60 Foods That Start With J | Detailed List of Foods With J

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Food items are necessary for our survival and to keep ourselves healthy. So, we have brought a list of foods that start with J and they feature the best of the best things for you.

Overall, you won’t be disappointed once you start consuming them. They have sweet, sour, and plain food items that you would love to eat every day and they can help you to maintain your weight and other physical stats. The list starts with a lineup of fruits and vegetables and ends with a segment of beverages.

The list of foods that starts with J includes solid as well as liquid items for you. Some of them are delicious and would leave a good impact on your mouth and the others that are not delicious might not impress you but they are healthy for you. Some of them can be mixed into different dishes and others can be made into juice.

So, you don’t have to wait anymore. Simply go ahead and explore the long list of J foods that you would love to consume for the next few years. Once you start following this list, you would not like to change your choices so soon.

List of 60 Foods That Start With J

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Fruits and Vegetables That Begin With J

Fruits and Vegetables That Begin With J

1.  Jackfruit

Native to South and Southeast Asia, Jackfruits are ancient fruit grown from the jackfruit tree in tropical climates. We can make both sweet and savory dishes from Jackfruits.

2. Jaboticaba

Jaboticaba is a berry but they are often called a Brazilian grape. They have a pale center and tough, tart skin like a grape. Jaboticabas have a sweet taste.

3. Jalapeno

Jalapenos are one of the most popular foods that start with J. Jalapenos are chili peppers of medium size and have a moderate level of heat. We can make spicy treats from Jalapenos such as Jalapeno margaritas or Jalapeno simple syrup.

4. Jambu

Also called a Rose apple, Jambu is a unique fruit that grows in the East Indies and the Pacific Islands. It has a similar appearance to rose petals and that is the reason why it is called a Rose apple. It tastes sort of like an apple with a rosewater flavor.

5. Jamaican Hot Pepper

They are a type of pepper that has been most often used in Caribbean cuisine for very spicy dishes. Jamaican hot peppers are known for their fruity flavor and their high level of heat.

6. Jambul

Jambul is a type of fruit that is grown in sub-tropical and tropical climates. It has two varieties including S. cumini and S. jambos. Jambul is a great source of Vitamin C.

7. Java Fruit

They are a Java plum that comes from the Java tree. Java fruits are also known as Jamuns or Malabar plums. Java fruits are deep blue or purple colored and are native to India and the tropics.

8. Japanese Plum

Japanese plum can be compared to the combination of apricots and peaches. They are light yellow and have firm skin with a juicy inside.

9. Jonathan Apple

Originating from a New York farm in 1826, Jonathan apples have a sweet taste and sometimes a bit tangy aftertaste. Jonathan apples contain all the health benefits like the other varieties.

10. Jostaberry

Jostaberries are a combination of black currants and gooseberries. They lead to the best bushes for garden barriers and compared to gooseberries, they don’t have thorns. This is one of the fruits that start with J and can be consumed fresh and can be useful in the preparation of jams and relishes.

11. Jujube

Jujube is a popular fruit that begins with the letter J. Also known as the Chinese date, red date, and Chinese jujube, Jujube can be eaten raw and they are often dried. Jujube fruit is high in fiber and low in calories.

12. Juneberries

Also known as the Saskatoon berry, Juneberries grow in Canada. Native to North America, they have a mild taste with a cherry or raisin-like flavor.

13. Juniper berry

Juniper is derived from juniper plants and it is known as a berry. But it is not a real berry and is not consumed like the same. It can be used in spices and flavoring for various food items.

14. Jicama

Originating in Mexico, Jicama is a root vegetable that has a similar appearance to turnip. Jicama is often used in salads and slaws. Although Jicama is a vegetable, it tastes sweet like a fruit.

15. Jarrahdale

It is a type of gourmet pumpkin. Jarrahdale is a combination of Blue Hubbard squash and Cinderella pumpkin. This variety is one of the best-tasting pumpkins and a great addition to a healthy diet.

16. Jerusalem artichoke

Native to North America, Jerusalem artichokes are a part of the sunflower family. They have a nutty and sweet flavor and are very healthy.

17. Julienned Vegetables

Julienned is not a kind of vegetable but a way to cut vegetables. They are long and thin strips of vegetables that are similar to matchsticks. The process can be used in any kind of vegetable.

