Theobroma Menu With Prices (India) – 2024

Ever since its humble beginnings in 2004, Theobroma has been spreading sweetness across India with its delectable baked goods. Browsing through the given Theobroma menu prices below will give you an idea of what deliciousness they offer.

But with such a wide array of irresistible options, deciding what to order can get overwhelming. Worry not, for this comprehensive guide to the Theobroma menu and prices, we will recommend some menu items you can order.

Theobroma Menu With Prices

Theobroma Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Theobroma’s Facebook

Matchday Super Deals Menu

Assorted Cupcakes Box (4 Pcs)Assorted Eggless Brownies Box (12 Pcs) – Rs.357
Assorted Eggless Brownies Box (6 Pcs)Rs.468
Assorted Eggless Brownies Box (12 Pcs)Rs.935
Assorted Brownies Box (6 Pcs)Rs.468
Assorted Brownies Box (12 Pcs)Rs.935

Brownies Menu

Overload Brownie (1 Piece)Rs.105
Eggless Nutella Brownie (1 Piece)Rs.105
Eggless Walnut Brownie (1 piece)Rs.85
Eggless Choco Chip Brownie (1 Piece)Rs.85
Eggless Cookie Brownie (1 Piece)Rs.85
Eggless Outrageous Brownie (1 Piece)Rs.105
Chocolate Chip Brownie (1 Piece)Rs.85
Walnut Brownie (1 Piece)Rs.85
Cookie Brownie (1 Piece)Rs.85
Nutella Brownie (1 Piece)Rs.105
Millionaire Brownie (1 Piece)Rs.105

Cakes Menu

Eggless Red Velvet Cake (1/2Kg)Rs.650
Chocoholic Cake (1/2Kg)Rs.675
Theos Eggless Dutch Truffle Cake (1/2Kg)Rs.505
Theos Dutch Truffle Cake (1/2Kg)Rs.505
Opium Cake (1/2Kg)Rs.675
Fresh Cream Pineapple Cake (1/2Kg)Rs.650
Eggless Fresh Cream Pineapple Cake (1/2Kg)Rs.650
Eggless Opium Cake (1/2Kg)Rs.675
Hazelnut Praline Mousse Cake (1/2Kg)Rs.775
Red Velvet Cake (1/2Kg)Rs.650
New York Style Baked Cheese Cake (1/2Kg)Rs.725

Pastries Menu

Fresh Cream Pineapple Pastry (1 Piece)Rs.135
Theos Eggless Dutch Truffle Pastry (1 Piece)Rs.110
Eggless Fresh Cream Pineapple Pastry (1 Piece)Rs.135
Red Velvet Pastry (1 Piece)Rs.135
Eggless Red Velvet Pastry (1 Piece)Rs.135
Eggless Opium Pastry (1 Piece)Rs.140
Chocoholic Pastry (1 Piece)Rs.140
Theos Dutch Truffle Pastry (1 Piece)Rs.110
Devils Mousse Pastry (1 Piece)Rs.140
Hazelnut Praline Mousse Pastry (1 Piece)Rs.155
New York Baked Cheese Pastry (1 Piece)Rs.155
Opium Pastry (1 Piece)Rs.140

Desserts and Cupcakes Menu

Lemon Tart (1 Piece)Rs.130
Red Velvet Cupcake (1 Piece)Rs.105
Theos Chocolate Tart (1 Piece)Rs.130
Banoffee High (1 Piece)Rs.130
Tiramisu Cup (100G)Rs.150
Theos Chocolate Mousse Cup (100G)Rs.150
Chocolate Cupcake (1 Piece)Rs.105
Chocolate & Nutella Cupcake (1 Piece)Rs.105
Vanilla & Blueberry Cupcake (1 Piece)Rs.105

Chocolates Menu

Almond Rocks (250G)Rs.575
Almond Rocks (500G)Rs.1150

Biscuits, Cookies, and Crackers Menu

Black Pepper Sourdough Crackers (100 Grams)Rs.95
Pure Butter Palmiers (60 Grams)Rs.75
Nachni Crackers (100 Grams)Rs.95
Almond Biscotti (150 Grams)Rs.195
Double Choco Chip Cookies (8 Pieces)Rs.205
Chocolate Chip Cookies (8 Pieces)Rs.205

Bread Menu

Multigrain Loaf (400G)Rs.85
Wheat Sourdough Loaf (350G)Rs.85
Wheat Bread Loaf (400G)Rs.89
Wheat Burger Buns (2 Pieces)Rs.50
Wheat Butter Pav (6 Pieces)Rs.60
Wheat Pizza Base (2 Pieces)Rs.65

Teacakes Menu

Theos Eggless Dense Loaf (400G)Rs.310
Theos Eggless Mava Cake (230G)Rs.240
Theos Dense Loaf (350G)Rs.275
Theos Mava Cake (300G)Rs.285
Pound Cake (1/2 Kg)Rs.340
Banana Cake (220G)Rs.130

Sandwiches, Wraps, and Rolls Menu

Spinach Corn & Cheese Sandwich (250G)Rs.180
Paneer Junglee Roll (200G)Rs.160
Roasted Chicken & Mustard Sandwich (250G)Rs.195
Chicken Masala Roll (200 G)Rs.175

Croissants and Danishes Menu

Butter Croissant (1 Piece)Rs.75
Pain Au Chocolat (1 Piece)Rs.85

Puffs and Quiches Menu

Curried Veg Puff (1 Piece)Rs.70
Theos Quiche – Veg (1 Piece)Rs.110
Chicken & Cheese Pasty (1 Piece)Rs.75
Theos Quiche – Non Veg (1 Piece)Rs.120

Beverages Menu

Brew House Ice Tea Classic Peach 350mlRs.96
Brew House Ice Tea Mojito Lime 350mlRs.96
Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee Salted Caramel 200mlRs.143
Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee Hazelnut 200mlRs.143
Sleepy Owl Cold Coffee Classic 200mlRs.143
Raw Pomegranate 240mlRs.191
Raw Orange 240mlRs.143
Raw Mango 180mlRs.143
Raw Coconut Water 200mlRs.96
Raw Mixed Fruit 180mlRs.143

A Little History of Theobroma

Theobroma Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Theobroma’s Facebook

Theobroma began its story in Mumbai when founder Aaron Kennedy decided to bring his love for baking to the public.

