Biscuit Bitch Menu With Prices (US) – 2024

People like to stay away from using foul language but a unique thing has now happened where one such word has become famous all around the world and it is because of the restaurant chain called Biscuit Bitch. Currently, the Biscuit Bitch menu with prices is popular among the public.

Biscuit Bitch menu features various categories such as Basic Bitch, Main Bitch, Skinny Bitch, Side Bitch, Thirsty Bitch, Extra Bitch, Tipsy Bitch, and Soul Food Sunday. Each section offers a range of different food items that are accessible at a very affordable price range.

The best part of the Biscuit Bitch menu is that they are vegetarian friendly and there are vegan and gluten-free options. There are also two options for cuisines which include American and Café. For meals, all those who visit the restaurant can choose an option between breakfast, lunch, and brunch.

If you are curious to know about everything related to Biscuit Bitch then this article will offer you all the details. This includes detailed information about the Biscuit Bitch menu prices, the opening hours of Biscuit Bitch, Biscuit Bitch locations, public response, the history of Biscuit, and much more.

Biscuit Bitch Menu With Prices

Biscuit Bitch Menu Prices
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Featured Bitches Menu With Prices

Available 8:00 am – 12:59 pm

Take ‘n Bake Bitches (1/2 Dozen)$15.80
Hot Mess Bitch$15.25
Seattle Fog$4.00-$4.60
Seattle Fog Orange Infused Mocha$4.75-$5.75
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Gravy Botched Menu With Prices

Available 8:00 am – 12:59 pm

Easy Bitch$12.25
Hot Mess Bitch$15.25
Smokin’ Hot Bitch$13.75
Gritty Scrambled Cheesy Bitch$13.75
Straight-Up Bitch$9.25

Bitchwiches Menu With Prices

Available 8:00 am – 12:59 pm

Bitchwich Combo Deal!$11.75-$13.65
Bitchwich™ (Egg & Cheese)$6.35
Bitchwich™ (Sausage)$7.50
Bitchwich™ (Bacon)$7.50
Bitchwich™ (Spam)$7.50
Bitchwich™ (Hot Link)$7.95
Bitchwich™ (Veggie Sausage)$7.50
Buttered Up Bitch$4.40-$4.75
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Sides Menu With Prices

Available 8:00 am – 12:59 pm

Side of Gravy$4.35
Garlic Grits & Butter$3.20
Cheesy Garlic Grits$4.00
Side of Bitchy Sauce$1.00
Sides of Jalapenos$1.00
Side of Callahan’s Hot Sauce$1.00
Side of Franks Hot Sauce$0.50
Side of Bitch Berry Jam$1.00

Take N Bake Menu With Prices

Available 8:00 am – 12:59 pm

Take ‘n Bake Bitches (1/2 Dozen)$15.80
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Hot Dranks Menu With Prices

Available 8:00 am – 12:59 pm

Bitch Blend Drip Coffee$3.25-$4.50
Chai Latte$4.25-$4.85
Dirty Pumpkin$4.75-$5.30
Hot Chocolate$3.50-$4.50
Hot Tea By Marketspice$3.75
Seattle Fog$4.00-$4.60
Mexican Mocha$4.75-$5.75
White Chocolate Mocha$4.65-$5.65
Orange Infused Mocha$4.75-$5.75
Orange Infused White Mocha$4.75-$5.75
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Cold Dranks Menu With Prices

Available 8:00 am – 12:59 pm

“Bitches Brew” Cold Brew Coffee$4.25-$5.50
Iced Latte (20oz)$5.10
Iced Americano (20 Oz)$5.50
Seattle Summer Fog (20 Oz)$5.25
Iced Tea (20 Oz)$4.40
Arnold Palmer (20 Oz)$4.65
Peach Iced Tea (20 Oz)$4.85
Fuzzy Palmer (20 Oz)$5.00
Blackberry Iced Tea (20 Oz)$4.85
Raspberry Lemonade Sparkler (20 Oz)$5.10
Iced Chai Latte (20 Oz)$5.10
Iced Dirty Pumpkin (20 Oz)$5.85
Iced Mocha (20 Oz)$5.85
Iced Orange Infused Mocha (20 Oz)$6.00
Orange Juice$4.00-$5.45
Coco Cola$2.75
Diet Coke$2.75
Barq’s Root Beer$2.75
Pathwater Bottled Water$3.50

History of Biscuit Bitch

Biscuit Bitch Menu And Prices
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Established a few years ago, Biscuit Bitch is a small restaurant chain that is owned by Kimmie Spice. The owner had decided to expand their business and launched a new restaurant by July 2019 reportedly opened that month at White Centre.