18. Juliet Tomatoes

This tomato is often called the mini Roma. Juliet tomatoes are soft and juicy like cherry tomatoes. They are sweet and juicy, so we can make a range of different dishes from Juliet tomatoes.

Snacks, Condiments, and Spices That Start With The Letter J

Snacks, Condiments, and Spices That Start With The Letter J

19. Jalapeño Peppers

Jalapeno poppers refer to jalapenos that are hollowed out and cream cheese mixtures are added inside. They are then breaded in a panko mix and baked in a way that the color changes to golden with bubby cream cheese included inside.

20. Jack Cheese

Also known as Monterey jack cheese, Jack cheese is a Californian white, semi-hard cheese. This variety of cheese is made with cow’s milk and it has a mild flavor and a slight sweetness.

21. Jambu

It is a type of herb and is belong to the onion family. Native to South America, Jambu is one of those popular spices that start with J. It is high in Vitamin C and great for blood management.

22. Jalebi

Jalebi is a popular sweet snack in India, as well as in South and West Asia and Africa. They are very sweet, crispy, and juicy. It is very high in sugar so we shouldn’t consume it on regular basis. This is one of my favorites in the list of snacks, condiments, spices, and foods that start with J.

23. Jameed

Jameed is an Arabic word that refers to hardened. It is a dry yogurt where goat’s milk is used. It is added to mansaf, which is a Palestinian-Jordanian dish and can be found in soups, salads, and stews.

24. Jelly

Jellies are preserved mixture of fruit juice and sugar and are one of the most popular foods starting with J. Jellies are semi-solid and are made with strained fruit juice. We can serve jelly with breakfast toast, crackers, or in muffins.

25. Jerky

It is one of the most common foods that begin with the letter J and is just another name for dehydrated meat. Jerky tastes like whatever meat it’s made out of and the seasonings used before it was dehydrated.

26. Jocoque

It is a staple product in Mexican cuisine. Jacoque is a Mexican dairy product made from fermented milk. Jacoque has a similar taste to sour cream and is often used as a dip for tortillas or tortilla chips.

27. Jordan Almond

It is an almond that is covered with a sweet candy coating. Jordan almonds are traditionally used to be given at Italian weddings.

Side Dishes That Begin With J

Side Dishes That Begin With J

28. Jaga Bata

It is a popular Japanese side dish, which is simply a baked potato with butter and soy sauce.

29. Jelly Mushrooms

Jelly mushrooms are seaweed-like mushrooms, which are available in different colors. They do not feature any specific shape and they taste mild and earthy with a crunchy texture.

30. Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is long-grain rice with a fluffy texture when cooked. It can be used in all kinds of recipes like vegan Mexican rice or vegan tofu fried rice or you can enjoy its own as a side dish.

31. Jiffy Cornbread

This is a premade cornbread mix that just requires the addition of milk and eggs. Jiffy bread has a sweet taste with a rich corn flavor. It has a similar taste to corn cupcakes or corn cake.

32. Jo Jo Potatoes

It is made from a thick potato wedge. It has a savory spice flavor with a fluffy inside and crunchy outside. Jo Jo potatoes are high in fat so we shouldn’t consume them on regular basis.

33. Jewish Rye Bread

Commonly made in Jewish communities, Jewish rye bread is a type of rye bread that is made from a sour rye starter called roshtshine. Jewish rye bread has a deep earthy flavor.

34. Jollof Rice

Originating from West Africa, Jollof rice is one of the most popular dishes that start with J. Jollof rice is made with long-grain rice, onions, tomatoes, spices, meat, and other vegetables.

Vegetarian and Meat Dishes That Start With J

Vegetarian and Meat Dishes That Start With J

35. Johny Cakes

It is a pancake with the main ingredient being cornmeal. Johny cakes are sweet and savory with a corn flavor and crispy edges. Johny cakes have a very similar texture to regular pancakes.

36. Jook

It is a type of rice porridge and is very popular in some parts of Asia. Jook is usually made with jasmine rice. Jook has a plain flavor but when other ingredients are added it takes on the flavor of the ingredients it’s mixed with.

37. Jaffle

Jaffle is the word used for the closed-toasted sandwich in Australia. It is a type of sandwich that can be made in a sandwich maker where the outer edges of the sandwich are pinched to make the pocket where you can fill the mixture made.

