Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu Prices [September 2023 Updated]

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Zarraffa’s Coffee is a coffee house that features your favorite coffee items. There are different varieties of coffee on Zarraffa’s Coffee menu along with some other amazing items that can be used as snacks along with your favorite beverage. If you are searching for Zarraffa’s Coffee menu prices then you are at the right place.

Nowadays we have become very busy with our tight schedules and for that reason, we can’t spend much time with our loved ones. So, we must find some solution to such problems, and coffee shops are one of them. A coffee house is a perfect place to meet your friends, family members, etc. Coffee shops are also useful when you want to meet somebody for some official purposes.

Kenton Campbell was the man who established Zarraffa’s Coffee in Eagleby, Queensland, Australia. The chain started its journey as a roasting house but later it turned into a coffee shop.

The restaurant chain received several awards including the Gold Coast Business of the year award in 2007 and 2008, Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards 2008 in the category of Retail, Wholesale, and Distribution Category Winner, etc. So without wasting much time, first let’s take a look at the Zarraffa’s Coffee menu prices below.

Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu Prices

Zarraffa's Coffee Menu Australia
Image Credit:- Zarraffas

Hot Classics Menu With Prices

Hot ClassicsShortTallGrandeMasai
Caffe Latte$ 4.00$ 4.50$ 5.50$ 6.00
Cappuccino$ 4.00$ 4.50$ 5.50$ 6.00
Flate White$ 4.00$ 4.50$ 5.50$ 6.00
White Hot Chocolate$ 4.75$ 5.25$ 5.25$ 6.75
Chai Latte$ 4.50$ 5.25$ 5.75$ 6.00
Hot Chocolate$ 4.75$ 5.00$ 5.25$ 6.00
Americano$ 3.75$ 4.25$ 5.25$ 5.75
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Hot Desires Menu With Prices

Hot DesiresShortTallGrandeMasai
Caffe Breve$ 4.75$ 5.25$ 6.25$ 6.75
Caramelised Cappuccino$ 5.00$ 5.50$ 6.50$ 7.00
Caffe Mocha$ 5.00$ 5.50$ 6.50$ 7.00
White Chocolate Mocha$ 5.00$ 5.50$ 6.50$ 7.00
Caramelised Mocha$ 5.25$ 5.75$ 7.00$ 7.50

Wide Awake Menu With Prices

Wide AwakeSingleDouble
Espresso$ 3.35$ 3.95
Espresso Macchiato$ 3.50$ 4.10
Espresso Affogato$ 4.75$ 5.35
Espresso Con Panna$ 3.80$ 4.40
Piccolo$ 3.60$ 4.20
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Organic Teas Menu With Prices

Organic TeasShortTallGrandeMasai
English Breakfast$ 3.75$ 4.25$ 4.75$ 5.75

For Children Menu With Prices

For ChildrenTallGrandeMasaiJumbo
Babyccino$ 2.00
Chocolate Iced Flavoured Milk$ 3.65$ 4.15$ 5.15$ 6.15
White Chocolate Iced Flavoured Milk$ 3.65$ 4.15$ 5.15$ 6.15
Strawberry Iced Flavoured Milk$ 3.65$ 4.15$ 5.15$ 6.15
Caramel Iced Flavoured Milk$ 3.65$ 5.75$ 6.75$ 7.75

History of Zarraffa’s Coffee

Zarraffa's Coffee Menu Prices
Image Credit:-

The original branch of Zarraffa’s Coffee was established in Australia and Kenton Campbell was the man behind it. Campbell first created Zarraffa’s Coffee as a roasting house but he later decided to make a coffee shop where people can go and relax. However, most people are unaware of the fact that the first store that was opened by the founders had only three tables and nine chairs for the customers.

The company started to operate in around 40 spots by the next few years and a charity organization was launched by Kenton Campbell which aimed to solve the problems related to the environment.

Their 50th outlet was launched at 50th Drive Thru five years ago and they made another base at Eagleby, QLD. They opened another segment of their company called Sugar Creek Smokehouse following the pandemic in 2020.

