99 Pancakes Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Wanna know a secret? 99 Pancakes has yet again become one of the top cake providers in the country. Just an amazing place to meet your sweet cravings with extra treats of desserts, cakes, and other lip-smacking items.

Apart from pancakes, the place has a huge variety of tasty chocolate cakes, cheesecake, iced tea, and whatnot.

You’ll get the taste match with the preferred standard. All you need to do is to grab the 99 Pancakes menu with prices to try some of the items. 

Moreover, the ambiance has an amazing view as you’ll love the blend of pastel colors that blend perfectly with the desserts.

They have many standard Pancakes, desserts, cakes, and other items but you can also try out the other items too. In short, a great place to grab your favorite dessert be it morning or midnight.

In this article, I have included some of the details of 99 Pancakes that will make you crave more Pancakes or savory desserts.

99 Pancakes Menu With Prices

99 Pancakes Menu everymenuprices
Image Credit:- 99 Pancakes’ Facebook
Chocolate Lovely PancakesRs. 190.00
Red Velvet PancakesRs. 150.00
Jelly Berry PancakesRs. 170.00
Holla Nutella PancakesRs. 160.00
Maple Lady PancakesRs. 120.00
Choco Banoffee PancakesRs. 150.00
Popcorn Paradise PancakesRs. 150.00
Kitkat PancakesRs. 160.00
Brownie Brittle Chips- AlmondRs. 110.00
Brownie Brittle ChipsRs. 110.00
Brownie Brittle Chips – StrawberryRs. 110.00
Brownie Brittle Chips – PistaRs. 110.00
Rainbow PastryRs. 210.00
Caramel Banoffee CrepeRs. 210.00
Rainbow CakeRs. 600.00
Crunchy Biscoff CakeRs. 650.00
Fresh Pineapple CakeRs. 450.00
Nutella CakeRs. 650.00
Chocoholic King Kong ShakeRs. 200.00
Magical Strawberry King Kong ShakeRs. 200.00
Red Velvet JarRs. 210.00
Lotus Biscoff Crystal BallRs. 190.00
Hazelnut Crystal BallRs. 160.00
Vanilla Beans MacaronsRs. 60.00
Pistachio MacaronsRs. 60.00
Blueberry MacaronsRs. 60.00
Dark Chocolate MacaronsRs. 60.00
Strawberry MacaronsRs. 60.00
Bubblegum MacaronsRs. 60.00
Lemon MacaronsRs. 60.00
Nutella MacaronsRs. 60.00
Charcoal Nachos ChipsRs. 260.00
Cheddar Cheese Nachos ChipsRs. 230.00
Very Very Strawberry CrepeRs. 260.00
XoXo Chocolate WaffleRs. 169.00
Creamy Strawberry WaffleRs. 159.00
Oreo Thunder With Ice CreamRs. 129.00
Chocolate Heaven WaffleRs. 129.00
Caramelized Banana WaffleRs. 109.00
Red Velvet WaffleRs. 159.00
Kitkat WaffleRs. 169.00
Pop – A – Corn waffleRs. 159.00
Red Riding Hood PancakesRs. 180.00
Nutella Forever CrepeRs. 230.00
Nutella CroissantRs. 199.00
Brownie Brittles (Mix)Rs. 396.00
Chocolate Tube (Hazelnut)Rs. 90.00

A Little History of 99 Pancakes

99 Pancakes Inside everymenuprices
Image Credit:- 99 Pancakes’ Facebook

99 Pancakes is a small growing business that was started in early 2017 by Vikesh Shah near the Kala Ghoda area of Mumbai. The founder of 99 Pancakes always had a great interest in foods, discovering new items, and a passion for sweet foods.

The concept of 99 pancakes came when he was learning to make the pancakes the best ones available in the town.

In India, 99 Pancakes was the first store to start mini pancakes to serve the interest of the Indian audience and they loved it.

