Cowboy Chicken Menu With Prices [February 2024 Updated]

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Do you love exotic chicken dishes? Then, grab a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken from Cowboy Chicken and feel the magic of its flavor. For that, you need to add something to your to-do list which is grabbing the Cowboy Chicken menu with prices to get the latest version of the dishes.

Cowboy Chicken’s menu has been providing all well-seasoned ingredients that go perfectly with the taste of juicy chicken.

However, for more accurate recipes and prices, you might want to revisit its menu card as it may appear different from the one provided online.

And I have found the most awaited information which I have mentioned below on Cowboy Chicken. Thus, you don’t get confused about what to order and eat. Everything you desire will get you served right on your plate!

Cowboy Chicken Menu With Prices

Cowboy Chicken Menu everymenuprices
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Cowboy Plates Menu

Half Chicken
Two sides, roll
Quarter White$10.5
Three Piece Dark$10.5
Brisket & Chicken$15.00
EnchiladasTwo – $12
Three – $13
Five Crispy Drumsticks$10.00
Whole Chicken$11.00

Salads & Bowls Menu

Monterey Salad$12.00
Southwest Salad$12.00
Keto Green Bowl$12.00
Durango Bowl$12.00

Family Meals Menu

Chicken For Four$32.00
Chicken For Six$43.00
Brisket For Four$43.00
Brisket & Chicken For Six$49.00

Sandwiches Menu

BBQ Chicken$11.00

Wild West Sides Menu

Twice Baked Potaters™Individual – $3.5
Texas – $5.5
Ranchero BeansIndividual – $3.5
Texas – $5.5
Baked Mac & CheeseIndividual – $3.5
Texas – $5.5
French FriesIndividual – $3.5
Texas – $5.5
Green BeansIndividual – $3.5
Texas – $5.5
Sweet PotatoIndividual – $3.5
Texas – $5.5
Spanish RiceIndividual – $3.5
Texas – $5.5
Garden SaladIndividual – $3.5
Texas – $5.5
Roasted BroccoliIndividual – $3.5
Texas – $5.5
Mexican Street CornIndividual – $3.5
Texas – $5.5
Creamed SpinachIndividual – $3.5
Texas – $5.5
Fried OkraIndividual – $3.5
Texas – $5.5

Drinks Menu

TeasRegular – $2.5
Large – $3.00
Homemade LemonadeRegular – $2.5
Large – $3.00
Soft DrinksRegular – $2.5
Large – $3.00

Desserts Menu

Banana Puddin’Individual – $4.00
Texas – $6.00
Jeanette’s Homemade
Peach Cobbler
Individual – $4.00
Texas – $6.00

A Little History of Cowboy Chicken

Cowboy Chicken Inside everymenuprices
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It was all in the year 1981 when the owner Phil Sanders took the initiative to make a revolutionary chicken restaurant.

And he took inspiration from Western movies as it has a natural impact. And he even found happiness in simple things in life. That’s why Cowboy Chicken was established as the simplest form of restaurant.

To make their dream come true, Phil Sanders and his wife Jeanette set out to start a wood-fired barbecue food right in the backyard.

And thus, experimenting for months, they turned their passion in the form of a restaurant. Intending to provide the best rotisserie chicken it developed its all-natural blend of bold flavours.

It was formed near Dallas, Texas. Currently, it operates in Texas and 20 different locations throughout the country. Some of the places include South Dakota, Oklahoma, Georgia, California, Kansas, Louisiana and many more.

How about we turn our attention back to some scrumptious food items?

Must Try Items at Cowboy Chicken

Must Try Items at Cowboy Chicken

I assume that you’ve already been through Cowboy Chicken’s menu before you dive into this.

So to make it more appealing, I have listed down the five best delicious items that you must try when you visit there. And every item you’ll find below is worth spending your money on!

1. Turkey Plate

No one can miss out on this absolute crowd’s favorite! This Turkey plate is stuffed with turkey breasts, stuffings of boiled veggies, a choice of any side, and a side of signature gravy. A plate full of deliciousness awaits your arrival!

2. The Gobbler

A full burger meal is a cure for every problem! This Gobbler burger comes with sliced breasts of turkey, signature cranberry sauce, smoked gouda, cranberry aioli, and a brioche bun. A luscious dish is worth spending money on!

3. Crispy Drumstick Meal

Whoever tried this recipe never misses a chance to try it out again! So I suggest you take up this meal as it has five smoked chicken leg pieces, a choice of BBQ sauce, Lemon pepper, and special Texas Dust along with one side as you like.

4. Whole Chicken

As you know, Cowboy Chicken’s house special is whole smoked rotisserie chicken. It is a mixture of bold flavors of spices and herbs that leaves an amazing texture in your mouth. You must get your hands on these juicy whole chickens.

5. Southwest Salad

How can we miss out on this scrumptious and tasty salad? This Southwest Salad has a lot of fillings of chopped onions, green veggies, ranchero beans, rotisserie chicken pieces, tomatoes, corn, cilantro, shredded cheese, and tortilla strips.

Cowboy Chicken’s Secret Menu

Cowboy Chicken’s secret menu has been out yet as you know it’s a “secret”.

Don’t worry it has also added some considerable flavours and food items in its original menu. And thus, you won’t find yourself lacking its precious flavors.

It also contains some great dishes that you may find way too good. Thus, instead of hoping for a secret menu just go out, grab your friends, and join in for heavenly food service at Cowboy Chicken.

How to Order Online From Cowboy Chicken?

Cowboy Chicken Order Online everymenuprices
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Cowboy Chicken is here to transform your flat taste into a bold and the most delicious one. To spend your holiday weekend, place an order online from Cowboy Chicken for a free and special treat of food items.

Step in to place an order from Cowboy Chicken either by visiting their official website or through any third-party apps like Doordash, Grubhub, and Ubereats.

FAQs Related to the Cowboy Chicken Menu

Which chicken item is the crowd’s favorite?

The crowd’s favorite is always whole rotisserie chicken available at Cowboy Chicken.

Are there options for salads available at Cowboy Chicken?

There are incredible options for fresh and healthy salads offered to the public.

Which is the best spice that Cowboy Chicken uses?

Cowboy Chicken uses smoked paprika to give an authentic spicy and smoked taste to the chicken items.

How to order whole turkey chicken?

To order turkey chicken at Cowboy Chicken you need to place an order one hour prior.

Are there any combos available at Cowboy Chicken?

Yes, there are combos served at Cowboy Chicken.

Are Cowboy Chicken menu prices affordable?

Yes, Cowboy Chicken menu prices are affordable.

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