38. Jambon

Jambon is a square pastry that is filled with ham and cheese. It has a cheesy ham flavor. However, Jambon isn’t healthy because of its high fat and high carb content.

39. Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a popular meal that starts with the letter J. It mainly consists of meat and vegetables mixed with rice and cajun spices. Jambalaya is a very spicy, flavorful dish that is high in fat, carbs, calories, and sodium.

40. Jellied Eel

A jellied eel is a chopped eel that can be boiled and then left to cool, leading to a jelly. It can be served cold and it is mostly famous in East London.

41. Jewfish

Jewfish has a mild to medium fish flavor and is a healthy source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. The jewfish can be easily found in coral locations off the North American coast.

42. Jerk Chicken

Jerk chicken has a kick of heat and a sweet smell. Its complex flavors include sweet, smoky, and spicy, plus earthy notes from allspice, ginger, garlic, thyme, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

43. Jiaozi

This is a Chinese dumpling made of unleavened dough and savory fillings. Jiaozi is usually filled with eggs, meats, tofu, or vegetables.

44. Jokbal

This Korean dish is a combination of different ingredients and has a sweet, chewy, and salty flavor. To make Jokbal at your home, you can follow this recipe.

45. Jota

Jota is a type of soup or stew with beans, pork, and sauerkraut, among some other ingredients. Although Jota is made with many healthy ingredients however the ham makes it high in saturated fat.

Desserts That Start With The Letter J

Desserts That Start With The Letter J

46. Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are sugar candies that have a soft candy shell with a thick gel interior. They are small in size and shaped like little beans.

47. Jumble

Jumbles are basic butter cookies, which are made with a simple recipe of flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. This is one of my favorites in the list of desserts and foods that start with J.

48. Jawbreaker

As the name implies, Jawbreakers are extremely hard candies made from layers of water, food coloring, corn syrup, and sugar. Jawbreakers are also known as gobstoppers.

49. Jaffa Cake

Jaffa cake was first discovered in the UK in 1927 and it was called jaffa orange at the time. They are a kind of biscuit and they are small and circular. It also features three layers.

50. Jam Roly-Poly

It is a traditional British dessert, which is made of flat-rolled swat pudding. It has a combined flavor of sweet and rich. Jam roly-poly is a heavy dessert with fruit and pastry flavor.

51. Jell-O

Jell-O is a fruit-flavored sweet dessert, which is made from gelatin, natural or artificial flavors, and food colorings. Hell-O is not very healthy since it is high in sugar.

52. Jelly Donut

It is a type of donut filled with fruit preserves and usually topped with granulated or powdered sugar. Jelly donuts are not good for health since they contain loads of sugar.

53. Jelly Roll

Jelly rolls can be made by spreading jam or jelly on a sponge cake which is rolled in the shape of a log. They are called Swiss cake rolls by British bakers and a layer of frosting is also included on top of the jam for a better taste.

54. Jimmies

It is another name for sprinkles, which are tiny pieces of confectionary sugar that are colored to look festive. Jimmies have a similar taste like little sugar pellets.

55. Jolly Rancher

It is a type of hard candy that comes in different colors and fruit flavors. Jolly Rancher has a similar taste to a lollipop and is available in different flavors like orange, grape, strawberry, green apple, etc.

Drinks Starting With J

Drinks Starting With J

56. Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is usually green-colored and can also be found in two more colors – white and black. The aroma of jasmine blossoms is also added to it. The taste is mostly sweet and the floral flavor and aroma make it better.

57. Java

It is one of the most commonly used names for coffee. Java is a drink made from roasted coffee beans and is bitter and slightly acidic in taste.

58. Jager

Jager is also known as Jagermeister. It is a herbal liqueur but it is not a whiskey. It has less alcohol compared to whiskey. The taste is similar to black licorice and is thick and syrupy.

59. Juice

Juice is one of the most common beverages that starts with J. We can make juices at home or can buy them from the market as well.

60. Julep

Julep is an alcoholic drink that is more often served with fresh mint in julep cups. They can have different herbal flavors. This is one of my favorites in the list of drinks and foods that start with J.


The above-given list of foods that start with J has a long list of items alongside their description. This will make it easy for you to prepare your list of choices. Now, simply go ahead and keep yourself healthy.

Also, do let me know which one is your favorite item from the above-given list of foods that start with J. I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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