Chowking Menu With Prices [April 2024 Updated]

Are you too inclined towards Asian cuisines? Well, in this article I’ll be covering the exciting food items that Chowking offers. You’ll simply start exploring the Chowking menu with prices once you come across what it has to offer. A traditional place like this needs your attention!

Finding mouth-watering, tantalizing recipes is quite difficult. The scrumptious meals offered at Chowking are irresistible here and thus will sail straight to your mouth.

You must be wondering what’s the use of checking Chowking’s menu. Well, you don’t have to be confused about how much money you need to carry to get your favorite meal.

Below you’ll find Chowking’s transparent menu and prices of Philippines locations. Also, don’t forget to check their operating hours too.

Chowking Menu With Prices

Chowking Menu And Prices everymenuprices
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Chinese Rice Meals Menu

Chick ‘n Sauce₱ 106.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken₱ 106.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken w/ Wonton Soup₱ 144.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Pork₱ 123.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Fish₱ 129.00
Salt & Pepper Pork₱ 123.00
1pc. Chinese-Style Fried Chicken₱ 88.00
1pc. Chinese-Style Fried Chicken with Egg Fried Rice₱ 103.00
2pc. Chinese-Style Fried Chicken₱ 168.00
Pork Chao Fan w/ Fried Chicken₱ 134.00
Beef Chao Fan w/ Fried Chicken₱ 157.00
Salt & Pepper Pork w/ 3pc. Dimsum₱ 162.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Pork w/ 3pc. Dimsum₱ 162.00
Lumpiang Shanghai Rice Meal₱ 56.00
Chopsuey₱ 123.00

Noodles Menu

Wonton Mami₱ 66.00
Siomai Mami (Pork Siomai)₱ 90.00
Siomai Mami (Beef Siomai)₱ 90.00
Beef Mami₱ 162.00
Beef Wonton Mami₱ 174.00
Lomi₱ 123.00
Pancit Canton₱ 56.00
Pancit Canton with 1pc. Chinese Style Fried Chicken₱ 151.00

Breakfast Menu

King’s Special₱ 157.00
Pork Tocino₱ 123.00
Beef Tapa₱ 123.00
Chinese Pork Longganisa₱ 123.00
Breakfast Pork Chao Fan₱ 68.00
Breakfast Pork Chao Fan with Siomai₱ 111.00
Breakfast Beef Chao Fan₱ 97.00
Breakfast Beef Chao Fan with Siomai₱ 131.00
Breakfast Yang Chow Chao Fan₱ 109.00
Breakfast Yang Chow Chao Fan with Siomai₱ 142.00

Chao Fan Menu

Pork Chao Fan with Topping₱ 97.00
Pork Chao Fan₱ 55.00
Beef Chao Fan with Topping₱ 118.00
Beef Chao Fan₱ 84.00
Yang Chow Chao Fan with Topping₱ 133.00
Yang Chow Chao Fan₱ 95.00

Lauriat Menu

Chick ‘n Sauce Lauriat₱ 190.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken Lauriat₱ 190.00
Chinese-Style Fried Chicken Lauriat₱ 174.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Pork Lauriat₱ 196.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Fish Lauriat₱ 202.00
Salt & Pepper Pork Lauriat₱ 196.00
Lumpiang Shanghai Lauriat₱ 174.00

Others Menu

Chunky Asado Siopao₱ 44.00
Bola Bola Siopao₱ 56.00
Chocopao₱ 44.00
3pc. Siopao Box₱ 129.00
2pc. Siomai₱ 34.00
4pc. Siomai₱ 56.00
4pc. Fried Pork Dumplings₱ 56.00
4pc. Lumpiang Shanghai₱ 56.00
Buchi₱ 34.00
Wonton Soup₱ 34.00
Chicharap₱ 56.00
Kangkong w/ Chinese Bagoong₱ 56.00
Tofu₱ 56.00
Extra Plain Rice₱ 30.00
Extra Egg Fried Rice₱ 44.00
Sweet & Sour Sauce₱ 17.00
Asian Spicy Sauce₱ 17.00

