Za Za Bazaar Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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Have you ever wondered how to satisfy your appetite for global flavors without hopping on a plane? Look no further than Za Za Bazaar – Bristol’s premier buffet restaurant serving up delectable dishes from around the globe. Continue reading further to learn more about Za Za Bazaar menu with prices.

Spanning over 1000 square feet, Za Za Bazaar offers an unparalleled selection of cuisines at affordable Za Za Bazaar menu prices.

From Indian delights to Tex Mex treats, exploring the diverse offerings on the Za Za Bazaar menu is like embarking on an epicurean journey without ever leaving your seat.

Za Za Bazaar Menu With Prices

Za Za Bazaar Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Za Za Bazaar’s Facebook

Salad Menu

Mixed Leaf Salad£14.99
Greek Salad£14.99
Hummus Bin Tahini£14.99
Potato Salad£14.99
Fusilli Pasta Salad£14.99

Sushi Menu

Vegan Sushi Plate£14.99
Mixed Sushi Plate£14.99

Indian Starters Menu

Tandoori Chicken Tikka£14.99
Tandoori Seekh Kebab£14.99
Fish Amritsari£14.99
Punjabi Samosa£14.99
Mix Vegetable & Onion Bhajis£14.99
Aloo Tikki Chaat£14.99

European Starters Menu

Fresh Tomato & Basil Bruschetta£14.99
Stone Baked Pizza Slice – Margarita£14.99
Stone Baked Pizza Slice – Pepperoni£14.99
Stone Baked Pizza Slice – Tandoor Hot Chicken£14.99
Peri Peri Chicken Leg£14.99

Tex-Mex & Caribbean Starters Menu

Buffalo Wings£14.99
Nachos Chips£14.99
Jack Daniel’s Glazed Pork Ribs£14.99
Jerk Chicken Drumsticks£14.99
Chicken Nuggets£14.99
Onion Rings£14.99

Far East Starters Menu

Sweetcorn Soup£14.99
Vegetarian Spring Rolls£14.99
Vegetable Goyoza£14.99
Thai Hawker Style Chicken Wings£14.99
Chicken Meatball£14.99
Za Za’s Homemade Crispy Peking Style Duck Pancakes£14.99
Chicken Dumpling£14.99
Pork Sui Mai£14.99

Indian Main Courses Menu

Masala Potato Dosa£14.99
Punjabi Dhaba Style Saag Aloo£14.99
Pindi Chole£14.99
Paneer Butter Masala£14.99
Dal Tadka£14.99
Lamb Rogan Josh£14.99
Chicken Tikka Masala£14.99
Allepey Prawn Curry£14.99

Indian Side Dishes Menu

Plain Naan£14.99
Garlic Naan£14.99
Pulao Rice£14.99
Steamed Basmati Rice£14.99
Sweet and Sour Chicken£14.99
Teriyaki Pork£14.99

Fast East Main Courses Menu

Stir-fried Tiger Prawns and Broccoli with Garlic£14.99
Thai Green Curry with Vegetables£14.99
Stir-Fried Vegetables with Tofu£14.99
Chef Special Japanese Yaki Udon Noodle – Beef£14.99
Chef Special Japanese Yaki Udon Noodle – Chicken£14.99
Chef Special Japanese Yaki Udon Noodle – Tofu£14.99
Chef Special Thai Style Pad Thai Noodle – Shrimps£14.99
Chef Special Thai Style Pad Thai Noodle – Chicken£14.99
Chef Special Thai Style Pad Thai Noodle – Tofu & Black Mushroom£14.99

Far East Side Dishes Menu

Chinese Hakka Noodle£14.99
Egg Fried Rice£14.99
Steamed Jasmine Rice£14.99

European & Continental Main Courses Menu

Freshly Baked Lasagne Bolognaise£14.99
Seafood Paella£14.99
Vegetarian Mac and Cheese£14.99
Beef Stew£14.99
Fish & Chips£14.99
Chicken and Baby Spinach Risotto£14.99
Mushroom Risotto£14.99
Pasta Spaghetti£14.99

European & Continental Side Dish Menu

Garlic Bread£14.99
Corn On The Cob£14.99
Roast Potatoes£14.99

Tex-Mex & Caribbean Main Courses Menu

Curry Goat£14.99
Blackened Fish£14.99
Vegetarian Chilli£14.99
Tacos – Chicken Tingas£14.99
Tacos – Pulled Beef£14.99
Tacos – Mix Vegetables£14.99

Tex-Mex & Caribbean Side Dishes Menu

French Fries£14.99
Rice and Peas£14.99
Mexican Rice£14.99

Desserts Menu

White Chocolate And Raspberry Cake£14.99
Salted Caramel Cheese Cake£14.99
Chocolate Brownie£14.99
Sticky Toffee Pudding With Toffee Sauce£14.99
Gulab Jamun£14.99
Fruits Salad£14.99
Ice Cream£14.99
Créme Brûlée£14.99

A Little History of Za Za Bazaar

Established in November 2011, Za Za Bazaar began with a bold vision to bring the wonders of worldwide fare to Bristol. What started as a simple £3 million buffet restaurant has become one of the city’s most beloved eateries.

