Yellow Cab Pizza Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Are you craving pizza like me? Well, let me introduce the absolute best pizza place called Yellow Cab Pizza. Here you’ll get all kinds of pizza with amazing taste and textures. The special New York-style pizza with a variety of ingredients and crispy crust will make you come back for more.

A chewy pizza makes a perfect balance between crunchy and crispiness. Don’t delay, just check the Yellow Cab Pizza menu with prices given below to list down the items you wanna have. Also, make sure you get the accurate price information as it may appear altered than the one shown on the net.

Nonetheless, you won’t find it confusing as I have provided proper details of the restaurant below so that you get the best idea.

Yellow Cab Pizza Menu With Prices

Yellow Cab Pizza Menu And Prices
Image Credit:- Yellow Cab Pizza’s Instagram

Picked For You Menu

New York Classic$ 12.95
Chicken Pesto$ 13.50
Honey Garlic$ 8.95
My Mix Combo$ 32.95
Garlic Parmesan Wings$ 8.95

Family Style/Combo Meals Menu

My Mix Combo 1$ 32.95
My Mix Combo 2$ 34.95
Pizza Party Package$ 148.95

Soup Menu

Clam Chowder$ 5.95
Lobster Bisque$ 5.95
Tomato Florentine$ 5.95

Wings Menu

Korean BBQ Wings$ 8.95
Honey Garlic$ 8.95
Hot Wings$ 8.95
Mango Habanero$ 8.95
Barbecue Wings$ 8.95
Garlic Parmesan Wings$ 8.95

Salad Menu

Chopped Salad$ 10.95
Spinach Bacon Salad$ 10.95
BBQ Chicken Salad$ 10.95
Caesar Salad With Chicken$ 10.95

Classic Pasta Menu

Chicken Pesto$ 13.50
Charlie Chan$ 12.95
Aglio Olio Chicken$ 12.95
Spaghetti And Meatball$ 12.95
Chicken Alfredo Pasta$ 13.50

Seafood Pasta Menu

Seafood Alfredo Pasta$ 16.95
Shrimp Arrabiata$ 15.50
Shrimp Alfredo Pasta$ 15.95
Shrimp Pesto Pasta$ 15.95
Aglio Olio Shrimp$ 15.50
Seafood Pesto Pasta$ 16.95

Classic Pizza Menu

New York Classic$ 12.95
Garden Special$ 12.95
Hawaiian Pizza$ 12.50
4 Cheese$ 12.95
Pepperoni And Mushrooms$ 12.95
Barbecue Chicken$ 12.50
Chicken Alfredo Pizza$ 12.50
Chicken Pesto Pizza$ 12.50

Rolled Pizza Menu

Dear Darla Rolled Pizza$ 14.50
Ricotta Cheese & Roasted Garlic Dear Darla Rolled Pizza$ 14.50

Craft Pizza Menu

Margherita$ 13.95
Prosciutto Ham And Herb Cheese$ 13.95
Jalapeno And Papperoni$ 13.95

Dessert Gelato Menu

Kona Coffee$ 4.50
Tahitian Vanilla$ 4.50
Dark Chocolate$ 4.50
Sea Salt Caramel$ 4.50
Mango Sorbetto$ 4.50

Drinks Menu

Bottle Pepsi 20oz$ 4.50
Henry Weinhard Sodas$ 4.50
Bottled Soda$ 4.50
Coconut Water$ 3.50
Brewed Coffee$ 2.75
Bottled Water$ 3.50
Pallegrino Sparkling Mineral Water 16.9oz$ 4.50
Hot Tea$ 3.50
Canned Coconut Juice W/ Pulp$ 3.95

Catering Menu

Classic Pasta Platter$ 43.95
Wing Platter$ 32.95
Banana Nutella Crisp 14″$ 20.95
Salad Platter$ 35.75
Apple Caramel Crisp 14″$ 20.95
S’mores Crisp 14″$ 20.95
Shrimp Pasta Platter$ 49.95

Dessert Crispy Menu

S’mores Crisp$ 5.95
Apple Caramel Crisp$ 5.95
Banana Nutella Crisp$ 5.95

Specialty Pizza Menu

Four Seasons$ 15.95
New York’s Finest$ 15.95
Roasted Garlic Shrimp$ 15.95
Shrimp Alfredo Pizza$ 15.95
Manhattan Meatlovers$ 15.95
Shrimp Pesto Pizza$ 15.95

A Little History of Yellow Cab Pizza

Yellow Cab Pizza Menu
Image Credit:- Yellow Cab Pizza’s Instagram

Yellow Cab Pizza is a chain of pizza restaurants which is based in the Philippines founded by Henry Lee, Eric Puno, and Albert Tan in April 2001.