Good For Sharing Menu

Chick ‘n Sauce Group Platter₱ 319.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Pork Group Platter₱ 325.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Fish Group Platter₱ 330.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken Group Platter₱ 319.00
Salt & Pepper Pork Group Platter₱ 330.00
Pork Chao Fan Group Platter₱ 208.00
Beef Chao Fan Group Platter₱ 248.00
Yang Chow Chao Fan Group Platter₱ 283.00
Egg Fried Rice Group Platter₱ 190.00
Steamed Pork Siomai Group Platter₱ 168.00
8pc. Chinese-Style Fried Chicken₱ 559.00
6pc. Chinese-Style Fried Chicken₱ 447.00
Pancit Canton Group Platter₱ 218.00
Chopsuey Group Platter₱ 320.00
Fried Pork Siomai Group Platter₱ 168.00
Lumpiang Shanghai Group Platter₱ 168.00
Fried Pork Dumpling Group Platter₱ 168.00
Buchi Group Platter₱ 134.00
Family Lauriat Set A (Good for 3)₱ 559.00
Family Lauriat Set B (Good for 4)₱ 840.00

A Little History of Chowking

Chowking Inside everymenuprices
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Chowking is a popular Filipino-Chinese fast-food restaurant that was founded by Robert Kuan in 1985.

Earlier, the owner used to work in their family-run restaurant known as Ling Nam Wanton Parlour. Then he began experimenting with new Chinese dishes and conceptualized Chowking.

Thus, Kuan opened a similar restaurant Ling Wanton, and later named it Chowking. And also, began selling the same fast foods.

The first store Chowking was opened on March 18, 1985, near the Rotary building. In early 1989, Chowking started expanding and became a part of the provincial markets with franchising operations.

However, during the 2000s, the Jollibee Food Corporation bought the Chowking and it went through a comprehensive restructuring. Currently, 617 stores are operating all across the globe.

Must Try Items at Chowking

Must Try Items at Chowking

Now as you have checked the Chowking menu with prices given above, to make it more convenient, I have ensured that all the food items mentioned below are under your budget.

Discovering new flavors at Chowking wouldn’t be an issue and thus, you can dive straight into the perfect recipes. Below are some food items that need your attention:-

1. Chaofan

Chowking brings the absolute savory Chaofan with delightful blends of flavors. A plate full of schezwan fried rice, big pieces of prawns, and chicken skewers with a sprinkle of sesame and green onions. An unforgettable taste awaits your arrival!

2. Schezwan Chicken

This recipe shows that spice can never be beaten with other tastes! It is the spiciest dish of Chowking. These juicy, crispy chicken loaded with signature schezwan sauce will fill your mouth with drool. Don’t imagine the outcome just devour it!

3. Double Deal

An unforgettable combo that requires your order! Egg fried rice with signature Chinese style fried chicken, with 1 huge piece of Buchi, and 1 bowl of soup. Try out this signature combo with your favorite beverage. And the best thing is all those are for only AED 32! So wait no more!

4. Beef Chaofan

One more chaofan dish and you’ll be good to go! So begin your day with a hearty and whole breakfast, and this beef Chaofan will be paired with a cup of coffee. You can make use of your morning by adding this fantastic meal to your breakfast list! Come over and try it out now!

5. Shanghai Spring Rolls

These irresistible, soft Shanghai Spring Rolls will crave out every hunger that you have. Add a twist to your special day by having these delicious spring rolls. And perfectly paired with Chowking’s delectable signature dipping sauce. Visit the nearest store and don’t skip this tasty spring roll.

Chowking’s Secret Menu

Looking for a secret menu? Then, you’re at the right place. Chowking’s secret menu is out now with a base of delicious ingredients that perfectly sink with the Chinese food items.

Never miss out on the chance to fit your stomachs with the delightful secret recipes of all time. You’ll get a huge list of secret food items that are worth your every penny. Keep a record of what the chef makes!

How To Order Online From Chowking?

Chowking Order Online everymenuprices
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You know what’s the best part? Well, get your favorite Filipino-Chinese food delivered to your doorstep. You just have to be a little kind to yourself and treat yourself with nice fast food items.

You can order your food from Chowking by visiting their official website or you just need to place a call to their office number to make an order.

Or else, there are delivery service companies like Doordash that will deliver you the best.

FAQs Related to the Chowking Menu

Are there Italian Cuisines offered at Chowking?

No, you’ll only get Filipino-Chinese food dishes at Chowking.

Does Chowking have a secret menu? 

Chowking has a special secret menu which you’ll get once you acknowledge the staff.

Which is the spiciest dish available at Chowking?

The newly launched Schezwan chicken is the spiciest dish of all time at Chowking.

What flavors does Chowking serve?

Chowking serves signature Chinese cuisines with a hint of Filipino flavors that sink well with all the different dishes.

Does Chowking have any pork items?

At Chowking you can’t miss out on the exclusive pork dishes. You can try Chowking’s signature Pork Chaofan with meaty fried rice.

Are Chowking menu prices affordable?

Yes, the Chowking menu prices are affordable.

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