At this moment, The Australian restaurant chain is operating in more than 88 outlets in different locations and more than 1200 workers are working with them. Zarraffa’s Coffee‘s annual revenue is estimated to be around $103.5 million. Zaraffa’s Coffee menu and prices are other things that have become popular among its daily visitors.

Review of Zarraffa’s Coffee

Zarraffa's Coffee Menu And Prices
Image Credit:- Zarraffa’s Coffee’s Instagram

They are a well-known coffee house known for serving a special coffee named African Masai, which is a blend of Kenyan and Ethiopian arabica beans. The restaurant chain is also popular for its reasonable Zarraffa’s Coffee prices.

Zarraffa’s Coffee menu and prices will provide your orders in a very affordable price range and the quantity of their food items is also sufficient to fill your tummy.

Zarraffa’s Coffee menu with prices features different sections with a pocket-friendly price range. Every section offers various types of mouth-watering beverages. Zarraffa’s Coffee menu includes hot classics, hot desires, wide awake, organic teas, for children menu, etc.

The hot classic menu section offers Caffe Lattes, Cappuccino, White Hot Chocolate, Americano, etc. The price of each section differs based on the cup size and the price ranges of hot classic go up to $ 6.00. The hot desires section includes Caffe Breve, White Chocolate Mocha, Caffe Mocha, etc, and the price starts from $ 4.75 to $ 7.50.

Wide awake menu section features Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, Espresso Con Panna, etc. The price range for this particular section starts from $ 3.35 to $ 5.35.

As per some online reviews, Zarraffa’s Coffee menu prices are a major attraction for customers. The restaurant chain is very famous for its coffee along with other food options. However, some customers have commented online that they found very bad service at the restaurant. Zarraffa’s Coffee received a mixed response from the customers.

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How to Order Online From Zarraffa’s Coffee Menu in Few Steps?

Zarraffa's Coffee Menu
Image Credit:- Zarraffa’s Coffee’s Instagram

If you want to order any food item from Zarraffa’s Coffee online, then you have to wait as they don’t really offer online order services right now. In past, they were available to order online through Zomato but Zomato has shut down its operation there so now you can’t order Zarraffa’s Coffee food items through Zomato.

As soon as they will be available on any food delivery services like Ubereats, Grubhub, etc, I will update this article.

Zarraffa’s Coffee Contact Information & Important Links

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Zarraffa’s Coffee Contact Info

Zarraffa's Coffee Corporate Office Address124 Distillery Road, Eagleby QLD 4207 PO Box 2089, Beenleigh QLD 4207
Zarraffa's Coffee Corporate Office Phone Number07 5500 0800
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Zarraffa’s Coffee is one of those popular restaurants today where you can get the best and all qualities of coffee. After a busy day, we all need some relaxation and rest and Zaraffa’s Coffee can be the best spot for you to give some relief to your body.

Coffee is an item that we have always preferred to use when we are bored or tired. There is possibly less number of restaurant chains that offer coffee items at a reasonable price. However, Zarraffa’s Coffee menu with prices is one thing where you can get your favorite coffee item according to your choice, and that too at a reasonable price.

There have been some international restaurants that put more emphasis on coffee and they have managed to expand themselves to various other places around the globe. So for now, we can hope the same happens with Zarraffa’s Coffee. But it is a dream that is still far from reach. So what did you like the most from the above given Zarraffa’s Coffee menu prices? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Zarraffa’s Coffee (FAQs)

What kind of coffee is used by Zarraffa’s?

Zarraffa’s uses African Masai, which is a special type of coffee.

What is the number of employees working in Zarraffa’s?

More than 1200 employees are working with the restaurant chain.

What are the milk options available at Zarraffa’s?

Zarraffa’s menu features different milk options including lite, soy, lactose-free, full cream, oat, and almond milk.

What are the cup sizes at Zarraffas?

Zarraffa’s use 8oz and 12oz KeepCups, which are made of cork collar and durable glass finish.

How many branches are currently being operated by Zarraffa’s?

Zarraffa’s are currently operating more than 88 branches in different spots.

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