Initially, people thought it was a taxi service company due to the name “Yellow Cab”. Most of the taxis found in New York have yellow and black colors.

Eventually, the popularity of Yellow Cab Pizza grew among the locals and thus, the owner of the restaurant signed an agreement with the Silver Group, a Qatar-based operator. Yellow Cab Pizza formerly used to run a sister restaurant named Army Navy Burrito.

Currently, it serves around 200 different locations. With 159 stores in the Philippines and several other branches in China, UAE, Vietnam, the United States, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and many more.

I know you must have got bored with this boring history so let’s look below for some delicious food items!

Must Try Items at Yellow Cab Pizza

Must Try Items at Yellow Cab Pizza everymenuprices

Once you decide to visit this special pizza shop, then always know what Yellow Cab Pizza’s menu has to offer. For your best experience, I must suggest you try out the best recipes which I have provided below.

Also, money won’t be an issue as every item available is well crafted according to your preferences and affordability.

1. Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pizza

Try out this newly launched pizza dish by Yellow Cab Pizza. The tangy flavor will leave your taste buds just zinging! Loaded with sriracha chicken, red peppers, and smoky bacon crumbles on the bed of gooey mozzarella with a drizzle of garlic ranch on the crust. The offer is still on!

2. Aglio Oglio Pasta

The dish won’t be as weird as the name of the pasta! If you are in the mood for something light and fresh then try this delicious and creamy Aglio Oglio Pasta loaded with cream cheese, oregano, and huge pieces of shrimp. Make sure you have it!

3. Dear Darla Pizza

Prepping for the winter but the cravings are taking over? Then you must get ready to devour the fantastic Dear Darla Pizza. Go easy and light with Yellow Cab Pizza’s special hand-crafted and rolled pizza. Try it out now before it gets out of stock!

4. Baked NY Dogs

Yellow Cab Pizza got you hot dogs and for the whole crew as well! Order their signature BNYD sampler loaded with a box of all three flavors in hot dogs such as classic, pizza, and Brekkie. It will only take you some time off your day and get ready to savor this delicious treat!

5. Lemon Mallow Tart

It is always suggested to leave some room for desserts! Yellow Cab Pizza has introduced this recipe of Lemon Mallow Tart that will leave your mouth singing! An absolute creamy filling with a tangy lemon flavor is all you need!

Yellow Cab Pizza’s Secret Menu

Try out the generous serving of New York-style pizza that has the highest quality of ingredients. However, you must be wondering about its secret menu right?

Well, considering the limited choices of pizzas, pasta, and desserts, it is yet to reveal a secret menu. Simply enjoy the delicious items that Yellow Cab Pizza has to offer.

How to Order Online From Yellow Cab Pizza?

Yellow Cab Pizza Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:-

A great pizza needs your presence! So why delay your pizza cravings when you can get your favorite crust ready to be served at your doorstep? Be the first one to make a move on the deliciousness at Yellow Cab Pizza.

To order online all you need is your cell phone, and visit Yellow Cab Pizza’s official website or download their mobile application. You can also place an order online from Grubhub, Doordash, Postmates, and Ubereats.

FAQs Related to the Yellow Cab Pizza Menu

What makes Yellow Cab Pizza’s menu unique?

Yellow Cab Pizza makes unique New York-style pizzas that have a crust, crispy, large slices, and other tasty toppings.

What is the expected delivery time at Yellow Cab Pizza?

At Yellow Cab Pizza you can get your favorite pizzas delivered within 40-45 minutes. You just have to find a nearby outlet to place an order online.

Can you order desserts at Yellow Cab Pizza?

Yes, Yellow Cab Pizza offers delicious dessert items. 

Which is the best pizza offered at Yellow Cab Pizza?

The newly launched Chicken Ranch Pizza with tangy flavour is most of the time crowd’s favourite.

What are the other items you can order apart from pizza?

Apart from pizzas, Yellow Cab Pizza offers delicious pasta, hot dogs, and other special recipes.

Are Yellow Cab Pizza menu prices affordable?

Yes, Yellow Cab Pizza menu prices are affordable.

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