The unimaginable success of selling mini pancakes got them the level to be the most fantastic pancakes and dessert creators in the town.

However, the owner believes in not stopping in any way as great innovations are the key to the success of the company.

99 Pancakes is also associated with international brands such as Nutella, Kit Kat, Epigamia, Fitness Rage Coffee, and more. Currently, is headquartered in Mumbai with over 40 different outlets in operation all across India.

Must Try Items at 99 Pancakes

Must Try Items at 99 Pancakes everymenuprices

If you’re a great pancake lover then 99 Pancakes are for you. They will simply meet your sweet demands with fantastic sweet items.

You can visit any of its outlets in Mumbai or anywhere across India to try out its most famous and best-selling items.

99 Pancakes has a variety of different kinds of items starting from Milkshakes to pancakes and great pizzas. The taste, quality, and textures are perfect.

1. Choco Banoffee Pancakes

The Choco Banoffee Pancakes are something that will leave your taste buds feeling like more. These scrumptious mini pancakes are adorned with creamy banana slices, a rich chocolate experience, and a heavenly fusion of different flavors. Each bite will be blissful!

2. Nutella Cake

The Nutella Cake is a perfect surprise for any special occasion! So satisfy your Nutella cravings with Nutella Cake which is loaded with heavenly layers of moist cake that are generously filled and frosted with the special velvety goodness of Nutella. A delightful treat to try out!

3. Red Velvet Pancakes

The beautifully looking red pancakes will let you indulge in the allure of redness. These decadent pancakes are cocoa-infused and exquisitely flavored with a cream cheese drizzle. Each bite will feel as heavenly as any other 99 pancakes for its delightful flavors.

4. Magically Strawberry King Kong Milkshake

Embrace a journey to feel the heavenly taste of a strawberry King Kong milkshake. This enchanting recipe of milkshake blends the extra sweetness and flavour of sweet strawberries, with vanilla ice cream. A great whimsical twist that will transport your taste buds to a different world.

5. Xoxo Chocolate Waffle

Fall in love with this classic recipe of Xoxo Chocolate waffle from your favorite 99 Pancakes. This is a divine creation made with chocolate waffles and adorned with an extra touch of chocolate drizzle. Each bite substitutes the heavenly bliss of rich cocoa and the irresistible crispiness.

99 Pancakes Secret Menu

The classic place 99 Pancakes is adorned with amazing and heavenly pancakes, desserts, milkshakes, and more.

However, in no time it’s thinking of revealing a secret menu as it has limited options. You can check out the 99 Pancakes menu prices given above to get an idea of what they are offering and then decide to have the best pancake recipes.

How to Order Online From 99 Pancakes?

99 Pancakes Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:- 99pancakes.in

The mini pancakes are the most popular recipe that the crowds seek to order. You can also be a part of 99 Pancakes’ authentic menu and place an order online.

You have two choices: either you can visit 99 Pancake’s official website to place an order online for a takeaway.

Or else, you can also place the order online at Zomato, Ubereats, and Swiggy to get your favorite pancakes, desserts, cakes, and choco chips delivered to you right at your doorstep.

FAQs Related to the 99 Pancakes Menu

Are the pancakes affordable at 99 Pancakes?

99 Pancakes began selling pancakes at the rate of 100 hence the name. Thus, you can find every dish affordable.

Can you order pizzas at 99 Pancakes?

Yes, you can order fantastic savory pizza dishes from 99 Pancakes.

Do they provide catering services?

99 Pancakes has recently come up with catering services for any event.

Which is the most delicious macaron offered at 99 Pancakes?

The Bubblegum Macaron is the most delicious macaron available at 99 Pancakes.

Which is the best pastry offered at 99 Pancakes?

The hot chocolate platter is the best pasty full of spongy mixed dark chocolate cake in a cup.

Are 99 Pancakes menu prices affordable?

Yes, 99 Pancakes menu prices are affordable.

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