Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu Prices [May 2024 Updated]

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We know you are looking for the latest Zarraffa’s Coffee menu prices. That’s why we are here with this article where you can read about Zarraffa’s Coffee.

Knowing the menu and their prices, of course, is a good idea before you make any plans for dinner with your family or someone special.

However, Zarraffa’s Coffee menu with prices can change anytime and may be different in different locations. But you will have an idea of what average prices you can expect there so that it won’t fall heavy on your pocket.

Alright, enough chit-chat now, have a look at Zarraffa’s Coffee menu and prices below.

Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu Prices

Zarraffa's Coffee Menu Australia
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Hot Classics Menu

Hot ClassicsShortTallGrandeMasai
Caffe Latte$ 4.00$ 4.50$ 5.50$ 6.00
Cappuccino$ 4.00$ 4.50$ 5.50$ 6.00
Flate White$ 4.00$ 4.50$ 5.50$ 6.00
White Hot Chocolate$ 4.75$ 5.25$ 5.25$ 6.75
Chai Latte$ 4.50$ 5.25$ 5.75$ 6.00
Hot Chocolate$ 4.75$ 5.00$ 5.25$ 6.00
Americano$ 3.75$ 4.25$ 5.25$ 5.75

Hot Desires Menu

Hot DesiresShortTallGrandeMasai
Caffe Breve$ 4.75$ 5.25$ 6.25$ 6.75
Caramelised Cappuccino$ 5.00$ 5.50$ 6.50$ 7.00
Caffe Mocha$ 5.00$ 5.50$ 6.50$ 7.00
White Chocolate Mocha$ 5.00$ 5.50$ 6.50$ 7.00
Caramelised Mocha$ 5.25$ 5.75$ 7.00$ 7.50

Wide Awake Menu

Wide AwakeSingleDouble
Espresso$ 3.35$ 3.95
Espresso Macchiato$ 3.50$ 4.10
Espresso Affogato$ 4.75$ 5.35
Espresso Con Panna$ 3.80$ 4.40
Piccolo$ 3.60$ 4.20

Organic Teas Menu

Organic TeasShortTallGrandeMasai
English Breakfast$ 3.75$ 4.25$ 4.75$ 5.75

For Children Menu

For ChildrenTallGrandeMasaiJumbo
Babyccino$ 2.00
Chocolate Iced Flavoured Milk$ 3.65$ 4.15$ 5.15$ 6.15
White Chocolate Iced Flavoured Milk$ 3.65$ 4.15$ 5.15$ 6.15
Strawberry Iced Flavoured Milk$ 3.65$ 4.15$ 5.15$ 6.15
Caramel Iced Flavoured Milk$ 3.65$ 5.75$ 6.75$ 7.75

Disclaimer: The menu prices given below may change at any time and may not reflect recent changes. To know the exact menu prices of Zarraffa’s Coffee, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the restaurant/cafe/bakery, or ice cream parlor directly.

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