At first, the Biscuit Bitch menu featured only a few vegetarian items but later the owners decided to add some more vegetarian items and they also planned to remove some dishes that are previously added to the menu.

Spice planned to add more space to these outlets compared to the previous restaurants. According to the new plans, around fifty people or more could easily fit in the location.

The outlet soon became a popular dining spot and it had a wide range of food options, leading to the expansion of business in the next few months.

Review of Biscuit Bitch

Biscuit Bitch Menu
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Biscuit Bitch is one of the most popular restaurant chains that are very well-known around the world. Biscuit Bitch menu with prices is very famous for serving delicious food items under different categories.

Although the Biscuit Bitch menu is filled with a variety of mouthwatering eatables, some specific food items are the main attractions of the menu.

The popular items on the Biscuit Bitch menu are All American, Hash Browns, Bacon, Mardi Gras, Frenchy, Orange Juice, Simple, Boguie, Create Your Pancakes, and Chicken Apple Sausage.

According to some people who visited the restaurant, a Biscuit with gravy is one of the most popular items on the Biscuit Bitch menu. It is easily accessible as it is located near the road.

The ordering process of Biscuit Bitch is good compared to other restaurants and so people rarely complain anything about their service. There are hardly any negative reviews available regarding Biscuit Bitch.

The restaurant features the best facilities in terms of payment. They accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover cards. There are other options like takeout facilities alongside outdoor seating, wheelchair availability, and gift cards.

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How to Order Online From Biscuit Bitch Menu?

Biscuit Bitch Order Online
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If you want to order online then follow the steps given below where I have mentioned how you can easily order online from Biscuit Bitch in a few steps. Other than ordering online, you can also check the latest menu prices of Biscuit Bitch for different locations as the prices may vary from location to location.

  1. First head over to the official website of Biscuit Bitch and choose what you want to do (pickup, delivery, or shipping).
  2. As you want to order online from Biscuit Bitch you have to select delivery and type your delivery location.
  3. Now, the latest list of Biscuit Bitch menu prices will appear (here you can check the latest menu prices of Biscuit Bitch based on your preferred location).
  4. Now, select and add all the food items that you want to order online from Biscuit Bitch to your cart.
  5. In the next step, go to your cart and make the payment. After your payment got successful, your order will be delivered to your address.

Biscuit Bitch Contact Information & Important Links

Biscuit Bitch CareersCheck Here
Biscuit Bitch Gift CardsCheck Here

Social Media Handles

InstagramVisit Now

Biscuit Bitch Contact Info

Biscuit Bitch Corporate Office Address2303 3rd Ave Seattle, Washington 98121
Biscuit Bitch Phone Number(206) 728-2219
Biscuit Bitch Email Address[email protected]
Biscuit Bitch Contact Page/FormVisit Here


Biscuit Bitch is a small restaurant chain with only a few outlets. Since it was not established a long time ago, it had not gained recognition but looking at the current performance, we can definitely expect Biscuit Bitch to become a big franchise in the upcoming years.

Biscuit Bitch menu and prices have everything that you search for in a normal restaurant. But in order to engage in a competition with the best of the best restaurants of today’s world, it is important that the heads of such restaurants should introduce something in their menu which is possibly not available or accessible anywhere else.

So what did you like the most from the above given Biscuit Bitch menu with prices? Do let me know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Biscuit Bitch (FAQs)

What is the current revenue of Biscuit Bitch?

The revenue of Biscuit Bitch varies between $1 to $10 million.

Who is the mastermind behind Biscuit Bitch?

The mastermind behind Biscuit Bitch is Kimmie Spice.

Where are the headquarters of Biscuit Bitch located?

The headquarters of Biscuit Bitch is located in Seattle, Washington.

Is Biscuit Bitch a franchise?

Yes, Biscuit Bitch is a small franchise.

How many outlets are currently operated by Biscuit Bitch?

Currently, Biscuit Bitch is operating in two locations.

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