Zestos Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

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Zestos is a popular American ice cream place established in Illinois. This restaurant is widely known for serving delicious ice creams along with some other eateries. Also, the Zestos menu with prices is suitable for all customers.

The Zestos menu includes ice cream, nachos & salads, burgers, specialties, burritos, quesadillas, tacos, chicken, hot dogs, sides, chips & dips, and much more.

Everything at the restaurant is made with fresh ingredients with primary attention to the quality of the Zestos products. The Zestos ice cream menu is exclusive and has a fan base of its own.

This article caters to the real Zestos menu and prices. Also, other details regarding Zestos like their hours, locations, price list, and much more are there in this article.

Zestos Menu With Prices

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Top Menu Items With Prices

Double Cheeseburger$5.99
 Wings & Chicken Fingers$7.19
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Specialty Sandwiches Menu With Prices

Double Cheeseburger (Specialty Sandwiches)$5.99
 Fat Boy$5.99
 Patty Melt$5.99
 Chili Burger$4.79
 Deluxe Burger$4.49
 Grilled Chicken Sandwich$6.35

Wings & Chicken Fingers Menu With Prices

Chicken Fingers Dinner$8.39
Wings & Chicken Fingers (Wings & Chicken Fingers)$7.19
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Zesto Broasted Chicken Menu With Prices

 Two Piece Dinner$7.19
Three Piece Dinner$9.23
Four Piece Dinner$10.79
 By the Piece Wing$2.03

Combo Specials Menu With Prices

Chubby Decker Atlanta’s Original Double Decker Hamburger$5.99
 Chicken Filet Sandwich$5.51
 Gyro or Chicken Gyro$5.99
 Chili Dog$3.47
 Wings (6 Pc)$11.99
 Fish Filet Sandwich$5.99
 Chicken Fingers (4 Pc)$9.99
 Turkey Burger$5.99
 Bacon Cheeseburger$6.05
 Foot Long- Hot Dog$5.99
 Steak Burger$5.39
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Kiddie Korner Menu With Prices

 Zesto Kid’s Meal$5.99

Sides, Chips & Dips Menu With Prices

Onion Rings$3.47
Chili Cheese Fries$4.49
Fried Okra$3.47
Cole Slaw Regular$1.19
Chili Cheese Tots$5.09
Tater Tots$2.99
French Fries$2.39

Cups, Cones & Dipped Cones Menu With Prices

Butterscotch Crown$3.83
Waffle Cone$4.19
Ice Cream Cone$3.23
Brown Crown$3.83
Nut Brown Crown$4.19
Cup of Ice Cream$3.11
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Zesto Ice Cream Delights Menu With Prices

Fried Apple Pie with Ice Cream$3.95
Brownie Bites Sundae$5.39
Fried Apple Pie$2.27
Banana Split$6.47
Milkshakes (Zesto Ice Cream Delights)$3.95
Arctic Swirls$4.79
Old Fashioned Malts$4.31
Ice Cream Floats$3.35

History of Zestos

Zestos Inside everymenuprices.com
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Zestos is a famous restaurant serving in multiple locations. The Zestos menu prices are reasonably crafted to be affordable to all. The restaurant is not only known for its amazing ice cream but also for other eatables that include pizza, tacos, quesadillas, tacos, and more.

The first Zestos came up in 1945 in Rockton, Illinois. The restaurant started as a subsidiary of Taylor Freezer Cooperation and was only an ice cream shop in the initial days. The machine that made soft ice cream was called Zest-O-Mat, hence the restaurant was named Zestos.

Initially, Zestos gained quick momentum and the location expanded to multiple locations. Zestos became a gathering hub for money. However, with time, there was a downfall in the business with franchises closing down.

It is then in the 1950s that Zestos introduced gourmet food items on its menus like fried chicken, French fries, and more. Currently, Zestos has three active locations in Georgia, Forest Park, Fast Atalanta, and Tyrone.

Over the years, the Zestos menu and prices have evolved a lot owing to the growing demand of the customers. In 1961, a double-decker hot dog named ‘Chubby Decker’ became quite popular and is to date one of the most popular items on the Zestos menu.

Starting from the Zestos pizza menu to the Zestos ice cream menu, everything at Zestos is quite a value for money.

Review of Zestos

Zestos Menu everymenuprices.com
Image Credit:- Zestos’ Instagram

The Zestos hours of operation vary from location to location, however, at most Zestos locations, the restaurant operates between 11 am and 10 pm.

Zestos restaurant menu includes their iconic soft ice cream, and other eatables like pizza, burritos, hot dogs, chili dogs, nachos & salads, quesadillas, and other options.

The Zestos burger is quite popular amongst regulars and has options like the iconic Chubby Decker, Steakburger, Giant burger, Bacon cheeseburger, Deluxe burger, Turkey burger, Fish filet sandwich, and much more.

You can also order some nachos and salads for healthy munching. Options like Guacamole salads, bean taco salad, and cheesy nachos are quite popular.

The Zestos burritos are quite delicious and you cannot say no to them. They have variants like Big Juan Ground Beef, Burrito Pescado, Veggie Burrito, Buffalo Chicken, and other options.

If you are a true Mexican food lover, the Zestos quesadilla is a delicacy made just for you. Buffalo Chicken, Steak, Spinach & Cheese are options you can choose from for your quesadilla order. They also have mouth-watering and crunchy tacos on their menu.

The Zestos chicken is a thing you cannot afford to miss at Zestos if you are a chicken lover. The Sides and Dips at Zestos are also flavorful and go perfectly with fries, wings, and chips.

When at Zestos, how can you not try their iconic ice cream delights? The Arctic Swirls are amongst the most ordered at Zestos. They also have exclusive dessert options to try from.

Each Zestos location is an amazing space to visit with your friends and family. The ambiance is fantastic and the staffs are quite friendly. They have also received a very good number of reviews as well.

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Zestos Contact Information & Important Links

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Zestos is amongst the most popular food destination in Atlanta. Not only their delicious food, but the Zestos ice creams are also popular beyond the state for their amazing flavors. Zestos also takes orders from Ubereats and Grubhub.

So, what did you like the most from the above given Zestos menu with prices? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Zestos (FAQs)

How much does Zestos ice cream pay?

Zestos ice cream pay would differ from location to location.

When does Zestos close?

Zestos locations close at around 10 pm every night.

When does Zestos open?

Zestos opens at 11 am from Monday to Saturday and at 12 am on every Sunday. Please visit the official website in order to confirm the opening hours based on your locations.

Does Zestos take apple pay?

Yes, Zestos restaurant accepts Apple Pay.

How old do you have to be to work at Zestos?

Zestos needs an energetic and hardworking confident person, however, the minimum age limit is 16.

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