Doubledave’s Pizzaworks Menu With Prices [April 2024]

The ultimate abode of Pizza is a combination of a great and reliable atmosphere and mouth-watering food items. All you need is a group of great friends and family and relive the moments of your life. So take a break and join the fun at Doubledave’s pizzaworks. In this article, you will learn about Doubledave’s Pizzaworks menu with prices.

Check out Doubledave’s Pizzaworks menu and prices given below to choose your favourite pizza as they always offer great deals on their fantastic pizzas.

Be a part of their deliciousness and contribute more to its success. However, there might be slight differences in Doubledave’s Pizzaworks menu prices.

We are always here to let you be free from any type of confusion, I have provided certain details of the restaurant’s Austin location which you’ll find quite interesting. Let’s hurry and see what’s down there.

Doubledave’s Pizzaworks Menu With Prices

Doubledave's Pizzaworks Menu And Prices
Image Credit:- Doubledave’s Pizzaworks’ Instagram

Picked For You Menu

Big Dave 18”$ 14.99
The Works$ 10.99
Hot Wings$ 8.99
Cheesestyxz$ 5.99
Margherita$ 10.99

Appetizers Menu

Breadstyxz$ 4.99
Cheesestyxz$ 5.99
Hot Wings$ 8.99

More Handcrafted Favorites Menu

DoubleDave’s Pepperoni Rolls$ 1.50
Chee-Z Rolls$ 1.50

Sandwiches Menu

Philly Cheesesteak$ 6.99
Buffalo Chicken$ 6.99
Meatball$ 6.99
Cordon Blu$ 6.99

Specialty Pizza Menu

The Works$ 10.99
Meat Eater$ 10.99
Margherita$ 10.99
Classic Veggie$ 10.99
Dave’s Fave$ 10.99
BBQ Chicken$ 10.99
Buffalo Chicken$ 10.99
Alfredo$ 10.99

Create Your Own Pizza Menu

Large Pizza 15″$ 11.99
Big Dave 18″$ 14.99
Medium Pizza 12″$ 9.99
Small Pizza 10″$ 6.99

Stromboli Menu

Philly Cheesesteak$ 8.99
Chicken Cheesesteak$ 8.99
Garlic Spinach$ 8.99
Ham & Cheese$ 8.99

Extras Menu

Dressing$ 0.75
3 Oz Red Sauce$ 0.75
Add Ons$ 0.75

Beverages Menu

Fountain$ 2.25

Desserts Menu

Cinnastyxz$ 5.99
Chocolate Chip Pizza$ 5.99
Apple Strudel$ 5.99

A Little History of Doubledave’s Pizzaworks

Doubledave's Pizzaworks Menu Prices
Image Credit:- Doubledave’s Pizzaworks’ Instagram

Doubledave’s Pizzaworks was founded in 1984 by David Davydd Miller near the famous College Station in Texas. Earlier, it was built as a small store that only produces pizzas and offered to its local visitors.

Soon, Doubledave’s Pizzaworks found their way and started selling pizzas along with pepperoni rolls.

These pepperoni rolls became a popular food source during the 2000s and then after their popularity peaked at a higher level, they started appointing people from all across Texas and thus, Charles M Throp, Jr serves as the CEO.

Doubledave’s Pizzaworks has been serving in 40 locations all across Texas and even two more in Oklahoma. Currently, it is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

How about diving into a world of fabulous food? Let’s see below:-

Must Try Items at Doubledave’s Pizzaworks

Must Try Items at Doubledave’s Pizzaworks

I know if you’ve reached this far then I assume you’ve already been through Doubledave’s Pizzaworks menu prices given above to get an idea of its offerings.

Nonetheless, we have also made it simple for you to avoid any confusion while you choose your meal. As we know good food always creates a good mood.

All the five foods mentioned below are under your budget and thus, you won’t face a problem choosing.

1. Garlic Chicken Pizza

This incredible-looking pizza has been awarded as the best pizza of the month and you can’t resist its taste as it has a hand-tossed thin crust with chicken chunks and sliced onions and is loaded with mozzarella cream cheese. Give a treat to yourself with Garlic Chicken Pizza!

2. Nashville Chicken Pizza

This sizzling chicken pizza stands out more than the rest of the items on Doubledave’s Pizzaworks menu. A spicy chicken pizza with lots of fiery flavors, sausages, jalapeños, pepperoni, and loads of sauce and cheese as toppings. A juicy deal of the month!

3. Strawberry Fields Pizza

If you haven’t tried this one then get ready to devour. The crispy thin crust with fresh strawberries, shredded cheese, yellow cakes, and powdered sugar as topping makes it even more appealing. You must try this unique pizza recipe!

4. Pepperoni Rolls

How can I forget about the famous Pepperoni Rolls? This delicious roll is a great addition to pizza as it is loaded with chicken chunks, sweet sauce, cream cheese, mayonnaise, and pieces of onions. These pepperoni rolls are always on sale.

5. Ham and Cheese Stromboli

A great combination of ham and cheese. You can relish this incredible meal with smoked ham, shredded cheese, juicy tomatoes, and red sauce as its fillings. Give a treat to yourself with this delicious recipe!

Doubledave’s Pizzawork’s Secret Menu

Doubledave’s Pizzaworks has a separate fanbase all across Texas. However, the fans are eagerly waiting for its revelation of a secret menu to devour the unique and exciting taste of food items.

Considering the limited menu of pizzas, it seems to be impossible for the fans to expect a secret menu. However, you can still find exciting new recipes from the restaurant and enjoy them.

How to Order Online From Doubledave’s Pizzaworks?

Doubledave's Pizzaworks Order Online everymenuprices
Image Credit:-

Many of you may not be aware of its home delivery facilities as it doesn’t promote much of it.

It believes in serving customers with utmost care in its ambiance. However, ordering online from Doubledave’s Pizza is as easy as sitting there.

All you need is your mobile phone and download their official app or go to their official website to place an order online.

You can also order from other delivery sites like Grubhub, Doordash, and Ubereats for free and even faster delivery at your doorstep.

FAQs Related to the Doubledave’s Pizzaworks Menu

How much does Thanksgiving pizza cost at Doubledave’s Pizzaworks

At Doubledave’s Pizzaworks, the cost of a Thanksgiving pizza is $12. And you don’t need to wait for one time of the year to have this delicious pizza.

Are the pizzas available with a thin crust at Doubledave’s Pizzaworks?

Yes, every pizza you get has a thin crust layer with cheesy edges at Doubledave’s Pizzaworks.

Can you order sandwiches at Doubledave’s Pizzaworks?

Yes, you can order sandwiches at this restaurant.

Which are the most popular items at Doubledave’s Pizzaworks?

The all-time best-selling items are different types of pizzas and pepperoni rolls.

Can you purchase desserts at Doubledave’s Pizzaworks? 

Yes, you can also order different types of desserts here.

Check More Menus Below:

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