Inspired by flavors from around the world during his travels, he aimed to introduce Indians to unique global fare via cookies, cakes, and more. Kennedy established Theobroma’s first outlet in 2004 at iconic Cusrow Baug in South Mumbai.

Since then, Theobroma has steadily expanded nationwide, now boasting over 80 stores across major cities.

While maintaining its signature homestyle recipes, the brand innovates seasonally to keep patrons excited. But through it all, Theobroma has stayed dedicated to high-quality baking free from artificial ingredients.

Their dedication to the craft has kept lovers of sweet treats loyal for almost two decades. Does browsing the Theobroma menu get you reminiscing about your favorite indulgences over the years? Read on for recommendations on their most ordered dishes.

Must-Try Items at Theobroma

Must-Try Items at Theobroma everymenuprices

Before you dive headfirst into Theobroma’s diverse offerings, let’s look at top sellers you surely can’t miss based on their “Theobroma menu prices”.

1. Crumbly Chocolate Brownie

The Crumble Brownie is a fudgy chocolate brownie studded with chocolate chips and topped with a crunchy bittersweet chocolate crumble. This brownie provides different chocolate textures in each bite.

2. Eggless Outrageous Chocolate Brownie

The Eggless Outrageous Chocolate Brownie is perfect for egg-free diets. It’s loaded with chocolatey flavor thanks to the combination of chocolate and ground almonds. The flaxseeds add nutrition while keeping this brownie nice and fudgy.

3. Red Velvet Pastry

The beautiful layers of the Red Velvet Pastry combine a soft red velvet sponge cake with tangy cream cheese frosting that has a bright lime juice twist. This pastry is as delicious to eat as it is delightful to look at.

4. Quiche Non-Veg

The Quiche Non-Veg is a hearty pie packed with chicken, veggies, and cheese baked into a crispy, flaky crust. It’s a savory meal that brings together delicious fillings encased in a buttery pastry shell.

5. Cappuccino

The Cappuccino features the nutty flavor of espresso topped with silky steamed milk foam. This classic drink is comforting and rejuvenating.

6. Butter Chicken Bun

The Butter Chicken Bun is a genius sandwich idea, stuffing flavorful Indian butter chicken and tandoori chicken into a soft bun. It’s iconic spices and chicken in handheld form.

7. Overload Brownie

For serious chocolate fans, the Overload Brownie maximizes its chocolate impact by loading up the fudgy brownie with lots of rich dark chocolate.

Now that you know about the Theobroma menu with prices, check out their secret best-kept gems below!

Theobroma Secret Menu

While maintaining their iconic mainstays, Theobroma has been known to offer exciting limited-time secret menu items for true dessert lovers. Here are a few worth keeping an eye out for:

  • Custard Danish: The Custard Danish starts with a flaky, buttery pastry that envelops light and creamy vanilla custard. This sweet treat melts in your mouth with each bite.
  • Blueberry Cheesecake Cup: Starting with a creamy cheesecake and blueberries on a cookie crust, they adorn this cup with a blueberry glaze and frosting, bursting with the refreshing flavor of blueberries.
  • Hazelnut Praline Mousse Pastry: They sandwich layers of hazelnut praline mousse between chocolate sponge cake, covered in hazelnut chocolate glaze, and garnished with hazelnuts, resulting in a pastry with rich and decadent flavors.

Now that your mouth is watering, let’s see how you can satiate those cravings from anywhere.

How to Order Online From Theobroma?

Theobroma Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:-

Are you craving your favorite Theobroma delights but short on time? Worry not, as you can now satisfy those sweet urges digitally!

Log onto Theobroma’s website or switch on your favorite food delivery app. Browse the Theobroma menu and prices showcasing sections like “Bakery”, “Cakes”, or “Specialty” while referring to the prices listed.

Add your favorites to the cart and check out quickly via the website or food delivery apps. Pay securely online and relax as your order gets delivered fresh to your doorstep. Their online Bakery lets you enjoy Theobroma magic in comfort – need we say more?

FAQs Related to Theobroma’s Menu

Is Theobroma menu prices affordable for all budgets?

You can enjoy several Theobroma menu items at a reasonable price between Rs. 50-150 to suit different pockets. Students and families can both treat themselves here.

How often does Theobroma update its menu?

The signature items stay but seasonal/festive specials keep rotating every 2-3 months to keep the experience novel.

Which cities have a Theobroma presence in India currently?

Their stores are spread in over 18 cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune etc. Do check their website for the nearest outlet.

How late is Theobroma open online?

You can place orders on their website or apps right up till midnight, ensuring late-night cravings are well taken care of too.

Can I view the full Theobroma menu with prices and store locations online?

Of course. Browse their extensive and constantly evolving menu plus store locator tool on for hassle-free planning.

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