Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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Zarraffa’s Coffee is a famous and award-winning coffee place that created a new world for all coffee enthusiasts and other excellent food items. It also invites a huge crowd to enjoy the brewing process of coffee with extra flavors. Moreover, with its exceptional coffee service, you should also get in touch with Zarraffa’s Coffee menu with prices given below.

I have stated all the necessary details about Zarraffa’s Coffee located near Gold Coast, Queensland. Now you’ll face no difficulty in expanding your coffee cravings.

Come and enjoy this drive-thru cafe with the absolute freshness of coffee provided and be a part of Zarraffa’s Coffee menu prices today but before that, you must check their operating hours too.

Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu Prices

Zarraffa's Coffee Menu Australia
Image Credit:- Zarraffas

Hot Classics Menu

Hot ClassicsShortTallGrandeMasai
Caffe Latte$ 4.00$ 4.50$ 5.50$ 6.00
Cappuccino$ 4.00$ 4.50$ 5.50$ 6.00
Flate White$ 4.00$ 4.50$ 5.50$ 6.00
White Hot Chocolate$ 4.75$ 5.25$ 5.25$ 6.75
Chai Latte$ 4.50$ 5.25$ 5.75$ 6.00
Hot Chocolate$ 4.75$ 5.00$ 5.25$ 6.00
Americano$ 3.75$ 4.25$ 5.25$ 5.75

Hot Desires Menu

Hot DesiresShortTallGrandeMasai
Caffe Breve$ 4.75$ 5.25$ 6.25$ 6.75
Caramelised Cappuccino$ 5.00$ 5.50$ 6.50$ 7.00
Caffe Mocha$ 5.00$ 5.50$ 6.50$ 7.00
White Chocolate Mocha$ 5.00$ 5.50$ 6.50$ 7.00
Caramelised Mocha$ 5.25$ 5.75$ 7.00$ 7.50

Wide Awake Menu

Wide AwakeSingleDouble
Espresso$ 3.35$ 3.95
Espresso Macchiato$ 3.50$ 4.10
Espresso Affogato$ 4.75$ 5.35
Espresso Con Panna$ 3.80$ 4.40
Piccolo$ 3.60$ 4.20

Organic Teas Menu

Organic TeasShortTallGrandeMasai
English Breakfast$ 3.75$ 4.25$ 4.75$ 5.75

For Children Menu

For ChildrenTallGrandeMasaiJumbo
Babyccino$ 2.00
Chocolate Iced Flavoured Milk$ 3.65$ 4.15$ 5.15$ 6.15
White Chocolate Iced Flavoured Milk$ 3.65$ 4.15$ 5.15$ 6.15
Strawberry Iced Flavoured Milk$ 3.65$ 4.15$ 5.15$ 6.15
Caramel Iced Flavoured Milk$ 3.65$ 5.75$ 6.75$ 7.75

A Little History of Zarraffa’s Coffee

Zarraffa's Coffee Menu Prices
Image Credit:-

Back in 1996 when it was started, the owner Kenton Campbell made Zarraffa’s Coffee’s prices have a lower range and it was only limited to coffees.

The company soon expanded in early 2012 near the West Coast and began experimenting with different flavors of coffee, bringing the taste of East Africa.

Thus, Zarraffa’s Coffee has made its way to a new way of coffee culture to attract more people.

The owner strived day and night to reach the potential customers and thus, started a wide range of options like- iced chai, coffee, iced mocha, americano latte, mocha fusion, and many more. And people started making most of the visit to this incredible place.

Zarraffa’s Coffee now operates around 70 different stores in various locations situated on both sides of the country, especially in Queensland. The owner also plans to open various outlets in other primary locations.

Can we just get ourselves one cup of coffee? Well, then we have to dive down!

Must Try Items at Zarraffa’s Coffee

Must Try Items at Zarraffa’s Coffee

At Zarraffa’s Coffee where every sip is a gift! Surprise yourself with the special hand-crafted coffees. As you have checked the Zarraffa’s Coffee menu prices given above, now you may be wondering what to try and what not.

The Zarraffa’s Coffee blends, flavors, and characteristics have been meticulously developed to deliver you the perfect coffee, from the bean to the cup. And everything offered here is perfectly suitable for your budget.

Try out the top five best items available at Zarraffa’s Coffee given below;-

1. Zafari Fusion

The Zafari Fusion is on its way!

This Summer, Zarraffa’s Coffee is serving up a wild flavor sensation in partnership with the Australian Zoo. The Zafari Fusion combines the signature espresso, white chocolate, and coconut with dark chocolate chips, and is topped with sweet cream, a drizzle of white chocolate sauce, and white chocolate flakes.

2. Choc Cherry Fudge

The stock is limited now! You can also try out this absolute classic chocolate cherry fudge drink. It comes with a lot of stuffing of espresso, vanilla ice cream, and a drizzle of honey and chocolate sauce with cookie crumbs. Isn’t it mouth-watering?

3. Mocha Float

Find joy in every little thing. Order this special drink called a Mocha Float for some chocolate flakes goodness, or simply ask for chocolate flakes to be added to your own Zarraffa’s favorite drink! For something extra special!

4. Open Club

Why not try out some new stuff? Be obsessed with Zarraffa’s Coffee’s new Open Club. It is filled with Chicken breast mixed with mayonnaise, cheese, and bacon, topped with chives on a toasted ciabatta. That’s yum!

5. Choc Caramel Crunch

When in Zarraffa’s Coffee all you can think of is the heavenly taste of coffees! So try out this biscuit caramel crunch drink with the goodness of coffee, caramel, and chocolate. Every sip will feel like heaven! Hurry and grab it now!

Zarraffa’s Coffee’s Secret Menu

You can already guess that Zarraffa’s Coffee has a secret menu. While I think that it has secret ingredients that make its coffee taste better than anything.

As of now, there’s no such information on its secret menu. Thus, I suggest you try and sip every coffee drink available at Zarraffa’s Coffee.

How to Order Online From  Zarraffa’s Coffee?

Zarraffa's Coffee Menu
Image Credit:- Zarraffa’s Coffee’s Instagram

Zarraffa’s Coffee only has dine-in and takeaway facilities as they only offer breakfast, coffee, and types of drinks.

And therefore, if you think of ordering online from Zarraffa’s Coffee then you might not be getting what you desire. Or else, download their original app or visit their official website to find the best coffee deal.

FAQs Related to the Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu

Can you get a Zarraffa’s Coffee’s  Z card if it gets stolen or lost?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get a new one as you have to purchase a new one which costs you around $75.

Can you order Ham bread at Zarraffa’s Coffee?

Yes, you can order ham and cheese bread with a special raisin toast at Zarraffa’s Coffee.

Are only coffee options available at Zarraffa’s Coffee?

Other than coffee, you can also order other food items such as spinach rolls, open club sandwiches, and many more.

Which is the best hot drink available at Zarraffa’s Coffee?

Caramelised Mocha and a perfect blend of cappuccinos are the best hot drinks offered at Zarraffa’s Coffee.

Are smoothies available at Zarraffa’s Coffee?

Yes, you can order signature smoothies like banana smoothies, berry smoothies, breakfast smoothies, and many others.

Are Zarraffa’s Coffee menu prices affordable?

Yes, Zarraffa’s Coffee menu prices are affordable.

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