Situating over 1000 diners at a time, Za Za Bazaar made history as the largest restaurant in the UK upon its launch. While hopes remained to expand across additional locations, the initial Norwich outpost has yet to fruition. 

Still, the original Bristol Za Za Bazaar lives on, transporting patrons to far-flung corners of the globe through its eclectic Za Za Bazaar menu.

Must-Try Items at Za Za Bazaar

Must-Try Items at Za Za Bazaar

Are you yearning for new flavors on the Za Za Bazaar menu? Take advantage of these compelling selections.

1. Jerk Chicken

Tender morsels of chicken thighs are lovingly coated in an authentic jerk spice blend featuring fragrant allspice and thyme.

A first bite transports you to sun-drenched Jamaica as the aromatic spices dance across your palate. For such a small Za Za Bazaar price, you’ll find yourself returning for this flavorful favorite’s second and third helpings.

2. Tandoori Paneer

Creamy cubes of paneer cheese take on a new life after a luxurious marinade in yogurt and warm spices—time in the tandoor oven results in a soft, smoky cheese with an irresistible crusted exterior.

One bite is all it takes to understand why this classic Indian snack has endured for centuries.

3. Mac and Cheese

Indulge your inner child with a grown-up take on this classic comfort food. Ribbons of pasta are melded with two molten cheeses and flung with buffalo chicken, creating hard-edged flavors. Families, friends, and foodies flock to the mac and cheese station to find bliss in a bowl.

4. Paella

Close your eyes, and you may feel transported to the shores of Valencia. An eclectic mix of seafood and meats sing harmoniously as they simmer alongside plump, saffron-infused rice grains. This Spanish dish is a flavorful feast for both eyes and stomach.

5. Sushi

Artfully arranged rolls and nigiri showcase Japan’s finest seafood at its freshest. From California rolls overflowing with avocado to fat toro belly tenderly draped over sushi rice, these bite-sized masterpieces are as pleasing as they are to eat.

With continuously rotating global specials like Brazilian BBQ and Ethiopian stews, patrons can satisfy any craving on the diverse and delightful Za Za Bazaar menu. Each visit offers a chance to discover new traditions through taste.

Za Za Bazaar’s Secret Menu

While most menu items at Za Za Bazaar are openly advertised, a few under-the-radar specials cater to in-the-know customers:

  • Korean bulgogi beef dressed in a rich Tagine-spiced sauce: Tender beef meets the savory spices of North Africa in this fusion of flavors.
  • Tandoori shrimp served atop Caribbean rice and peas: Pink shrimp pops with Indian spice, complemented by the lush coconutty rice.

Playful combinations of international ingredients result in unprecedented flavors available only by requesting “special items” off the secret Za Za Bazaar menu.

How to Order Online from Za Za Bazaar?

Za Za Bazaar Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- Za Za Bazaar’s Facebook

Are you eager to experience the flavors of Za Za Bazaar without leaving home? Their affordable menu is now easily accessible via online ordering.

Browse the full international Za Za Bazaar menu with prices on their website before placing your order through delivery partners like Deliveroo, Uber Eats, or Just Eat.

Sit back and indulge as steaming biryani, sizzling fajitas, or tantalizing tikka masala arrive at your doorstep. With the touch of a button, Za Za Bazaar can transport you to new culinary frontiers from the comfort of your couch.

FAQs Related to Za Za Bazaar Menu

Is there truly a secret Za Za Bazaar menu?

While not overtly advertised, asking your server about combining ingredients from different cultural regions can uncover exciting combinations beyond the fixed Za Za Bazaar menu items.

Which cuisine has the most affordable prices on the Za Za Bazaar menu?

Many dishes from the Indian section offer generous portions at low Za Za Bazaar menu prices, making it a budget-friendly option for diners.

Do meal prices vary by time or day of the week?

The prices on the Za Za Bazaar menu remain consistent throughout the week. Special event nights may incorporate small surcharges.

How late is Za Za Bazaar open?

Diners can enjoy the global flavors of Za Za Bazaar daily from 11:30 AM to 10 PM.

Can I customize protein or sauce options on the Za Za Bazaar menu?

Za Za Bazaar often accommodates dietary substitutions and ingredient swaps depending on availability. Speak with your server about customizing selections to taste.

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