pork Big Ribs with Whiskey-Glaze and Fried Shrimp. They can be enjoyed the best with the addition of Whiskey-Glaze. Mashed potatoes and garlic-butter broccoli are also added for a better taste.

5. Brownie Obsession

TGIF Brownie Obsession is the best product that is included in the desserts section of the menu. It is a perfect brownie that can be enjoyed on Fridays. Ice cream and caramel are added on top and this is a dessert that no one should miss.

Tips for Planning Your Visit

Anyone planning to visit TGI Fridays can prefer to make reservations if it is being provided by the restaurant. In case reservations are not available, people can visit the place a few hours before the crowd comes inside and place their order.

The restaurants are popular for having a wide lineup of brunch and dinner options. If you don’t have a lot of time to make plans in the early hours of the day you can choose anything from brunch or dinner.

Final Thoughts

Although TGI Friday’s restaurant is popular for remaining open all seven days a week, the opening hours of all the outlets are different from each other. It is true that a majority of the restaurants open at 11 in the morning, so it is important to know the TGI Fridays hours before planning a visit.

In case you are feeling lazy to find all the details, you can choose to visit their official website. You can also check the app store or Android store of your phone and download their official apps as well.

FAQs Related to TGI Fridays Hours

What time does TGI Fridays open?

A majority of the outlets open at 11 in the morning.

What time Does TGI Fridays close?

Most of the restaurants close by midnight.

Where are the headquarters of TGI Fridays located?

The headquarters of the company is located at 19111 N Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, Texas, 75287, United States.

Who is the owner of TGI Fridays?

TriArtisan Capital Advisors currently own the company.

When does TGI Fridays start the journey?

The restaurant started the journey on March 15, 1965.

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