Zoup Hours of Operation [2024 Updated]

Based in Michigan, Zoup is a fast-casual restaurant chain that has multiple outlets in the United States and Canada. A few upcoming outlets of the restaurant are currently under development. Although the outlets have similar operating hours, a few have a different timing since the place is different. So, today we will discuss the latest Zoup hours of operation in this article.

Zoup is popular for serving delicious food items and amazing alternatives to café products. The restaurant’s menu also offers healthy food items for its customers. If you want to know more about the latest Zoup menu with prices, you can check this dedicated article.

Zoup Hours | Regular Operating Hours

Everyone likes to have their food at a specific time. So if you don’t want to miss anything, you need to know the Zoup hours of operation so that you don’t return home too soon.

Now you must know that Zoup remains inaccessible on the weekends and you won’t be able to have your dinner here. But for the rest of the days, you can visit it anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

If you have any plans to visit this restaurant then you must know the operating hours of their locations. The restaurant opens too early but does not remain open until late at night.

So in case, you want to enjoy and have the best time here, it is advised to visit the place during operating hours but will return disappointed for not being able to have your dinner.

Monday8.30 A.M. to 2.30 P.M.
Tuesday8.30 A.M. to 2.30 P.M.
Wednesday8.30 A.M. to 2.30 P.M.
Thursday8.30 A.M. to 2.30 P.M.
Friday8.30 A.M. to 2.30 P.M.

Zoup Holiday Hours

Zoup is one of those places where delicious food does not stop coming so soon. The restaurant has not officially disclosed anything about whether they prefer to remain closed on any specific festivals. However, this means that you might be able to grab a few offers inside.

So in case you love to have something with a discount, you can try Zoup at various festivals around the year. But apart from everything else, the restaurant will remain accessible for the normal operating hours.

Popular Dishes at Zoup

Zoup is popular for having a huge menu that features so many different sections. We have mentioned a few popular food items below:

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1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A grilled cheese sandwich is prepared with a cheese filling, which is usually cheddar or American cheese put between two bread slices. They are heated until the bread becomes brown and the cheese gets melted.

2. Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie usually has meat and chicken that are blended with vegetables. The toppings of a pastry crust or a stew with dumplings and biscuits add more taste.

3. Lemon Roasted Vegetable

The Mediterranean Lemon Roasted Vegetables are another important attraction of the place. Even if they are cold, they taste the best and are a superior dish compared to any other food item.

4. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

This food item has the best taste considering that it is prepared with brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, chewy oats, and sweet raisins. These are the kind of cookies that fit well with everyone.

5. Marshmallow Bar

It is a marshmallow bar that is crispy and chewy and is prepared with the help of many soft marshmallows. This results in a sweet item that works perfectly as a snack and has fewer calories.

Tips for Planning Your Visit

Zoup locations are known for featuring a well-trained staff to serve its customers, who make things more comfortable and easier for the customers. If you are looking for a good restaurant to hang out with your close ones then this restaurant might be a good option for you.

Although the restaurant offers many different facilities including takeout, free Wi-Fi, accepting Credit Cards, parking, etc.

But they don’t have any reservation facility, which might give you a little trouble while finding any table in case you are planning to visit the place in the peak hours. So to avoid such a situation, we suggest you leave for the place a few times before its peak hours.

Final Thoughts

This restaurant is a perfect place to visit with your close ones as their hospitality and ambiance provide a great experience. However, before that, you must know the Zoup hours of operation.

We have tried our best to provide all the information related to the operating hours of this restaurant chain in this article. However, if you still have any confusion, you may prefer to visit the official website or you can download their app for iOS or Android.

FAQs Related To the Zoup Hours

What time does Zoup open?

The outlets open at 8.30 A.M.

What time does Zoup close?

A majority of locations close at 1.30 P.M.

How many outlets are currently operated by Zoup?

As of now, the restaurant is operating over 90 outlets.

Where are the headquarters of Zoup located?

The headquarters of the restaurant is located at 28290 Franklin Rd, Southfield, Michigan, 48034, United States.

Does a Zoup location have any takeout facility?

Yes, the restaurant offers a takeout facility to its customers.

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