Toppers Pizza Menu Prices (US) – 2024

Toppers Pizza is an American quick service and franchised pizza restaurant chain in the United States. They offer pizzas, topperstix, wings, boneless wings, beverages, dipping sauces, and many more items on their menu. In this article, I will tell you about Toppers Pizza menu prices and much more.

Toppers Pizza is famous for its Topperstix cheesy bread in the whole world. Toppers Pizza has a specialization in Italian cuisine food. This restaurant offers both takeaway and delivery services.

If you want to eat something good then you just have to install or download the Toppers Pizza mobile app and order whatever you want to eat.

Toppers Pizza has a lot of variety on the pizza menu which includes Build your Own Za, Meat Topper Pizza, Buffalo chicken Pizza, Topper’s Classic Pizza, Loaded tot-pizza, Mac ‘n cheese pizza, Old school sausage & pepperoni pizza, Taco Topper pizza, Big topper pizza,

Three Little Pigs pizza, Smoky BBQ chicken pizza, Maui topper pizza, Cool C-B-R pizza, Veggie classic pizza, Chicken Tuscany topper pizza, California topper pizza, EI Cubano pizza, and many more.

In the Wings menu, they have 10 PCs. wings, 15 pc. wings, 25 pc. wings and many more. On the beverages menu, they have Dasani water, Soft drinks, and many more items.

Toppers Pizza was founded in the year 1991 by Scott Gittrich. He opened the first Toppers Pizza in Champaign, Illinois, the United States in 1991.

In the year 1993, Toppers Pizza opened a restaurant in Whitewater, Wisconsin. In the year 1997, they started franchising their restaurants and opened a franchised restaurant in Eau Claire, WI.

In the year 2020, they came in partnership with Kelsey and Carey Jonker in order to open their 10th store in Downtown Ventura. The restaurant in Champaign, Illinois is one of the fastest-growing pizza restaurant chains in the United States.

At present, Scott Gittrich is the Chief Executive Officer and Kendall Richmond is the CFO of Toppers Pizza.

Toppers Pizza has over 65 restaurant locations in the states of the United States including Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Michigan, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Now, the headquarters of Toppers Pizza is in Whitewater, Wisconsin, United States. I think if you are a true lover of topperstix then Toppers Pizza is a perfect place for you to visit. However, you must know Toppers Pizza’s hours of operation before planning your visit. Check out the Toppers Pizza menu prices and all the other things

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Toppers Pizza Menu Prices

Toppers Menu With Prices
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Here are the Toppers Pizza menu and price list which you can check and then order your food accordingly:


Build your Own Za (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$6.99
Build your Own Za (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$7.99
Build your Own Za (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$10.99
Build your Own Za (TallBoy Crust)Medium$11.99
Build your Own Za (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$12.99
Build your Own Za (TallBoy Crust)Large$13.99
Build your Own Za (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$14.99
Meat Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Meat Topper (TallBoy Crust)MaZa$9.99
Meat Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Meat Topper (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Meat Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Meat Topper (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Meat Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Buffalo Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Buffalo Chicken (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Buffalo Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium14.99
Buffalo Chicken (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Buffalo Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Buffalo Chicken (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Buffalo Chicken (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Toppers Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Toppers Classic (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Toppers Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Toppers Classic (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Toppers Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Toppers Classic (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Toppers Classic (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Loaded Tot-zza (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Loaded Tot-zza (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Loaded Tot-zza (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Loaded Tot-zza (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Loaded Tot-zza (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Loaded Tot-zza (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Loaded Tot-zza (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Mac ‘n Cheese (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Old School Sausage & Pepperoni (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Taco Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Taco Topper (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Taco Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Taco Topper (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Taco Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Taco Topper (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Taco Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Big Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Big Topper (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Big Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Big Topper (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Big Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Big Topper (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Big Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Three Little Pigs (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Three Little Pigs (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Three Little Pigs (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Three Little Pigs (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Three Little Pigs (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Three Little Pigs (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Three Little Pigs (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Smoky BBQ Chicken (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Maui Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Maui Topper (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Maui Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Maui Topper (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Maui Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Maui Topper (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Maui Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Cool C-B-R (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Cool C-B-R (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Cool C-B-R (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Cool C-B-R (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Cool C-B-R (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Cool C-B-R (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Cool C-B-R (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Veggie Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Veggie Classic (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Veggie Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Veggie Classic (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Veggie Classic (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Veggie Classic (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Veggie Classic (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
Chicken Tuscano Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
El Cubano (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
El Cubano (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
El Cubano (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
El Cubano (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
El Cubano (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
El Cubano (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
El Cubano (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99
California Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)MyZa$8.99
California Topper (TallBoy Crust)MyZa$9.99
California Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Medium$14.99
California Topper (TallBoy Crust)Medium$15.99
California Topper (Hand Tossed & Thin Crust)Large$17.99
California Topper (TallBoy Crust)Large$18.99
California Topper (Hand Tossed Crust)Party$19.99


Original Topperstix or CinnamonstixSingle$6.99
Original Topperstix or CinnamonstixTriple$11.99
Baconstix, Pepperonistix, Tacostix, or Chocolate BaconstixSingle$7.99
Baconstix, Cheese Garlicstix, Pepperonistix, Tacostix, or Chocolate BaconstixTriple$12.99


Wings10 Pc.$9.99
Wings15 Pc.$13.99
Wings25 Pc.$19.99

Boneless Wings

(Flavors: Oven Roasted, Mild, Hot, Smoky BBQ, Sweet Chili or Parmesan Garlic Boneless Wings)

Boneless Wings1/2 lb.$9.99
Boneless Wings1 lb.$13.99
Boneless Wings1 1/2 lb.$19.99


Dasani Water20 oz. Bottle$2.04
Soft Drink20 oz. Bottle$1.99
Soft Drink2 Liter Bottle$2.99

Dippin’ Sauces

Dippin’ Sauce$0.79

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Toppers Pizza Prices
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Toppers Pizza Contact Information

Below is the Toppers Pizza contact information in case you want to contact the restaurant or visit there.

Toppers Pizza AddressN/A
Toppers Pizza Headquarters Phone Number262-473-6666
Toppers Pizza Contact FormFill Here

Toppers Pizza Social Profiles

You can follow Toppers Pizza restaurant on the social media platforms given below where they upload every update.

FacebookVisit Now
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Important Links

Below is a list of some important links to Toppers Pizza restaurant like their locations, nutritional information, careers, and much more.

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Toppers Pizza Franchising Information

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If you want to open Toppers Pizza then you must require a minimum franchise fee of $30,000, an amount of $100,000 in liquid capital, and a minimum investment of $450,000 to use the Toppers Pizza brand name and business model.

FAQs Related To Toppers Pizza

Who owns Toppers Pizza?

Toppers Pizza is owned by Scott Gittrich.

How many Toppers Pizza locations are there?

There are 65 restaurant locations in the states United States which include Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Michigan, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

How old do u have to be to work at Toppers Pizza?

If you want to work at Toppers Pizza then the minimum age required to work there is 16 years old.

Final Words

So this was all about the Toppers Pizza menu with prices and we have also mentioned many other things related to this restaurant like their contact details, social profiles, important links, and much more.

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If you have visited there before or you are going to visit after knowing the Toppers Pizza menu prices, then don’t forget to give your reviews in the comment section below. Happy Eating…!!!

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